Hullinia: Or, Selections from Local History, Including the Siege of Hull, Our Ancient Churchyards, and Past Poets of Hull

W. Adams, 1872 - 152 páginas

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Página 122 - Meanwhile the mind, from pleasure less, Withdraws into its happiness; The mind, that ocean where each kind Does straight its own resemblance find; Yet it creates, transcending these, Far other worlds, and other seas, Annihilating all that's made To a green thought in a green shade.
Página 122 - Does straight its own resemblance find, Yet it creates, transcending these, Far other worlds, and other seas ; Annihilating all that's made To a green thought in a green shade. Here at the fountain's sliding foot, Or at some fruit-tree's mossy root, Casting the body's vest aside, My soul into the boughs does glide : There like a bird it sits and sings, Then whets and claps its silver wings ; And till prepared for longer flight, Waves in its plumes the various light.
Página 118 - Though Justice against Fate complain, And plead the ancient rights in vain: But those do hold or break As men are strong or weak.
Página 122 - When we have run our passions' heat, Love hither makes his best retreat: The gods, that mortal beauty chase, Still in a tree did end their race; Apollo hunted Daphne so Only that she might laurel grow; And Pan did after Syrinx speed, Not as a nymph, but for a reed.
Página 121 - How vainly men themselves amaze, To win the palm, the oak, or bays; And their incessant labours see Crowned from some single herb, or tree, Whose short and narrow-verged shade Does prudently their toils upbraid; While all the flowers and trees do close, To weave the garlands of Repose ! Fair Quiet, have I found thee here, And Innocence, thy sister dear?
Página 6 - ... the godly of those days, when he embraced their party, would not allow him to be religious because his hair was not in their cut, nor his words in their phrase...
Página 119 - He had of wiser art, Where, twining subtle fears with hope, He wove a net of such a scope That Charles himself might chase To Carisbrook's narrow case...
Página 1 - I think this no unfit occasion to repeat what I have said formerly, that whatsoever I have done in favour and to the good of my subjects, I do mean to maintain it.
Página 133 - For the kind spring, which but salutes us here, Inhabits there and courts them all the year; Ripe fruits and blossoms on the same trees live. At once they promise what at once they give; So sweet the air, so moderate the clime, None sickly lives or dies before his time; Heaven sure has kept this spot of earth uncurst To show how all things were created first.
Página 5 - When Puritanism grew into a faction, the zealots distinguished themselves, both men and women, by several affectations of habit, looks, and words...

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