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vilege of levying for ninety-nine years, a toll as fixed by a the mother replied they were still in bed; the Magistrates tariff annexed to the Ordinance.

requested to be led to their bed rooms, and were conducted : Paris, Jan. 20.-To-morrow, Friday, 21st January, the first to that of the eldest daughter; the youngest was asked annual service for his Majesty Louis XVI, will be performed | for, and the mother replied that she slept in the same bed at 10 o'clock in the morning in the Metropolitan church. as the eldest. This appeared not possible, from the size The Arbhbishop of Paris will officiate.

of the bed, and all the other rooms were examined. The The Etoile was not published on Saturday, the office being mother passed by one without entering it, saying she had closed on Friday on account of the solemnization of the anni- not the key in her pocket, but she soon afterwards found it, versary of the death of Louis XVI.

and opened the room. A disagreeable smell was immediParis, Jan. 21.-The Etoile, a Ministerial Journal, whilst ately sensible, and, on entering it, a young girl was discoreproaching Mr. Canning for treating with the republics of vered, about 13 years old, who was a mere skeleton, pale and South America as independent States, menaces him with the dry, covered rather with vermin than clothes, and having no Indies and Ireland. It is from herce, according to this paper, bed, but a wretched mattress placed beneath a window, that vengeance will come. As to the Indies, it is known that several panes in which were broken. She had been in this the English have remarked with surprise that the Birmans chamber for six months : every day she received a piece of manæuvred according to the rules of European discipline, and bread hardly sufficient to appease her hunger. Several times that they used arms made in Russia. This discovery has she had been obliged, she said, to drink filthy water; and created some sensation in London. To it is attributed the she had neither chemise nor gown. The servants of the house project formed of putting an end to the system of temporization did not know of her existence.-One night the cook-maid was adopted by the British Cabinet; and, by inevitable conse- terribly alarmned by seeing a young thing, all covered with quences the sudden recognition of the States of South America. rags, dart into her kitchen and carry off a piece of bread; It is thought also that Mr. Stratford Canning is charged to that morning she had received no ration, and her door had demand, with respect to these two objects of the first import-fortunately been left unlocked. Both the husband and wife ance, precise explanations from the Cabinet of St. Peters are closely confined.”—Courier Francaise. burgh.

THE LONDON MARKETS. · Advices of the 26th ult, from Odessa, referring to letters


The Wheat trade remains dull, and it is expected that the average from Constantinople of the 17th, speak highly of the prospects

price will admit of the opening of the ports for this grain. Beans go off of the Greeks. The accounts assert, that the fleet of Ibrahim slowly. Boiling and Grey Pease are steady. Oats are plentiful, and by Pasha is entirely dispersed. They say that that Commander no means brisk sale. The Flour trade remains in a very unsettled state, had entered into secret negociations with some of the Greek

but 70s. is nominally the top price,

CURRENT PRICES OF GRAIN. Chiefs, and particularly with Colocotroni, to favour a descent | Wheat, red (new) ...... 52s. 658. | Pease, W bite.......... 42s 458. of the Turks on the Morea. The Greek Leaders appear to be Ditto old' .......... 54s. 70s. Boilers ............ 488. 5ls. more inveterate in their animosities against each other than Wheat, white (new) .... 54s. 73s. Maple.......... 40s. even against their Infidel enemies; but yet no satisfactory

Ditto old ...........
60s. 788. | Grey .........

385. Barley ...............

33s. 46s. Oats, Feed...... 20s. 24s. evidence has ever been adduced that they would sacrifice to

| Rye ................ 353.40s.1 Poland .......... 21s. 27s. these private quarrels the public cause of their country. Beans, small .......... 43s 45s. I Potatoe .......

23s. 276. It may be satisfactory to some of our mercantile friends to Tick ditto .......... 355. 388. Flour, per Sack........ 558. 70s. learn, that the communications by post from Frankfort to the Aggregate Average Prices of the Twelve Maritime Distriots of Eng

land and Wales, by wbich Exportation and Bounty are to be regulated South of France, and to various parts of Germany, have been

in Great Britain. lately accelerated ; insomuch that a whole day is gained in Wheat per Quarter, 678. 30.-Barley, 415.0d.- Oats, 23s. 20.-Rye, the correspondence with Strasburg, Nancy, Dijon, Lyon, and

37s. 100.-Beans, 40s. 70.- Pease, 44s. 10d. Marseilles, as also with Stockach and Constance; and half a

SMITHFIELD, JAN. 24. day in that with Carlsruhe, Fribourg, and Stuttgard.

The Beef Market is better than on Friday, the best Oxen being worth

5s. 2d. per stone. The Mutton trade is also looking up, the best Downs STEAM ENGINES IN Russia. It is not generally known

and Maiden Ewes, are worth 5s 8d. per stone. Veal continues to ad

vance, and the finest Calves reach 7s. per stone. Pork is rather data that the Emperor of Russia has ordered from Paris two Steam

To sipk the falper Stone of 8lbs. Engines of eighty-horse power, which are to be employed in Beef .......... 4s. 2d. to 5s. 2d. Veal.......... 6s. Od to 7s. Od. the powder manufactories at Moscow. The Emperor is said Mution ....

os. 8d. | Pork...... ve 58. Od. to 6s. Od.

HEAD OF CATTLE THIS DAY. also to have it in contemplation to explore the lately discovered


...... 3,021 Pigs ....... mines in the interior of his kingdom by means of this stupen

............. 140

16,040 | Calves ... dous production of human science. In the course of another

PRICE OF HAY AND STRAW. year, it is more than probable that a Steam Engine Manufac

Hay .......... 43 0 to £ 5 0 Straw........

. £2 0 to £26 tory of considerable extent will be established in St Peters

Clover £4.0 to £5 5 burgh, as an enterprising Englishman, named Munro, has The Average Price of Brown or Mascovado Sogar, computed from the lately had several conferences with the Russian Ministry on

Returns made in the Week ending January 19, 1824, is 328.74d, per

Hundred Weight, exclusive of the Duties of Customis paid or payable the subject. The advantages of such an establishment to the

thereon on the importation tbereof into Great Britaio. Russian Empire would be very great, and there cannot be a doubt of the facilities which would attend it.Mechanics' PATENT CORN MILLS.— The extraordinary usefulness and

simplicity of the PATENT CORN MILL, manufactured by the LONDO Magazine.

