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No.917. MONDAY, AUG. 29, 1825.

| We will now shew the nature of their felicity. Such is their docility LITERARY NOTICE.

and implicit reliance, qualities immensely prized by our poet, they

might have been brought to the font immediately, but lost " in wonle of Paraguay. By ROBERT SOUTHEY, Esq. LL.D. Poet derment,” of this they “recked not." Their happiness, however, imi Laureate.

mediately commences with the reception of correct religious notions: ALTHOUGH we give this article under the head to which it may be

For in their sleep strange forms deformed they saw deemed most kindred, we frankly cooless that we mean to say little

Of frightful fiends, their ghostly enemies : about it as a poem or literary production. In this respect it will

And souls who, must abide the rigorous law, arcely add to the fame of the author, as nothing can be more trite

Weltering in fire, and tliere with dolorous cries than the incident, or more mawkish than the execution; always

Blaspheming roll around their hopeless eyes; allowing, that Dr SOUTO EY cannot write a' poem of any length,

And those who, doom'd' a shorter term to bear... ** + without scattering a few fragrant flowers in his progress.

Io penal flames, look upward to the skies, '.

Seeking and finding consolation there, appear to us to be two classes of poets in the present day, very |

And feel, like dew from Heaven, the precious aid of prayer.. much opposed to each other, each of which embraces an injurious extreme. The first of them must have high wrought incident,

The sickness produced by their change of life is then describea, intense feeling, or overwhelming passion, on every occasion; the 1.

in and the mother, "dying with Christian hope, consigned to rest,” the i second affect to delight in the negative of all these, and to luxuriate in

unfortunate girl is soon destined to follow. - the exhibition of the placid, the serene, and the passionless. The

. Yet they who look'd upon the Maiden meek, latter calls the former school“ Satanic;" the former stigmatizes the

Miglit see what deep emotion blanched her cheek. i

An inward light there was which fill'd her eyes, latter as very insipid, and next door to silly. In times past, Dr

And told, more forcibly than words could speak, SOUTHEY diversified the simple element of the Lakes with a portion of

That this disruption of her earliest ties the Arabesque; but latterly, and especially in the present instance, he . Had shaken mind and frame in all their faculties. has resolutely adhered to pure water, without a particle of the Here is felicity and cause of triumph, especially as the remaining vinous or any other spirit to keep the chill off the stomach. As boy was at the same time in a similar state of mental and bodily Swift observed of another poem, it is so cold, an ass's hoof alone can affliction. The innocent lad sees his mother and sister in his dreams, contain it. Still we have some pleasing descriptive stanzas, and and longs to be baptized, that he may join thein. The Jesuit reasons occasionally something which may be denominated a thought; but with him, but is at length convinced of the reality of the vision, and the incident on which the poem is founded, is so singular, and so performs the ceremony; on which the tale thus strikingly concludes: infinitely more singular the Laureate's mode of treating it, we proceed

" His wish bath been obtain'd; and this being done, at once to our more direct object, which is to show the curious

His soul was to its full desire content. theoretical piety of the volunteer Champior of Moller Church, and

The day in its accustomed course passed on : to prove that, if inquisitorily' assailed, it is doubtful if that very

The Indian mark'd bim, ere to rest be went, cirurch would acknowledge him. Were he at this time in need of

How o'er his beads, as he was wont, he bent, confirmation, we hold four to one, that the Bishop of Peterborough

And then, like one who casts all care aside, hits at least would not pass him.

Lay down. The old man fear'd no ill event, The “ Tale of Paraguay" is founded upon a real incident, related

When “ Ye are come for me!" Yeruti cried; by the Jesuit DOBRIZHOFFER, in his History of the Abipones, an

« Yes, I am ready now!" and instantly he died. 1 abridged translation of which work has been given to the world by

We have not the least disposition, in advertence to this curious hisBo Dr SOUTHEY,* It is soon told: A native tribe is swept off by thie

tory of a “ chosen family," to canvass theological points, or coinpare small-pox, with the exception of a single pair, who are thus lest alone

creeds; we merely go upon the general absurdity of the whole affair. in the vast solitude : two children are born unto them in this situation,

An innocent woman and her children fall victims to disease of body until at length the husband being killed by a Jagar, the mother

and alienation of mind; and we are taught to infer, that if such had brings up her boy and girl unassisted. When the latter reaches the

not been the case, they would have gone to perdition,—the lot, no age of fourteen, the Missionary DOBRIZHOFFER, at the head of an ex

doubt, of the poor father, who, in the diligent support of his wife and ploring party, discovers them; and they are brought to the Jesuit's sets children, fell a prey to a tiger. And then to what does this converilement, where they exist a short time in a state of superstitious

sion amount? Why, fatuity, and then sicken and die in succession. Such is the story

Chiefly there the Mother of the Lord selected by Dr Souther, the opening of which may be supposed to

