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“SIR-I have read with horror and disgust the trial of We cannot at all understand the conduct of the Court on Samuel Hillier, at Northampton, for stabbing a child ; the trial of Samuel Hillier, who was indicted at the North- although, from what we had before read and seen of Mr. anpton Assizes for wounding Susannah Curman, a child. Justice Park, I confess I was not surprised. It is surely We do not say that the case made out against the prisoner abominable that bigotry or fanaticism should be allowed thus was by any means complete, but we will contend that men to interfere with the sacred administration of justice. I look have been hung within the year on much slighter evidence; to The Morning Chronicle, which is constantly affording the and the point to which we would draw attention is, the in- ! public the most valuable information on judicial subjects, for terference on the part of the Court preventing the production an investigation of this case ; being anxious to know whether of evidence which might have been important. Some child, / a Judge be warranted in privately examining witnesses or children, who inight have thrown light on the affuir, did (young children) before they come into Court,' and preventnot appear as witnesses on the trial-a circumstance which ing their appearance,' . because they bad not learnt, bis Mr. Justice Park thus expleined in his address to the Jury : Catechism and prayers—' forbidding their examination,

“ It might occasion considerable surprise to the Jury, that either by the Grand or Petit Jury. Let us knov, Sir, it, none of the children had been called in evidence, but it was when our children are stabbed by any randering ruffian, he himself who had prevented their appearance. He had privately is to escape with impunity, because a fanatical Judge will examined them before coming into Court. The unfortunate not allow their artless tale to be heard, unless he deems thein child who had been so cruelly used, was too young to give duly schooled in the dogmas of his Church. evidence in a Court of Justice. As to the other child that

“ Your constant reader,

“R. T. might have been produced, he was sorry to say, that, upon! St. Andrew's, Ilolborn, July 15." his examining her, he had found her in a state of incredible ignorance. She had never received the slightest particle of

LUNACY. .. moral, religious, or intellectual instruction. She had never A Return to an Order of the House of Commons, of Lunatic been within any church, and was ignorant of prayers, and of Houses within the Bills of Mortality, and County of Middleses, everything which could give any validity to an oath. He and of the number of Lunatics contained therein, from 1813 had, therefore, prevented her appearance before the Grand to 1824, has just been distributed.-In 1813, the number of Jury, and had forbidden her evidence being taken before the Lunatics contained in 33 houses was 1,385. In 1824, the Petit Jury." This may be all very true, but the same disco. number contained in 47 houses, was 1,761. very of incompetence of the witness might have been made It is very generally believed, that the number of lunatics in in open Court; and we object to the Judge's entering into this country has increased in a much greater ratio than that any private examination of a witness before trial-the possi- of the increase of the population. This we are much inclined ble mischiefs of such a practice, and the evil tendency of it to doubt, as excesses in drinking, one great cause of insanity, are so obvious, that it were a waste of time to comment on are less frequent than formerly. The above Return, however, them. On the trial of Thurtell, Justice Park contended most throws little light on the subject ; for, in the first place, it is vehemently that a Judge ought to know no more of a case only from one district; and, in the next place, the Commisthan he can learn from the depositions, and from the pro- sioners under the Act for regulating mad-houses, who make ceedings in open Court; the less, therefore, he confers with the Return,“ have no authority to call for returns from hosa witness in private, before trial, the better. Such a pro- pitals, from parish work or poor-houses, or gaols, in Great ceeding is at least likely to give rise to remarks, and possibly Britain, or any part thereof." The persons confined in mad. idle suspicions, that it is wisdom to avoid. Every one knows, houses may be considered too as belonging exclusively to the usque ad nauseam, the trite simile of Justice and Cæsar's wife. higher and middle ranks, though of course a great proportion With regard to the objection which Sir James Park took to of the person's in the mad-houses of the metropolis must be the competence of the witness in this particular case, it must from all parts of the kingdom. be observed that he is very apt (from an excess of zeal, no A Return was made by the Parochial Clergy of Scotland doubt) to carry the strictness of a Sunday School examina- a few years ago, of the Lunatics in that country. The number, tion into Court ; and on the Church Catechism, we are cre- we remember, was somewhat above 700. This for two mildibly inforined that few, very few children are a match for lions of people is greatly below the English population ; but Mr. Justice Park. Some time ago, finding a child of tender the Scotch are very charitable in their notions respecting sayears, not so ready in its answers as became it, he remanded nity, and allow many persons to be at large who would inthe prisoner, affected by its evidence, till the next Assizes, stantly be confined in England. In the case of the succession directing that the child should meanwhile be better instructed of Frank, of Boughtrig, it was decided by the Court of Session in the catechism, and that object having been attained, the that he was compus mentis, his landlady swore that he answered testimony was considered as cured of its imperfection, and his door, in his shirt, with a pistol in his hand, and would received accordingly.