MILL COMPANY, renders it the most necessary and valuable Macbine for Horrible INCIDENT.-A letter from Dreux, of the 14th, private Families, Farmers, Emigrants, &c. ever invented.-Their FLOUR has the following details:-A manufacturer in the neighbour

DRESSING MACHINES are also on the most improved principle; prices, for

ready money only, are as follows: hood of this town had married a lady of Rouen, who had

Small Mill, 16 6 0 to £10 10 0

Large ditto . 21 0 0 to 52 0 0 one legitimate daughter by a former marriage, and some

Dressing Machines 5 5 0 to 10 10 0 and upwards. other children who are said to be illegitimate. The latter

Orders (post paid to be addressed to the Manufactory, No. 11, Jewin-crescent,

till such time as their Warehouse, 109, Cheapside, is rebuilt.--The Public are being excluded by the law, the daughter was the heiress of cautioned against spurious imitations. 400,000 francs; and in case of her death the property went FISTULAS, PILES,STRICTURES, &c.—Mr.VAN BUTCHELL, to the mother, agreeable to the father's will. For some time

Surgeon for the Cure of these Diseases, without Cutting, Caustic, or Con

finement, in the most dangerous cases (on the safe and never failing principles past the child has not been seen ; and oue of the workmen of his father, the late eminent MARTIN VAN BUTCHELL, exemplified in a 10b

practice) offers his professional aid to those having quarrelled with the manufacturer, revealed the circum

may be thus afflicted, with fullest confidence of speedily restoring th

to health bv his peculiarly stance to the M icroto Thaurrenairad to the onet

Sheep .....



successful and ineditions method of ordinatio

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Ann Where


Tomorrow, price 2s. stitched,
Just published, price 4s.

PLAIN TRUTHS; or, a SPEECH which may be delivered in the TRIAL of the Rev. ALEXANDER FLETCHER, before the approaching Session, by any Member who likes it, ou a Motion for going

LORD CHIEF JUSTICE of the COURT of COMMON SENSE, and the into a Committee of the whole House upon the STATE of IRELAND. following Special Jury:

Αισρον εστιν, ώ άνδρες Αθηναιοι, φενακιζειν εαυτους.
Sir Walter Scott, Bart.

Thomas Campbell, Esq.
Sir William Curtis, Bart.
Thomas Moore, Esq.

[Translated for the benefit of the Country Gentlemen)Sir James Mackintosh, Knt.

" It is shameful, Gentlemen, that we should humbug OURSELVES.” Samuel Rogers, Esq. Hon. James Abercrombie, M.P. John Galt, Esq.

London : printed for John and H. L. Hunt, Tavistock-street. John Wilson Croker, Esq. M.P. William Blackwood, Esq.

Now ready, price 11. 55. boards, with Index, • Kirkman Finlay, Esq.

James Blythe, Esq.
Lacinding the Speeches verbatim of Mr. Phillips for the Prosecution, and

neonntinn anal THE EXAMINER for the Year 1824. Mr. Scarlett for the Defence.

Also, a Few SETS of the Same, for the Years 1809 to 1824 inclusive: With an APPENDIX, comprising the whole of the Letters produced on both

ols. price 81. 8s. boards. sides, and several very extraordinary ones never before published.

* Published by John Hunt, Examiner Office, Tavistock-street. By the Author of The Trial of the Rev. Edward Irving." Embellished with two beautifully-coloured Engravings, by a celebrated Artist.

On the 31st inst. price 5s. A most humourous production, elicited by the thrice-told loves and perfidies

THE UNIVERSAL REVIEW, No. VI. of the Rev. Alex. Fletcher. The mock-trial is so ably sustained, and so ludi.

Printed for Geo. B. Whittaker, Ave-Maria-lane. crously delineated, that, satiated as we imagined ourselves to be with this

Just published, in 4 vols. 8vo. price 31. in boards, fabject, the perusal of some portions added another relish to the sense.' We understand every copy is sold that has yet arrived in Glasgow."


Codicem Saucrofti Manuscriptum denuo contulit necnon reliquam lectionis “This Trial, with a mixture of truth and humour, is a work of considerable varietatem commodius digessit. berit."-Sun.

THOMAS GAISFORD, A.M. Gr. Ling. Prof. Reg. " It has been contended by some persons, that the genius and spirit of satire The Notes to the above, forming the third and fourth volumes, may be had are nearly extinct-this we should deny, had we no other proofs of its existence separate, price 36s. at the present day than the Trials of Mr. Irving and Mr. Fletcher. This work | Printed for Geo. B. Whittaker, and C. and J. Rivington, London; J. Parker, is really a very happy satire."-Star.

Oxford ; and Deightons, Cambridge. * This is really a clever work, a more happy satire on vice and hypocrisy we have never seen.”- Literary Chronicle.

NEW LITERAL TRANSLATION OF HOMER'S ILIAD AND ODYSSEY. See also British Press, Chronicle, &c. &c.

Just published, in 2 vols. 8vo. price il. 4s. boards, a New Edition of Printed for Knight and Lacey, Paternoster-row; and sold by all Booksellers. THE ILIAD of HOMER, translated into ENGLISH PROSE as

literally as the different Idioms of the Greek and English Languages will Just published, by Knight and Lacey, Paternoster-row, No. XVIII. price 1s. allow; with Explanatory Notes. THEORACLÉ of HEALTH, ECONOMY, and GOOD LIVING, I


Printed for Geo. B. Whittaker, Ave Maria-lane, London ; and Munday and by Dr. CRELL and Mr. WALLACE, contains :--Acidity, with Remedies,

Slatter, Oxford.