Was for their special patroness adored. afford poetical facilities; but with respect to the close, it is a tale of Such is the worship by which these poor people are saved from the disease and idiotism. With the most unintellectual narrowness, we bottomless pit; that is to say, by that which our Anri-Catholic Laureate are taught, to infer that the providential discovery of these poor would denominate sheer idolatry, were he arguing against Catholic savages saved thein from the jaws of Satan; and that the fact of their | Emancipation. Where church influence and emolument, however, being sickly and silly, was the salvation of their souls.. We exag-are not in danger, meaning everywhera except in the King's domigerate not in the least: from the moment they are removed to the pions, any sort of additional belief our consistent poet can away with; settlement, they pine away and become consumptive; see visions of but treble woe to the wretch whose faith is scanty! In fact, in this

the “ Virgin Mother, meek and mild," and of one another, as they precious story, every sort of prostration of the understanding is une• die in succession; and are absolutely described as divested at once quivocally lauded. Thus, nothing can exceed the happiness of the

both of health and reason. Suppose we illustrate this extraordinary Indians, who passed “their inoffensive lives" in perpetual pupillage. state of the case by a few extracts; and first, as to the good fortune

They on the Jesuit, who was nothing loth, of these poor simpletons:

Reposed alike their conscience and Their cares;
This was, indeed, a chosen family,

And he, with equal faith, the trust of both
For Heaven's especial favour mark'd, they said ;

Accepted and diocharged. The bliss is theirs
Shut out from all mankind they seem'd to be,

Of that entire dependence that prepares

Entire submission, let what may befall :
Yet mercifully they were visited,

And his whole careful course of life declares
That so wirbin the fold i hey might be led,

That for their good he holds them thus in ihrall,
Then callid away to bliss.

Their Father and their friend, Priest, Ruler, all in all. • Hinc illæ lachrymæ,--hence this poem. The book has not sold,

The Laureate considers all this as the acme of good government and the reader of the Tale of Paraguay, " if he chuses to consult the and pious

| and pious devotion, and indeed, in various other passages, shews an nabridged translation of DOBRIZNOFFER's Ulistory of the Abipines," may be amazing predilection for the sons of Loyola, and the "scheme of that

amused with the incident on which it is founded. Disinterested hint- wise order.” In the “Correspondent" we recollect he was for transet tradesman-like expedient!

forming the Methodists into the Capuchins of the Churcb; and now

he seems half anxious to Aảnk her on the other side with an Order of the roof of the same family mansion, as the only condition of enjo Jesus ;-and all this from an Anti-Catholic, forsooth! Buť alas, ing a large fortune. When the play opens, they are both adranced although Protestant Jesuits might readily enough be found, English- in life, Sir Valentine Verjuice, the cynical brother, being a retired men are not Abipones, or of a disposition to place their bliss - in Admiral, and Sir Hilary Heartsease, the Epicurean, a gentlemand “ entire submission." Dr Southey's great Saint Laud found out that independent fortune. In order to observe the conditions of the will, truth; and we venture to prophecy that it will always remain one. and yet avoid altercation, the brothers have separated their respective At the same time, it must not be imagined that we decry the neces- portions of the mansion by a wall, but nevertheless being both na sary ascendancy of superior knowledge in the missionary or any one

of honour and goodness of heart, they agree in essentials, and a else; but we cannot in any guise allow the proper progress of civili- both disposed to unite Julia Heartsease, the daughter of the one and zation to be cried down for schemes of is entire submission," or the niece of the other, to their common nephew, Frederick Futsalya allow a mode of sway which must necessarily degenerate into tyranny | The said Frederick, however, hath seduced a rustic beauty, w on the one side and miserable slavery on the other, to be gilded into whom he is enamoured, away from her father, and wishes to arad something pure and admirable. As either politician or religionist, it marriage with his cousin; while the correspondent Julia is in love must be confessed that our egregious poet runs more a-muck thán any with Mr Blandcour, her tutor. The management of this subordinaa man of the day, Sir Harcourt Lees not excepted. A devoted member matter is but middling; not to mention its want of originality, of the Church of England, he has not only placed salvation within an unhappy mode of dealing with the inamorato of the piece, she the pale of the Church of Rome-which would be, rational-but in spite of the forgiveness of fathers and uncles, excites a feeling strangely connects it with a system of faith and practice, which the contempt in the spectator. In the present instance, however, the Establishment denounces as superstitious and idolatrous; and he, her defects are of less moment, as the interest of the drama is eatien champion, goes expressly out of his way to do so. We have reason to engrossed with the contrasted humour of the brothers. The act know that he freis more than one Prelate by his eccentric and offi- disposition of the Admiral is excellently represented by W. Fange cious aid; and what logical high churchman can read this foolish who is spleen and testiness personified. His reception of his nepito story without blessing the Church from an advocate like Dr Southey? | from a journey, in particular, afforded a very pleasant examples In fact, the Christians of no sect can be pleased: Lord Peter will be that pitiable self-abandonment and sensibility to minor annoyance angry that one of his missionaries is described as turning a simple which involuntarily engender a sentiment of contempt for the miseta family mad; brother Martin will object to the Virgin worship; and ble victim of an ill-strung system, whatever the good qualities wa fiery Jack will not like to see his favourite doctrine of " Election” bur-which they may be accompanied. However great the endurance, lesqued. Of all this the honest Laureate however seems perfectly language of complaint inevitably lowers every man; but when tre unconscious, and expatiates with immense satisfaction upon bis ownbles are merely created by the green spectacles of spleen, there is performance, which if old DOBRIZUOFFER with“ Merlin's glass' could species of comedy, or rather of farce, in the exhibition, which is Fot have foreseen, he informs us

favourable matter for the stage, and FARREN made the most The old man would have felt as pleased, I ween,

of it. “ Pleasant travelling," says the nephew. " It is met As when he won the ear of the great Empress Queen.