remain silent for three days in his room, occupied all the time The verdict of the Jury who tried Hillier, seems to us in spitting against the wall. And a Mr. Boswell, a very rich about as extraordinary as the proceedings of the Judge; they landholder, who died lately, used to lock up his servants and found him guilty of stabbing the child, and acquitted him of dogs in a well-barricadoed room, in order to try which would the intention, which is commonly supposed to be indicated by be longest patient under hunger. If, therefore, the Scotch stabbing, namely, to murder, or to do some bodily harm. and English could agree upon a common definition, we suppose We could scarcely have supposed such fatuity possible.-- the proportion would be pretty much the same. To show how Chronicle.

little reliance is to be placed in opinions on this subject, not Since writing the above (adds the Chronicle), we have founded on actual investigation, we may notice the statement received the following feeling and sensible letter on the sub- of the late Dr. Walker, Professor of Natural History in the ject. We may add that we are informed, from various University of Edinburgh, in his “ Natural History of the quarters, that the report everywhere excited a feeling which Highlanders,” that ipsanity was unknown among them, while we dare not characterize.

it appears, from the Parochial Reports, that there were proOn a future day we shall enter on the consideration of the portionally just as many insane Highlanders as Lowlanders. interesting question of competency of witnesses.

In an article on the Evangelical Sects, in The Quarterly

Review, for 1810, it is more than insinuated that Metliodism sions into the interior of the Morea. He seems to wait the has caused an increase of madness in this country. “What arrival of the army of Redchid Pacha, which is in Levadia a doctrine is this (says the writer) that none can be saved and Etolia.-The Greeks are extremely active. They are unless they feel an assurance of salvation ! Jonathan Reeves concentrating their forces to make head against the storm. indeed, and the other “vilest of sinners' who like' biin hiave We expect that we shail hear very important news. . not only a saving faith but a saving opinion of themselves at TRIESTE, JULY 1.-Accounts from Corfu of the 21st June, the bottom of their lip humility, muy be lucky enough to feel say, that several vessels had arrived there from Calamata, this assurance; but what is to become of those whose under- Napoli, and Missolonghi, with news to the 18th June. Sacstanding is too strong, or wliose imagination is too weak, to touny united with Miaules before Suda, and is stated to have render them capable of this assurance, and who are yet per- made an attack on the Captain Pacha's fleet, which had suaded that without it their souls inust perislı everlastingly? | taken refuge there, and burnt five more of his largest ships. It is not without good cause then, that · John and Jane Beal Miaules, in his report to the Government, expresses a hope beg leave to inform the public in general, and the lovers of that in two months no Turkish ships will be able to oppose religion in particular, that they have opened a commodious the Greeks. The reports sent from General Goura from house for the reception of insane persons whose friends think Salona are still more important. It is known that the Pliassa they have had sufficient trial of medicines, and who will be Pacha had occupied Salona with 6,000 men. Goura, who allowed every religious privilege consistent with their safety.' had cut off all his supplies, had obliged him, after a general That the increase of religious madness is occasioned by, and defeat on the 8th of June, to surrender. commensurate with, the increase of Methodism, is a fact Goura revoked the capitulation made with him, because the which inay be verified at Bedlam. Todeed, the yearly cove- Turks, contrary to their promise, had massacred the Greeks nant with God, which Wesley borrowed from the old Calvinists, taken prisoners on their entering Solona. It seems that Goura, is peculiarly fit to produce the dreadful effect.” Fanaticism is when he was certain that this was the case, gave full scope to no doubt a great evil in a country ; but we do not wish to his vengeance, and caused all the Turks taken prisoners at charge it with more than what in fairness ought to be placed Salona to be put to the sword. These accounts are consito its account. We do not believe that Methodism has led dered at Napoli to be authentic; many add that the army of to an increase of madness; we are inclined to beliere on the Redchid, before Missolonghi, suffers dreadfully for want of contrary, that as drunkenness is perhaps the chief cause of provisions, and will probably be now obliged to retreat, espeinsanity, and as Methodisin, though it may have interdicted cially as Goura, after taking Salona, advanced towards itz votaries from many innocent enjoyments, has undoubtedly | Heromero, and was in their rear. Ibrahim Pacha had adled every where to carefulness and sobriety, it must also have vanced into Arabia; but, according to the latest accounts, had a tendency to diminish insanity. This, however, is mere he is at Nissi, entirely surrounded by the Greeks. The opinion, unsupported by any positive data. We know well Greek Chronicle of Missolonghi, No. 44, confirms the above enough, that there are numbers of people in this country re- news from Salona ; six ships of war, and five fire-ships had ligiously mad, but we question if religiou be the cause of the arrived off Missolonghi to prevent any supplies reaching madness, though as religion is an agitating subject, it is Redschid Pacha by sea.- Allgemeine Zeitung, July 10. natural that a number of insane persons should be occupied ! BRUSSELS,JULY 15.-Yesterday concluded the fetes given with it. We know, however, that this opinion will appear by the city on occasion of the marriage of Prince Frederick. paradoxical to many, and it must be owned that appearances are often against it. For instance, in a late report of a Coro- The East India Company's ship Layton arrived off the ner's Iuquest, of a melancholy case of suicide, the father of Wight the 14th inst. She left Bencoolen the 27th March, the deceased stated, that “ his derangement was attributed to l avd St.' Helena the 25th May. The General Hewitt arrived a religious mania that was prevalent at the time in Hereford, at St. Helena tle 24th May, and was expected to sail for and which affected the heads of several others, so as to pro England on the 28th May. The Boyne had also arrived at duce insanity."- Morning Chronicle.