Also, lately published, by Dr. Ritcher and Dr. Pemberton- Dr. Blundell's Experiments to prevent

A PROSE TRANSLATION of the ODYSSEY of HOMER; 2 vols. Syo. price Death-Dr. Kitchiner's Family Economy and Amateur Salads-Dissection of

21s. boards. the Body of Lord Byron, and State of his Brain-Cold and Sore Throats-New Cures for Costiveness, Scrofula, and Piles-Chilblains prevented and cured

FREEMASONRY. Hooping-cougb, its Causes and Preventives, with a Receipt for Roche's Embro

Just published, in foolscap Svo. price 5s. 6d. boards, cation-Treatment of Asthma and Winter Cough, by Opiates, Bleeding, Smoking,

THE STAR in the EAST: showing the Analogy which exists &c.-Desk Diseases, Bile, Gravel, and Nervous Disorders-Dangers of Snuff taking, by Dr. Kinglake--Scots Phrenologists and Glasgow Bachelors-Hobby

between the Lectures of Freemasonry, the Mechanism of Initiation into its borsical Doctors - Kitcbiner's method of changing a Sprat into a Salmon, &c. &c.

Mysteries, and the Christian Religion.

By the Rev. GEORGE OLIVER, Author of “ The Antiquities of Freemasonry." By the same Authors, and sold by all Booksellers, MEDICAL ADVICE, No. I. price is. Indigestion. No. II. Bilious and Liver

Printed for Geo. B. Whittaker, Ave-Maria-lane.

Also, lately published, Complaints, with Marks of Danger, and numerous Prescriptions by Sir A.

The ANTIQUITIES of FREEMASONRY; comprising Illustrations of the Cooper, Sir H. Halford, Dr. Kitchiner, Dr. W. Philip, Dr. Johnson, &c. &c.

Five Grand Periods of Masonry, from the Creation of the World to the Dedica

tion of King Solomon's Temple. In 8vo. with four Maps, price 128, boards. Just published, in post 8vo. price 9s.

ILLUSTRATIONS of MASONRY. By the late William Preston, Esq. Past. THE MODERN ATHENS: a Dissection and Demonstration of Master of the Lodge of Antiquity, acting by immemorial constitution. With * Men and Things in the Scotch Capital. By a MODERN GREEK.

Corrections and Additions, by Stephen Jones, Past Master of the same Lodge. « A clever little book has just been published, called the “ Modern Athen Thirteenth Edition, 12mo. price 8s. boarus. The Author bas treated his subject in the proper way.”—Times.

The SECRET REVEALED!! and the MYSTIC BEAUTIES of FREE. es We find so much talent in every page, that we might till our columns with MASONRY DEVELOPED! By an Ancient Brother. 18mo. price 28. od. bound. extracts from this highly amusing and interesting volume."--- Evening Chronicle. # There is a great deal of vigour-much satirical humour-and great correct.

HISTORY FOR SCHOOLS AND FAMILIES. Dess and spirit in the author's descriptions."_Literary Chronicle.

The following popular Works on the interesting Subject of History have recently London: printed for Knight and Lacey, Paternoster-row.

been published:


of MUSICIANS, and of the VOCAL ANTHOLOGY, beg leave respectfully with 140 Engravings from the Works of great national Artists, constituting the to inform their friends and the Public, that both the above works are ready most attractive History of England ever published. Price 9s. bound. frer delivery at their house, 11, Bell's-buildings, Salisbury-square, Fleet-street; 2. Dr. ROBINSON'S GRAMMAR of UNIVERSAL HISTORY, by which als at Longman and Co.'s, Paternoster-row; and all other Book and Music-sellers. History may be taught as a branch of liberal Education. 38. 6d. bound. . The New Biographical and Historical Dictionary of Musicians in 2 thick 3. Dr.ROBINSON'S ELEMENTS of ANCIENT HISTORY, including Greece. saks. 8vo. price 21s. boards) contains 5,000 Memoirs and Notices, out of which Rome, and all the Nations of Antiquity. 78. bound. Deariy 90 are original, and includes the most eininent living Musicians. The 4. Dr. ROBINSON'S ELEMENTS of MODERN HISTORY, in luding all

ork is considered by no less than 15 different Reviewers to be the best and Nations from the Age of Charlemague to 1920. 7s. bound. most complete of the same description that has hitherto been published in this 15. GALT'S HISTORICAL PICTURES, drawn from the British, English. country. The Vocal Anthology contains an almost unrivalled collection of Mu Scottish, and Irish; containing details of the most remarkable events

c, of the works of Haydn, Mozart, Handel, C. M. Von Weber, Rossini, &c. &c. and characters. 2 vols. 143. half-bound. the parchase of which, in the original Editions, would amount to 401. and the 6. FIVE HUNDRED QUESTIONS, printed in Quarto Copy-books on the price of the Vocal Authology is ouly 31. 129., or Os. each Part. Prospectuses Four First of the above Books, by which they are specially adapted to the use of both works gratis.

of Students and Schools, at 2s, each.

7. ADAIR'S FIVE HUNDRED QUESTIONS on GOLDSMITH'S ENGLAND. BILIOUS and LIVER COMPLAINIS.-As a mild and effectual 1, at 1s. or in a Quarto Copy-book, with spaces for Auswers, at 28.

N.B. The above are the principal Works on the important Subject of History, remedy for all those disorders which originate in a vitiated action of the hver and biliary organs, namely, Indigestion, Loss of Appetite, Head-ach,

which are used in the Schools of the British Empire; and that they fuitii

their purpose is proved by their general adoption, and by the periodical demand Heartburn, Platulencies, Spasms, Costiveness, Affections of the Liver, &c. &c.

for large editions. DIAON'S ANTIBILIOUS PILLS have met with more general approval than

Printed for Geo. B. Whittaker, Ave-Maria-lane. Gyther Medicine whatsoever. They unite every recommendation of mild operation with successful effect; and require no restraint or confinement what

Price 2s. 6d. eter during their use. In tropical clinates, where the consequences of redun

THE Fourth Edition of the PROPHETIC ALMANAC for 1825. dant and vitiated bile are so prevalent and alarming, they are an invaluable

By Sir WILLON BRACHM. il ethicient protection. They are likewise peculiarly calculated to correct

This is the Fifth Year of its promulgation, and is exquisitely printed in Red Leaders arising from excesses of the table, to restore the tone of the stomach, and to remove most complaints occasioned by irregularity of the bowels.--Sold A and Black, by the celebrated Bensley, of Fleet-street. _ It is literally cramped

with the most closely-printed and valuable matter. Ten Thousand were sold In boxes at ls.od., 6., 11s. and les. by Butier, Chemist, 4, Cheapside, St. Paul's : ! Bavory and Co. 136, New Bond street ; 220, Regent-street; and by the principal

the day it was published, and the Press has scarcely been able to keep the Nedacine Venders throughout the United Kingdom.

supply since required.