pleasant travelling,” replies the uncle, " for one six months of se

year, travellers are choked with dust, and during the other, bespattered But little did the good Jesuit anticipate that--

with mud.” “Your garden is delightful, uncle. “No such thing: A Poet then unborn, and ju a land

the vegetables are very backward, and the fruit-trees full of vermin; Which had proscribed bis order, should one day

and so on. We know not, indeed, if the necessity of puttingu Take up from thence luis moralizing lay,

a clean shirt is not coupled with an ejaculation in favour of the colmAnd shape a song that, with no fiction drest,

parative happiness in the way of habiliment of the beasts of the fa Should to his worth its grateful tribute pay,

apd the birds of the air. To this etching-We will not call it canice And sinking deep in many an English breast,

ture-its contrast, Sir Hilary Heartscase, is indisputably inferiore Foster that faith divine that keeps the heart at rest.

because this extreme wants a correspondent degree of point and angeIn so many words-English faith is to be fostered by the fact of a larity. LISTON, however, makes it a good thing, aud that wibox Jesuit catching three simple Indians, teaching them the worship of resorting to the slightest degree of buffoonery. That heartiness the Virgin Mary, originating disease in their bodies, and disorder in

laugh attendant on a disposition from which the troubles of life their minds, and lastly, ushering them out of the world in a state of

off like rain from an oiled umbrella, was excellently given; and we moping fatuity. Gad-a-mercy, LAUREATE !

in continual contradiction of his pleasant anticipations, some mishan llad Dr SOUTHEY in his present gambol simply laboured in con

occurs, his mode of finding out that he is still very fortunate, as the formity with any given creed, we sbould not have deemed his “Tale of

evil might have been greater, was very characteristic. His bar Paraguay" food for powder; but it is 100 much for this intolerant per

fired with lightning; it might have been his house : his footman rots sonage to fluiter at bis pleasure, a perfect latitudinarian, while he

him ; how much more might he have taken: his banker stops par assumes the narrowest position of orthodoxy, and consigns every one

ment; how lucky that it is just before the receipt of dividends! Ou to obloquy who in the slightest degree differs from him. Besides,

readers will perceive that the idea is good, and we only regret thaia to say nothing of creeds, common sense is mortally offended at the

inore favourable field for the exhibition of the contrast had not been inculcated wretchedness of the supposition, that He, the God equally!

1 provided. By the way, Liston dresses this character admirably; the I "the saint, the savage, and the sage,” would bave damned these temperament represented by him almost inevitably produces obesity innocents, had they not encountered the worship of the Virgiu, con

and he accordingly opposes an immense rotundity of furia and blog sumption, and insanity, in the manner here described. How justly

ness of countenance to the long thin figure and pointed featured Ilume observes, that while the vulgar (and they are of various de

FARREN. Again, we repeat, that this jewelry deserved a belier setting scriptions), seemingly attribute all sorts of sublime qualities to the

The first act of the picce passed off very well, the second slightly Deity, their real idea of him is mean in the extreme! Thus, but for a

laboured, and the third was somewhat endangered by the farcie species of charm, three innocent Indians would have perished ever

incident of making a chambermaid (Mrs. Gibbs) put on the Adlastingly; a few drops of water are sprinkled — the magnificent

The macnificeni miral's wig, for no earthly purpose than to be surpnsed by him and gates of heaven turn upon their hinges-and they enter. Go to,

faint in his arms. Vining acted the Dephew, Mrs. T. ITILL Dr SOUTHEY,- this is the nineteenth century!

daughter, and Miss P. GLOVER a sort of Mary Thornberty, with var little scope for exertion. HARLEY performed the Chevalier Rufflet,

good-humoured French adventurer, who runs about the house of a THEATRICAL EXAMINER.

Hilary as a guest, without object of any kind that we could find out but to make use of the actor. To all this add diverting French

servant by West, and we give every thing except the Mat Marlin'

HAYMARKET THEATRE. WILLIAMS, a retired Tar, attendant on the Admiral. The On Wednesday evening, a new minor Comedy of three acts was sentation in this instance was an excellent piece of acting, aal produced at this theatre, intitled Roses and Thorns, the credit of reminds us of the BANNISTER and FAWCETT of days which are en which is given to Mr LUNN, the author of Fish out of water. I by. Ilis inadvertent narrative to the writhing Frenchman of the 'There is some merit in the general conception, which is that of con- | capture of a French frigate, as an incident, is well conceived, and ta trasting two extremes of constitutional temperament, the bilious 1 given with great effect. Some hissing took place, in giving out and irritable, with thotjojots and self-contented. With this view, / piece for repetition, but the ages decidedly prevailed. With a our author obliges no ball or uterine brothers, 10 reside under compression, we think that it will be much improved.

