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a. Procession in the Church, or where the Vicar shall appoint, in which the Litanies shall be said

according to the customs of the Church, which - shall also be translated in the said Roman Ceremonial, expunging the Names of all the Hereticks, who according to the custom of the Neo ftorians, were commemorated in this Church ; and it is the desire of the Synod, that the use of the said Litanies be brought into this Church to be read in their Necessities, or when they defire to implore the Divine Mercy.

Decree xxiv.
THe Synod being informed, that in the re-

1 mote parts of this Bishoprick, as well towards the South, as towards the North, the Christians that dwell in the Heaths are guilty of Working and Merchandizing on Sundays and Holy-days, especially in the Evenings, doth command the Vicars to be very vigilant in this Matter, and to admonish and reprehend all that they shall find so doing ; and if after three particular Admonitions, they shall not reform, they shall after that be thrown out of the Church, and have the. Casture denied them ; neither shall any Priest go into their Houses until they have yielded Obedience.

Decree Decree XXV. W Hereas in this Diocess there are many

W Churches dedicated to Marxobro and Marphrod, who are commonly stiled Saints, of whom there is * nothing known, only it is commonly said, That they came into these Parts and wrought


* Nothing known.) At of several great and learned men, Compostella, the most famous place who had all the same thoughts of it of Devotion in all Spain, the Peo. that I had, the thing indeed being tog ple pray to some that they know clear and manifest for any such to as little of, as the Malabars do of doubt of ; for it is visible, that Marphrod.

the Stone is the Grave. Stone of For the famous Spanish Antiqua. forne Heathens, with this following ry Ambrosius Morales, in the gth. Inscription. Book of his Chronicle, gives us a particular Account of an Altar

DMS with some Names upon ic that he AT LA MO ET ATmet with there, and that had TE T LV MPS great Devotion paid to it. .

VIRIA EMO In the famous Monastery of the Benedi&ine Nuns that' joins to the 'NEPTIS PIANO XTI Holy Charch of St. James, faith ET S. E. C. Morales, and is dedicated to the Glorious Martyr Pelayo, whom in The words are very plain and that Country they commonly call clear, there not being a Leiter w.antSt. Payo, there is an Ara on the ing; so that not withstanding the Altar, which they affirm to have Blunders coministed by the Graver been Consecrated by the Apostles, and in Spelling it, they may be witb grzat that they themselves said Mass on ease Translated, which I wil do it, and that it was brought thither as well as I can into Spanish. with the blesed Body of St. James. " This Stone is Consecrated to Now there is not, raith Morales, “the Gods of the Dead, and Denot only no foundation for the Truth “dicated to the Memories of of this Story, but there is just cause . Atiano, and of Atle, and of to believe, that that Stone, which is Lumpsa, as also to her Memory at present in the same state it was " who Ereded it, Viria Emola in when it was first made, could “their pious Grand-child, being never be an Altar. I observed it " 16 Years of Age.' with great attention in the company

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* This is what the Stone cont ains, lem, e por isto deyxon esta Ara, therefore they that consecrated it an a seus Discipolos, paraque sobre Altar, would have done well to have de la dixiesem Milla, ca membra. defaced the Letters, by which means za destes Santos : asi dexou es. they would have removed the indig- crico 8 Bispo Don Serrando : That nity that stares all People in the is to say, face, that consider what a thing it is to have the most Holy Body and Consrecated to the greatest God, Blood of Cbrist our Redeemer, consecrated and placed upon the Tomb- "Atiamo, Erato, Telumpsa, Viriamo, Stone of Heathens, whereon the De- Nepotispiano, Xuuito, Teliforo, vils are invocated. Thus far . Morales.

'Were all Martyrs, and suffered But as this Stone has had a great cinc.

had a great in Galecia in the Village of Sarep, deal of Honour done ir, in coming on

long before the Apostle went to ferue to be Consecrared an Alcar in such as

Salem, who for that reason kefc a famous place of Devotion, lo the Persons whose Names are up

chis Alcar to his Disciples to say

Mass on in memory of chole on it, have had no less done to them, who are all great Saints in ;

Saints, as Bishop Don Serrando

has lefe upon Record.
that Country, and particularly
Piano, who in all probability is the

Lobarinus cells us, char Don Ser.

Źrandus after having given a deSt. Payo, to whom the Church and

da scription of the Altar, subjoias
Monastery is dedicated.
For first, Salazar in his Spanish

the following Account of it

' Efte he ò Retrayco de Ara Martyrology upon the 30th. day.

y que deyxo escripta o Apoftol of December, gives this following is

Santiago, a seus discipolos, e ho
Account of the said Stone and
Persons. Don Didacus Sequinus, om

“un canto da que trouxa con figo

was 'nó mar, cobre que, pausuran Bifhip of Auria, who has Epitomized

the Life of his Predecessor Serran."

