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Decree III.

THe Synod doth furthermore declare, That

T no Priest shall hold Two Churches with Cure, or receive the Fruits of them according to the Holy Canons : And whereas in this Diocess there are many that have two or three Churches, which they have had commended unto them in several parts, either because they were built by their Relations, or for some other Reason ; all which being a great Abuse, the Synod doth declare, That after the division of the Parishes is made, none shall have any Jurisdiction therein besides their proper Vicars, to whom only it shall belong to order all the Affairs of their Churches, and to whom whosoever shall deny to yield Obedience, shall be declared Excommunicate, and shall be punished at the pleasure of the Prelate'as disturbers of the Church; and all such Priests as are in present possession of the Churches, if qualified, and there be no just Impediment, the Synod will have it be instituted Vicars of one of their Parishes, as the most Reverend Me. tropolitan shall think fit; not that the Synod in. tends to prohibit the Prelate, in case he is not provided of a sufficient number of able Priests, or where there is not a sufficient maintenance, to recommend two Churches to one Vicar, provided they are at such a distance that he can look after both, without any wrong to the administration of the Sacraments. However, ? 3

this this shall never be done, but when there is an urgent and neceflary Reason for it.

Decree IV.

W Hereas there are a great many Churches in

W this Diocess that have no Priests, to the great detriment of the Faithful, who by that means are for several Years without Mafs, or any

peared to the Reverend Metropolitan in his Vifi. tation of the Churches, in some of which he found there had been no Masses said in five or six Years, and that there are Children of th... or a greater Age, that have never been Baptized; therefore the Synod both command, That there be no Church that is made Parochial, how poor and inconsiderable soever the People may be, for any long time without a Curate or Vicar to administer the Sacraments to the Faith

and if it should so happen, as it does too often, that he cannot have a Priest to supply such Cures, in that Case, the Synod declares, that the Prelate may oblige whomsoever he pleaseth, by Penalties and Censures to serve such Churches, that so the Necessities of the Faithful may be provided for, giving them whereon to fubfist in the said Churches.


Decree V. THe Synod being informed that there are

I many Villages in this Diocess, which, by reason of their great distance from any Church, have little of Christianity left in them besides the Name of the Christians of St. Thomas, which has been occasioned through the great negligence of the former Schismatical Prelates of this Bishoprick ; wherefore the Synod doth, in virtue of Holy Obedience, command all Priests that are nominated Vicars, so soon as they shall come to

their Churches, to make a strict inquiry into the . Christians that live in the Skirts of their Parishes,

and to report what they shall discover as to this Matter to the most Reverend Metropolitan that, so he may take such course therein as shall be most for the Service of Christ, and the Benefit of Souls; and the same diligence shall be used in all Parts, where there are such People found, and have never been Baptized, and where it is thought necessary, there shall be New Churches built, and Vicars appointed for the reducing such to true Christianity, and the use of the Holy Sacraments of the Church.

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Decree VI.

TT 7 Hereas the Church of Travancor is at this VV time totally demolished, the greater part of its Parishioners having above forty Years ago turned perfect Heathens, all which has happened through the negligence of sending Priests among them by reason of their great distance from any other Church, there being nevertheless several good Christians there still, therefore the Synod doth command, that a Vicar be forthwith collated to that place, who shall set immediate

wise be fome Preachers sent along with him to reduce the said People into the bosom of Holy Mother Church, and to the Holy Catholick Faith of Christ, according to the Orders given therein by the most Reverend Metropolitan, and the Vi. car shall continue there baprizing and receiving all, according to the necessity of the Church, for which an Olla, or License has been already obtained from the King of Travancor, and shall from henceforth continue in the Church according to the necessity thereof.

Decree - VII.
THe Synod being informed, That upon the

borders of the Territories belonging to che Samorim King of Calecut, at the distance of four leagues from any Church in this Bishoprick,


there is a Country called Tadamalla, in which there are certain Villages of Christians, who were anciently of this Church, but at present have nothing of Christianity but the bare Name, doth command that Priests and Preachers be sent thither immediately from this Church to reduce them to the Catholick Faith, and baptize them, in which matter, through the diligences that have been used by the most Reverend Metropolitan, they will meet with no difficulties on the part of those who have lost their Christianity only for want of Instruction, and the Synod doth recommend this People, as a Member of their Church to the Spiritual Care of the most Reverend Metropolitan.

Decree VIII.

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ST 7 Hereas the use of the Holy Oils was in

made the Oil of Chrism,the matter of the Sacrament of Confirmation and Extream Unction; and did furthermore appoint other Holy Unctions for the Catechumeni, delivering the Doctrine of the Consecration of such Oils in his last Supper to his Disciples,as we are taught by Holy Tradition from the Apostles and the Doctrine of the Holy Fathers of theChurch, and there baving notwithstanding this been no such thing in use, or known in this Church to this day: Therefore the Synod doth command, that in all Parish Churches there be a Box that shall hold three Vessels of Plate, Tin, or Glass,

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