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Turthermore ; That all we who are born of

F Adam by the way of Natural Generation, are born Children of Wrath, with the guilt of Original Sin , incurred by the; disobedience of Adam, in whom we all finned, and which we all committed in him ; for which sin, Adam loft for himself, and us, Holiness and Righteousness, and so that guilt of sin is derived to all of us by Generation, we having all sinned in him, as the Apostle St. Paul tells us, that by one Man Sin entred into the World, and by Sin Death, and so Death passed upon all Men, all having finned in him, but notwithstanding this guilt is derived to us by Generation; nevertheless our Souls are not derived by. Generation as our Bodies are, but are created by God of nothing, and by the. Divine Ordination infused into our Bodies, at the time when they are perfectly formed and organized, and in the instant in which they are infused into our Bodies, they contract the guilt of Original Sin, which we committed in Adam, and for which we were all expelled the Kingdom of Heaven, and deprived of God for ever, but which is now pardoned by Holy Baptism, by which our Souls are cleansed from the guilt of that sin, and of Children of Wrath, and Alicns from Glory, we are made the blefled Sons of God, and Heirs of Heaven ; wherein likewise all


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our other fins and a&ual transgressions, where there are any, together with all the punishments due to the same, are forgiven.

Turthermore; That the Souls of all those

F that have committed no sin after Baptism, and of those who having committed fins, have done condign Penance, and have made an entire and equal fatisfaction for them, are carried immediately into Heaven, where they behold God, Three and One as he is; and do partake of the Divine Vision, in proportion to the di. versity of their Merits, some more perfe&tly than others, and in the fame manner they who die in any Actual Mortal fin, without having done condign punishment for it ; or only in Original fin, do go straightway down into Hell, there to be tormented with Eternal punishments, though unequal, according to the measure of their guilt.

CH A P. VII. Turthermore; That all Christians departing

F this life in Charity, and having truly repented of the fins they have committed, before they have made full satisfaction to the Divine Justice for the same, are at their death carried into Purgatory, where their guilt is purged away by

Fire, and other punishments in such a space of time as by the Divine Ordination is suitable to their Quality, or until they have entirely satisfied for them, after which they are carried up into Glory, there to enjoy God; and that in Purgatory the Prayers, Alms, and other Works of Piety that are performed by the Faithful that are alive, for the Faithful that are dead, are profitable to them; but above all, the holy Sacrifice of the Mass, for their being relaxed from the punisiments that they suffer, and for the shortning of their banishment from Heaven.


Urthermore, That at the day of Judgment, F our Bodies, tho' crumbled into dust and alhes, shall be raised up the fame that they were in this Life, and be reunited to their Souls, those of the Righteous to be cloathed with Glory, and to reign with Christ for ever in the Heavens ; and those of the Wicked, to be together with their souls tormented for ever in the Company of Devils in the Eternal and real Fire of Hell.



T'Urthermore, That in the beginning, and in F Time God created all things Visible and Invisible, Corporeal and Spiritual, and the Empyrean Heavens full of Angels, of whom, those that continued subject to God were confirmed in Graçe, enjoying God with all the perfections and Gifts wherewith they were created, as those who disobeyed him fell into Hell, which God so soon as they finned made for them, where they are tormented for ever with the rigour of Justice; not only with punishments of loss, in be

which they were created to have enjoyed, but with real Fire; and other Eternal Torments also; and do tempt men, endeavouring to do them all the mischief they are able, out of envy, for the Blessings that are reserved for the Just, and which they have forfeited by their fins, and out of hatred 'they have for God and his Works, and that intrinsical Malice they are hardned in...

CHAP: . X.

Urthermore, That the Blessed Angels and

are to be venerated, and invok'd by the Faithful, deliring of God a Remedy for our wants


through their Intercession,; and of them


daily by offering up our Prayers and Petitions to God ; That the Bodies and Reliques of Saints ought to be had in veneration, in being carefully kept, kissed and adored by the Faithful, and placed under the Holy Altars, and other consecrated places, upon the account of their having been lively Members of Christ, and the Temple of the Holy Spirit, and because they are to be raised again at the day of Judgment,and and clothed withEternal Glory in Heaven,and God vouchsafes many Blessings upon Earth by them.

c H A P. XI. Urthermore, That the Images of our Lord F Christ, and of our Lady the Glorious Virgin Mary, and of the Holy Angels that are painted after our manner, and of other Saints which the Church believes to be in Heaven, ought to be kept and used in all decent places ; not only in the houses of the Faithful, but chiefly in Churches and Altars, and to be reverenced and adored with due veneration, and with the same that is due to the Persons they represent ; not that we believe that there is any thing of Divinity or*Virtue in them for which they ought to be honoured, or that we put our Hope and Confidence in

*Wirtue. If there is nothing Virgin Mary, when there is scarce of Virtue in one Image more than a Church or Chappel in their way, another, why do People go so wherein there is not an Image many hundred miles to pray to of her, Some particulas Images of the


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