St. Helena, and was expected to sail for England in company with the General Hewitt.

We have received a file of New York and Boston Papers to POSTSCRIPT.

the 19th ult. -Their contents have little political interest. A MONDAY, JULY 18.

Boston paper of the 16th of June notices the arrival of Mr.

Poinsett, the American Minister, at Vera Cruz, where he was We received last night Brussels and German Papers, from

received with great attention. The abolition of all titles of which the following are extracts :

| Nobility, Knighthood, &c. by the Sovereign Congress of CORFU,JUNE 21.-The Captain Pacha, after meeting with mauy difficulties, has succeeded in joining the Egyptian

Mexico, is also mentioned in the Boston Papers.

During the recent stay of the Navy Board at this Docksquadron of Hassein Bey, and, in consequence of the autho

yard, his Majesty's ship Bellerophon (lately called the sity given him by the Sultan, has assumed the chief command of the two fleets.

Waterloo) was subjected to a most minute and rigorous exThe Turkish squadron has entered three different ports of the Isle of Candia. None of the ships are

amination, in order to ascertain beyond all possible doubt, at Suda, which is reserved for the Egyptian vessels only.

whether or not there were any reasonable grounds for the The Captain Pacha has, however, been to Juda, to confer

alarm which had been excited, by representations made in

Parliament, and in some of the public journals, as to her with Hassein Bey on their further operations

materials being in a state of decay. Probably no ship ever A new expedition to the coast of the Morea is spoken of,

before underwent so thorough and trying a scrutiny-in the but as most of the Turkish ships are in great want of repair,

int of repair; I progress of which not any part of the vast fabric was left unthe expedition will probably be delayed. Miaules has raised

explored; and we have the satisfaction to state that, after the the blockade of Suda, which excites surprise, as he has re- use of every means by which decay, if it existed, must have ceived reinforcements from Hydra, and Sactouny's squadron been detected, not a single vestige, or even symptom of has joined his.

deterioration, was discovered throughout the ship. We may Since the capitulation of Navarino, Ibraham Pacha has safely leave our readers to draw their own inference as to the been rather inactive, only his cavalry makes occasional incur- credit to be given to the evil reports so industriously circulated

Just published, price 2s. with regard to the state of our Navy; which we know to be

JEWS' CATECHISM. Dedicated to the Rev. Solomon in a condition, both of order and effective preservation, that

Hirschel. was never surpassed. There were present at the survey of

London : printed for Knight and Lacey, Paternoster-row.

CAMPBELL'S THEODRIC. the Belleropbon, besides the members of the Navy Board and

Prints, 5s., Proofs, on India paper, 78. 6d. Dock-yard Officers, Admiral Sir George Martin, Sir James ILLUSTRATIONS 10 THEODRIC, by Thomas CAMPBELL, Esq.

dorshlá number of beautifully engraved, from Designs by HENRY CORBOULD, Esq. A. Gordon, Capt. Chas. Inglis, and a considerable number of

London : printed for Knight and Lacey, Paternoster-row. other distinguished officers. - The Navy Board also inspected


Just published, price II. 165. elegantly engraved, and printed on double imperial into the state of the experiments made on the copper of the

drawing paper, coloured, varnished, and mounted on rollers, Manly brig, by the ingenious and scientific Sir Humphry THE STREAM of HISTORY (brought down to the Year 1824)

showing the Rise and Fall of Empires, and the Progress of the Arts, Davy; and attended an experiment, as to whether oak or

Sciences, and Literature of every Nation of the World, from the earliest Ages teak tree nails are of the greater strength, when the latter to the present time. Originally invented by Professor STRASS. With numerous

Additions and Improvements. proved the strongest, by as two to three.-The Navy Board

* This elegant and useful appendage to the Library exhibits a clear and returned to London on Thursday afternoon.-Hampshire comprehensive View of the principal Events of General History; and to those

who have not opportuuities or time for research, it inay be truly said to be Telegraph.