Octavo, boards, 79. with Sixty Hieroglyphics, Horoscopes, and Talismans, FOR PRESERVING the TEETH & GUMS.—The VEGETABLE

beautifully engraved from most curious original Drawings, TOOTH POWDER has so long been in general use, that it is unnecessary The ASTROLOGÉR of

The ASTROLOGER of the NINETEENTH CENTURY.--* aler any further recommendation of it. Composed of Vegetables, without of Astrology, Geomancy, and Occult Philosophy. Although 6001. has been

dauon of it. Composed of Vegetablerary f amixtare of any Mineral or pernicious ingredient whatever, it is free from expended in procuring the Embellishments and Matter for this volume, from. * usual objection against the use of other Dentrifices. Its detersive power is different Gentlemen and Libraries in our own country, and different parts of the tot sufficient to annihilate those destructive particles which adhere to the Gums Continent, the Publisher could not, in reason; have calculated that a Sixth. 2. the interstices of the Teeth; healing injuries in the former, and promoting Edition would have, in the course of a few weeks, been demanded. This Work new Enamel (where it has been injured or corroded) on the latter. It likewise ! comprises :--The ancient Practice of raising Spirits, and invocating the Dead parts a firaness and healthy redness to the Gums; and, if used regularly, Apparitions, Visions, and extraordinary Dreams-Curious Charms, Talismans,

U preserve the Teeth in a sound state to old age.-Sold in boxes, at 2s. Id. and wonderful Secrets in Occult Philosophy--Lives of eminent Philosophers, * Batler, Chemist, 4, Cheapside, St. Paul's; Savory and Co. 136, New Bond- Astrologers, and Magicians-An easy Introduction to the Celestial Science of Creet; 20, Regent-street; and by the principal Medicine Venders throughout Astrology-The Art of setting a Figure to any time proposed--The Art of casting lated Kingdom.

a Nativity, and resolving all Hororary Questious relative to the fate of both ... Be careful to ask for Butler's Vegetable Tooth Powder; and to observe Sexes - Prognostications and Predictions - Au Explanation of the Oriental * mane and address of “ Butler, 4, Cheapside," are engraved on the stamp Science of Geomancy, upon which no Authur has written for 150 years elsewhere.



Just published, in 18mo. price 38. 6d. bound, a New Edition of 1 A NEW GRAMMAR of the ENGLISH LANGUAGE, including the funda-


mental principles of Etymology, Syntax, and Prosody; in which it is attempted. between the French and English Languages, on a variety of subjects, and

by a new arrangement of the Verb, to remove the perplexity and confusion forining a Collection, not merely of the familiar, but also of the more technical

hitherto found in several Teases of the Potential Mood, and the Future of the Phrases of the two Languages; the whole founded upon undeuiable authorities.

indicative : with Notes and Illustrations, critical and explanatory. By T. O. This volume will be found useful, both as a Book of Education, and also to

Churchill, Translator of « Herder's Philosophy of History," and “ Bossut's enable persons who have some knowledge of French to express themselves

History of Mathematics." 12mo. 58. bound.

"Tive Grammar of Lowth seems especially to have served this Author far & with propriety on most subjects. By C. C, HAMILTON. Printed for Geo. B. Whittaker, Ave-Maria-lane.

mod-: but he has made many just corrections in it, and many valuable addi

tions to it, and has enlarged that compendioas introduction to the English lanGREEK CLASSICS.

guage into a comprehensive treatise, illustrated by numerous critical notes. New and correct Editions of the following Works, lately published by Geo. B. Murray and Crombie have been consulted; so have Sheridan's Orthoepy and

Whittaker, Ave Maria lane, Loudon; and sold by J. Parker, Oxford ; Deighton Walker's Rhyming Dictionary; and the result is a copious body of iofurmation and Sons, Cambridge, and all Booksellers.

concerning the analogies and anomalies, the peculiarities and niceties, of our DOLYBUI MEGALOPOLITANO

tongue, more adapted, perhaps, for the proficient than the beginner, but truly superest. Recensuit, digessit Emendatione, Interpretatione, Varietate

instructive, and perpetually elegant. On the whole, this work frequently Lectionis, Indicibus, illustravit Johannes Schweighauser, Arge toratensis.

deserves consultation, and will tend to a critical acquisition of our language." Accedit Lexicon Polybianum, ab Is. et Merico Casaubono olim adunbratum ;

Monthly Review, May, 1824. inde ab J. A. Ernesti elaboratum; nunc ab J. Schweighausero passim emen

An INTRODUCTION to LATIN CONSTRUING; or, Easy and Progressive datum, plurimisque partibus auctum. In 5 vols. 8vo. price 41. boards.

Lessons for Reading; to be used by the Pupil as soon as the first Declension PINDARI CARMINA et FRAGMENTA: cum lectionis Varietate et Anno-has been committed to memory, adapted to the most popular Grammars, but tationibus. Iterum curavit Cnr. Gottl. Heyne, In 3 vols. 8vo. price 21. 8. more particularly to that used in the College at Bton; and designed to illustrate ARISTOPHANIS COMOEDIAE, ex optimis Exemplaribus emendatæ; cum

the Inflection of the declinable Parts of Speech, the Rules for Gender, the Versione Latiua, Variis Lectionibus, Notis, et Emendationibus. Accedunt

Preterperfect Tense, and of Syntax; having the quantity of those Syllables deperditarum Coradiarum Fragınenta; # R. F. P. Brunck. In 3 vols. Svo. marked, on which the pronunciation depends, and accompanied with Questions. price 21. 29. boards.

