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which will connect the Hudson with the Mississippi, and of Veal is rather lower, and the market is dull. The best young Caldes nonvert the most populous portion of the United States into are 5s. 4d, to 5s. 6d. per stone, and for the larger sort 5s. 4d. to ős. 10d. convert the most populous portion of the United States into

The Pork trade is also rather flat. one vast island.-Scotsman. '

To'sink the Offal-per Stone of 8lbs. At the sales in Mark-lane, every article of produce con- | Beef .......... 48. 4d. to 58, 2d. Veal.......... 58. 4d to 6s. 4d. tinues to advance rapidly in value, and the speculations entered Mutton ........ 4s. 8d. to 5s. 6d. | Pork.......... 5s. Od. to 6s. Od. into there are become not less general and extensive than those

Beasts .................

....... 2,475 Pigs ...... ....... 140 in foreign securities, and in the shares of the Mining Asso

Sheep .......

....... 14,810 | Calves .................. 180 ciations. One of the most remarkable instances of sudden

PRICE OF HAY AND STRAW. rise in price, has been the article of mace, which advanced in

advanced 1 Hay ..........£3 10 to
H .

£ 5 0 | Straw............ £2 0 to £28 a few days from 4s. 6d. to 23s. the pound.

Clover £4' 4 to £5 10 In the colonial market, prices continued to advance on

The Average Price of Brown or Muscovado Sugar, computed from the Saturday, Sugars were about 2s. per cwt. higher than on Returns made in the Week ending February 23, 1825, is 353. 11 d. per Friday; rum and brandy 2d. to 3d. per gallon higher; coffee, Hundred Weiglit, exclusive of the Duties of Customs paid or payable ls. and 2s. per cwt, higher; extensive sales of St. Domingo thereon on the Importation thereof into Great Britain. being reported at 80s. Tallow, ls, higher; and spices all

COMPLETION OF LORD BYRON'S WORKS. higher; nutmegs, lls. 3d. to 12s.

Just published, in the two sizes, FRIGHTFUL OCCURRENCE.-The following shocking oc- THE TWO CONCLUDING VOLUMES of the WORKS of the

late LORD BYRON, uniform with both the octavo and foolscap Editions, currence took place a few days back:-Elizabeth Gilbert, a and

and accompanied by double Title-pages and Labels, so as to complete EVERY fine young woman, 17 years of age, servant to Mr. White, EDITION of the Works now in circulation.

Persons possessing Editions of the Works issued before the later Pieces wero

written, should, in their orders to their Booksellers to complete them, speciły Thames-street, was fastening the street-door about a quarter

what Editions they have, how many volumes, and what is the last poem or play

they contain. before 12 o'clock at night, when her master opening the par

Just published, in 8vo. stitched, price 1s. 6d. lour-door to desire her to loosen the house-dog from the

A VOICE from COMMON SENSE, in Answer to “ A Voice from counting-house, perceived a young fellow ascending the stairs, India.” Dedicated, by permission, to the Hon. Douglas Kinnaird, by

Capt. ROMEO. who was her lover, and whom he desired to quit the house,

Capt. Seely's « Voice from India" in favour of a fettered Press-(what a perhimself fastening the door behind him. The servant-girl formance for a free-born subject!)-has been ably replied to by Capt. Romeo in

the name of " Common Sense"- Common Sense, as is usually the case, has by then went up stairs, it was supposed, to bed, but was shortly far the best of the argument; but whether it will be listened to in the higte after found upon the pavement by the watchman, her jaw

places, is quite another matter. Examiner, Feb. 20.

· Printed for John and H. L. Hunt, Tavistock-street, Covent-garden; of whom bone broken, her right thigh fractured, and in a state of in- | | may be had, by the same Author,

The LETTERS to the MARQUIS of HASTINGS on the INDIAN PRESS, on sensibility. A coach was procured, and she was taken to

| which Mr. Hume, in the Debate at the East India Honse, Dec. 20, has said, Guy's Hospital, where she lingers at the point of death. It " I find many passages so well written in these letters, that I should only is coniectured that, being of a violent temper, she had in a Werder hen brindea haring to translate their spirit. These letter

honour of the writer of them, are written by a foreigner; and I do confess it is to me scarcely comprehensible how a foreigner to England should so perfectly

have got hold of all the benefits which are to be derived from the system of a from her chamber-window in one of the attics.

Free Press, and have been able to collect, moreover, 80 fully and so accurately

the history of the effects of that engine upon the peace at different times, of Another of those scenes which have too frequently disgraced

every country throughout Europe. These letters put matters in rather different this part of the country, took place last week in a pugilistic point of view, for they bring home to the judgment the fact, that in every

country in the world since the Press has been an operating agent, the state of contest between two heroines at Bullocksmithy. They quar that country has depended upon its greater or lesser freedom ; that its restraint relled at a dance in the village, and repaired to a field close

has always been followed everywhere by anarchy, bloodshed, and revolution ;

and that in a direct proportion as it was free and fearless, has been the improves by, where they fought seven rounds in a most determined ment of men and the tranquillity of government."--Oriental Herald for January. style; and the spectators, to the number of 300, seeing no

Just published, price 8s. boards, probability of a speedy issue to the contest, prevailed on the A DAY in STOWE GARDENS. A Collection of Tales, on the

Plan of the Decameron. combatants to defer the determination until the morrow, when

Also, lately published, price 8s. boards, they again met and fought eight rounds more. One of them FABLES and EPIGRAMS ; with Essays on Fable and EPIGRAM. Trans

lated from the German of LESSING. was so determined on victory, that she actually had her la

« The Fables are very entertaining, from their fine entire and the agreeable way in which they are related, and are well worthy a place in every library, and even upon every idler's table.

Of the Epigrams it is needless to speak, test. By those who witnessed this shameful exhibition, we

considering their author's celebrity."-New Monthly Magazine. are told it was highly enjoyed; and the virago who conquered

"The Essay on Fable is the first specimen, we believe, presented to

English reader, of the critical and philosophical mode of writing for wbicu challenges all England. - Stockport Paper.