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arranged in the order of Centuries ; affording a complete View of all the most recently imported into Savannah, North America, from the important Events, and forming a Key to the « Stream of History." Very

closely printed in 12mo. price 3s. environs of Bogota, where it is gathered from trees of a con

An ANALYSIS of the HISTORY of ENGLAND, from the Conquest to the siderable height. It is short, and of a brownish colour, but

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Chronology of each Reign, 2s.60.-In case, 35. 6d. ; or with Poetical Chronology, employed in making shawls, and a great quantity has been 48.- Coloured, Is. extra.

+++ This ingenious Chart is well calculated to facilitate the Study of Baglish sent to France, in order to ascertain if it can be used instead History, and particularly the Genealogy of our Sovereigns, in an extraordinary of silk. An inhabitant of Scriven, in Georgia, has already degree and has been highly commended by all who have used i planted some of the seeds of this new cotton-tree.- French An EPITOME of ENGLISH HISTORY; or, British Chronology. By the

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taining also its Antiquities, Natural and Artificial Curiosities, Local PecoConsols for Account, 913 İ I .

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Also, of the same size and price, the COUNTIES of




CORN Exchasge, Mark-LANE, JULY 18.


The weather being hot and dry, and the Wheat harvest being near Cheshire


Corp wall

Surrey at hand, occasion very heavy sale, superfine samples selling on about the Cumberland



Derby same térms as on this day se'noight. Barley fetches rather better price

London & its Environs, 28. Warwick

Westmoreland than last Market day. Beans bave been more plentiful to-day than of Dorset



Northampton late, and are taken off at last week's prices. The demand for Oats is good,


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« These Catechisms are well adapted to refresh the memory; and there is no Red Wheat....., 58570s. 1 Small Beads .......... 468. 50s. I one. proud of his native conntry, but must feel a secret pleasure that its trea While ditto.... 62s. 76s. | Tick ...

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22s. 27s. REAR'S GREASE.—This article, when genuine and procured from White............ . 428. 458. Scotch ...... ..... 288. 318.

o the animal in its native climate, is easily known by those who have once

used it. It penetrates sooner, retains its moisture longer, and on analysis is Boilers ............... 46s. 50s. | Flour ......... ...... 55s. 65s.

found materially varied from all other animal or vegetable oils.--JAMES Aggregate Average Prices of the Twelve Maritime Districts of Eny. | ATKINSON, Perfumer, has the gratification to inform the Public, that the land and Wales, by which Exportation and Bounty are to be regulated

Bear's Grease, as imported by him, has given the most general satisfaction.

Its peculiar properties for regenerating the hair being now proved to a demor in Great Britain.

stration, and he will only add that, independent of improving the growth, it is Wheat per Quarter, 67s. 11d.-Barley, 37s. 80.-Oats, 24s. 80.-Rye,

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as to merit a distinct eulogium. The editors deserve every praise for the pains ENGLISH GRAMMAR AND COMPOSITION.

and labour they have bestowed in perfecting the publication." ---Literary Gazette.

PINNOCK's Improved Edition of Dr. GOLDSMITH'S HISTORY of ROME, Just published, new and corrected Editions of the following:

for the use of Schools ; with Questions for Examination ; an Introduction to the ALLEN'S GRAMMAR of the ENGLISH LANGUAGE, newly Study of Roman History; the lucursions of the Barbarians, illustrated by a neat *arranged and improved, with numerous Exercises, Notes, and Questions; coloured Map; a comprehensive Map of the Roman Empire, and numerous Ismo. 2s. 60.

Notes and other useful and highly important Additions by the Editor. 5s. Od. * This Bdition has been carefully revised by the Author, who has endca. PINNOCK'S Improved Edition of Dr. GOLDSMITH'S HISTORY of Toured, by shortening the Rules, to make the study of English Grammar easy. GREECE, with several useful Introductory Chapters, Questions for Examination,

The ELEMENTS of ENGLISH GRAMMAR; with numerous Exercises, a Map of the Grecian Enspire, and many valuable Additions, on the Plan of the
Questions for Examination, and Notes ; for the use of the advanced Student. Histories of F.ngland and Roine. 5. 611.
By the Rev. W. Allen. Second Edition, 12m). 5s, bound.

