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Seeing the old man was about to sail away, the crowd assembled “Right, right! we don't forget that,” cried several voices. "$o on the wharf shouted and jeered at him. The magistrates also far from giving him anything, I thing we ought to punish him joined them in their sport. The old man, perceiving them among severely for the mischief and ruin he bas brought upon our city; the crowd, stood up on the poop of his sbip, and in threatening voice let him consider himself lucky if we overlook that offence. Our cried out

pardon ought to be sufficient reward." “Unjust men, you have robbed me and driven me away from your The old man reminded them that they were the first aggressors, inhospitable city. I go, but I will leave that behind which shall and that the plague of rats he had inflicted upon them was avenge me and punish you."

only a just punishment for their violation of the principles of With these words he opened a red leathern pouch which hung justice and the rights of hospitality in plundering his ship. Besides, from his girdle, and out jumped three rats of different kinds. Al they had given their promise, sealed with a solemn oath, to pay him three leaped into the river, and quickly swam ashore ; while the ship the reward of one hundred thousand crowns, and he now demanded continued on its course.

it as his just recompense for the great service he had rendered. The citizens laughed heartily at this singular way the old man One of the Council, a great hypocrite, putting on a long face said, took of avenging himself; but they soon found out, to their cost, that God had sent the plague, and had removed it, and to Him alone that the old man was terribly in earnest, and had uttered noidle threat their gratitude was due. Every one applauded this sentiment, and The rats multiplied so prodigiously fast that, in a short time, they with one accord they proceeded to the cathedral to offer up, prayers seemed to have actually taken entire possession of the city. They and thanksgiving, impiously presuming that perjury and injustice mastered the cats and dogs, and drove them out of the houses, and could be acceptable to the Almighty ! even built their nests in the window corners where the swallows The old man stood silently on the same spot until the last of the previously built theirs. No sooner was the table spread with dinner citizens had crossed the threshold of the church. He then took out than out swarmed the rats from their holes, and devoured it all his ebony flageolet, and cried out with a loud voice :before the master of the seast could say grace. They invaded the “Let them be recompensed according to their deeds." granaries in countless numbers, and in a few days consumed as much grain as would have fed the whole of the inhabitants for a year, marvellous tune on kis black flageolet. This time, it was all the

Then he walked through all the streets of Hamelin playing a The consequence was that there soon arose a scarcity of food ; and children, great and small, who came running out of the houses and when famine set in, the rats became more ravenous and dangerous followed him through the streets, irresistibly drawn by an invisible than ever. They devoured everything they could get their teeth into, even to the ropes and șails of the ships in the harbour. They troop of children grew bigger and bigger, until, at last, when every

power. As he marched along, passing the door of every house, his then attacked the timber and woodwork of the houses, rendering child in the city that could walk had joined the throng, he turned them ruinous and liable to tumble down. At last, when nothing his steps toward the river. else was left for them to devour they attacked men while asleep in Now, during all the time the old man was piping and leading the their beds, and infants in their cradles. The citizens, after employing traps, poison, dogs, and every means

children away, the unjust people of Hamelin were offering up they could think of to free themselves from this calamitous plague, Prayers and thanksgiving in the cathedral, ignorant of what


Suddenly they were startled by a loud voice, which gave up the attempt in despair. The more rats they killed they recognised as that of the terrible old man, cryingthe more there seemed to be. Their stores and warehouses stood empty, and foreign ships no longer ventured to come into their har

The sins of the fathers are visited upon their children." bour for fear of being destroyed by the rats. Hamelin city appeared

Starting to their feet in great terror, they rushed headlong into likely to become deserted, and, as a last resource, the Corporation the street, but only just in time to behold the last troop of their decided to offer a reward of one hundred thousand golden crowns to children turning the corner of the street that led to the river. But whoever would rid the city of the great plague of rats.