Lessiug was so distinguished. It is the best essay on the subject anywa be found. . . We recommend the present little volume to those who adu

the antient method of teaching moral truth by Apologue and Parable, THE LONDON MARKETS.

approve of the judgment of Plato, who, when he banished the poets from Corn ExchaNGE, MARK-LANB, FEB. 28.

ideal Republic, made an honourable exception in the case of Æsop, and

we are persuaded, would have joyfully received Lessing the fabulist, if not We had very large arrivals of grain last week, chiefly from the North,

| Lessing the philosopher, into his Utopian dominions."-Universal Review. but the firesh arrivals of this day are only moderate. With regard to the Printed for John and H. L. Hunt, Tavistock-street, Covent-garden. W beat Trade the best parcels are scarce, and 1s. to 23. advance has been given per quarter; but with the inferior, the market is fully supplied.

The following interesting NEW WORKS will appear in the course of the

present week, viz. Vats and Barley maintain our last quotations.


2 vols. Wheat, red (new) ...... 52s. 70s. | Pease, Wbite.......... 423. 45s. GAIETIES and GRAVITIES, a Series of Essays, Comic Tales, &c. By one of

Ditto old .......... 54s. 70s. Boilers ............ 508. 545 | the Authors of “The Reiected Addresses." 3 vols. Wheat, white (new) .... 54s. 768. Maple.............. 398.418.

TREMAINE : or, the Man of Refinement, a Novel. 3 vols..

JOURNAL of a RESIDENCE and TRAVELS in COLOMBIA, in 1923 3 Ditto old ........... 60s. 788.

... 608.78s.
Grey ......

37s. 38s

1824. 2 vols. 8vo. By Capt. C. S. COCHRANE, R.N. Barley ............... 31s. 46s. Oats, Feed...

20s. 24s. DON ESTEBAN ; or, Memoirs of a Spaniard. Written by Himself. 3 vow Rye ......... 36$. 40s. Poland

21s. 27s

The MEMOIRS of the COURT of FRANCE. By the Marquis de Dangealle Beads, small .......... 43s 45s.

2 vols.

23s. 27s. Potatoe .......

Printed for Henry Colburn, New Burlington-street. Tick ditto .......... 36s. 389. | Flour, per Sack........ 524. 65s. Aggregate Average Prices of the Twelve Maritime Districts of Eng. FOR CORNS, BUNIONS, &c.—MORRIS'S ROYAL BRUNS

land and Wales, by which Exportation and Bounty are to be regulated WICK CORN PLASTER (prepared from a Recipe belonging to her 'in Great Britain.

Majesty) is an excellent remedy for eradicating Corns, and giving relier

relief to Wheat per Quarter, 66s. 1d.-Barley, 39s. 20.-Oats, 23s. 70.-Rye,

those who have hard fleshy substances at the bottom of their feet, without the

least pain or inconvenience, and will prove a very usefu Family Plaste 40s.70.-Beans, 39s. 21. - Pease, 40s. 11d.

fresh Wounds and Scalds, likewise for Bunions, Prepared by G. MORRI SMITHFIELD, FEB. 28.

Chemist to the Royal Family, Kensington.-Sold in boxes at 1s. ifd, and
by Butler, Chemist, 4, Cheapside, St. Paul's; Savory and Co. 136, New Bob

New BopdThe Beef market may be quoted tolerably firm at 4s. 10d. and 5s. 2d. street: 220, Regent-street; and by the principal Medicine Venders through per stone for the best Oxen, and 3s. 100. 10 4s. 10d. for the coarser. The the United Kingdom. Of whom also may be had, PERRY'S ESSENCE, W! Mutton trade looks rather heavy, fine Downs,good Maiden Ewes, Kentish

has been declared, in highly respectable Medical Journals, to be the best to

best thing and Leinster Wethers, and meat of that description, is quoted at 53. 2d.

ever discovered for the Tooth and Ear-ach," In bottles. 18. lld, and 2s. Od.

N.B. Be careful to ask for Morris's Brunswick Corn Plaster and Perry's


1923 and

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obetter, at de arte, Esq.

THE PROPRIETORS of the BIOGRAPHICAL DICTIONARY | _ In a few days, in one handsome volume, with Plates, price 9s. boards,

PRACTICAL CHEMICAL MINERALOGY; or, Concise and of MUSICIANS, and of the VOCAL ANTHOLOGY, beg leave respectfully

1 Easy Methods. illustrated by Experiments, for readily ascertaining the to inform their friends and the Public, that both the above works are ready for delivery at their house, il, Bell's-buildings, Salisbury-square, Fleet-street; Nature and Value of the different Ores, and other Mineral Substances, found in O at Longman and Co.'s, Paternoster-row; and all other Book and Music-sellers.

Nature, as comprehended in their Assay, Analysis, Reductions, &c. together * The New Biographical and Historical Dictionary of Musicians (in 2 thick with a Description of the Apparatus and Tests used by the Scientific Minera vola. Sro. price 21s. boards) contains 5,000 Memoirs and Notices, out of which logist, and the Processes adopted by the Miner; the whole intended as a Comnearly 200 are original, and includes the most eminent living Musicians. The panion to the “ Portable Mineralogical is considered by no less than 15 different Reviewers to be the best and

By FREDERICK JOYCE, Operative Chemist. most complete of the same description that has hitherto been published in this Printed for Knight and Lacey, Paternoster-row; and Westley and Tyrrell, mountry. The Vocal Anthology contains an almost unrivalled collection of Mu Dublin. sic of the works of Haydn, Mozart, Handel, C. M. Von Weber, Rossini, &c. &c. the purchase of which, in the original Editions, would amount to 401. and the

Just published, price 2s. or Proofs on India paper, 38. 6d. price of the Vocal Anthology is only 31. 128., or os. each Part. Prospectuses

A PORTRAIT of WILLIAM COBBETT, Esq.—This is a wholeof both works gratis.

length Portrait, engraved by permission, from a large and beautiful Chalk

Drawing in the possession of Mr. Cobbett.
In 1 vol. 8vo. 108. 6d. beards, the Third Edition of

Also, price 1s. 6d.
SKETCHES of UPPER CANADA; Domestic, Local, and Cha- A finely-engraved VIEW of the NEW POST-OFFICE, as it will appear when

racteristic: to hich are added, Practical Details for the Information of completed. Brigrants of every Class, and some Recollections of the United States of America.