LETTERS on ANCIENT HISTORY; exhibiting a summary View of the PINOCK'S CATECHISM of the PRINCIPLES of ENGLISH GRAM | History, Geography, Mauners, and Customs of the Assyriau, Babylonian, MeMIR: 9d.

dean, Persian, Egyptian, Israelitish, and Grecian Nations; with Questions for The ACCIDENCE; or, First Rudiments of English Grammar. By Ellen Examination, &c. and a unique Map of the Ancient and Modern World. Devis. Seventeenth Edition, 18mo. Is. 3d.

printed in red and black. By Anne Wilson. Third Edition, 53. 6d. ELEMENTS of PUNCTUATION, with Notes, Critical and Explanatory; PICQUOT'S SKETCH of MODERN HISTORY; a new Edition, brought 18mo. Is. 6d.

down to the End of the Year 1822 ; price Us. KEY to the ELEMENTS of PUNCTUATION; 18mo. 2.

The ELEMENTS of ECCLESIASTICAL HISTORY, from the Birth of Christ DICTATION EXERCISES; with suitable Orthographical Instructions. By to the present time ; with Questions for Examination, &c. By the Rev. J. Platt. M. Beasley. 18mo. 1s. 60.

Price is. 6d. A GRAMMAR of RHETORIC; or, Instructions for writing good and elegant PINNOCK'S POPULAR HISTORICAL CATECHISMS, price 9d. each, have Eaglish, formed into Rules and Exercises. By the Rev. D. T. Fosbrooke. 13mo. | also been just re-printed, and embellished with Portraits. 1s. 60.

Printed for Geo. B. Whittaker, Ave Maria-lanc, London; and sold by all A GRAMMAR of RHETORIC and POLITE LITERATURE. By A. Jamieson, Booksellers. LL.D. 12mo. 6s.

RELIGIOUS SCHOOL BOOKS. The RHETORICAL EXAMINER; comprehending Questions and Exercises

Just published, new and corrected Editions of the following: on the " Gramunar of Rhetoric ” By the same. Swo. 38. A GRAMMAR of LOGIC and INTELLECTUAL PHILOSOPHY, on Didactic

SACRED BIOGRAPHY; or, the Lives of Eminent Men, whose Principles. By A. Jamieson, LL.D), 12ino. 6s.

Actions are recorded in the Holy Scriptures. By G. ROBERTS. 18mo. 3s. The YOUNG LOGIGIAN'S COMPANION. By the same. Is. 6d.

The CHRISTIAN CHILD'S READER; calculated to direct the Minds of - PRACTICAL LOGIC: or. Hints to Young Theme-writers, for the purpose of Youth to Religion and Morality : 12mo. 24. leading them to thivk and reason with accuracy. By B. H. Smart. 12mo. 3s. 6d.

An EPITOME of the CHRISTIAN RELIGIO N. By the Rev. W. Allen, M.A. Printed for Geo. B. Whittaker, Ave-Maria-lane, London; and sold by all 19mo. 33. Booksellers.

A Compendious HISTORY of the BIBLE; containing the principal Events recorded in that Sacred Book ; 12mo. 38. The ELEMENTS of ECCLESIASTICAL HIS

the Rev. J. Platts. LOR WORMS, FITS, PAINS in the STOMACH, &c.-Worms 18 mo. As. 6d.

are the cause of many internal afflictions, which vary so much in their An HISTORICAL EPITOME of the OLD and NEW TESTAMENTS. and effects, that they may be mistaken by the most eminent physician, and prove | Part of the APOCRAPHA; in which the Events are arranged according to equally fatal to the constitutions of adults and children, though the latter more Chronological Order. By a Member of the Church of England, Author of extensively suffer from their destructive ravages. Their more usual symptoms Family Prayers upon the Creation." Second Edition, 12mo. 6s. 60. are fits, pains in the stomach, side, and head, loss of appetite, and pale, lan I SEQUEL to the GRAMMAR of SACRED HISTORY, being a Paraphrase on guid, and emaciated appearance in the patient. The extraordinary efficacy of the Epistles and Gospels, with Explanatory Notes. To which is prefixed, a CHING'S PATENT WORM LOZENGES in all such complaints, as well as simple Illustration of the Liturgy; and a Paraphrase on the Church Catechism. obstractions in the bowels, and every disorder where opening or cleansing By Mary Ann Rundall, Author of the “Grammar of Sacred History," &c. 45. 6d. physic is required, is so universally known, and has been publicly acknowledged The POOR GIRL'S HELP to a Knowledge of the First Principles of the by so many persons of distinction and rank in society, that it is unnecessary Christian Religion, and to the Sacrament of the Lord's Supper. By Miss bere to enlarge on their peculiar virtues.-Sold in boxes, at Is. 1}d. and 28. 9d. Appleton, Author of " Early Education." Is. 6d. by Butler, Chemist, 4 Cheapside, St. Paul's; Savory aud Co. 136 New Bond ELEMENTS of MORALITY; for the use of Young Persons. To which is street, London ; and by the principal Medicine Venders throughout the United prefixed, an Address to Parents. From the German of the Rev, C. S. Salzmann. Kingdom; of whom may be had, PERRY'S ESSENCE, which has been de With Engravings. 12mo. 58. clared, in highly respectable journals, to be the “best thing ever discovered for Printed for Geo. B. Whittaker, Ave Maria-lane, London; and sold by all the Tooth and Bar-ache;" in bottles, at 1s. 14d, and 25. Od.