The Second Edition, by the Rev. J. Bosworth, M.A. &c. &c. 35. 6d. bound. AESCHYLI TRAGOEDIÆ quæ supersunt. Recensuit, Varietate Lectionis et

This work is intended to teach practically the use of the Latin Grammar and Commentario perpetuo illustravit C. G. Schutz. 2 vols. 8vo. price 11.8s. boards. Dictionary: the former in pointing out the important service of the variable

THUCYDIDIS de BELLO PELOPONNESIACO Libri Octo. Ex recen terminations, and the latter the meaning of the radical part of the word. sione Immanuelis Bekkeri. Accedunt Scholia Græca et Dukeri Wassiique LATIN CONSTRUING; or, Easy and Progressive Lessons from Classical Anotationes. 4 vols. 8vo. price 21. 123. Od.

| Authors; with Rules for translating Latin into English, designed to teach the THUCYDIDIS LIBRO OCTO, ex Recensione, J. Bekkeri, 8vo. 14s. boirds. Analysis of simple and compound Sentences, and the method of construing

LEXICON THUCYDID.EUM; a Dictionary, in Greek and Englis Words, Phrases, and principal Idioms contained in the History of the Pelopon English Translation ; intended for the use of junior classes in schools, and of nesian War of Thucydides. 8vo. price 10s, 6d. boards.

those who have not the advantage of regular instruction, for whorn the quantity HERODOTI HALICARNASSET HISTORIARUM, Libri IX. Codicem San of those syllables on which the pronunciation depends is marked. To which is crofui Manuscriptum denuo contulit reliquam Lectiouis varietatem commodius added, a full account of the Roman Calendar, and some remarks on Roman digessit Annotationes Variorum adjecit T. Gaisford, A.M. Gr. Ling. Prof. Reg. Customs, with Rules for reducing the English to the Roman time, and the Roman 4 vols. 8vo. price 31. boards. iv.

to the English. By the Rev. J. Boxworth, M.A. &c. &c. Vicar of Little Horwood. EURIPIDIS TRAGOEDIÆ; nova Editio accurata in usum praelectionem Buckinghamshire, and Author of an Introduction to Latin Construing, the Academicarum et Scholarum, cum Interpretatione Latina. Ex nova recogni Elements of Anglo Saxon Grammar, &c. The Second Edition, 2s. 6d. bound. tione Aug. Matthiæ. 3 vols. Svo. price 30-, boards.

Aiter attending to the rules in this little manual, illustrated as they are by EURIPIDIS HECUBA, ORESTES, PHOENISS E, et MEDEA, quatuor ex copious examples from the easiest and best Roman classics, the l'upil will have Euripidis Tragoediis, ad fidem Manuscriptorum emendatæ, et Notice instructæ. no difficulty in taking up any Latin author, and construing it with judgment and Edidit Ricardus Porson, A.M. Editio correctior, cui tres Indices accedunt. 8vo. precision. price 14s. boards.

NUOVO DIZIONARIO PORTATILE, Italiano Francese, e Francese Italiano, • Kach Play separately, viz.Hecuba, Svo. 45.-Orestes, 35.-Phoenissæ, 38. compendiato da quello, D'Alberti; Arrichito di tutti i termini p

lle Scienze Medea, 3s.

e dell' Arti, delle Conjugazioni de' Verbi regolari e irregolari, e disposto all uso EURIPIDIS HIPPOLYTUS CORONIFER, ad fidem Manuscriptorum, ac degl' Italiani e de Francesi. Par Giuseppe Martinelli. 2 vols. 12s, bound. veterum Editionum, emundavit et Anuotationibus instruxit J. H. Monk, S. P. B.

The CAMERA; or, Art of Drawing in Water-Colours; with Instructions for Collegii, S.S. Trin. Soc. apud Cantabrigienses. Editio Tertia. 8vo. 8. boards.

Sketching from Nature, comprising the whole process of Water-coloured Drawing. EURIPIDIS ELECTRA. Ad optimarum Edition um fidem emendavit et An

familiarly exemplified in Drawing, Shadowing, and Tinting a complete Landnotationibus, in Usum Juventutis instruxit. By Hastings Robinson, A.M. of St.

scape, in all its progressive stages; and directions for compounding and using John's College, Cambridge Royil 810. price 5s, 6d. boards.

colours, Sepia, Indian Ink, Bister, &c. By J. Hassell. 55. boards. A beautiful Edition of the GREEK TESTAMENT, to correspond with the

A GENERAL TABLE of the ITALIAN VERBS, regular and irregular, by Regeut's Classics; taken from the Texts of Leusden and Greisbach. 18mo. 7s.

which the formation of any Tense or Person required may be immediately found. boards.

Executed by R. Zotti, after the French plan laid down by R. Juigne, in his table HOMERI ILIAS, Græce. 18mo. to correspond with the Greek Testament,

of French Verbs. Á new Edition, corrected and improved by C. Bruno ; 78. boards. HOMERI ODYSSEA, Græce. 18mo. to correspond, 7s. boards.

coloured, 3s. 6d. HOMERI ILIADIS, Liber prinus. Studio G. Sylvani. Editio Nova. Huic A KEY to the GREEK TESTAMENT; being a Selection of Chapters philo. subjiciuntur quædam Anacreontis Carminie. In usum Scholæ Mercatorum logically explained ; for the use of young men designed for the Ministry. By Scissorun. 8vo. Is. boards.

Charles Hook, Author of a Synopsis of Latin Grammar, and Steps to Latin SOPHOCLIS TRAGEDIE SEPTEM, cum Annotatione integra Brunck Verses. 38. 6d. boards. Sch.ctteri, et Erfurdtii, Gr. et Lat. 3 vols. 8vo. price Il. lls. 6d. boards.