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rara, Surinam, Trinidad, and adjacent Islande Local [Notwithstanding our very recent third enumeration, fresh projects Stationary Depdi Association

Steam Packet Company - -


have accumulated sufficiently to make out another pretty long list. It London and United States Steam Navigation Company

100,000 will be seen at a glance however that these, with a few exceptions, | Northern Europe ditto :

125,000 are the very refuse of the scheming mania,-mere attempts to London, Madeira, and Cape of Good Hope ditto . 100,000 catch the gulls whom over-greediness or desperation may still keep London, Falmouth, Lisbon, and Brazils Steam Packet ComJingering about the scene of former success or ruin. But we doubt

pany - -

150,000 whether there are many such now; and we suspect these " minor

Berwick and Stockton-on-Tees Steam Navigation Company 120.000 associations," as they are termed on 'Change, are chiefly used as contri- |

City of London Tea Company

50.000 vances among the professional dealers to defraud one another by

St. Thomas, La Guayra, and Puerto Cavello Steam Navigation

200,000 jobbing. The immense majority of the following schemes are for

London, Falmouth, Bombay, Madras, and Calcutta, ditto 200,000 steam navigation, as if every port on each side of the Channel could British Steam Engine Machinery Company - - 200,000 support a company! The enormous premiums to which the shares in New Loodon Bullion Company some of them have been forced up for a short time, show what is their London, Norway, and Gottenburg, Steam-packet and Sailing real object. )


Navigation Company London Bread Company

50,000 London and Heligoland Steam Navigation Company


HORRORS OF ENGLISH MANUFACTORIES. London, Gibraltar, Genoa, and Leghorn ditto

The following article appeared in the Esser Herald of Tuesday: London and Newcastle-upon-Tyne ditto

100,000 " Town CLERK's Office, COLCHESTER, -A complaiot was exhibited Metropolitan Bread Company

100,000 by Mr Moss against Mary Ann Brown, single woman, aged 22 years, for Iloomeavy Mining Association

200,000 baving abiented herself from the service of Messrs Moss and Smith, of London and Calais Steam Packet Company

60,000 | Hatfield Peverel, silk throwstars. It appeared that on the 18th of Consolidated Skin and Fur Trading and Water-Proof Hat

February Browu contracted to serve them for two years, and to work Manufacturing Company

500,000 from six in the morning till seven in the evening, being allowed half an British Chunam and Roman Cement Company

250,000 hour for breakfast and half an liour for dinner, at 3s. 6d. per week the London and Smyrna Steam Packet Company - - 100,000 | first year, and 4s. per week the second, providing herself with board,

100,000 London and Antwerp ditto.

lodging, washing, and weariug apparel; that she bad served them untit Alliance Mining Association 30,000 about a month ago, when she left, and has not si

The girl

a month ago, when she lell, and has not since returned. British Fishing Company

500,000 stated in her defence that she had paid ls, per week out of her wages for London, Frankfort, Meniz, and Basle Steam Packet Company 50,000 lodging and washing, leaving 25. 6d. per week only for board and British Flint-Glass and Bottle Company

200,000 clothes; that she could get lille else than dry bread to eat; that she London Chamber of Commerce

200,000 had to stand twelve hours to her work; and that her living was not London Window-Glass Manufacturing Company

300,000 adequate to the fatigue she had to undergo. Mr Moss stated that up. National Journal Company

25,000 wards of 50 girls had absconded from the manufactory lately; that General Mediterranean and Gulf of Venice Steam and Sailing

several of them were Colchester girls; and that there were many in the Návigation Company

100,000 manufactory who did very well on the wages they received, though not London, Madeira, and Barbadoes Steam Packet Company - 100,000 more than Brown's.-Mr Abell, the Magistrate, said, that he consiLondon, Dundee, and Aberdeen Steam Navigation Company

dered it very extraordinary, that a person of the age of 22 years should Madeira and the Canary Islands Steam Navigation and Trad

make a contract of such a nature, for so long a period, knowing, as sho ing Company

120,000 must have done, the price of provisions : it was evident that she had Dover and Boulogne Steam Packet Company";'

100,000 | made a breach in her engagement, therefore he must put the provisions United Kingdom Gas-Light and Water Company

- 200,000 of the Act in force ; but, under the circumstances, he should order Grand Cornish Union (for Miniog)

250,000 her to be imprisoned in the Borough Gaol, and kept to hard labour for London Sea Bath Company

100,000 the period of seven days only. Mr Moss told Brown that she would London, Gravesend, Southend, Sheerness, and Queenborough

have to return to his service at the expiration of her imprisonment; she Steam Navigation Company

50,000 said that if she did, she would not stop, and would as lieve be in gaol Thames and Rhine ditto

during the remainder of her period of service. It was recommended, in Loodon, New York, and Philadelphia ditto

100,000 the event of her returning to the manufactory, that she should apply to Lower Rbine ditto (the second)

75,000 | the Magistrates in the neighbourhood for relief, if her wages were inLondon and Scarborough Steam Packet Company

75,000 adequate for her maintenance." Metropolitan Genuine Bread Company. .

100,000 Before we wonder bow a woman of 22 should enter into a contract of London Colour and Cement Company


such a nature, we must know whether she could better her situation in London, Falmouth, Madeira, and Leeward Islands Steam Na

any other manner than by making berself a criminal. The parish vigation Company


allowance to single persons might not be more at the time than 3s. 6d. a London and Baltic ditto


week, and the poor wretch might be unwilling to eat the bread of idle, London, Portsmouth, Cowes, Guernsey, and Jersey dillo

50,000 ness, and prefer 3s. 6d. for her labour to 3s. 6d. received as a pauper, London, Weymouth, Exeter, and Plymouth ditto

50.000 ignorant at the same time that if people choose to lie all the day on their London and St. Petersburgh Steam Packet Company