Printed for Knight and Lacey, Paternoster row.
B: JOHN HOWISON, Esq. of the Honourable East India Company's Service.
Printed for Oliver and Boyd, Edinburgh; and Geo. B. Whittaker, London.

Just published, price 28. 60. in a beautiful Volume, 18mo. on hot-pressed paper,
Speedily will be published, by the same Author,

T embellished with Twenty-Eight Engravings, POREIGN SCÉNES and TRAVELLING RECREATIONS. 2 vols. post Svo. JULIANA OAKLEY: a Tale. By Mrs. SHERWOOD, Author

” of “ Little Henry and his Bearer," &c. To-morrow will be published No. III. of

Printed for Knight and Lacey, Paternoster-row; and Westley and Tyrrell, THE BRITISH MAGAZINE, embellished with a beautiful Dublin.

FRONTISPIECE and two exquisitely-coloured FEMALE PORTRAITS, lastrative of the Fashions, price 2s. 6d.

Elegantly printing, in monthly parts, price 1s. embellished with beautiful CONTENTS.-Liota, a Saxon tale--Tbe Animated Statue-Metropolitan Retro

Engravings, spections ; or, London as it was and is-Music and Love-The Grecian Muster

POPULAR MODERN GEOGRAPHY, being a Description of Cry-The Joint Stock Company; a dramatic Sketch performed in London in the various Kingdoms of the World; the Customs, Manners, Governments, February 1925, the characters from life-The Garland of Night-The Exile's I and Religion of their Inhabitants. The Natural Productions, Commerce, PoliBeag ---The Lay Brother; a sketch of our days-Kreisleriana, No. 1-Very Old tical Relations, and Colonies of each Country. The whole illustrated with an Friends with entirely New Faces, No. I. ; or, a touch for the Judges and the Atlas of thirty-six Maps. To be completed in twenty-five Parts, published Rats-4 Chapter of Advertisements-Two Strings to your Bow; or, Hints for monthly or oftener, forming one handsome octavo volume. the Girls-Character of Canning, fearlessly defined-Diamond cut Diamond ;

By ALEXANDER JAMIESON, LL.D. - the Manager's Method of wheedling the Actors-The Stolen Manuscript;

Parts I. to III. are published. with affecting amours-Pot-Pourri; a savoury dish, to suit all palates from Miss Printed for Knight and Lacey, Paternoster-row; and Westley and Tyrrell, -Jesus to Aant Deborah-Monthly Fashions (with plates) Literary and Dramatic Dublin.

Notices-The Fine Arts--Agricultural and Garden Reports-Monthly Almaaack, &c.

Mr. Brougham's Pamphlet on “the Scientific Education of the People," states The greatest improvement has been effected in the Plates of the present « THE MECHANICS' MAGAZINE has, from its establishment. number. Published by Knight and Lacey, 55, Paternoster-row; and to be had of all

had an extensive circulation ; and it communicates, for Three-pence a booksellers.

Week, far more valuable information, both scientific and practical, than was ever before placed within the reach of even those who could afford to pay six times as much for it."-It is published in Weekly numbers (every Saturday morning)

at 3d., embellished with numerous Engravings, and in Monthly Parts, price 18. DIRECTORS.

Also are published, volumes I. and II. 8s. each, in extra boards. These volumes Matthias Attwood, Esq. M.P. William Medley, Esq.

contain nearly One Thousand Pages of Letter-Press, consisting of original constat Hon. W . Bagwell, M.P. Moses Montefiore, Esq.

tributions from practical men, on matters of art and science. Also accounts of James Brogden, Esq. M.P. John Morris, Esq.

all new inventions, discoveries, and improvements, with illustrative engravings : & R. Dawson, Esq. M.P.

Charles Elton Prescott, Esq. Harry Alexander Booglas, Esq.

together with the essence of all that is valuable in other Journals, both British T. Spring Rice, Esq. M.P.

and Foreign. The whole embellished with upwards of two hundred engravings. Sir Robert Farquhar, Bart.

Rowland Stephenson, Esq. Oliver Parrer, Esq.

The extraordinary and unrivalled Sale of this popular Work has induced the John Thomas Thorp, Esq. Alderman

proprietors to commence the Third Volume, with an entirely new Type and a w. Fletcber, Esj. Devonshire-square / W. H. Trant, Esq. M.P. Bir Charles Flower, Bart.

tine Paper. They have also made a great improvement in the Engravings, and Samuel Nevil Ward, Esq. V. Alexander Mackinnon, Esq.

hot-press every Number. It may be had regularly of all booksellers in the Samuel Williams, Esq. Finsbury-square T. P. Macqueen, Esq. M.P.

kingdom. John Wright, Ésq. Henrietta-sireet, Jan Masterman, Esq.

London : printed for Knight and Lacey, Paternoster-row; and sold by all

Jahn Fairlie, Esq.
Alfred Thorp, Esq.

Just published, in 8vo. price 2s.6d. with Seven Designs, including a characteristic
S. E. Magan, Esq.
William Peat Litt, Esq.

Portrait of Prince Hohenlohe, by George Cruikshank,
SECRETARY-Mr. T. Joplin.

CATHOLIC MIRACLES. To which is added, a Reply to Cobbett's
ExGLISH SOLICITORS-Messrs. Farrers, Atkinson, and Co.

Defence of Catholicism, and Libel on the Reformation. laisa SOLICITORS-Messrs. P. and D. Mahony.

Printed for Knight and Lacey, Paternoster-row; and Westley and Tyrrell,

Messrs. Masterman, Peters, and Co.; Messrs. Spooner, Attwoods, and Co.
Just Stock Banking Companies have been the most uniformly successful

Just published, price is. with a Steel Plate, as of or Commercial Establishments, and when constructed upon proper

A MASS of SCIENTIFIC and PHILOSOPHICAL INTELLIPisciples, and a scale of sufficient magnitude, have invariably proved a safe Ed prubtable investment for capital.

