The United Service Magazine, Volume 1;Volume 80

H. Colburn, 1856

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Página 490 - Services, and are graciously pleased to make, ordain and establish the following rules and ordinances for the government of the same, which shall from henceforth be inviolably observed and kept: Firstly. It is ordained, that the distinction shall be styled and designated
Página 108 - By JOHN HEWITT, Member of the Archaeological Institute of Great Britain. Vols. II. and III., comprising the Period from the Fourteenth to the Seventeenth Century, completing the work, 11.
Página 503 - THE Queen has been graciously pleased to give orders for the following appointments to the Most...
Página 92 - Separatists, as the case may be\, having conscientious scruples against subscribing the declaration contained in an act passed in the ninth year of the reign of King George the Fourth, intituled An Act for Repealing so much of several Acts as imposes the Necessity of receiving the Sacrament of the Lord's Supper as a Qualification for certain Offices and Employments...
Página 490 - ... individual gallant services either of Officers of the lower grades in our Naval and Military service, or of Warrant and Petty Officers, Seamen, and Marines in our Navy, and...
Página 503 - Division of the Second Class, or Knights Commanders of the said Most Honourable Order.
Página 490 - We have instituted and created, and by these- presents, for Us, Our Heirs and Successors, institute and create a New Naval and Military Decoration, which We are desirous should be highly prized and eagerly sought after by the officers and men of Our Naval and Military Services...
Página 447 - Britain has often had reason to be proud of her army, but it ia doubtful whether the whole range of military history furnishes an example of an army exhibiting, throughout a long campaign, qualities as high as have distinguished the forces under Lord Raglan's command.
Página 92 - Provisions of an Act passed in the Ninth Year of the Reign of King George the Fourth, intituled An Act to consolidate and amend the Laws relating to Savings Banks, or of any other Act heretofore passed relating to Savings Banks.
Página 595 - Ajax to the assault; for they come not out to the field to fight those who attack them ; but these holy men, beloved by the gods, overthrow their enemies with tempests and thunder-bolts shot from their walls.

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