The COMPLETE CORRESPONDENT ; consisting of Letters adapted to ... Each of the Seven Plays may be wad separateley, 8vo. 35. Od. sewed. every age and situation of Life ; together with various useful frms of Business XENOPHONIS MEMORABILIA SOCRATIS; cum Apologia Socratis eidem and Compliment, the best directions for Epistolary Writing, and more than fifty Auctori Vulgo Adscriptæ ; cum Textu et Notis Plurimis J G. Schucideri, auxit specimens of real correspondence, selected from the best writers in the English Notis et Varis Lectionibus ea Simpsonio et Beuwellio excerptis, J. Greenwood, Language; as Addison, Cowper, Gay, Johnson, Pope, Lady Hertford, Lady M.A. accesserunt Valckenii et Ruhukenii. Sro. price gs. or with Latin Version, | Wortley Montague, Mrs. Rowe, &c. and some Translations from the Latin 10. Od. boards.

Classics and celebrated French Writers. 25. sewed, 2s. 6d. bound. XENOPHONTIS de CYRI EXPEDITIONE Commentarii, recensuit Notisque

MATAURINI CORDERII COLLOQUIA SELECTA; or, Select Colloquies Porsoni, Whiteri, omnibus Hutchinsoni, Schneideri, aliorum, Selectissimis, ip

of Mathurin Cordier: better adapted to the capacities of Youth, and fitter for struxit, G. Townsend, M.A. 8vo. price 98. or with Latin Version, 103, 6d. bds.

beginners in the Latin Tongue, than any edition of his Colloquies, or any other EXCERPTA E POETIS GRECIS, in usum Studiosa Juventutis ; cum Notis

book yet published. The Nineteenth Edition, revised and corrected. By S. Philologicis. Euidit M. Hodge, A.M. Pars Prima. 8vo. price lus. od. boards.

Loggan, A.M. 28. bound. A LEXICON of the PRIMITIVE WORDS of the GREEK LANGUAGE.

HISTOIRE de CHARLES XII. Roi de Snede. Par M. de Voltaire. Nouvelle inclusive of several leading Derivatives, upon a new plan of arrangement. By

Edition, stereotype, soigneusement revue et corregée sur les milleures impres the Rev. Jon Booth. 8vo. price 9s. boards.

sions, par M. Catty, premier Maitre de langue François a l'Academie Royale et BOOKS FOR SCHOOLS.

Militaire de Woolwich, 4s. bound. Published by W. Simpkin and R. Marshall, Stationers'.hall-court, Ludgate-street, A KEY to KEITH'S TREATISE on the GLOBES ; containing near one thouLondon ; and sold by all Booksellers, with good allowance to Teachers.

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GRAMMATICAL INSTITUTES; or, an Easy Introduction to Dr. Lowth's tory experience at one oi the greatest public Schools.

English Gramraar. By John Ash, LL.D. A new Edition, Is. bound. SYNTACTICAL EXAMINATION; or, Quesiions and Examples adapted to

A NEW INTRODUCTION to BOOK KEEPING, after the Italian method of the Syntax of the Latin Grammar. The second Edition, 2s. bound.

Debtor aud Creditor. By the Rev. R. Turner, LL.D. 18. sewed. A SKETCH of the GREEK ACCIDENCE, arranged in a manner convenient

An INTRODUCTION to ENGLISH COMPOSITION and ELOCUTION: in for Transcription ; by means of which learners may be assisted in committing four parts, viz.-1. ÆSOP modernised and moralised, in a series of lustructive to memory. The Second Edition, by John Hodgkin, 25. 6.1.

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" Practical English Prosody and Versification," &c. &c. 4s. bound. Classical Journal, No. 19.

LE NOUVEAU TESTAMENT de Notre Seigneur JESUS CHRIST. Imprimé A COMPENDIUM OF ALGEBRA, with Notes and Demonstrations, showing sur l'Edition de Paris, de l'Année, 1805. Edition stereotype revu et corregie the reason of every rule, designed for the use of Schools and those Persons

avec soin d'apres le texte Grec. 4s. 6d, bound. who have not the advantage of a i receptor; the whole arranged on a plan

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drawn from the best Writers. 8vo. the Third Edition, greatly enlarged and the period usually spent in acquiriug this essential part of education. Such are corrected, 11. Is. boards. hie avowed obiecte and his work is well calculated to insure them."

No. 887. MONDAY, JAN. 31, 1825.


Party is the madness of many for the gain of a few.-Pope.





British Mining Association

Equitable Mining .


. English Mining

Hibernian Mining Company

Irish Mining
Mr. Rothschild's Welch Mining Company
South Wales ditto .

• 2,000,000
Welsh Iron and Coal ditto

• 250,000
Anglo Mexican

. 1,000,000

• 1.000.000 Arigna Iron and Coal

300,000 Brazilian .

1,000,000 Chilian .


General Mining Association
Gold Coast Mining
General South American

New Brazilian . .
Pasco Peruvian Mines

Pearl Fishery . .

725,000 Real del Monte

200,000 Rio de la Plata ..

1,000,000 Tlalpaxahua

United Mexican Mining Company

Bristol and English Channel Ship Canal . .

Bermondsey Collier Dock .

Bermondsey Dock . .

Faversham Navigation . .
General Steam Navigation .

London and Portsmouth Ship Canal .

5,000,000 London, Brighton, and Devonshire Fishing Compa

500,000 T: St. Ives New Pier .

South London Dock:

Australian Agricultural Company .

Alderney Dairy ,

75,000 Bognor New Town

300,000 British Distillery

200,000 British Iron

2.000.000 British Fishing Company

British Patent Brick ..

Canada Company ,
East London Dairy

General Coal Company
General Journal. Company

Great Westminster Dairy

200,000 General United Coal

2,000,000 Kent and Essex Flour Company

210,000 London Brick Company .

Metropolitan Marine Bath .