100,000 beily like the poor Irish of Carlow, described by Dr Doyle in his eviLondon, Portugal, and Madeira Steam Navigation Company 50,000 denče, to diminish the suffering from hunger, they may do with less Thames and Medway Steam Towing Company

200,000 food, than if they were working hard all the day. She is not single in Anglo-Mexican Mini Association

this way of thinking, for if fifty girls have absconded, that number must Original Metropolitan Flour and Bread Company


have thought before trial that they could work twelve hours a day on Lynn and Leitli Steam Packet Company

100,000 | 3s. 6d. a week. This case is important in another point of view, that London and Australian Shipping and Commercial Company 500,00 1 of the limit to be assigned to contracts.-A man or woman may work for Steam Packet Buildiog Company

200,000 | nothing, or for any conceivable sum, so long as the labour is voluntary, India Steam and Sailing Navigation, Land Carriage, and Trad

there is nothing to be said ; but the case is altered when the performing Company

400,000 ance of a stipulation is claimed, and the means for giving effect to it is a London, Colombian, and Mexican Steam Navigation Company 200,000 Penal Statute. When the law awarded punishment for non-performance Grand National Brewery

of contract, it certainly could not be supposed to contemplate punishAlliance Granite and China Clay Company.


ment for non-performance of that which could not possibly be perUnited English and Irish Coasting Steam Navigation Company

formed. We cannot conclude without a word as to the dreadful state of London Architectural Association

1,000,000 suffering to which the Corn Laws doom so great a proportion of the London, Brighton, Isle of Wight, and Plyinouih Steam Navi

labouring poor of this country. Employers must give more than their profits gation Company


will allow them to give. It is possible that Mr.Moss could only carry on London, Portsmouth, Falmouth, and Jamaica ditto


his manufacture by paying these unfortunate beings at this miserable Ilull and Hamburgh ditto


rate. If so, be is to be pilied himself in having constantly before his Ramsgate, Margare, and Dover, "Calais and Boulogne, Steam

eyes the sufferings of so many human beings. Perhaps his capital, once Packet Company - - -

30,000 embarked in the business, would be lost to him if he did not continue it. London and St. Michael's Steam Navigation Company

50,000 | The evil is in the accursed Corn Laws, which cover the tables of our West Indian, Mexicao, and Colombiani ditto

landowners at the expense of so much buman suffering. While the table Ilavannah and flayli Sıcain and Sailing Packet Company 140,000 | of the rich landowner is covered with rich viands and sparkling wines, Royal Union Mining Company

50,000 the poor slave of our manufactories, who contributes to this luxury, by the Elbe and Weser Steain Navigation Company

100,000 lax he is forced to pay towards it, is eating in sorry his dry areas, and Thames and Loire ditto

50,000balancing between a remains of principle, which would lead him 10


struggle on and suffer, and ibe temp atinn held one by a gaol. - Morn. I fanother eminent philanthropisi, who twice travelled into every corner of ing Chronicle. The saine paper on Friday agajo notices this subject, ob- the island for the purpose of inspecting gaols, and who published the ; serving that a Correspondent makes these observations on our Article or result of his o'servations, in 1812, in a quarto volume), Hey appear to Wednesday:- Nothing can be more just, acute, and laumane, than your have been upwards of 7,9001. per annam; yet, my Lord, there is no remarks on wha! took place at Colchester, but I think (llough a rare fail- allowance whatever: surgeon, none; sickness, accompanied with poing with you), that you did not put the inatter quite strong enough with verty, find here neither pity nor relief; nay, mny Lord, there are repeated regard to the con raci. Tlie Magistrate, considered it very extraordi- instances of men that have held situations in the army and navy, respec. nary that a person of the age of 22, should make a contract of such a table inerchants and tradesment, who, sunk in misfortune, and abandoned maluse (3«. 6d. a week to find bed, board and clothing ) for so by their foriner friends, drag on a truly wretched and pitiable existence; long a time, knowing, as he must bare done, the price of pro- and still these are the very persons who are coinpelled to contribute visions; it was evident that she had made a breach in her en. (perhaps their last whilling) to the support of this immense income. Nos, gagement, and, therefore, he must put the provisions of the Act in my Lord, I appeal to you, and to the public at large, to know whether force. Now, the Worthy Magistrate ought to have rernembered the this should be the case; and since, my lord, the Executive have abo. maxim ofiaw, which says, nenio ad impossibilia tenetur,' and in this case lished the fees, and fixed the incomes of the Judges, why the same system to have viven it its full weight. A contract under such circumstances might not in this instance be adopted for the simple fact of their being should have been thrown opei, as mich and as soon as any one founded in custody for debt argues conclusively their inability to discharge sueb in the vilest srand for this was, in its consequences, worse. But how rees. In a series of letters intended to be published will be detailed the get over the Act of Parliameni! By virtue of ihat maxim of the laws of abuses complained of in a former part of this letier, confident that nothing England, which says that no one is bound to do things inipossible--and so farther will be required to prove the necessity of such measures being Btout is this maxim, that if the Legislature were to pass an Act requirins carried into'effrct. I have the lionour to remaio, in such obedience, it would repeal iivell, and miglit, with safety, be utter

- Your Lordship's most obedient servant, T. B.D. Iv set at defiance. The Magistrale then in this case, sliould not have read the leitor of the Act, but sought out its spirit the letler killetli,

TIIE JOIN BULL... but the spirit giveth life,' Mr Avcıl's construction; conpled with his res