Just published, in 1 large rol, Svo, with 20 Plates, 21s, plain : 303. coloureit. I Indicative : with notes and illustration, critical and explanatory. By 1. O. HLORIL EMBLEMS. By HENRY LILIPSEL and DISChurchill, translator of * Herder's Philosophy of History," and " Bossut's lushor of " Pronarium Britannicam," &c. exhibiting a new and elo70

History of slathematics." 12100. gs. bound. mode of communicating Sentiments or recording Events by a picturesque

"The Grammar of Lourth seems especially to have served this Author for arrangement of Flowers.

model: but he has made many just corrections in it, and many valuable additius Printed for Saunders and Odley, Critish and l'oreign Public Library, Conduit.

to it, zad bas enlarged that compendious introduction to the English Language, strett, Hanover-quare.

into a comprehensive treatise, illustrated by numerous critical notes. Murray

and Crombie have been consulted; so have Sheridan's Orthepy und Wallet Tomrow, in 2 vols, 80.239.

Rhyming Dictionary ; and the result is a copious body of informatisa cuocer!! HISTORICAL ani LITERARY TOUR of a FORREKVER in

the analogii's and anomaliex, the persiliarities and niceties, of our tongue, 210

adapted perhaps for the proncienthin the beginner, but truly instructirr, at *ENGLAND and SCOTLAND; with Anecdotes of celebrated Persons perpetually elegant. On the whole, this Work tre gently deserves consultat. visited by the lochor.

and will tend to a critical acquisition of our language."-- Monthly Rent Priales for siners and Otlay, British and Foreign Public Library, Condrit May 1821. street, llanoser snare.

An INTRODUCTION to LITIN CONSTRUING; or, easy and progresos

Le88ons for Readius; to be used by the Pupil as sno:1 as the first Declesia Just pulished, i 3 vol. 1?ino. puce 21s, boards,

has been committed to menory, wit d t the most popular Grautars, +! SBAND-IUNTING: or, the Niother and I

inore particularly to that used in the yere at Et.1); and design to il of Fashionable Lille.

the Inflection of the declinabi'u laris of Spurch, the Kules for Gender, ti * la the novel before us, the charcters profess to be grounded on life; the Preterperteit 7'4119, and o: Syrtar; having the quantity of thost Sylint! narrative is probably the work off ; and the whole we are stidii pre. marhed, on which the pronunciation Griends, and accompanied with Quester* DVID U to be a performance of it striking and attractive order.". Literary Seed Edition, by the liv. J. Boswirts, M. 1. &c. &c. 38. 6d, bound. Gazette, June 19 --- Printed for Geo. B. Whittaker, Are-Varia-lane.

This work is intend to teach practically the use ob the Latin Gray #71

Dictionary: the former in pointing out this important service of the va New Citions of the late Mr. BONNYCASTLE'S WORKS, revised ad very

terbation, and the latar the emin of the Indial part of the word. considerably in prove by linsell and Sou).

UT (ONSIRUNO; or, Puy 2 prorresire Lessons froin (l. IN INTRODCCTION 10 İLGEBR., with Notes and Obser.

Authors; with Rules for translating Latiu into English, designed to tearhii

Analysis of imple and compound Sentences, and the method of contra - vations, designed for the use of Schools, and oih: places of Public Educa

Phadrns ad Tepes, as well as the higher classic, without the help tion. Thirteenth Edition; to which is now first sisena Adinda on the

Euxlisa Translatina: intended for the l o junior classes in schoo l Solution of Equations by Approximatiou, a ulject of great importance in

those who have not the sidsaltgeofreuiar instruction, for whom the go Algebra, contriuing an entirely new meiod for that purpose. By CHARLES

of those syllables, on which the producation depends,i nurkerl. TOWN BONNYCASTLE, Civil Engineer, Chathani. Price 4s. bound.

is auded, i full account of the Rom Calendar, and some rom. Tks on N.. 2. A KEY to the alove. 4*. 60. liound.

Customs, with Rules for reducine English to the Romantiune, **, 3. The SCOLAR'S OCIDE to ARITHMETIC; Or compente Exercise Roman to the Muslish. Ruth Rev. J. B orth, M.A. &c. &c. Vicar 01 !! Book, for the use of Schools; with Notes, contai: :ing the reason of every Rule,

Horwood, Buckingham tire, and Author of antroduction to lontin Court deduced froin the mot simple and evident principles. Twelfth Edition; price the Elements of Anglo Saxon Graur, &c. Second Edition, 2. 01. bour! 3. 60. bound.