Metropolitan Milk
Metropolitan Fish Company

Metropolitan Water-works Company

Metropolitan Alderney Dairy

New Corn Exchange
Royal National Bath

Sea and Inland Coal
South London Milk

Thames Quay Company

611.000 Thames Tunnel

200,000 Westminster Fish In addition to the foregoing projects, we acquire from the Scottish, Irish, and provincial newspapers, accounts of new kindred local speculations every day. We copy the following list, for instance, from the Edinburgh Times, a spirited journal of liberal principles, the first number of which was published on the 22d instant:

List of the principal Joint Stock Companies, which have been publicly proposed, and, separately, or by union, established in Edinburgh, within ihe last two months :- Edinburgh and Leith Dock Company ; Edinburgh and Dalkeith Rail-road Company; Edinburgh and Glasgow Rail-road Company; Berwick and Kelso Rail-road Company: East Lothian Rail-road Company; Scottish Union Insurance Company ; Commercial Marine Insura ance Company: Scottish Union Banking Company ; National Bank of Scotland, Scottish Union Commercial Banking Company ; Scottish Wool Stapling Company ; Shotts Iron Joint Stock Company ; Caledonian Iron and Foundry Company ; Edinburgh and Leith Glass Company; Albion Glass Cont i Scottish Porter Brewing Company; Caledonian Porter

nail Dinillor Company Joint Stock Whale

SPECULATION MANIA. We are decidedly of opinion, that on particular occasions a mere statement of mater of fact, unaided by much of other reasoning or ilicstration, forms a stronger appeal to common sense than the most elaborate disquisition. In the spirit of this conviction, we shall pretent our readers with a list of the various new schemes at present before the public, for the employment of British capital, without the delivery of any opinions of our own on the comparative merit of their pretensons, beyond a remark or two on the distinctive features of the various lines of adventure. Our purpose, indeed, is rather to form a great general inference, than a series of particular conclusions—to shew by the very nature of the circumstances how necessarily the major part of this speculation must end delusively. When it is rendered unequirocally apparent, that a certain number of things cannot possibly exist together, it is trite to observe, that a portion of that number must bil in some stage or other; and that they should fail as soon as posable, is doubtless the most desirable consummation. The following is a list, and if not inclusive of all these projects, it a quite sufficiently so for the purpose to which we have alluded :RAILROADS.

Bath and Bristol
Birmingham and Liverpool .

Bristol and Birmingham .

Bristol Northern and Western
East London and United Dock
Grand Western

Grand Junction

Hibernian General
Limerick and Waterford

London and Birmingham .
London and Bristol .
London Northern .

London, Portsmouth, and Southampton

1,000,000 Manchester and Leeds ,

500,000 Manchester and Liverpool

Norfolk, Suffolk, and Essex

Royal Hibernian General
Surrey, Sussex, and Hants

Taunton .


• 5,000,000 Alliance Marine .

. 2,000,000 British Annuity

. 3,000,000 British Paving, Building, and Investment

. 2,000,000 British Shipping Loan Company

. 1,000,000 Crown Life Assurance

. 1,500,000 Equitable Investment Society

Equitable Loan Bank

Hibernian Joint Stock Company
Irisb Investment Bank

Investment Bank

200,000 Irish Investment and Equitable Loan Bank

500,000 London and Manchester Equitable Loan Bank 500,000 Metropolitan Banking Company .

500,000 Metropolitan Investment Society .

2,000,000 Medical, Clerical, and General Life Insurance 1,000,000 Metropolitan Loan and Investmeut Company.

1,000,000 Palladium Fire and Life Assurance

2,000,000 Protector Fire Assurance

5,000,000 Promoter Benefit Company. .

60,000 Provincial Bank of Ireland

. 2,000,000
United British and Foreign Loan Company

. . 2,500,000
British .
Birmingham and Staffordshire .


2,000,000 Gas Engine Carriage Company


London Portable Gas Company
New Imperial ditto.

Provincial ditto .

1,000,000 Phoenix ditto .

450,000 South American and Colonial Gas ditto









Fishing Company: Edinburgh Cotton and Flax Spinning Company ; | elms, oaks, and beeches; not rich in fruit, but rich in verdure a Edinburgh Dairy Company, for the supply of Milk, the feeding of Veal, leaves, and food for poetry. By heavens! this is better than Tuscar the making of Cheese, &c. &c.; Equitable Loan, or Pawnbroker Com- The pleasures there are all too tangible and sensual, all corn, wil pany; Albyn Company, for the purpose of investing money on Heritable

and oil. Here man does not live by olives alone, but by these use Properties in Edinburgh, &c. &c.; Equitable Building Company, for the purpose of building Houses in the vicinity of Edinburgh for Workmen,

trees also, which, among a number of other calumniated goods, are &c. &c. ; Joint Stock Company for the Manufacturing of Paper ; Joint

the face of them useless. “ I love," exclaimed somebody on passin; Stock Company for the Printing of Law-papers.

moorland,“ to see some ground left in God Almighty's hands." In short, setting aside the extreme ignorance of political economy

say I. I love to see trees that look as if they were good for nothi and trading principles betrayed in much of the foregoing scheming,

but to walk under, and to furnish us with a sentiment. I have a p. the amount of capital required, avowedly upwards of one hun

ticular regard for those which the carpenter rejects with disdain. dred millions, implies a sudden transfer of property upon merely

know they do not exist for nothing; and I take them for what th speculative views that would scarcely be warranted upon the clearest

are,-memorandums of the abundance and poetry of Nature. demonstration. Much of it is also for the cultivation of objects which

At the bottom of the grounds about the cottage, there is a lane by will produce little advantage to the country, even when fortunate to

brook-side, which runs into a cross-country road. But the plac individuals,-such as the foreign mining adventure. The bustle of fic

though solitary, is not desolate. There are some farms, and a nob titiously-created property, or surplus capital, under the operation of a

mansion not far off, where a hospitable old gentleman, the possesso

has a fine library. The lanes branch off in all directions, some openip gradual reduction to its real value by the force of circumstance, is a curious subject for contemplation; and the proposed creation of em

into meadows, others into corn-fields, most of them between rie ployment for it, without demand, will not render it less so.