TO TUE EXAMINER... pect for ibis just and bumane contract, cannot fail. if he be obeyed, to Sir,-Yours being one of the few papers that have not slmunk from give poor MARY ANN Brown all the benefit of the letter, and to pass ber exposing the real character of the John Bull, I beg to cail your attention to that place where the wicked cease to trouble, and the weary are at to the following article, whiclı, under tlie head of " Notices to Cofts. 'rcat.'"

spondenis," appeared in that excellent Journal of Sunday last, as ilus· The Magistrate seems to have thought himself bound to support dus rative of its firin adherence to Trutus: we contract, though he expressed his surprise that a being of the age ort "The gross attacks upon private individuala eontained in a teher discretion should have made it. It is hard, perloans, to draw the linii signeil Stimulus are wholly inadmissible. We have never brought the between those contracts of servants with their masters which Magistrates character or pretensions of any person before the public, who did not first should, and those they should not mainiain ; but we see no advantage in obtrude himself. If the taste of Stimulus lies in the way of sweh tun ordinary cases in enforcing any contract for work beyond the period of we shall be quite pleased al luis becoining our enemy, instead of our a year, which was the term anciently known to our law. It was sug. friend." gested to the culprit at Colchester, thai if her wages were inarlequate To Does the writer of ilıis notice imagine that any one with the leelings of her maintenance, she should apply to her parish for aid out of the poor a man has forgotten the brutal nttacks made upon the character of Lady rales; and this sirggestion shows clearly the impropriely and perhaps CAROLINE WROTTESLEY, in his paper, after her death! If he do not illegality of such a contract. If such contracts were maintained if remember the punishment inflicted by a Court of Justice upon his pubmasters were enabied to hire servants for terms of years for money wages, lisbier, for that * false and malicious libel," we do.-I am, Sir, your which either at ihe time of hiring were, or alterwards proved to be, obedient servan),

. *

R. D. M. insuficient for human support, they miglie, by collusion or otherwise, I. 22d August 1825. throw upon the parishes a great part of ihe charge of their labourers; at|

FROM THE LONDON GAZETTES. lensi, as ilie poor laws are now acted upon. · Suppose, for example, next year be a year of such scarcity that the silk-throwster's workpeople

*** Tuesday, August 23. cannot " dó very well,” or, which is not impossible, cannot do at all. I

• BANKRUPTCIES SUPERSEDED. u pou 3s. 6d. a week-yuppose, which may also happen, that there is such / S. Grrgory, Manchester, calico-printer. a demand for labour that ordinary wages are high enough to support the / W. vigor, Maidstone, bulchier. Jabourer; the throwster's women will walk away before they are so

- BANKRUPTS. " wasted as to be deprived of the power of loco-motion, and obtain better

E. Keeling and E. Keeling, Hanley. Staffordshire, Qint-merchants, Solie Wirges elsewhere : the constables and magistrates will be employed to citors, Messrs Clowes, Orme, and Wedlake, Temple fetch them back. By the time, however, after returning to their starva-J. Clarke, boeds, cabinet-maker. Solicitor, Mr Lambert, Gray's les tion, that they are brought to the condition of the Living Skelelon, they square. will carry their hones to the inagistrates for relief with a case not easily J. Slovens, Norwich, yarn-factor. Solicitors, Messrs Poole, Grerne to be resisted. The magistrales may then apply to the throwster to field, and Gamlen, Gray's Ino square. raise the wages to the rate paid by other moeters; but the clirowsler will B. Shiers, Manchester, cotton-mercbant. Solicitors, Messrs Hurd and tell them that lie portoring the conditions of his Agreement, that his con- / Johnson, Temple tract has been siistained as a lernt one, and that it is for the parish 10 D. Williams, Deptford, slate-merchant. Solicitor, Mr Wallis, Belo Klipply what is wanted for the support of his work people.-Glube and fori street, Bedford square. Traveller.

J. Heskeibi, Manchester, victualler. Solicitors, Messrs Perkins and KING'S BENCII PRISON.

Frampton, Gray's Inn square.


ii . EIXG's Fexci.

G. H. Thompson, Great Yarmouth, batter.
"Et quando uberior vitiorum copia! Quando
"Major avaritiæ patuit sinus? -

R. Dod, High street, Southwark, linen draper.
MY LORD, -The consistent and dignified course you have pursued, in

BANKRUPTS. the discharge of the various duties belongiog to your station, and the

J. Bradfield, London wall, grocer. Solicitors, Messrs J. and T. Daries, candid aud impartial manner in which you have adıninistered ilie law, 1

King's Arms yard, Coleman-street. and dispensed justice to your fellow-subjects, induces me to lay before

T. Barnes, Dennington, Suffolk, merchant. Solicitor, Mr White, Tokes your Lordship some of the particulars of a great public grievance which

House yard. loudly calls for redress, and whicli, I am convinced, only requires your

J. Ferguson, Catterick, Yorkshire,scrivener. Solicitors, Messrs Lodiny. Lord-hip's interference to procure live abolirion. Since the time of the

ton and Hall, Serjeant's Inn. celebrated philantropist Jolin Howard (whose heroic labours have set

| J. Sandwell, Piufieid -treet, Hoxton, victoaller. Solicitors, Messrs Maran example, which others, thongli they cannot equal, follow with a mea.