" GENCE, procured at much expense and diligence, from original sources, The Banking Basiness of Scotland is almost entirely conducted by such Com

independent of numerous articles in the amusing and light-reading department, sia, and the high price of their Shares is the best criterion of their success,

the Belles Lettres, Poetry, Reviews, the Drama, &c. is contained in the e of the confidence reposed in them.

LITERARY MAGNET and MONTHLY JOURNAL, Part 16, for March, the heit soccess has been accompanied, as might be expected, with a great in

Third Part for 1825, with a beautiful Landscape drawing. Also, a Sketch of de in the commercial and agricultural prosperity of the country; and by

Miss Stephens, Miss Chester, Miss Kelly, Miss M. Tree, and Miss Foote, Mr. formation of similar Establishments in Ireland, where they are imperiously

Young, Mr. Macready, Mr. Chas. Kemble, Mr. Harley, Mr. Cooper, and Mr. and fer, similar benefits must naturally follow

Elliston; together with a variety of Original Papers of the highest imaginative Boarishing state of the Bank of Ireland, is the best proof of the value of

interest. ating in that part of the United Kingdom. By an Act passed last Session of

This Magazine is edited by a Gentleman of high character as an author, and fament, the obstructions to the establishment of further Joint Stock Com who is connected with the Royal Literary Institution. The talents of our most ca in Ireland, have been removed ; and under these circumstances, a Com

favourite writers constantly enrich its pages. Seventeen Monthly Parts at 1s. called the “ Provincial Bank of Ireland,” has been formed, to carry on

are now before the public. Its unique character, for beauty, spirit, industry. sexs upon the plan adopted by the Scotch Banks.

and cheapness, has given an impetus to its circulation which equals any of its Te Capital to be 2,000,0001. (to be divided into Shares of 1001. each) under the

contemporaries. The early parts are all re-printed, fourteen of which form two Racement of a Board of Directors in London.

elegantly illustrated octavo volumes, at 8s. each. Parts, with a Steel Plate in Letablishments will be formed in the principal Provincial Towns of Ireland

each, Is. Cork, Waterford, Clonmel, Wexford, Limerick, Galway, Sligo, Westport,

London : William Charlton Wright, publisher, 65, Paternoster-row. Saderry, Belfast and other places.

Persons wishing to begin the present year with the Work, will be kind 1- Establishments to be under the superintendance of a Board of Resident enough to send their orders to any Newsman or Bookseller in their neighbour. was, aided by active and intelligent Agents, sent by the general Board of

hood, who will deliver it regularly. Petits, and the whole to be under the control of the General Board. n. 21st, 1895.

Just published, price 16s. in 2 elegant volumes, with 14 Engravings on Steel, pay's Office, Levant House, St. Helen's-place, Bishopsgate-street, London.

Copper, and Wood; and beautifully printed on French crimped paper, an

entirely Original Work, from the Pens of celebrated living Authors, FOR COLDS, COUGHS, ASTHMAS, &c. - The PECTORAL THE LITERARY MAGNET; consisting of-1. Original Satirical LLIXIR. Experience during a very long period has incontestibly proved - Essays of Permanent Interest-II. Sketches of Society, Humorous and perior efacacy of this Medicine, in all cases of Colds, Coughs, and Asth. Sentimental--III. Original Poetry-IV. Miscellaneous Matters. Forming a

Affections. By promoting gentle expectoration, it very shortly relieves body of original and elegant Literature. The Author of the « Hermit in London." patient of a slight or recent Cold, and a few doses are generally sufficient &c.' By TOBIAS MERTON, and assisted by various Literary Characters of the

sre those which neglect has rendered more confirmed and obstinate, and day. i

ire accompanied with Cough, Spitting of Blood, and other serious symp So various and interesting are the contents of these volumes, that they have the ita peculiar balsamic powers tend to heal soreness, and allay the irrita. become the Poet's Companion, the Lady's Delight, the favourite Associate of

the langs, in cases of Cough ; and in asthmatic affections it assists and the Literary Lounger, and Young Man's Solitude. Six editions have now con freedom to the breath. Sold in bottles, at Is. 1}d, and 25. 9d. by Butler, firmed the approbation of the Critical Gazette, which thus notices the Magnet: met, 4, Cheapside, St. Paul's ; Savory and Co. 136, New Bond-street; 220, “ Its original Communications, whether in the shape of Tales, Dramatic

street; and by the principal Medicine Venders throughout the United Sketches, or Poetic Effusions, are tasteful and elegant; the Anecdotes rare and an Of whom may be had, the BALSAMIC LOZENGES, used in recent striking ; tbe Information often curious and erudite, and the Criticisms are

, Hoksnes, &c. and for rendering the Voice clear and flable, aici da hed off in the very best style." I d e

A...cts of exertion. In hostes . I'd 14.


L ondon: William Charlton Wright, Publisher, 05, Paternoster-ro; r's Pectoral Elixir and Bilanc Longes. be procured of all Bookgallera.

Pangs, in cases. o

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RECTIFIED SPERM OIL, at 4s. 6d. per Gallon.-UPTON and

Just published, in 3 vols. post 8vo. price 30s. boards, co. Oilmen and Chemical Colour Manufacturers, 64, Queen-street, Cheap RAMESES; an Egyptian Tale; with Historical Notes of the Era side (near the Southwark Bridge) respectfully acquaint the Public, that, by a

of the Pharaohs. process exclusively their own, they are enabled to render Sperm Oil equal in « Rameses belongs to the class of historical Novels, and is one of the most purity to Spirits of Wine: it has the brilliancy of the finest Gas, without Smell | intellectual and imaginative productions of the age." Critical Gazette, No. 7. or Smoke ; and although, from the brightness of its flame, it is peculiarly Also, the OUTCASTS; a Romance. Translated from the German. By George

Sinumbra, French, and all Lamps of a superior kind, it will be Soane. 2 vols. post Svo. 16s. boards. found advantageous in an economical point, às, from its extreme purity, there

Printed for Geo. B. Whittaker, Aye-Maria-lane. is no waste : the saving in Wicks and Cottons is considerable, and there is more light obtained from it, than from any other Oil. Fine Sperm Oil, 4s, ; Chamber

Just published, the Second Edition, post 8vo. price 8s, boards, ditto, 39, 6d. pale Whale, free from smell, 23.9d. &c. &c.