when they reached the water-side the piper and children were all A long time passed by, yet no one came forward to undertake the gone, and were never seen again. To commemorate this terrible task and earn the liberal reward offered. At length, one day the calamity, the citizens of Hamelin built a chapel, and put into it a strange ship, without sails or oars, was again seen coming up the stained glass window representing the mothers of the lost children river towards the city, steered as before, by the old man with the kneeling and weeping by the river side, while amid the waves little two flageolets. He did not approach the wharf this time, but laid off hands and faces were seen floating, and in the distance the old man in the stream while he despatched a letter to the City Council in playing on his ebony pipe. Under the window they put up the which he offered to deliver Hamelin City from the plague of rats following inscription :which he had inflicted upon it, on condition of being paid the "In memory of our dear children, who perished through the hundred thousand golden crowns named as the reward.

malice of Satan." · As soon as they had read this letter, the magistrates hastened But next morning they were astonished to find that an unknown down to the water-side and entreated the old man to come on shore hand had altered the inscription, so that it read thus :immediately and set about performing the task, and they took a solemn oatń that they would pay him the reward if he did the work iniquity of their fathers.

In memory of our dear children, who perished because of the faithfully.

The old man, who could not have taken their word or promises, believed that they would not break an oath ; so he quitted his ship and came on shore. Walking up the principal street he put the

THE CANARY BIRD. ivory flageolet to his lips and played a most remarkable tune, the A LITTLE girl named Caroline had a charming canary bird. The like of which had never been heard before. No sooner were the little creature was very pretty-bright yellow feathers with a black first notes of this wonderful tune heard than the rats rushed out of crest—and sang from morning to night. Caroline gave it seeds to every house as he passed, and followed in procession like an army of eat, and nice green food; sometimes also a piece of sugar, and fresh soldiers. When the old man thought he had got every rat into his clear water every day. train he bent his steps to the river side, and when he arrived there But suddenly the little bird began to pine away, and one mornthe rats leaped into the water and swam to the ship, which, as soon ing, when Caroline was going to give it water, it lay dead at the as all were on board sailed away of its own accord, and stood out to bottom of the cage. sea. Then turning to the magistrates, who were intently watching Then the little girl raised a loud lamentation for her darling bird, the proceedings, the old man said to them :

and wept bitterly: Her mother, to console her, bought her another “You see that I have kept my word, now fulfil your promise." bird, one more beautiful than the first, that could sing just as

But the magistrates, seeing that they had now nothing more to sweetly, and she put it into the cage. fear from the rats, began to hum and to ha! and objected that a job But the little girl wept still more when she saw the new so easily performed could not be worth so much money.

bird. “ The labourer is worthy of his hire, I admit," said the Mayor, Then her mother was surprised, and said, “My dear child, why " but you cannot persuade me that a tune on a flageolet can be worth do you still cry and moan ? Your tears will not recall the dead one hundred thousand crowns. That would be very dear piping, to bird to life ; and here is another for you, which is just as say the least."

pretty." “Give him a couple of hundred," said the Town Clerk, “ that's as Then the child said, “Oh, my dear mamma, I have acted wrong much as my salary for a whole year, just think I and he ought to to the little creature. I have not done everything for it that I ought give his pipe into the bargain, and then if the rats come back, why to have done." we can pipe them out again ourselves."

“My dear Carolinc," answered the mother, "you always took “Two hundred, did you say ?” cried the same merchant who great care of the bird." advised the seizure of the old man's merchandise, “two hundred ! “Ah, no," replied the child, “a short time before its death I, and for what, I pray? Have you forgot that this is the same fellow myself, ate the piece of sugar which you gave me for the bird." that brought the rats here, and is the cause of all we have suffered Thus said the little girl, with sorrowful voice. by them.






ruin on his country, and the intelligence so affected bim that he lost his CAROL FOR MAY-DAY.