Pineal and Malton, Carey street, Lincola's Inn. sure at least of the same noble devotion to the cause of humanity), the

T. Baie, llastings, chemist.' Solicitors, Messex Birch, and Garths Great prixoner, and society in general, liave never found so able an advocate as

Winchester street. Mr. Buxtoll, wlio has devoted the energy of his inind to this subject, both

T. J. Park, Westbourne place. Chelsea, builder. Solicitor, Me fartby his personal inspection of prisons, by the productions of his pen, and

ley, New Bridge street, Blackfriars. by his eloquence in the senale: to him, therefore, I also look with confi

J. Chadwick, Kenuington, carpenter. Solicitor, Mr Fitch, Voion street, dence for assistance in the allainment of my object. No prison, my

| Southwark. Lord, presel(s so great enormity of abuses at the King's Bench. The otlice of Marshal was formerly hereditary in a privale family; but in the

The Dutch l'apers allude to the private marriage of the Count De 27ılı of George Il, an Act was passed to render the ganler renovable, and Niepperg to the Archduchess Maria Louisa, the widow of Suonaparte. 10,5001. of the public money was paid to the family as an indemnity. The Emperor of Austria is supposed to have favoured this union, and in The fees and emoluments of this office, according to the report made in token of his approbation, it is snid, will raise the Count to the dignity of a July 1809, amounted to 2,6601.; but from a statement sent to Mr Nield | Prince,

[blocks in formation]


Tae Funds. The depression in Consols continues, but little has been “ This ridiculous travessie of the language of the Opposition Journals - done this week in the way of business, in consequence of tlie intervention (says the Courrier) appears to its not worthy of appearing in a public act of ihe senlernent on Friday, in which the Bulls have had to pay heavy

I like this, there is still greater inconvenience in it-it exaggerates and differences, owing to the full of full three per cent. since last accounts, falsifies the observations inade with caution; and no Journal ha- made ne The Bank limitation of issues is supposed to be the chief source of this of such plırases as the ones we have quoted. A loo great love for monasfluctuation, Litle or nothing is doing in the Foreign Market, and as to teries alone can render persons sensible to observations against thein, Shares, the delusion of these pretended Companies is now becoming

When it is said that Monks produce nothing, that is a truthi universally obvious to all men. Latest quoiation:

acknowledged, and even by themselves. When it is said that they do Consols, 89; New 4 per Cents. 102: 1

not reproduce themselves, it is only meant that they are faithful to their Reduced, 90! Consols for Account, 894

yows, we see nothing reprehensible in expressing this. If the Monks 3 per Ceuts, reduced, 971 . '

had been described as reproductive, their partizans miglit then have had PRICES OF FOREIGN STOCKS YESTERDAY.

cause of complaint. It is the same with the Capuching. They have Austrian Bonds, 98

Mexican Scrip (1895) 4) di Brazilian Serip (1825) for Account,

never pretended to have a smooth chin, and to be inodels of cleanliness, 1 Ditto for Ace. 41 dis. 61 1 dis. Peruvian Bonds, 714

and we can see nothing very criminal that they are dirty and wear beards. Buenos Ayres Bonds, 881 Russian ditto (1822) 90 I

This does not dieninish their seraphic virtues. The Requisitoirceven re. Colombian Bonds, 31

Ditto for Account, 964

proaches us with calling the brothers of the Christian doctrine, Ignorantins, Ditto (1894) 82

Spanish Consols, 221 Ditto Account, 82

but this is one of the titles whicli they take themselves, and it is not our

Ditto for Account. . Danish Bonds, 1004 101

French Rentes, 5 per cent. 72 f. 75 c. 1 fault if, in doing this, they have been more simple than ingenious. The Greek Bonds, 39 334

Exchange, 25 f. 10c.

Procureur-general likes monasteries, and we do not."
Ditto Scrip (1925) 154 dis.
Ditto for Account: 72 f. 25 c.

Truly, M. Bellart, you will get little by this sort of warfaje--betDitto for Account, 16 15% dis.

Exchange, 25 f. 10 c. Mexican Bonds (1825) 824

ter have recourse to the old expedient of le Roi le veut. On some

occasions it is more politic for Jupiter to thunder than to argue; and The paper entitled the " Cat o' Nine Tails" is left out at the office for the rely upon it, this is one them. Slow melancholy is often the political autbor, not being deemed fit for publication.

destiny of great communities! they must writhe under these fooleries A Letter for META is lying at the Exroniner Office. The Complaints from NAWGATI in our vext.

because a very silly rake in the youth and meridian of life, has become an equally silly devotee in old age. The Cour Royale, it seems, has put off attention to this pleasant official request until November; and in the mean time, the wit circulates, and Tartuffe is daily re

lished. Nothing can be better. , ' '"LONDON, August 28, 1825.