Major in the ... Regiment of Infantry. The following Works will be published in the course of March and April, by

See Quarterly Review, No. 61, p. 100. "Geo. B. Whittaker, Ave-Maria-lane, London:

Printed for Geo. B. Whittaker, Ave-Maria-lane. THE HISTORY of ITALY, from the Fall of the Western Empire Also, the First Series, HIGH-WAYS and BY-WAYS; or, Tales of the Road

to the Commencement of the Wars of the French Revoultion. By GEORGE side, picked up in the French Provinces. By a Walking Gentleman. Fourth PERCEVAL., Esq. In 2 vols. 8vo.

Edition, vols. post 8vo. 14s. boards.
BOHEMIA, SAXONY, PRUSSIA, and other parts of ERMANY; with a Por-

Just published, in 3 vols. 12mo. price 188. boards, trait of the Author, and other Plates. By James Holman, R.N. K.W. 2 vols. Svo.

THE HERMIT in ITALY; or, Observations on the Manners and NARRATIVE of a SECOND VISIT to GREECE; including Facts and Anec * Customs of the Italians at the Commencement of the Nineteenth Century. dotes relative to the Last Days of Lord Byron, with Extracts from his Correg. * We are much pleased with this light and pleasant series of Essays. pondence with the Provisional Government, Official Documents, &c. By E.

Litorary Gazette. Printed for Geo. B. Whittaker, Ave-Maria-lane. Blaquiere, Esq. 8vo.

Also, lately published, NARRATIVE of an EXPEDITION to the SOURCE of ST. PETER'S RIVER. The HERMIT in PRISON. Translated from the French of E. Jouy, Anthor LAKE WINNEPEEK, LAKE of the WOODS, &c. performed in the Year of " The Hermit of the Chaussée d’Antin," &c. and A. Jay. 2 vols. limo. 11. 1923, by order of the Hon. I. C. Calhoun, Secretary at War, under the Command of Stephen H. Long, Major U.S. F.G. Compiled from the Notes of Messrs. Long,

· In 3 vols. 12mo. price 21s. boards, Say, Keating, and Calhoun, by William H. Keating. A.M. &c. Professor of

THE WRITER'S CLERK; or, the Humours of the Scottish Mineralogy and Chemistry, as applied to the Arts, in the University of Phila

Metropolis. delpbia, Geologist and Historiographer to the Expedition. In 2 vols. Svo.

Printed for Geo. B. Whittaker, Ave Maria-lane. HISTORY of the CONQUEST of ENGLAND by the NORMANS, its Causes

Also, lately published, and Consequences. Translated from the French of M. Thierry. 3 vols. 8vo.

STANMORE; or, the Monk and the Merchant's Wide MARIAMNE, an Historical Novel of the Holy Land, 3 vols, 12mo.

Reeve. 3 vols. 18s. boards. A HISTORY of the FRENCH REVOLUTION, accompanied by a History o

TRIALS: a Tale. Second Edition, 3 vols. 21s. boards. the Revolution of 1335, or of the States-General under King John. By A. Thiers

The FAVOURITE of NATURE. Third Edition, 3 vols. 218. and Felix Bodin. Translated from the French. In 3 vols. 8vo.

OSMOND. Second Edition, 3 vols. 12mo. 21s. The EVE of ALL-HALLOWS; or, Adelaido of Tyrrconnell; a Rowance.

Just published, in Svo. price 7s. 60. boards, 3 vols, 12mo. A JOURNEY through various PARTS of EUROPE, in the Years 1818, 1919,

COMMENTARIES on DISEASES of the STOMACH and 1820. 1921 : with Notes, Classical and Historical; and Memoirs of the Seven

BOWELS of CHILDREN. Dukes of the House of Medici, and the different Dynasties of the Kings of Naples.

By ROBERT DONGLISON, M.D. Lecturer on Midwifery, &c. &c. Dedicated, by permission, to the Queen Dowager of Wirtemberg, late Princess

Printed for Geo. B. Whittaker, Ave-Maria-lane. Royal of England. By Thomas Pennington, A.M. Rector of Thorley, Herts, late

Also, lately published, Fellow of Ulare-hall, Cambridge, &c. 2 vols. Svo.

A TREATISE on the NATURE, SYMPTOMS, and CURE of CATARACT, by TALES of ARDENNES. By H. Derwent Conway. Small 8vo.

means intended to obviate the Occurrence of Blindness, and to supersede the HUSBAND-HUNTING, or, the Mother and Daughter: a Tale of Fashionable

common Operation of Couching and Extraction. Ilustrated by Cases, demo Life. 3 vols. 1 2mo.

strating the Ease and Safety of the proposed Plan, the success of which has The PICTURES; The BETROTHING: Novels. Translated from the German

been ascertained and confirmed by ample experience. By John Stevenson, of Lewis Tieck. Post 8vo.

Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons. 8vo. 8s. boards. A PEEP at the PILGRIMS in Sixteen Hundred and Thirty-six : a Tale of

PHYSIOLOGICAL VIEWS of the STRUCTURE, FUNCTIONS, and DIS Olden Times. In 3 vols. 12mo.

ORDERS of the STOMACH and ALIMENTARY ORGANS of the HUNAN The VISION of HADES; or, the Region inhabited by the departed Spirits

BODY; with Observations on the Qualities and Effects of Food and fermented of thr Blessed. With Cursory Notes, Theological and Metaphysical. To which

Liquors, and on the lofluence of Climate and Local Station. By Thomas Hare, is added, the Vision of Noös. Foolscap 8vo.