Then Rasn's son Kahlan caused his father to be seized and put into confinement, nor would he ever release him, lest by doing so the

kingdom should fall a prey to calamity. At length Rasn died, and then Queen of fresh flowers,

his son Kahlan became King. To him was born a son, whose name was Whom vernal stars obey,

Taï, who, upon his father's death, became sovereign of Yemen.
Bring thy warm showers,

So strictly did Taï promote equity and administer justice throughout
Bring thy genial ray.

his dominions, that he gained the approbation and received the gratitude

of all his subjects. To such an extent did he increase his numerous troops, In Nature's greenest livery drest,

that he soon reduced the whole of Arabia to his sway. Descend on Earth's expectant breast :

Some among his courtiers happened, one day, to speak of the amiable To Earth and Heaven a welcome guest,

qualities of Husn Banu, one of the daughters of Aden, by which the admiThou merry month of May !

ration of Tai, the king, for her was greatly increased. This lady, his cousin,

he took in marriage, and she brought him a son, who was named Haitim. Mark how we meet thee

The wise men who were in attendance at his birth prophesied that he would At dawn of dewy day!

become sovereign of the seven regions, and that he would gird his loins Hark how we greet thee

in the service of God the Supreme, so that for his virtues his name should With ous roundelay!.

endure for ever. Upon hearing this Tai was greatly delighted; he While all the goodly things that be

bestowed gifts upon the wise men, and proclaimed public rejoicings. In earth, and air, and ample sea,

Now it happened that on Haitim's birthday six thousand male children Are waking up to welcome thee,

were also born in Yemen. Tai issued a proclamation, ordering that all Thou inerry month of May !

these children should be brought to his palace. His servants accordingly

gathered together the six thousand infants, and having procured nurses for Flocks on the mountains,

them, he took upon him the whole charge of bringing them up. He also And birds upon their spray,

selected four youthful nurses, fair of countenance, to wait upon his infant Tree, turf, and fountains,

son Haitim, who, it was remarked, would not suck milk. All hold holiday;

The father of Haitim being informed of this circumstance, summoned the And Love, the life of living things,

wise men, and said to them, “What is the reason that Haitim will not suck

milk from his nurse's breast?" Love waves his torch, Love claps his wings,

The wise men answered, “This child, thy son, is destined to become And loud and wide thy praises sings,

famous in the world for his generosity, and unless he be suckled along with Thou merry month of May !

other children, so that he can share his milk with them, he will not accept of any for himself.”

Haitim was then placed in company with other children, and thereupon

he suckled as they did. Η ΑΙΤΙΜ ΤΑΪ.

He never used to cry, por indulge too much in sleep, nor suck milk when HIS BIRTI, PARENTAGE,

alone. After he had been weaned, and began to live on solid food, if at EDUCATION

any time he was taken out, and saw a poor person, he would make signs

with his hands imploringly for his attendants to bestow alms. When he IN THE NAME OF GOD THE MERCIFUL, THE GRACIOUS.

took his meals it was always in company with the six thousand boys who EVERLASTING PRAISE BE TO OUR CREATOR, WHOSE MAJESTY 18 EXALTED, AND were brought up with him. All his occupations and amusements, until he

THOUSANDS OF BLESSINGS BE ON THAT CHEP OF MORTAL Beings, AHMED was twelve years of age, consisted in giving, and his generosity was unMUSTAFA MUHAMMED, THE CHOSEN. MAY TILE FAVOUR AND THE PEACH OF GOD bounded. His father had amassed immense wealth, which the son bestowed

with liberal hand on the helpless, poor, and needy; and to the stranger he HISTORIANS relate that Hud was a man who attained to kingly power in the was a sure friend. territory of Yemen, called also Arabia Felix. His father was chief of When he enjoyed the sports of the field, he never wounded a living a village, and when, in the fulness of time, he died, then Hud became chief.creature with arrow or other deadly weapon. On the contrary, he caught

the game in nets, and when he had caressed the animals be set them at After a time it came into his mind that to remain always at home like the liberty

again. He never uttered coarse or violent language, but expressed mouse, or to live in obscurity like the spider, is unbecoming a youth of his sentiments in the mildest and choicest language. Beauty he possessed spirit.” Then he assembled his clansmen and friends in council, and thus in the highest degree, so that he was admired by both men and women. addressed them :