After attending to the rules in this lit le m4110.1l, ilustrateci :teyr 4. A KEY to the above. Price 4.6d. bound. 5. Au INTRODUCTION to ARITHMETIC; or a complete Exercise Book

copious examples from the easiert auf best Romn clasics, the Prpil will ha

no difficulty in taking up any Latiu author, aud construts it with jutge for the use both of teachers and students ; being the first part of a genral and precision. cour:e of Mathematics, Syo. Pric 8s. bards.


compenditto da queile, D'Alberti; Arrichi di tutti i termin pripru with Notes, coutaining the reason of every Ilule. Thirteenth Edition, price Scienze e dell' Arti, delle Conjugazioni de' Verli regolari e irregolan, eta 18. od. bound.

posto all'uso degl' Italiani e de Francesi. Par Giuseppe Mariinelli. 2 i 7. A KEY to the above. Price 19. bound.

12s. bound. 8. A TREITISE on ALGEBRA, in Practice and Theory, with Notes and

The CAMERA; or, Art of Drawing in Water Clours: with instructions fr Illustrations containing a variety of particulars relating to the Discoveries Sketching from Nature. comprising the whole process of Water-tolour : aud linpro ements that have bee: mide in this brauch of Analysis. Second | ing, Shadowing, and Tinting a complete Landscape, in all its propres ires*** Edition; 2 vols. 8vo. price 25s, boards.

aud directions for compounding and using colours, Sepia, iudian luk, its 9. A TREATISE ON PLAIN and SPHERICAL TRIGONOMETRY, with the

&c. By J. Hassell. 54. boarils. most useful Practical Application 8vo. price 25s, boards.

A GENERAL TABLE of the ITALIN VERBS, regular and irrepulst, . 10. ELEVENTS of GEOMETRY: containing the Principal Propositions in

which the finition of any Tense or Person required, may be immeur! ';; the First Six and the Eleventh and Tweli'th Bol of Euclid, with Critical

found. Executed by R. Zotti, atter the French plan laid down by R. Jurn Notes, and an Appendix, containing various particulars relating to the higher in bis table of French Verbs. Anew Edition, corrected and improved og parts of the sciences. Sixth Edition ; prices. 60. boards.

Bruno: coloured, 3s. 60. 11. An INTRODUCTION ASTRONOMY; in a series of Letters from a | A KEY to the GREEK TESTAMENT; being a Selection of Chapters per Preceptor to his Pupil, in which the mattiseful and interesting parts of the

resting parts of the logicnily explained: for the 190 of young Men designed for the Ministry. Science are clearly and familiarly explained. Illustrated with copper plates. Charles Hook, Author of a Synopsis of Latin Grammar, and Steps to L. Eighth Edition ; 8vo. price 12. boards.

Verses. 35. 01. boards. Printed for C. and J. Rivington; J. Nunn ; T. Cadell; Longman and Ce; The COMPLETE CORRESPONDENT; consisting of Letters adepind Joli Richardson: Baldwin aud Co.: Sherwoorl anil Co.: C. B. Whittaker lesery are and sitration of Lle: together with various useful forms of Best? J. Durcan; Hanilton and Co. ; aud Siinpkm and Mar:ball, London; and for and Compliment: the best directions for Epistolary Writing, and moret Stirbus and Kenny, Edinburgi.

fifty specimens of real correspondence, selected from the best writers is?

| English Language; as Addi-on, Cowper, Gay, Johnson, Pope, Lady ileri BOOKS FOR SCHOOLS.

Lady Wortley Sloptague, Virs. Rowe, &c. and some translations from the La Published by IV. SUMPKIN and R. MARSHALL, Stationers' Hail Court. Lud.

Classics and celebrated I'reach Writere. 24. 8* cd ; 2. 61. bund. gite-street, London; and sold by all Booksellers, with a good allowance to MATATRINI CORDERII COLLOQUIA SELECTA; or select Colloquis, Teachers.

Mathurin Cordier: better aclapted to the capacities of Youth, sad sitter TATIN VERSIFICATION SIMPLIFIED, aud rendered easy to beginners in the Latin Torguc, than any editiou of hix Colloquies, or any <3

the young Stu leut in a graduated Series of Esercisos, calculated to meet book yet published. The Nineteenth Edition, revised and corrected. Si his inc casing ability in the successive stages of his progress. by JOHY

S. Logan, A.M. 28. bound. CAREY, LL.D). 28. beund.

HISTOIRE de CILARLES XII. Roi de Snede; par M. de Voltai: AKIY, by the sande; asOd. bound.

