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omnium capite requirantur,ea moruin corre&tio atque inftitutio quæ à fubdiris exigenda est : præfertim vero illud eft ab eo poftulandam, ac deni. que fummopere perendum, ne in curia Romana ofcitanter tot contractus Simoniaci, tot manifefta fraudes,

tot adverfuss naturalia d Divina jura fcelera, palam in totius orbis fcandalum fermittantur ; id enim adeo jdm in aminium antes devenii, ut à nemine, nisi is prorsus à fenfu alienis judicari cupiat, taceri poffit.

Decree XI.

THe Sentence of Excommunication being the

last and most rigorous punishment of the Church, and which for that reason ought not to be inflicted but with great Caution and Conlideration, the Synod doth therefore condenn the facility wherewith it has been used in this Dio. cess uron very slight and impertinent occasions, commanding it not to be inflicted hereafter, but

on, and never by word of mouth, but always in Writing. The Synod doth likewise condemn what has been formerly commanded in this Bifhoprick, which was, that in certain Cases Penitents were not to be absolved, but at the hour of Death, and in some not their neither, which is contrary to Christian Charity, and the Rules of the Church, who as a Pious iviorher at all times receives true Penitents, and never futs

dren : So that let their Crimes berever so enor. mous, yet upon their doing Pernance, and ex· pressing a deep sorrow for iheir Sins, and yield

ing the fatisfaction that is imposed upon them, they are graciously received, and made free at


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least in the Internal or Sacramental Court: But being there is no other punishment in this Church, by reason of its being under Kings that are Infi. dels, beyond that of Excommunication or Exclusion from the Church, some who are absol. ved in the Internal Court may still continue excommunicate in the External, so as not to be permitted to enter the Church; and tho the Priests may go to their Houses, they shall not give them the Casture, until such time as the PreJate shall order it to be done, having a regard to the heinousness of their Crimes, and the length of time from the Commission of them, that by this means the facility wherewith the Christians of this Diocess commit several Crimes, namely Murther, and the Ceremonies of the Taliconum may be removed.

Decree XII.

TOrasmuch as the Ignorance of Confessors is F the destruction of Penitents, and thorow the Error of the Key, there is nothing done, and it being known to the Synod that in this Diocess

as not to know what they do in Confeffion, all the Priests exercising themselves therein without ever having been examined as to their sufficiency; it doth therefore command, that from henceforward no Priest shall presume to hear Confessions without being Licensed thereunto in writing by the Prelate, which License shall not


be granted to any, but what have been first examined by Learned Persons, as to their fufficiency for such an Employment, and until such time as this Church is provided of Prelates to regulate all such matters to the best of their understanding, the Synod doth commit the Examination and Approbation to the * Fathers of the Society of Jesus, of the College of Vaipicotta, upon

Sfathers.] This is what the “grua sustentacino lo mismo hazen Bishops and other Orders in the .ein la nueva Espana, quanto mas Church of Rome complain of ro "corre er ricmpo, tanto mas crece much, that the Jefuits every eldaoo legan ya con la navaja where in che Indies ingross all ju. 'hasta el-ihueso. That is, In the risdi&ion and Advanrage co them. Provinces of Peru, ihe Cathedrals selves. Of their ingroflig all to have complained the e-70 Years of themselves to the exclufion of the Jesuirs robbing them of their all other orders in China, Japan, Tithes, by their vall purchases, they and the other parts of the Eut. bild their Tongues, and go on purcha. Indies, we have large. complainrs fing Estares, without any noise, in the Apologies of Diego Collado thereby stripping the Bishops of their a Dominican, and in the Letter of Rents, the poor of their Alms, and Father Luis Sorela, a Franciscan, the Chapter of a conveniert mainwritten to Urban Vill. and as to tenance; they do the in New the West Indies, Bilbop Pallabox Spain, and tous ecil his gone on inin his' Defence of Ecclefiaftical creasing daily, so that they art nous Jurisdi&ion against the Jesuirs, come to tbe bone with their Rasor. who had worryed him out of his 'Revego a Dios, faith the same Archbishoprick, after ewency more Biphop, Que ne sean las pinras such charges, sayeth, En las 'de un cabardillo peligrossfimo, provincias del Peru ha setenta que necessite de tercurado en annos que se quez an las Cathe. algunos hijos desta Religion pordrales, de que las Religiosos de la lamano del poncifice fumo com Compania com immoderadisi- 'repicidas sangrias de canto poder;

‘los diesmos, ellos callando y par- not the Spots * of a most dangerous 'sando y comprando, haziendos malignant Feavour, not to be cured 'con grandiflima paz y Glencio in some of the Sons of that Religion, 'van desnudando a los ocispos de any other ways than by repeated bleed' sus rencas, a los pohes de su so. ings from the Chief Pontiff. 'corro, a los Cabildas de su con

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whose Examination and Approbation, and a Li- • cence granted by the Governour whom the most Illustrious Metropolitan will leave in this Bishoprick, the Priests may hcar Confessions with the limitations 'exprefled in the said Licences, and all such as are at present Confessors, shall be examined by order of the Lord Metropolitan at his next Visitation, and such of the Clergy as shall be made Parish Priests, or Vicars, fall be first examined, and pproved of in the same form to be Confessors, that so such as are not qualified to be Confeflors may not be admitted Vicars, whose precise Obligation it is to confess their Sheep: And all Confessors that are not approved of by the said Lord Metropolitan in the form aforesaid, this. Synod doth suspend from the Of. fice of Confessor till such time as they shall be effectually examined and allowed of, and if any Priest, which God forbid, shall be found hearing Confessions without such a Licence, except in the case of danger of Death, and where no Confeflor is to be had, he shall be suspended from his Office and Benefice for a Year, and be further punished according to the degree of his Contumacy, and the Penitents shall be admonished to confess themselves again to some approved Confessor,


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Decree XIII.

DY reason of the great want there is of know-
K ing and able Confessors in this Bishoprick,
the Synod for the sake of the Sheep thereof doth
approve of all such Confeflors as understand the
Malabar Tongue, and are Licensed Confeflors
in any other Diocess, of whom also the Prelate
may make use for the assistance of the Parish-
Priests in Lent, where it shall be judged necef-
fary, and especially of the Priests of this Diocess
residing at Cochim.

Decree XIV.
THe Synod doth grievously condemn the

I Sacrilegious Ignorance of those Priests, who when they have confessed any at the command of the Prelate, or of any other by whom they are authorized, after having heard the Sins of their Penitents, do carry them to the said Prelate, to be absolved by him in the Sacramental Court; which was what happened to the most Ile lustrious Metropolitan in these parts ; the Synod doth therefore teach and declare, That none can abfolve the Penitent in the Sacramental Court, but the Priest only that heard his Sins ; for whereas he is the Judge, it is he that ought to pass sentence and absolve, in conformity to what he has heard confelied, the contrary be. ing a gross and manifest Error.


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