The accounts from Greece this week are of so perplexed a tendency,

it is useless to attempt to unravel or reconcile ihem with the more The only foreign intelligence of the week which calls for particular | favourable statements which preceded. Happily the arrangeinent observation, is an account of another of those gambols of the priestly with Lord COCHRANE is said to be completed. The intelligence from faction in France, which form a part of the Sisyphean labour of the Spain seems to imply that FERDINAND has nearly brought affairs to renovated monkery of that kingdom, to roll the stone of fanaticism and a stand still. We presume this burlesque on legitimacy will finally be clerical domination up the hill again. At the instigation of this ascen- made to abdicate. It also appears that new attempts are making in dant party in the French Cabinei, the Attorney (Procureur ) Geveral, Porisgal to set aside King John, and to foran an Ulira Regency under M. BELLÁRT, has presented a requisition to the Cour Royale, calling the Queex, to the recal of Don MIGUEL, and the exclusion of the for'a temporary suspension of the journals, the Courier Français and Emperor of BRAZIL. Talk of revolutionary principles I leave LegitiConstitutionnel. If any one has doubted of the STUART-like tenden- macy to itself, and it is eternally engendering the most base, the most cies of the restored BOURBONs against the freedoın of the press, and cowardly, and the most unprincipled of all revolutions. ultimately against religious liberty, this paper, we presume, will allow him to doubt no longer. It absolutely asserts no specific offence on Miss M. TREE AND MR BEADSHAW.-- IVe cannot refrain from expressino the part of the accused journals; of political disaffection, indeed, they our disyllst at the sordid and unifeeling conduct of a weekly journal are explicitly acquitted. What then is their crime? “ Why," says entitled the News of Liternture and Fashion, in publishing an account of M. BELLART, “in professing a veneration for the religion of Jesus

an attempt at self-destruction, l'ecently made by Miss M. TREE, under

the influence of peculiar excitement; more particularly as the suba CHRIT, they endeavour to sap the foundations of it; hypocrisy has

I sentent marriage of that amiable and sensitive young lady with Mr become their favourite weapon.” Ilow dreadful! Mr ButteRWORTII Bradshaw, has rendered the publirity of the previous nahappy atrair so will exclaiin: but pause, gentle Mr BUTTERWORTH; this sapping of wanton ån infliction of pain. The event (which fook place iil, Bond

the religion of Jesus the Gallic Attorney-General expressly defines street, where Miss T. swallowed a qnantity of landaquin, while riling to be the inculcation of Protestantism, which he goes on with infinite alone in her carriage, but was discovered in convulsions, in time to render precision and simplicity to observe--is equivalent to a religious va- effectual the applications of the inual remedies) was of course whispered cuam (le néant de la religion). There is no complaint of the attack of about; and the Globe and Traveller very properly inserted a distani any article of faith or essential religious principle, but these journals allusion to the illness of a public favourite, which we hoped would have occasionally laugh at mouks, and the superstitions frauds and mum- prevented any direct mention of names or particulars. There is of

course a vast difference to the feelings of partics tbus circumstanced, meries which they are attempting to restore, and insidiously record

between the circulation of a rumour in private companies, which their the unmusical fact, that crowds run to witness the performance of acquaintances need not appear to kraw of, and the poblicity which in

Tertute in every theatre in France. Such is Frencli liberty ;, every newspapers (by wliom the details in the present instance bave been geclass of religious opinion is free in that country, but nobody must say nerally copied) give to intelligence so magerly read, and which inoue a word in favour of their own, except the votaries of the dominant one, produce a painful consciousness boil in the subjects of it and all with wilo, on their part, may exclusively assure the world, that the theories | wliom liey associate. of all the rest conduct in a right hne to atheism. How eagerly these SuORKEEPER' HOURS OF BUSINESS, -On Tuesday night a menning people labour for another revocation of the edict of Nantes; and how of the assistants to the hosiers, drapers, and other tradus," the principali assuredly they would dragoon the Protestants out of the land again, if of which met on Friday week at the london Coffee-house, was held for the they were able! We observe this with regret, because we perceive purpose of adopting the scale of hours of business agreed to by their love

on iliat occasion. The chair was taken by Mr Biss, and the resolutions its obvious evil tendency on the Catholic question, which however is

agreed to by the Principals read and approved, after a dessultory conhappily advocated by its more enlightened partisans on principles

versation, iu wbich two or three individuals disapproved of one hours of which no sort of sectarian misconduct can impugn,-principles, in

business which were quoted ; but the general opinion was decidedly in * fact, which would render the baneful projudices of any religious body ! favour of coo, erating in an

favour of coo, erating in an amicable manner with their Principals, and imoxious to the rest. To return to the requisition and its details, the according to ide terms proposed at the late meetiny.--The CHATRYAN pffending journals are accused of saying, that “ Lazy monks produce read the Resolutions agreed to at a former meeting relative to the forma. nothing, and do not even' reproduce themselves. Does a Franciscan tion of a Society: the main features of ihis Society are the opening of a

Register Office for the engagement of the young men out of employ; a appear in the city? the whole city is surprised at the grotesque sight

weekly provision of o guinea for such members of the Society as are but of this dirty Capuchin and his beard. The Priests are everywhere

Of A sination; the establishment of a Reading Room and Library for the Tartuffes, Everywhere at the theatrical representations the people

mutual instruction of the members; with a variety of minor points, which seize with pleasure the allusions which are made to them. They are

shiewed that the scheme had been well considered. Some other re-allia the enemies of civilization - hey are charlatans," The reply of the

sions were then adiled to the rules for the formation of the Speiety, and · Courrier Français to these curious legal offences is very pleasant, and it was announced froin the Chair, that the printed arrangements of the a few lines of it will shew the amusing nature of the controversy into Establishment might be oblained at No. 17, Lad lane, Ther

11,Lad 1908There were from which the French Executive has yolunteered ;

Three to four hundred persons present,

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