Nouvelle Edition, stereotype, soigneusenient revue et corrigée sur les muillet ELEMENTS of LATIN HEXAMETERS, and PENTAMETERS. By the impressions, par M. Catty, premier Maitre de langue François a l'Acai Rev. Robert Bland. Fourth Edition (much improved by a graduated Scale of Royale et Militaire de Woolwich. fs. bound. cominencing Esercises), prices. 60.lound.

A KEY to KEITIL'S TREATISE ou the GLOBES ; containing neu The exercises cout ined in this liidle colletion, have had the test of satisfactory thousand Soluticus, worked out to the nicest accuracy, and in o espirit experience at one of the greatest public schools.

manner, as to enable the Student w gain a complete and scientific knowle. SENTACTICAL EX 11LVATION; or Questions and Examples adapted to of both globes without any in-truction from a Master. By C. Vines, M. the Syntax of the Latin Grammar. Second Edition ; 28. bound.

matician and Nautical Atr. pomer is, boards. A SKETCH of the GREEK ACCIDENCE, arranged in a manner convenient

GRAMMATICAL INSTITUITS; or an Easy Introduction to Dr. Loutt for Transcription; by means of which learners Inay be assisted in comunitting to English Grammır. By John As, LL.D. A Ner Edition. Is, bouinc. memory. Second Editics, by Jolin Hodekin; 2. nu.

ANEW INTRODUCTION to BOOK KEEPING, ait:r the Italian method. "We take the liberty of recommending to the notice oí uch of our readers as Debtor and Creditor. by the Rev. R. Turner, LLD. Is. coel. are concerned in the education of youth, the labers of Mr. Hougkis, which we

DUCTION to ENGLISH COMPOSITION an ELOCUTION: cousider as peculiarly calculated to facilitate the adoption of that plan for the fonr parts, viz. 1. Esop modernisce ani miocused, in a cries of lustruet improvement of the memory, witch is recommended by Quintilian, and which Tales, calculated both as subjects for Red lin-L1819, aud mbjects for N . was followed with so much success by Professor Porson."--Classical Journal. tion. 2. Skeletons of those Tales, with leading Questions and Hius. tu su No. XIT.

and 28 it the Juvenile Writer in re-composing theip. 3. Poetic Reading A COMPENDIUM of ALGEBRA, with Not:g and Demonstrations, showing Easy, by incans of Metrical Notes to each line. 4. Au Ippendix ot wit the reason of every rule, designed for the use of Schools in those Persons who Prose. By Joinn Cares. LL.D). Author of " Latin Prosody made E ST." * : bave not the advantage of a Preceptur; the whole arranged on a plan calculated tical English Prosody aud Versification," &c. &c. s. honrd. to abridge the labour of the Master and facilitate the improvement of the Pupil. LE NOUVEAU TESTAMENT de notre Seigne: JESUS CHRIST. 1:27 By George Phillips, Mathematical Niaster, Oriental School, Netherton House, sur l' Edition de Paris de l'année 1993. Edition stereotype rerü et corrige Worcester; and Author of a Treatise on the construction and use of a case of avec soin d'apres le texte Grec. 4.6. bound. Mathematical Instruments. 3. bound.

ELIZABETil ou les EXILES du SIBERIE. Parima. ('ottin, Oris ; * This is a clever compendium of a most useful branch of Mathematical Edition, avec des Votes explicatives, Historiques et Geographiques. Par science, for every person ought to be acquainted with Algebra. The Author's Juigné. 38. bound. object is to abridge the labour of the Master, or to render a master unnecessary,

VI GENERAL TABLE of the FRENCII VENES, regalar and irregul.r. by familiarizing the subject so as to facilitate the study, aud, consequently, the formation of any Tencor Perxoni resuired may be inn ditt lessen the period usually spent in acquiring this essential part of education.

found. By R Juigné, M.A. of the University of Paris. Courel, 38. 6. Such are his avowed objects, and his work is well calculated to insure them," CRABB'S (George, of Magdalen College, Oxford) ENGLISH SYNONIUS Literary Chronicle, March 16th, 18.1.

EXPLAINEN, in alphab.tical order: with copious Hlustrations and an A KEY to the abovc, 3s. bound,

drawn from the best Writers. 8vo. 3d Edition, greatly enlarged and corrett A NEW GRAMMAR of the ENGLISH LANGUAGE, including the funda.

in the funda. 11. Is, boards. mental principles of Etymology, Syntax, and Prosody ; in which it is attempted, by a new arrangement of the verb, to remove the perplexity and confusion London: printed by JOHN HUNT, in Broad-street, Golden-square, and puut hitherto found in several Teases of the Potential Mood, and the Future of the by him at ibe Examiotr Office, 38 Tavistook-street, Covent-garden.- Priteit

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