'o sanco corpo e sobre de la deria

• 'nilla Arcadio i Bispo do Orenes dus, gives therein the following Ex-5

win? Ex 'en san Maria Madre; auiro tanto position of the Inscription that is up.

supe 'como este esta en fan Payo, de on this Altar Stone, in the Galeciano

an Santiago com istas mismas letras Language, which History I have now

ļ God; the other which is the same Inner Gace a Stone Statue, with with this is in the Church of St.Payo a long inscripcion under it, of of Compostella, with the same which there is nothing legible Names of these Holy Martyrs. from the ground but the word

destos Santos Martyres. Thac is by me in MSS.

to say: This is the Portraiture of

the Altar which the Apojile St. James Consegrada a Deos Maximo, left, with an Inscription upon it, to

his Disciples, who carried another of Asiamo, Erato , Telumpsa Viriamo the same Dimensions, and with the Nepotispiano, Xuuito, Teliforog . fame Inscription, along with him to

Sea; upon which his Holy Body was Forem Martyres e padezerop em laid, and Arcadius the first Bishop Galizia, no Pago Sarense ances of Orenes, said Mass upon it in the que o Apostolo se fose a Jerusa- Church of St. Mary the Mother of вь



I hope the Reader will pardon Veneris, which is very plain, the me, if I offer one or two more Portugueze who shewed us the instances of the same Narure. place, for we were several Pro

In the Spanish Martyrology up- teftanes in Company, told us very on the 22d. of May, it is said, gravely that the Castle was built by Sancius Publius Bebius Venuftus the Romans, and that the Statue Martyr qui pontem in honorem tem. we saw so much defaced, the pli beate Marie condidit,petente Or. Head and Arms being broke of, dine Oretanorum ut pateret aditus ad and the Body very much malled Templum, XX. CHS. in quo ponte with Stones, was the Statue of fuæ pietatis, hujufmodi in vifceri. the Roman Goddess Venus : we bus lapidis Monumentum reliquit. kept our Countenances as well

as we could, perceiving plainly, P. BÆBIUS VENUSTUS P. that neither the Carlle nor the BÆBIVENETIEP. BÆSISCERIS Statue were Roman work, and NEPOS ORETANUS. PETEN. the Letters of Veneris were perTE ORDINE ET POPULO, IN fe&ly Gothick, so I and two more HONOREM DOMUS DIVINÆ, having industrioufly lost our Por. PONTEM FECIT EX HS XXC. túgueze, we resolved if possible to CIRCENSIBUS EDITIS.

find out the cruth of che matter, D. D.

andi after some poring, we be

gan to discover some more LecThis needs no Commentary, it rers, and with some pains spelt being plain from the Monument out the word Ante afrer Veneris; ic self, that this P. BÆBIVS was whereupon we concluded, that a Heathen, and that Domus Di Veneris there must be a verb, and vina herein mentioned, was not not a Substantive, and that Venea Church dedicated to the blesed ris ante must be the end of a Mon

And at Ebora in Portugal, Sr. ly Cacisfied that it was so by what Viarius, who infallibly cures all followed, which was, pains in the Loins, and for chat reason is very much prayed co, Pertranfire cave, nifi prius dixeris was raised out of such another Ave Heathen Roman Monument, Regina cæli mater, . whereon Viarum Curator was writ, as Refendius tells us.

What followed was so defaced Buc as in some places they that we could make nothing of have made Salots of Heachens, in ir, neither indeed were we Toliq hers they have made Heathens cirous about it, being abundantly of Saints: For in the Castle of Li. satisfied from what we had read, ria in Portugal, there is over the chiar it was a Scatue of the moft


Blessed Virgin ; when we recurn- found him and them all in the ed to our Portuguere, we asked same Story, that the Name of him as we did the People also at the Goddess was written under it, our Inn, how he came to know and that it was the constant Tracertainly that it was the Scacue dition of the City and Country. of a Heathen Goddess, and we

wrought Miracles, and returned afterwards to Babylon, from whence they came, others affirming that they died in Coulaon, there being nothing writ of them that is Authentick, neither does it appear that they were ever canonized by the Church; but on the contrary, since they came from Babylon, there is just cause to suspect that they might be Hereticks: Wherefore the Synod doth command, That all the Churches which are dedicated to them, be dedicated to all the Saints, and that the Festivities used to be kept to their Honour, and the Nerchas that used to be given upon their days, shall be given on All Saints day, being the first of November : and for the future there be no more Churches dedicated to them, Churches and Festivities being never to be dedicated, nor Pray. ers made to any but to Saints canonized and apa proved of by the Church.

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