When any person had a complaint to make, and laid hold of his horse's “My dear friends, it is my intention to free my neck from the yoke of bridle, he listened to the statement of their grievances, examined into thein,

replied in soothing and consoling language, and granted his protection to servitude to our prince, and to measure my strength with bis; and should the weak, for oppression and tyranny found no favour in his eyes. God the Supreme vouchsafe to aid me, I will possess myself of the tyrant's

Thus years passed away, and the flowers of youth began to blossom like throne, and then bestow such happiness on this country that my conduct roses on his cheeks, and his beauty increased day by day.' And although will be approved by every nation on earth.”

multitudes of men and women flocked to his court for the purpose of gazing The whole assembly, delighted at his words, expressed their approval of on his face, yet Haitim never withdrew his person from their sight, but would his design, but suggested that, to carry out his enterprise, much money say to them, would be necessary to purchase stores, arms, &c., and to pay his troops. “My good people and faithful subjects, why gaze thus on a fellow

Hud therefore occupied himself during seven years in collecting stores creature ? You ought rather to contemplate and praise Him who has and munitions of war, and at the end of that time he began to enlist his created boh me and you, and occupy yourselves in acts of bravery and soldiers. Meanwhile, intelligence reached the ears of the king of Yemen that mercy.” Hud was employed in raising an army, but that no one could

tell what object Thus the fame of Haitim's beauty, and bravery, and generosity, and he had in view. Upon hearing this news, the king of Yemen got ready affability reached the extreinities of the earth, and all the world admired his troops, and then Hud began to distribute the wealth he had amassed him, and came to see him. with a liberal band, and thus made many friends. The strong men of the One day Haitim went to the desert, when suddenly he met a lion. He different districts flocked round his standard, and he received them into his said in his heart, “If I attack this lion it will be remote from humanity; service, paying them liberally, so that he was enabled to march against the and if I smite him not the lion may devour me: perhaps by the Divine king with an army of fifty thousand men, cavalry and infantry.

favour I may subdue the lion's heart.” In mild speech be addressed the In the first battle the king of Yemen's troops were defeated and dispersed. lion, saying, “ Creature of God, if thou hungerest for my flesh it is at thy When the king was informed of the disaster, he put himself at the head of the service; if thy desire be for flesh wherewith to fill thy belly, here is my rest of his army, and marched against Hud, but as fortune had withdrawn her horse, eat and appease thy bunger; but if thou preferrest my flesh, for the sake favours from the king's house he also was vanquished, and taken prisoner of God I will give it to thee: devour me, and be not sad-hearted.” At these by Hud. The king died soon after of a broken heart; then Hud succeeded mild expressions the lion crouched, and Haitim removed his armour from him, and occupied his throne.

his person, and took the saddle from off his horse, and with clasped hands For many years Hud reigned over the kingdom of Yemen with equity and stood before the lion, saying, “ of the two, whichsoever be thy choice, eat,

and when he died his son Kahtan ascended the throne. He also and depart not sad of heart, promoted the prosperity and happiness of the nation. He had a son named At these words the lion bowed his head, and fell at the feet of Haitim, Nazrab, whom he nursed with great care, but when the boy grew up he who said, “Creature of God, far be it from me that thou shouldst depart rebelled against his father, and spread sedition throughout the kingdom, hungry, for God the Supreme has created the horse for the benefit of his thus setting his heart on disobedience.

creatures, therefore eat; and if thou hast a desire for my flesh, as a sacred After a time Kahtan died, and then his son Nazrab succeeded to his duty I will freely give it to thee; but go not away hungry and distressed throne, and became king of Yemen. To Nazrab a son was born, whom in heart. Of my own free will I give myself up, and if thou eat me not they named Rasn ; when he grew up he coveted his father's power as thou wilt distress me." sovereign, and his mother kept him out of his father's way. Nazrab, The lion laid his head in the dust, and then departed to his haunt. Thus ignorant of the cause of his son's absence, became anxious about him, and did Haitim practice beneficence and kindness

, which he extended to all his desired that Rasn should be brought into his presence ; but the object of his fellow-creatures. He never gave way to selfish repining or vain regrets, and desire could not be found.

in the way most pleasing to God he devoted his life and person to the cause Soon afterwards Nrh learned that his son Rasn was bent on bringing I of humanity,

moderation ;

THE ADVENTURES OF HAITIM TAI.* replied, “If I knew that myself I should have sent my own people

to investigate the matter."

