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forming such now district, or as soon thereafter as may be, shall ascertain and determine the amount jusily due to such new district from any district ont of which it may hare been in whole or in part formed, as the proportion of such now dist trict of the value of the school house and other property belong. ing to the former district, at the time of such division; and whenever, by the division of any district, the school-house of Bite thereof shall no longer be conveniently located for school purposcs, and shall not be desired for use by the new district in which it may be situated, the school inspectors of the town. ship in which such school-house and site shall be located, may advertise and stll the same, and apportion the proceeds of such Bale, and also any moneys belonging to the district thus divi. ded, among the several districts erected in whole or in part from the divided district.

(2325.) Sec. 82 The director of every district formed as provided in the preceding section, shall also report to the clerk of cach township in which the district is in part situated, tho pumber of children between the ages of five and twenty years in that part of the district lying in such towuship; and books shall be drawn from the library of each township for the use of buch district; but the district shall have access to but one such library at the same time, and the said inspectors shall establish the order in which books shall be drawn from each township library: Provided, That no books shall be drawn from any township library by any district having a district 1.brary; but such district shall be entitled to its just proportion of bouks from the library of any township in which it is partly situated, to be added to the district library, and also to its equitable share of any library moneys vaised or received by any such township.

(2310) Sec. 97. On receiving notice from the county trcas. urer of the amount of school moneys apportiuned to his town. slip, he shall apportion the same amongst the several districts therein, entitled to the same, in proportion to the number of children in each between the ages of live and lwcuty years, as the same shall be shown by the annual report of the dircctor of cach district for the school year last closed.

(2356) Sec. 114. A township library shall be maintained in each organized township in this State, which shall be the property of the township; and the parents and guardians of all children therein, between the ages of live and twenty years, shall be permitted to use books from such library without charge, being responsible to the township for the safe return thereof, and for any injury done thereto, according to such rules and regulations as are or may be cstablished by the board of schoul inspectors of the township: Provided, That no towuiship in which the township library has been distributed into district libraries, shall be required to maintain thereafter a township library: And provided also, That the school inspectors of any township may cquitably divide the township library into district librarics, whenever requested by a vote of a majority of the dis:ricts in the township.

(2358.) Sec. 110. The clear proceeds of all sincs for any breach of the penal laws of this State, and for penalties, or upon any l'ecognizances in criminal proceedings, and all equivalents for exemption from military duty, wlien collected in any county, and paid into the county treasury, together with all money's lieretofore collected and paid into said treasury on account of such fines or equivalents, and not already apportioned, shall be apportioned by the county treasurer, between the first and tentlı diys of April in caclı year, among the scv. cral townships in the county, arcording to the number of children thereiu between the ages of five and twenty years, as shown by the last annual statement of tlie county clerk on filo in his office, which money shall be applied to the purchase of books for the towuslip or district libraries, and for no other purpose.

(2361.) Sec. 119. The interest of the primary school fund shall be distril uted on the first Monday of May, or as soon thereafter as is practicable, in caclı year, for the support of pri. mary schools in the several townships in this State, from which reports have been received by the Superintendent of Public Instruction, in acordance with the provisions of this chapter, for the school year last closed, in proportion to the number of children in such townships between the ages of five and twenty years; and the same shall be payable on the warrant of the Auditor General, to the treasurers of the several counties.

(2377.) Sec. 136. The township board of each township shall have power, and is hereby required to remove from office, upon satisfactory proof, after at least five days notice to the party implicated, any district officer or school inspector who shall have illegally used or disposed of any of the public moneys entrusted to his charge, or who shall persistently, and without bufficient cause, refuse or neglect to discharge any one of the duties of his office.


Sec. 147. Any school district containing more than one hundred children between the ages of five and twenty years, may elect a district board consisting of six trustees: Provided, The district shall so determine at an annual meeting, by a vote of two-thirds of the legal voters attending such meeting: Provided also, That the intention to take such vote shall be expressed in the notice of such annual m eting. When such a change in the district board shall have been voted, the voters at such annual meeting shall proceed immediately to elect from the qualified voters of the district, two trustees for a term of one year, two for a term of two years, and two for a term of three years; and annually thereafter, two trustees shall be elected, whose terms of office shall be three years, and until their successors shall have been elected, and filed their acceptances.

Sec. 148. Within ten days after their election, such trustees shall file with the director a written acceptance of the offi'e to which they have been elected, and shall annually elect from their own number a moderator, a director and assessor, and for cause may remove the same, and may appoint others of their

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own number in their places, who shall perform the duties prescribed by law for such officers in the primary school districts in this State, except as hereinafter provided. The trustees shall have power to fill any vacancy that may occur in their number, till the pext annual meeting. Whenever, in any case, the trustees shall fail, through disagreement or neglect, to elect the officers named in this section, within twenty days next after the annual meeting, the school inspectors of the township or city to which such district makes its annual report, shall appoint the said officers from the number of said trustees.

Sec. 151. Whenever two or more contiguous districts, haying together more than two hundred children between the ages of five and twenty years, shall severally, by a vote of two-thirds of the qualified voters attending the annual meetings in said districts, determine to unite for the purpose of establishing graded or high schools, under the provisions of this act, the school inspectors of the township or townships in which such districts may be situated, shall, on being properly notified of such vote, proceed to unite such districts, and shall appoint, as . soon as practicablé, a time and place for a meeting of the new district, and shall require notices of the same to be posted in each of the districts so united, at least five days before the time of such meeting; and at such meeting the district shall elect a board of trustees, as provided in section 1 of this act, [sec. 147 above,) and may do whatever business may be done at any annual meeting.

(2399.) Sec. 152. The qualified voters in any school district, having more than three hundred children between the ages of five and twenty years residing in such district, shall have power, when lawfully assembled, to designate by a vote of two-thirds of those present any number of sites for schoolhouses, including a site for a union schoolhouse, and to change the same by a similar vote at any regular meeting: Provided, That in case two-thirds cann

agree upon a site for said school. house, that a majority of the voters of said district shall have power to instruct the district board to locate said site.

(2412.) Sec. 165. Any school district having more than thrco hundred children between the ages of five and twenty years residing in such district, shall have power and authority to borrow money to pay for a site for a union schoolhouse, to erect buildings thereon, and furnish the same, by a vote of two-thirds of the qualified voters of said district present at any annual mecting, and by a like vote at any other regular mecting: I'rovided, That the times of holding such meetings shall not bo less than five days nor more than six months apart, and that tho whole debt of any such district, at any one time, for money thus borrowed, shall not exceed fifteen thuusand dollars.


It was the design of the Legislature in 1859 to repeal tho the following section (formerly 140, in the school law,) under which districts could raisc not exceeding one dullar for cach child, by tax; but it was afterwards discovered that it was omitted in the enrolled bill, signed by the Governor; and of course it was not repealed. The law is therefore still in forca, as follows:

“The qualified voters of any school district may, by vote at their annual district meeting, raise by tax upon the taxablo property of the dis rict a sum not exceeding one dollar for every scholar in the district between the ages of four and eighteen years, for the support of common schools in the district, aud such tax shall be reported to the Supervisor of the proper township, and shall be levied, collecied and re!urned in the same manner as township taxes are levied, collected and returned."

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