F.L.S. F.H.S. Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons in London, &c. Second The HIGHEST CASTLE and the LOWEST CAVE. By the Author of " The

Edition, 8vo. 108, 6d. boards. Serinium." 3 vols. 12mo.

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DIRECTOR. Written and arranged for the Use of Parish Officers, and

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The PARISH POOR'S RATE BOOK, for Overseers; being an approved and 1816, with Incidental Reflections on Religiou," and of " An Inquiry on the Duty

convenient Plan for the Assessment for the Relief of the Poor; and containing . of Christians respecting War.”

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The process of Brewing (as the Compiler justly observes in his prefatory * We have been greatly pleased with a perusal of the Tales which for a this

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principles, and is not a mere mechanical operation, performable by any meni have the further merit of being very interesting and well-told stories."--Literary

and illiterate persons whom it may be convenient to employ in it, and it is, 11 Magnet, Feb.

consequence, beginning to rank as high among the arts and scientific manufaca SCENES and THOUGHTS: in a. 9vo. 7s. 6d. boards.

tures as the enormous duties which it pays entitles it to among the revenue “ The Scenes in this volcávy, fine Lyhly descriptive, and the Thoughts are

of the kingdom." Printed for Geo. B. Whittaker, Ave-Maria-lane. sensible and correct. and meat of that put, displays a most amiable feeling, -:- - 1 .


* -^ orality. The articles are on well 1 London: printed by John Hunt, in Broad-street, Golden-square, and published


No.892. MONDAY, MARCH 7, 1825.

THE POLITICAL EXAMINER. ever recommended," Fine words I wonder where you stole 'em."

We approve generally of the proposed reductions in the excise and Party is the madness of many for the pain of a few.-Pope.

customs duties; we think the surplus of revenue could not have

been better applied. But Mr. ROBINSON'S estimate of the loss of THE BUDGET.

revenue by these reductions appears to us grievously exaggerated. To the pogority of the nation, the ChanceLLOR of the ExchEQUER's For instance, he reckons, that the remission of half the duty on coffee statement of Mondag last will prove à disappointment. Some hope (by lowering it from 1s. to 6d. per pound) will cause a deficiency to was entertained of the entire abolition of the Assessed Taxes and the Exchequer. Yet his colleague, Mr. HUSKISSON, mentioned the there was a confident expectation, that at least the remainder of the same evening, that when he was in office, he effected a reduction of Window Tax would be remitted ;-instead of which, the House Tax

duty on the same article from three shillings to fout pence, without has been given up only as far as affects tenants under 101. a year causing the smallest diminution of revenue 1* Why then is not the rent, and that on windows only with reference to houses not having duty now brought down again to fourpence, with this actual experimore than seven. This relief, we are quite ready to allow. is ence of so favourable a result? Indeed, there never was a time when founded on the wise and humane principle of diminishing first of all a largely increased consumption, with a small duty, might be more the burdens of the poor; and the Minister assures us, that nearly a safely calculated on the increase of humble coffee-shops throughout million of taxpayers will come within its operation. We Tegret. the metropolis is remarkable, and coffee appears to be gaining bowever, that a class of persons suffering extremely both in health ground rapidly on the villainous stuff, sold in pot-houses. The and comfort from the Window duty will not be relieved by this Minister is not justified, either in stopping short of the former low measure-we mean the poor who iphabit great towns, and lodge duty, or in calculating on the loss of one peppy to the revenue by in comparatively large though wretched houses, from whose namerous

his present reduction. So with regard to British Spirits: the res narrow apartments a proper quantum of light and air is excluded duction of duty will bring under where

duction of duty will bring under the excise an immense quantity of by the fear of the tax. . We wish Mr. Robinsan bad completed the spirits now smuggled into England from Scotland and Ireland: a equity of his plan-either by the total repeal of the Window Tax. calculation therefore of a deficiency of revenue to any considerable which would besides bave been an important benefit to a large class extent, appears to us strangely extravagant. The like remark applies of struggling tradesmen-or by making an exemption in favour of to Cyder, the entire duty on which produced about 30,000l. a year; houses let out to the poor in rooms or small floors. We hope this and yet Mr. ROBINSON assumes, that its reduction from 30s. to 103. a suggestion is not too late ; the Minister might incorporate it in his hogshead will take away. 20,000l. of that'sum, as if greater cheapness original plan, as he did the law-stamps last Session. As for the long would not ensure larger consumption--and as if the discouragement list of minor items under the head of Assessed Taxes, there cannot be of smuggling would not open a new source of receipt! The Minister's Iwo opinions, we should think, as to the propriety of the repeal of first intention was to lower the Cyder duty to 15s. but Mr. HUME sach trifling and vexatious imposts. Think of a whole string of

interjected “Oh! make it 10s. ;" and to "prevent squabbling," it fiscal duties, each with its train of surcharges, evasions, appeals,

was made 10s, on the spot. We wish the Member for Aberdeen had expenses of collection, &c. the average produce of which is not more pressed a little more on the Right Hon, Gentleman's good nature, than 2,000l. or 3,000l. per annum a-piece! Three of them yield less

and bad exclaimed. Oh! do it away altogether !” Seriously, such than 1,0001, each; and one (“ mules carrying ore") only 1371.! It is an item as appears in the last year's financé accounts "Cyder, Perry, impossible, as a contemporary has justly observed, to have one's

and Verjoice, 43,3051."-is highly disgraceful to the Minister. No attention called to these items without feeling indignant, that they

tax producing so small a sum is worth even the expense of collection; should ever have formed part of our financial system. What a debt but when the vexation, the fraud, the crime, and the suffering, caused of gratitúde do we owe to Pitt, Rose, and VANSITTART!

confessedly by such a tax as that on Cyder, are considered, how can As far as they go, the reductions proposed by the Minister are

