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out where it may be trod upon, or treated with any irreverence, it shall also be close covered at top, and locked up, and until such time as a

of some Metal or other, which shall be put to no other use, and shall be always kept in some decent place in the Church, or Sacristy ; neither shall they hereafter make use of any common Vessel, as has been the Custom hitherto ; and the Water they have baptized with, shall be thrown in some place of the Church, where it will not be trod upon, and all the Water that shall be made use of in Baptism, whether it be in a Font, or a Vessel, shall be blessed with the Holy Chrism, according to the Roman Ceremo: nial, which they are to make use of.

Decree XX. THis Synod, conforming it self to the De.

1 crees of the Holy Council of Trent, and the Universal usages of the Church, doth command every Parish Church to provide a Book, wherein the Vicar shall register the Names of all that are baptized, together with the Nanies of the Parents, and of the place where they live, and of the Godfathers and Godmothers, naming the place also where they were Christened, the day of the Month, and the Year, in this Form: On such a day of the month, in the Year N, IN. Vicar of the Church of N. baptized there, or in such a place, N. the Son of N. and of N. naming


the Father and Mother Natives of such a place, and the Godfathers and Godmothers were N. and N. the Vicar signing his Name to it at the bottom; and when any Priest that is not the Vi

done without the Vicars leave, he shall Register it thus : I N. Curate, with leave from the Vicar of such a Church, naming both the Vicar and the Church, did Baptize N. and so on as. above, figning his Name at the bottom; which Book shall be always kept in the Church, and the Vicars shall be obliged to give an account thereof, and at every Visitation to shew it to the Prelate, out of which the Curates are to give Certificates of the Age of such as are to be Married, or to receive Holy Orders, that so their Age may be certainly known ; and that such Matters may not be so in the dark, .as they have

of coming to the knowledge of Peoples Age, which must needs create great scruples in the Minds of such as were to be Married or Ordained.

The Doctrine of the Sacrament of Confirmation. THe Second Sacrament is Confirmation, which

I our Lord Christ instituted, in order to the confirming and establishing of Christians in the Faith, so that nothing might be able to reparate them from it through the Power of the

Holy Holy Ghost which is given therein, particularly to that effect; besides the fan&ifying Grace which it gives in common with the other Divine Sacraments ; the Matter of this Sacrament is the Holy Oyl of Chrism, made of the Oyl of the Olive-tree, signifying the light and purity of the Conscience; and of Balsam, which fignifies the sweet smell of a good Name, both mixed together, and blesled by the hand of the Bishop; the Form are the words spoke by the Bishop when he dips his Thumb into the said Chrism, making therewith the Sign of the Cross on the Forehead of the Person that is confirmed, saying, I sign thee with the sign of the Cross, and do corfirm thee with the Chrism of Health, in the Name of 'the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost; to which the Bishop subjoyns three holy and wholsome Prayers, wherein he beseeches God to fill those that are confirmed with his Divine Spirit. The ordinary Minister of * Confirmation is the Bishop, for tho' fimple Priests may perform several other Unctions, this can be done only by a Bishop, the Bishops being the Successors of the Apostles, by the imposition of whose hands the Hoły Ghost was given ; in the place of which imposition of hands the Church gives Confirmation, Christ having so ordained it, wherein the Holy Ghost is given likewise ; Nevertheless, by a dispensation from the Holy See, and by no o. ther way, when there is any very urgent Occasion, or when it happens to be necessary for the good of the Faithful, simple Priests may confirm with Chrism, that has been consecrated by a Bishop in the forementioned Form ; the effect of this Sacrament is, that therein the Holy Ghost is given, to the strengthening

* The English Jesuits, who dinary Allistances, that the Chrism could not endure that the Pope in Baptism had nos only the figpi. should put a Bishop over them ficacion, but all the effe&s of Conhere in England, in their Books firmation, so far at least as to wherein they laboured to prove make it not to be very necefía. that there was no need of one, ry. In a word, thar Confirmaci. spoke very lightingly of Confir- on was not simply necessary, nei. mation ; affirming it to be a Sacra. ther Necesitate Medii, nor Necefment that was not enjoyned but sitate Precepti; so that ic was not only where it might be had very likely, that the want of it in Engeasily; that the effeAs thereof land was the cause of so many. might be abundantly supplyed by Peoples apoftarizing from the Ca. the ocher Sacraments, nay by or tholick Faith : So little do eicher

che Sacramenrs, or the Hierarchy, Villegas, were to appear at Rome nor excepting the Papacy it self, before the Pope, for having defignifie, when they stand in the fended the same Conclusion pub. way of the Jesuics ambition. lickly in the said University much

I do not except the Papacy, about the same time ; rochat had because when ir was generally be. Clement the VIIIth.condemned Me lieved that Clement she Vilh. lina's Book after the whole order was resolved co condemn Molina's of the Jesuirsin.:d etpoured the me Book of Scientia Media, the Spa- rics thereof ro poblickly, which nisl, Jesuits endeavoured to ward the Dominicans say he would cer. off that blow, by affirining in tainly have done, lad he buc li.' their publick Conclusions in their ved a few months longer, Ignatia College at Complutum, that it was us Loyola appearing to some Telunot a matter of Faith, to believe ics in Spain, and alluring them thar char Clement the vilich. was true Molina's Book would never be Pope ; for which Luisiuss Turrianus condemned by any Pope norwichthe President of the Disputation, standing; we should have had the Rector of the College, and Simony, or some other Nullity Vasquez, who were present at the found in his Ele&ion by the Jesús AA, were all summoned to its before chis cime : By chis we appear before ine Inquisition of see that Jesuirs have wherewith Toledo, as Gaspar Hortadus, Grego- co incimidare Popes, as well as ry de la Camara, and Alvarez de Princes and Bishops. .

[blocks in formation]

and fortifying of the Soul, as it was given to the Apostles on the day of Pentecost, that Christi. ans may with boldness confess the Name of Christ and his Catholick Faith, for which reafon the Person confirmed is anointed on the forehead with the Sign of the Cross, that being the most open place of the Body, and the Seat of Shame and Confusion, which is very different from what is done to People when they are

ple are confirmed on the forehead, that they may not be ashamed to confess the Name of Je. sus Christ and his Cross, which as the Apostle faina, is to the Jews an Offence, and to the Heathens foolishness; this Sacrament differs much from that of Baptism, for as by Baptilin we are born into the Faith, so by this we are confirmed therein ; for as in the Natural Life, to be born is different from growing, so in the Spiritual Life it is one thing to be born to Grace and Faith, which is done in Baptism, and another to encrease and grow stronger therein, which is done in Confirmation, and fo in Baptiím we are born to a Spiritual Life, and are afterwards prepared and confirmed for our Warfare, and do receive so much strength, that no dangers or terrors of Punishments, or Losses, or Torments, or Deaths are able to separate us from the Confession of the Name of Christ, and of the true Faith we profess.


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