banks of earth surmounted with natural hedges. One of It is no doubt obvious, that the features of these various appeals to

favourite spots is a bit of heath, looking up to a hill full of trees, a unemployed capital are very materially distinguished from one

of which peeps a summer-house. Ancther is a wilderness, where th another. For instance, the application of scientific discoveries to the

roots of the old trees issue forth and twist over the ground. But promotion of commercial facilities and local improvement, like Rail

know scarcely one which I prefer to certain meadows enriched wit roads and Steam Navigation, are not to be classed with schemes

elm-trees. I lie there very often in my WISHING-CAP, when the ha founded on a mere spirit of trading adventure or speculative schem

has been cut, and build castles in the air, I should rather say ing of individuals. The same observation may also be made in

cottages in the trees,—for those whom I love. regard to such as rest on the presumed advantage of great works,

Is not this a pleasant place to come to of an evening ? “ What ca as Docks, Ship Canals, Piers, &c. as well possibly as upon

man more desire," when he has been studying all the morning, and certain Banking and Assurance Schemes. . In one point of view,

determined to make heavens of his afternoons? Task the most ambition however, they must be all regarded alike, we mean in reference to

old bachelor, whether there have not been periods in his life,-andt! the vast transfer of capital required to carry them into simultaneous

very best of them all, when the idea of such a cottage smokir effect, and consequently, independent of legislative backwardness,

among the trees, a kettle on the fire, and his arm round a slend the utter absurdity of a great number of them, with a view to the

waist, has not formed the “consummation," of all others " most d benefit of anybody or anything, except the projectors. For the sake

voutly to be wished ?” of argument, we will admit that all are feasible; what would be the

Accordingly, I have provided a wife for my reader. She is a consequence? At best, the most momentous transfer of property and

regularly handsome; but she has one of those faces, which a employment, in the twinkling of an eye, that was ever known in any

justly accounted more beautiful than beauty. A person who goes b age or nation. Strong-minded politicians might get over this fact;

says, “ What a lovely expression !” There is intelligence in her eye but how are the opposing interests to be paralysed? They cannot be

and an infinite sweetness about her mouth. Whenever she turns hi made weak or inoperative; hence, even in the most favourable

face upon you in kindness, she seems to thank and bless you, an point of view, the delusion of so much of this giddy speculation, and

wish you all happy things. Sorrow might cut her to pieces, ere sh its inutility to all but the adventurers and jobbers who originate it.

would say a word to distress you : or if she did, she would repent Some of these plans are formed so entirely in a spirit of gaming

for ever. But in joy,-I advise you to bring a world of vivacity alo! adventure, as for instance the Foreign Mining adventures, that it would

with you, for she will give you as good as you bring. She is fond be as useless to offer a formal argument against the game of Blind

books and music. If you do not have some exquisite casts and e IIazard, as against the spirit which leads people to deal with them,

gravings to adorn your parlour with, you will not do her justic either with a view to an immediate jobbing gain, or to the ultimate

When females of her own rank come to see her, they long to play 1 result. Persons of this description require no statements from us;

rustic as she does. When the peasant-girls bring her provision, th but satisfied as we are that the pernicious example of much temporary

desiro more than ever to be ladies. She meets them half-way, a gain in the buying and selling way, is tempting people both in

will pin their handkerchiefs for them, if got loose. Between ourseli country and town to venture their little hoards, to whom ultimate

(for it must not be mentioned to every body) she can make an excelle loss would be very ruinous, and to whom such loss is far more proba

pudding. It was a whim of her grandmother's to teach her; and ble than to others, we have drawn up the foregoing rapid statement,

insists that her children will be the better for it, and not at the me to show the utter absurdity of the prosperity of such a variety of fresh

of a cook; for I must own, that although not yet married, she has 1 applications of capital at one time. We might venture to assert, that

face to speak of the family she may have some day; and has even be even some of the undertakings that will be ultimately useful, will

heard to say, that she should not like to make a very poor match, benefit the speculators very little in a pecuniary point of view, while

cause she hopes to have leisure enough to be her husband's co many of them are evident absurdities. Everybody may recollect the

panion; which, added she, is after all the first business of a wi rage for Joint Stock Companies a few years ago, which vanished away

though she blushed when she said it. Her vivacity and address ser in smoke; and a contemplation of the preceding list, and of the

to extricate her gentleness out of its difficulties. Her brother, who nature of much of the specified speculation, must satisfy every reflec

a collegian, and loves somewhat maliciously to call her “ a Blu tive person that it will be so again. Of the number of projects, it

caught her one day, to his great triumph, in the act of loitering o would be unjust to deny that several will be useful to the country,

a dumpling she was making, and reading a book. She was forced whatever they may prove to the final shareholders; but even good

blow open the leaves, her fingers being all over flour. In vain effected this way often produces a very pernicious species of temporary

protested that it was an offence extraordinary, and that the puddi suffering. At all events, a sober consideration of the above list will be of

should not be the worse for it. He takes an unfair advantage, a service to minor speculators, if we have such among our readers; and

brings her out to us in the garden, holding her by the helpless arn to such consideration we look for the due impression, much more than

upon which, what does my lady, but suddenly slip aside, smear to these very cursory observations.

ears all over with the flour, and scamper away.- But I shall ne make an end if I say more.

Now what does any bachelor say to such a cottage with such THE WISHING-CAP.

mistress ? Is it not a pretty mixture of the polite and the rustic ? I 0

heard a Nobleman observe, that it was natural to men.of rank to ! No. XXIV. LOVE AND THE COUNTRY.

peasant-girls, and for plebeians to like ladies. I am not of his opini Hic gelidi fontes, hic mollia prata, lycori,

I think that whenever men prefer women of an inferior station-un Hic nemus ; hic ipso tecum consumerer ævo.--VIRGIL.

they do it for the sake of a libertine variety, or because they ba A wood, a stream, fair fields and flowering hedgesO love, with thee, here could I live for ages!

undergone some particular disgust)-it is owing to want of addra

The peasant renders them bolder. Their superior station enables th It is a large low cottage, smoking among the trees, with its back

to substitute airs of condescension and familiarity, for approach 8 a couple of green hills that shelter it from the north and east. Every which they know not how to manage. But nothing is so delignau i in ueat: everything is quiet. Listen to the bees 1-What a woman. as a mixture of habitual gentility with the simple

go down there to the plain! What rich tried are about us, I healthy to stea which mícht adorn the heroine of a genuine pastor

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