The Prince held down his head for some time, and then said, “I The Story of Shahrada Munir, the Assyrian Prince - His Love for Husn BanuHis Despair - Haitim, hearing of his grief, visits Husn Banu,

am ignorant in what direction I ought to go." and undertakes to answer hor Seven Questions.

“Then,” replied Husn Banu, “ banish from your mind the idea

of seeing my face.” WHERE was a certain King of Kharzim, who had a son accomplished in mind. By means of several men of intelligence the I have, at least, one resource left, and that is, to die in thy city."

Then the Prince observed, “Thus bewildered, whither can I go? fame of Husn Banu came to the hearing of this prince: there

“In my city,” said Husn Banu, “there is no room for such as upon an eager desire arose in the heart of this youth to see Husn speak thus foolishly. My people would neither permit it nor suffer Banu ; he, therefore, sent his own painter to obtain sight of her, you to remain ; nay, they would speedily disgracefully expel you.” 80 as to enable him to take her portrait and bring it to him. The painter departed, and after several days arrived at Shahabad, towards the Desert, in order to ascertain the way and explore the

Thereupon the Prince said, “I suppose I must direct my steps where Husn Banu's people, according to their usual custom, intricacies leading to the abode of the man who exclaims in the waited upon him, and presented him with food, showing him every words you have mentioned. If fortune proves kind, it will be well, attention. When about to depart, after he had stayed some time, but if otherwise I will sacrifice my life for thee.” they led him into Husn Banu's presence. She kindly inquired into Husn Banu then said, “ It will be requisite to enter into an agreehis condition, and offered him money for his journey. The painter said, “My wish is to enter your service, and spend How long must I wait ?”

ment as to the length of time for which I am to await your return. the remainder of my days on your threshold.”

To this the Prince replied, “ For the space of one year." Husn Banu inquired, "What is your profession?" . "I am," said he, “a painter, who can delineate the moon from with food, and water to wash his hands; and, having furnished him

Husn Banu then ordered her attendants to present the Prince behind a curtain."

with necessaries for his journey, she requested to know his name. In Muhammadan countries painters draw ladies' portraits from behind a curtain or thin veil, as it would be considered a breach of taking leave of Husn Banu, like one deprived of sight and hearing,

The Prince replied that his name was Munir Shami; and then delicacy in a female to show her face to a stranger. Husn Banu then said, “Well, you may delay your departure for

he shaped his course to the wilderness, and with tears in his eyes a little.” Some short time afterwards she began to consider in her began to traverse the mountains and the deserts. In short, the

Prince wandered towards the borders of Yemen, and sitting down mind, “How can I get a portrait of myself, for the painter is a

underneath a tree in the Desert, he gave vent to his grief in tears stranger? However, there can be no harm in his delineating my

as copious as the showers of early spring. features from behind the curtain.” The painter said, “ Most bountiful lady, take your stand on the hunting excursion, and came near to the Prince Munir. Haitim,

Now it happened that Haitim Tai was passing that way on a roof of the house (which was flat), and cause a vessel full of water seeing a handsome youth, with elegant apparel, thus weeping, his to be placed below, then look down into that vessel.” Husn Banu did so, and the painter, viewing her image in the water, said, “What calamity can have befallen this stranger ? I must go

heart melted in sympathy, and his eyes were filled with tears, as he made a sketch of it, and carried it to his own house, where he

and inquire.” delineated every line and teature of Husn Banu's face. He also

He went up to the Prince, and in condoling language asked him, made two copies of the portrait, one of which he presented to Husn

"Oh, brother! what distress has happened to thee, and what Banu and the other he kept for himself.

accident has occurred that thou weepest so ?". Shortly after he solicited permission of Husn Banu to return to