Mr. ROBINSON reconcile to his humanity and good sense, its continua extremely judicious : our objection is, that they do not go half far

ance even at a third of its former amount?--The lowering of the enough, even on his own principle. We are not among those who

foreign wine duties will be extremely beneficial; but here again is a would have had the spare million and a half remitted in direct taxes

sad neglect of sound modification. The absurdity of the old duties' only, instead of in certain customs and excise duties. Excepting the

was not more in the over-taxing than in the distribution of the tax. Window Tax, we prefer direct imposts to duties on commodities, not

The wines of the Portuguese, a poor and lazy population of 2 millions, only because they are cheaper, are less burdensome on the poor, and who afford us scarcely any market for our manufactures, were admitinterfere less with the industry of the people, but for the very reason

ted into England at little more than half the duty levied on the wines wbich makes them commonly obnoxious, namely, that they are more

of the French; and thus we lost nearly 30 millions of customers for seen and felt by the taxpayers. It is a bad system which enables a our manufactures, which they would ha

our manufactures, which they would have taken, but for the almost Government to draw enormous sums from its subjects without

I prohibitive duty, in exchange for their produce. Mr. HOBHOUSE reminding the latter, by the process of extraction, of the magnitude recommended the equalization of the lowered duties—which would of their payments. The taxgatherer is an unwelcome visitant, but he

doubtless be an improvement; but it would be a still greater one to is a good monitor-he makes people feel and reflect upon the oppres

reduce the duty on French wines to less than that on Port. We see sion of standing armies, costly embassies, and profligate pensions and no go

no ground for supposing, that the Minister's reduction will deprive sinecures. Our Republican brethren across the Atlantic bave a prudent | the revenue of a single shilling : indeed the excellent article which horror of taxes which are insidiously mixed up with the prices of their lately appeared in the Ellinburgh Review proved, that Mr. Pist's food and clothing: they like to know what each man' pays to the reduction augmented the produce of the tax, and that it could not be Suate they are well aware, that every direct call upon a citizen for a reasonably doubted, that in the present state of the country a similar contribution, tends to make him watch more narrowly the expendi-reduction would bring a very considerable additional sum into the ture of his money by his representatives. It is the same conviction

Exchequer, Yet Mr. ROBINSON thinks fit to suppose a loss to the swhich led our wily financiers to prefer the more hidden species of revenue 5

revenue by the lowering of the wine duties. Looking seriously at all impost; and the result has confirmed the selfish policy of their sys

these miscalculations, many of them such as would be obvious to a této: we are convinced, that the 36 millions of excise duties are schoolboy, we cannot help suspecting they are wilful. Does Mr. paid by the people of this country with Jess smarting and grudging,

Robinson act with an eye to a similar display next Session? Does Ran the 44 millions raised by the Assessed Taxes.

he dole out his measures of relief, in order that he may get new comWe need hardly add the tribute of our praise to the abundant

pliments and thanks, for the like partial reduction for years to come? compliments paid to Mr. Robinson, in Parliament, for his further Does he knowingly overstate the probable deficiencies of the revenue, Temission of the anti-commercial duties. How much of the credit is in order that he may “blow his annual trumpet" on the vast improvedue to those Members of Opposition, and those public writers, men

ment of the nation's finances “ beyond the estimate of the previous who have for years urged the adoption of the measures now tardily

tardilü year?” We are afraid there is anything but candour in the plan. brought forward, would be perhaps an ungracious inquiry. We confess,

| We are equally at a loss to account for the retention of high duties on however, that when sometimes we read brilliant expatiations from other articles which are manifestly over-taxed, with reference solely to official lips upon the wisdom of free trade and moderate duties, we

* We can hardly help suspecting, that Mr. Husejr8SON meant to sneer nonchdannalein - 1. Cannn nan when another writer I at hie Rich Hon hand'

lalia. Tramwache

the revenue. Mr. BRIGÁT, Mr. John Smith, and other Members, 1 gistic, we may speak of a few trifling errata, which we only allude to, mentioned tobacco and sugar as matters that might be safely dealt that in the event of a second edition, which is very probable, they with. Mr. ROBINSON insists much, and justly, upon the dreadful evils of may be duly attended to. smuggling: now the smuggling of Tobacco is carried on to an enormous extent, as indeed may be conceived from the fact stated in the House. The London STAGE.-The first volume of this work has just been

that the consumption has of late years increased, while the duty completed; and certainly, for good paper and printing, amusing emhas become less productive. By a proper reduction on this item, bellishments, and cheapness, it has scarcely a rival. Here are 48 therefore, the public would benefit in regard to price, and an im- dramas at the price of 10s. 6d.; each piece, too, accompanied by an mense smuggling trade would be annihilated, with scarcely a chance engraving on wood. Many of these cuts have considerable merit. of injury to the revenue.

There is one now open before us, which is really an admirable pers - On the same principle upon which the trifling items in the Assessed formance. It illustrates Foote's pleasant farce of the Mayor of Gar. Taxes were reduced, the Excise should have been taken off several ratt. In the centre, burly and blustering, is seen the seducing Major articles which now pay miserably inadequate sums. We have men Sturgeon, evidently a tolerably wicked personage, if the fat knight's tioned the duties on Cyder, Perry, and Verjuice, producing altogether maxim be sound, that “ the more flesh, the more frailty." On one only 43,3051.. nearly half of which is to be given up. There is also a side appears the unhappy Jerry, a true Sneak down to his very loes, tax upon Sweets, producing 12,0711.! on Stone Bottles, 3,136l.; on On the other, with a natural leaning towards the portly Major, stands Vinegar, 44,400l.; on Wire, 7,8871. The tax on Hops is extremely the lawful wife of the said Jerry, fierce and full-blooded,-a lady oppressive and impolitic, as well as expensive to collect; and it yields before whom such a starveling as her husband might well feel only the paltry sum of 35,9161. a year. If the revenue cannot spare alarmed, although she did not evidently betray a disposition not to the small total of all these trivial imposts (which can hardly be asserted, limit her active powers to the exaltation of the horn of the righteous while the standing army receives a costly increase in a time of pro alone. The artist has entered heartily into the humour of the author; found and universal peace) it would be better to raise it by a trifling and, for composition, spirit, and character, this print is superior to addition to some other necessary tax,

many which accompany works of ten times the cost of this first · The grand defect of our Finance System is, however, the Sinking volume of The London Stage. Fund. While that is preserved, comparatively little can be done, either to enfranchise commerce, or to relieve the tax-payers. That fund is formed on the monstrous principle of extorting from an over