The Prince raised his head, and was surprised at seeing a youth his family, if agreeable to her; upon which she granted him permis- standing by him and interesting himself in his condition-one of sion, and furnished him with money for the journey.

pleasant countenance, and air and gait as noble as the sun, clothed The painter then conveyed the portrait of Husn Banu to his own

in elegant attire, and accoutred in armour, the bloom of whose prince, who, the instant he saw the picture, became quite frantic.

cheeks was like the full-blown rose. When he recovered his senses he determined, in his own mind,

He replied, “Oh, youth of benignant countenance, what avails to set off without asking his father's permission, and without money to me repeating the story of my sorrows, which can be alleviated intention. Taking no one with him, he put his trust in God, and neither by my telling nor by your hearing ?"

Haitim said to him, “Let your mind be at ease; communicate to at the dead of night departed for Shahabad, where, in due time, he

me the secrets of your heart, and whatsoever lies in my power, as arrived, after encountering much fatigue on the road.

Husn Banu's people brought him food, as was their wont with my trust is in God, I will not fail to perform. I will supply you regard to others, and showed him all possible attention.

with money, if it be of use to you; and my frail life is constantly Next morning they offered the Prince coins of yellow gold, saying, devoted to the service of the Almighty, which consists in relieving

the distresses of my fellow creatures." “Accept this to spend on your journey."

Then Prince Munir, in rapture, exclaimed, “Oh, brother! may The Prince replied, "To me gold is of no use.". Husn Banu's people observed, "You seem penniless ; pray, accept portrait, which he kept in his bosom, he handed it to Haitim, and

God preserve your life,” and instantly taking out Husn Banu's


condition." As he persisted in saying that it was of no use to him, they in- said, Judge for yourself what must be formed Husn Banu that " a traveller arrived yesterday, who will

Haitim looked at the portrait, and remained for some time lost in neither eat sufficient fuod nor accept yellow gold."

thought At length he said, “With regard to those questions Husn Banu having summoned him to her presence, said, “Well

, every exertion in its accomplishment.” In short, Haitiin carried

which she proposes, if you can suggest to me any plan, I will use stranger, why do you refuse gold? Gold is a thing which, in times the Prince along with him into Yemen, and there hospitably enterof adversity, most people find useful."

tained him. The Prince replied, “When I came hither I left great treasure of gold behind me. I am prince of Kharzim. Thy portrait has driven he had any plan to point out by which he could serve him.

After they had rested three days, Haitim asked the prince whether me mad, and my ardent desire to see thy face has brought me hither.

The Prince replied, “Alas! I can propose nothing; to you I Husn Banu held down her head, and, after some time, said, resign the affair and its accomplishment, and will remain grateful “Young man, abandon such pain ideas ; if you were the zephyr for your kindness while I have the breath of life.” itself you should not waft your breath over my ringlets.". The Prince replied, “Then I will sacrifice this my miserable life “You will continue to supply travellers with food, and the poor

Haitim called his domestics, and strictly charged them, saying, at thy gates." “ To give away your life," said Husn Banu, “is easy, but to see

with money, the same as it I were here present myself, so that it may face is impossible. However

, if this idea has taken possession of may not be known that I have gone from home, and let cach one of your heart, then you must submit to my commands."

you be diligently occupied in his own departient." The Prince said, “Command me, and I shall from my soul con

Having issued these orders, he took the Prince by the hand, and sider it as a favour."

set out from the capital of Yemen, on the road that leads to Husn Banu said, “The first thing I have to propose is this Shahabad, where, in the course of time, after encountering the toils saying, What I once saw I long to see again,' and you must travel

of the journey, they both arrived. till you find an explanation of it. Intorm ine where the man is who them with food, and offered them gold.

Husn Banu's people conveyed them to the caravanserai, presented utters these words, and also what it is he has seen.

After you have brought me a solution of this first enigma I shall tell you the hither for food or gold; I will neither taste ofike one nor accept of

Haitim rejected both, saying, “ Worthy people, I have not come second.”

the other." The Prince asked where that man dwelt, to which Husn Banu

Of this the people informed Husn Banıl, who having summoned [* Continued from page 4.]

them both to lier presence, said to them, Wylıy do you refuse gold, a thing which may one day be of service to you ?. Wise men Haitim asked the wolf if he knew where the desert of Hawaida have remarked, 'a thing laid by for seven years will be found lay ; to which he answered, “ As you go forward from hence the useful, even though it be the head of a serpent."

road branches into two; avoid the path to the left, and keep that to Haitim, remarking that the amassing of gold was proper only for the right hand; it will lead you to the desert of Hawaida.” the purpose of distributing it, said "Lady, the fame of your Meanwhile the doe, having testified her gratitude to Haitim, debeauty and perfections has reached my ears; now if you will agree parted; and the wolf, likewise, took his leave. Each of these to one request of mine I will accept of your gold and eat of your animals looked back to see whether Haitim followed them; but the food, but otherwise I will depart hungry and thirsty from your paid arising from his wound was so severe that he could not proceed, city.”

and he fell down beside a tree. Husn Banu asked him, “ Stranger, what is the request with Now it happened a pair of jackals had established their haunt which you wish me to comply ?"

underneath this tree, and were at that moment in search of food. Haitim answered, saying, “ For one instant unveil your face, and When the two jackals returned they observed Haitim asleep, and afterwards I shall do whatsoever you command.”

the female said to the male, “ Here is one of the human race, what Husn Banu said, “ Till you have brought a solution to my seven has brought him hither ? We must quit this place, for we can questions it will be impossible for you to see me unveiled.”

have no sympathy towards creatures of a different species." Haitim asked what the seven questions were ; and without waiting The male replied, “Probably it is Haitim on his way to explore for the reply, added, “You must promise me further that, if I the desert of Hawaida, and has sunk down exhausted from the pain should answer them, you will become mine, and that on whomsoever in his thigh." I may bestow you, you shall not dispute my commands.”

Female : “How do you know that this is Haitim ? " Husn Banu assented, saying, “ When I shall have become yours, Male : “I have been informed by the wise that on a certain day you can dispose of me as yon think proper ; you can either bestow Haitim would arrive at this tree.” me on any other person, or let me remain in your own house.

Female : “What sort of a person is Haitim ?”. Haitim then observed that it would be requisite to call some Male : He is Prince of Yemen, and one of God's elect, and witnesses, in whose presence this agreement might be ratified. This many trials await him. We must not leave him distressed in heart.” was accordingly done, and Haitim had the agreement confirmed by Female : “ How has he fallen into this state ?" several persons.

Male ; “A wolf was about to seize a milch doe to devour her, After this, food was presented, of which they partook, and Haitim, and Haitim cut the flesh from his own thigh, and gave it instead of addressing Husn Banu, said, “This prince is my brother, who is to the doe to the wolf, and thus preserved her by involving himself in remain in your city till my return, and to him I expect you will pay calamity:" some attention."

Female : " Are there really any among the human race thus To this Husn Banu assented, and Haitim then requested to know endowed with humanity? Heaven knows there is little compassion her first question.

among mankind for each other!" “My first question,” replied Husn Banu, " is this: There is a Male : “ The human race are the noblest of God's creatures ; certain man who exclaims, What I once saw I long to see again.' and Haitim in particular is extremely generous, endowed with Where is that man? What has he seen? and why does he long for humanity, and highly honourable; he is also one who feareth and the same a second time? When you have brought me all this infor- adoreth the Creator, for whose sake he tore off his own flesh and mation I shall then tell you my second question."

gave it to the wolf." Upon hearing this, Haitim took leave of Husn Banu, and, having Female : “Thus wounded in the thigh, how can he live? or when conducted the Prince Munir to the Mihman-serai (the house ap- will he reach the desert of Hawaida !" pointed for guests or strangers), he set out on his journey.