THEATRICAL EXAMINER. taxed community 5 millions more than the annual expenditure, in order to put them out at interest at 3 per cent.! We are told of the neces

King's THEATRE. sity of supporting public credit; we concede that necessity, but we

This ill-fated Theatre has scarcely escaped from the beak and can never believe that among an enlightened nation public credit is

public credit is talons of the law, that have so long preyed on its vitals, and felt in founded on anything but the general prosperity of the country; and

some degree disencumbered from its shackles, than a new enemy apwe ask any person of common sense, whether a sum of five millions, pea

cim of five millions | pears in the disguise of brick and mortar, and a restive wall choosing if left in the pockets of an industrious people, to be applied by them

to part company with its fellows, threatens by its own fall to bring in all the productive shapes of capital, would not augment their

down all around it. This alarming determination, coming to the ears wealth, and consequently their ability to grapple with the huge debt; 1

o doht of Mr. Peel and the Lord Chamberlain, forth issues an injunction to to a far greater extent than the same five millions lying inactive at a

prevent the theatre from opening till this mutinous spirit is appeased, small interest? The policy of the Sinking Fund seems to us no better and

and pronounced by the bricklayers to be at rest. In the mean time, than that of a private individual, who, being under a load of debt and I that there may be an opera of some sort, the little theatre in the Hay. embarrassment, and having nevertheless a prosperous trade, should

ould market has been converted into a substitute for its larger neighbour. place in the funds, at little more than 3 per cent. every hundred

Never was any place less adapted to the purpose ; but to give it some pounds he can draw from his business, instead of applying it to the

| affinity to the other, a staircase has been constructed from the centre extension of his trade at a productive rate of 15 or 20 per cent. Nay,

box to form a communication with the pit, the boxes have been bung the case is even worse as regards the public; for seeing what has

with draperies to exclude all persons not immediately in front from a lately been made apparent as to the effect of reducing impolitic

glimpse of the stage, and to render the inconveniences more comduties, there is every reason to calculate, that if the five millions now

plete, the chairs in the front bave been turned with their backs to the annually raised by the Sinking Fund were judiciously applied in

stage; so much is convenience made subservient to fashion! This reduction of unwise and anti-commercial imposts, another five mil

theatre is altogether, thanks to the taste of Mr. Nash, the ugliest ili lions would in a few years be yielded by the vigorous impulse given

London, and the coldest; for we were nearly torpid during the whole to commerce and domestic industry, and the superior productiveness

evening: to these merits may be added its total incapacity for sound. of the remaining branches of the revenue.

The band, though consisting of the first professors the couptry can produce, was totally ineffective ; no vibration, no tone, no combination;

the notes issuing as dull and dead as if they were played in a spuffLITERARY NOTICE.

box. The singers looked like a race of giants, and their voices, un

softened by the space around them, were harsh and grating to the ear. We have perused with considerable pleasure Mr. T. Roscoe's four None of them appeared to advantage; even Madame Ronzi's was volumes of Specimens of the Italian Novelists, commencing with Boc- unusually metallic and wiry, her husband's rough and boisterous, and caccio, and descending to some of the most recent authors in that line Signor Porto's, like the rumble of a cart full of rusty iron. Neret of composition. We scarcely need dilate upon the peculiar charac- was the delightful opera of Figaro so barbarously murdered; not one ter of these writers, who make amends for a simplicity, which occa encore to any of our old favourites, not even to Crudel perché, or Su sionally smacks of the rudeness of earlier days, by an intensity in the l'aria. Madame VESTRIS was the Susannah; for which she is phy, description of our more unsophisticated and native emotions, which sically unfit, the music being out of the compass of her voice and is peculiarly attractive. The disinterested union of two youthful utterly impracticable to her, had not Madame Ronzi frequently hearts is almost uniformly painted with the most engaging freshness changed parts with her and relieved her from many of the highest and fervour,-a well-attested instance of which is the delightful tale passages. The inferior characters were most miserably executed by from which Shakespeare took his Romeo and Juliet, and, in his own a set of people “new and strange," and some of the best compositions language, added gilding to refined gold, and paint to the lily. Friend- omitted from their total incapacity to perform them. If the manager ship, too, is usually depictured with the same singleness and delicacy; had searched England for scare-crows, he could not have hit upon « and, in short, all the less complex impulses, whether of the foregoing more extraordinary collection than these nameless persons furnished gentle order, or of a more fiery nature, as revenge, jealousy, or am Amongst the annoyances of the evening, we must protest altogether bition. Their description of the face of nature, too, is usually as most formally against an old gentleman in a brown wig and spectacles, vivid as unlaboured; and if the mere humour sometimes fail, it is who is placed in the orchestra as conspicuously as the leader ; and, not unfrequently very arch and amusing. The plan adopted by Mr. like a clerk at a conventicle, declaims audibly every sentence preRoscoe is, to preface few, tales from each Novelist with a brief viously to its being sung. If any thing could be devised more de account of the author and his plan, which, generally speaking, exhi-structive of all effect than another, it surely is the twang of bits some slight variety of the scheme of Boccacio. "We need not venerable but indiscreet person's voice coming in every moment to dwell upon the 'intimate connexion of the name of Roscoe with Ita- destroy the illusion of the scene, and mar the finest passages o Tian literature, or in consequence to add, ibat the peculiar delicacy music. This nuisance exists solely to administer to the indolenc and easy flow of the early Italian narrative is admirably preserved. the singers, who surely might take the pains to acquire by mem Indeed, these books are altogether attractive, whether we attend to the few words they have to utter. When we consider what is done the subject, the brancaste of the ornamental vignettes, or to the the English stage, it is perfectly inexcusable. Not many years ago, felicity of the entira

Ihwer, to be exclusively eulo- the chorus sung with their music-brole in their hands, and we wa u

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