Male : “ If the brains of the bird called the Pariru (Angel-faced, Haitim began to consider in his mind, “Now, where am I to go, of or peri-faced) could be applied to his wound a complete cure would whom can I ask my way, and what plan ought I to adopt ?" But, take place in the short space of an hour; but this remedy it is almost on further reflection, he said to himself, “ I have, by the aid of God, impossible to procure.” devoted my whole exertions to the service of my fellow creatures Female : “Where is it to be found ?" without any selfish consideration; assuredly, then, my Creator will Male : “In the desert of Mazanderan ; it is a bird like a peacock, direct me to the proper place.". With this reflection he placed his with a head like that of the human race. He allures all those who reliance on God, and proceeded to the wilderness.

attempt to seize him, by giving them sherbet to drink, by the graceAfter a few days he arrived at a desert where not a bird was seen fulness of his movements and the sweetness of his looks." to flap its wings. Two or three days afterwards he was startled at Female : “Who is it, then, that can bring this remedy, and by seeing a wolf in pursuit of a milch doe, and so near that he was on the grace of God restore Haitim to health ?" the point of seizing her.

Male : “If you will attend to this youth for the space of seven Haitim shouted aloud to the wolf, “ Ravenous monster, desist ! she days I will go myself and bring the head of that bird." has a young one ; see, the milk flows from her udder."

Female : "Nothing can be better, for it will be an instance of The wolf stood stiil, and said, “There can be no doubt that you humanity on the part of the brute creation towards the human race. are Haitim, since your heart is endowed with such compassion." Until you return, while life remains in my body, I will not suffer a Haitim asked, " How do you know that I am Haitim ?"

living creature to come near this youth.' The wolf replied, " There is none other than Haitim who evinces Haitim was listening all the while to the conversation of the compassion and kindness to this extent towards living creatures, jackals, but he was so exhausted that he had not strength to rational and irrational, and the name of Haitim is renowned in every rise up. quarter. But as you have this day withheld me from my prey, let Meanwhile the male jackal, leaving the female, set out for me now have something to eat.”.

Mazanderan ; and on his arrival there he saw the bird he was in “What do you eat ?” said Haitim.

quest of sleeping underneath a tree. The wolf answered, “Flesh is my food.”

He approached it, and seizing its head in his mouth, he gave it Haitim said, “If the small quantity of Aesh which is on my body such a pull that he severed it from the body, and returning with it be acceptable to you, say the word and I will give it to you.” he arrived within the seven days, agreeably to his promise.

“Nothing can be nicer,” replied the wolf, “than a piece of flesh The female during his absence had slept neither night nor day, from your thigh."

nor did she suffer any living creature to approach the tree. Haitim then unsheathed his knife, and having cut away the flesh Haitim was conscious of all this, and how the jackal having from his own thigh he threw it to the wolf, who ate and was satis- procured the head of the pariru had now placed it before his female fied. It then said, “Oh, Haitim ! why have you left your companion. own capital of Yemen, and for what purpose do you wander in this The female jackal then with her mouth forced open the head, desert pii

and having extracted the brain applied it to Haitim's wound. Haitim told the wolf that the Prince, Munir Shami, had fallen The instant it was applied Hatim's pain was removed; he rose in love with Husn Banu ; that she had seven questions to propose, up, and looking at the jackals, said, "You, though of the brute and that she would accept only that man who could answer themcreation, have acted most humanely towards me; but you have "And I,” said Haitim, have undertaken, .through the aid of Provi- without cause deprived another animal of life—in this you have not

is is

In order to be informed of this I sallied forth, recommending myself to do you rest at ease. What, though I am of the brute creation, still I God ; but not knowing where that man is, I directed my steps to the acknowledge a merciful God.” desert, and thus far I have advanced.”

About one hour passed in such discourse, during which the flesh The wolf then replied, “I do not know myself the place where closed on Haitim's wound, and he experienced a complete cure, that man is, but I have heard, from the report of others, that his He then addressed the jackals, saying, “You have acted most abode is in the desert of Hawaida, and that whosoever goes thither / kindly towards me; command me, then, in any way I can do you a will see him.''

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