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- Persons in the Ue of Extream S uperstitious, Heathenish Cuftoms Unitin,

p.286 of forerelling lucky and unlucky Dec, Ill. The Manner in which Days for Marriage, &c. p. 300

the Extream Un&tion is to be ad- Dec. XI. Priests not to 'Eat or ministred, '

p. 287 Drink with Infidels, 'or in a

Tavern or Públick Eating House ACTION VIL upon pain of Suspension, and

p. 301 : Dec. XII. Commands the Clergy of the Sacraments of Order and to wear a distina Habit from

Macrimony, . p. 288 the Laity, with other diređi. of the Doctrine of the Sacrament ' .ons for cheir Behaviour,p. 302 of Order,

p. 288. Dec. XIIÍ. Clergy not to meddle Dec. 1. Ordains who arc fit for Or i o Secular Affairs, “. p. 373

ders, **; * p. 291 Dec. xiv. Commands áll 'che Dec: II. Such as have been Simo- ' Clergy to wear the Habit, Ton

naically ordained, dispensed fure, and Sbaven Crown, p. 304 with,

P. 293 Dec. XV. No' Ecclefiaftick to reDec. III. None to celebrate thar c eive pay from any King as a

have the Leprofie, p. 293 Soldier, ...“ , p. 304 Dec. IV. Such as live in Malice Dec. XVI. No Clerk in Orders to · Dot capable of the cafture, or Marry upon pain of Excommu. Blessing, &c.

p. 294 nication, in p . 305 Dec. V. Direâions for saying thic Dec. XVII, Suffers' such as have · Divine Offices ; declared a Mor- . been married, and turn away tal Sin not to recice the whole, their Wives, to exercise their . .. !ai . 295 Fun&ion,

i, p. 308 Dec. VI. Coinmands the Athanasi. Dec. XVIII. Wives of Priests cak.

an Creed to be tranflaced jnco led.Catatiara's, to be degraded Syrian, and che Clergy to get it from their Honour in the

by heart, . p. 297 Church, and benefit in the Dec. VII. Exhorts Clergymen noc.. Profics, unless they leave their to be absent ac Divine Service, i Husbands,, !

p. 300 with directions for their Beha. .Dec. XIX. Declares how far ihts

viour therear, c. p. 297. Synod is to be guided by the Dec. VIII. Clergymen to be dedu Trent Council,

p. 310 &ed in their part of the Divi. Dec. XX. Forbids Simony, pizu dend for every time of absence, Dec. XXI. Provides Means for except in case of lawful Impe- the preventing of Simony, diment, '. p. 298.

P. 314 Dec IX. Commands that no Exor. Dec. XXII. Provides further for

cisms be used fave chose of the che prevencion of Simony, p.

Church of Rome, p. 299. Dec. X. Forbids under pain of Dec. XXIII. None to be put in

the Greater Excoinmunication all Orders during the Vacancy of


che See, and why, p. 315 perstitious Ceremonies for sac

The Doctrine of the Sacrament cess in Marriage prohibiced, p. of Matrimony, p. 317

, P: 335 Deco I. Marriage to be celebrared Dec. XV. Against Heathenish Ce

according to the dire&ions of remonies in Marriage Contra&s, the Council of Trent, p. 320

p. 386 Dec. II. None to be Married wich. Dec. XVI. Against a Judaical Ce

que present Consent, together remony used by Married Peowith the Marriage Form, and ple,

p. 337 the manner of Consenting, p.

321 Dec. III. Banns to be published ac

ACTION VIII. cording to the Council of Trent, how,

p. 323 of the Reformation of ChurchDec. IV. Orders a Register for Affairs,

P. 338 Marriages, as also a Method for Dec. I. For dividing the Diocess

registring them, p. 324 into Parishes, and appointing Dec. V. Marriages to be celebra. Ministers, Oc. p. 338

brated in the Church, and the Dec. II. Division and Uniring of Parties to be Married to Con.. Parishes belongs to the Prefefs, abd receive the Eucbar ist late, doc.

p. 340 before they can be Married, Dec. III. Pluralities condemned, p. 325

p. 341 Dec. VI. Degrees of Kindred where Dec. IV, No Parochial Church to

Marriage is prohibited, p. 326 be without a Curate, P. 342 Dec. VII. Spiritual Kindred prohi. Dec. V. The disuse of Chriftianity. bired, what,

p. 328 ordered to be enquired into, Dec. VIIJ. The Metropolitan to die

p. 343 spence with such Marriages both Dec. VI. Orders the Church of past, present, and co come,&oc. Travancor to be rebuilt, and a

p. 329 Vicar Collated to the place, P. Dec, IX. Unlicensed times for

344 Marrying, which, p. 331 Dec. VII. Orders Preachers to be Dec. X. Ordains what Age Par- sent to Tadamalla, and why, cies to be Married shall be of,

P. 344 p. 330. Dec, VIII. Three Vessels of Oil to Dec. XI. Separations in this Mar be kepe in the Church, p. 345 ter forbid,

p. 332 Dec. IX. Holy Days or Feasts of Dec. XII. Declares all Marriages the Church, on what days to void that are not performed. be kepr,

p. 347. according to the form of the Dec. X. Fasts, upon whar days to Council of Trent, p. 333 be kept,

p. 350 Deo. XIII. Forbids Polygamy, p. Dec. XI. The Malavar Christians

f. 334 Custom of keeping Lent apDec. XIV. Consulting of Wiza proved of,

P: 353 pards, and ufing Heathenish, - Dec. XII. How far Fasting obliga.

cory, 373 Dec. XXVIII.Cupboards and Chests


. .

P. 354 Dec. XXIX. Images to be set up Dec. XIII. Some Heathenish Wash i n Churches,

P. 374 ings condemned, p. 355. Dec. XXX. Churches to be re-conDec. XIV. The use of confecrated secrated, for what, p. 376 Alles,

p. 356. Dec. XXXI. Sick Persons prohiDec. XV. No Flesh to be Eat up- bired to lie in the Church,p-377

on Saturdays, but in some cases Dec. XXXII. All dead Corps to permicred on Wednesdays, p. to be buried in Holy Ground,and 357 by a Priest,

p. 378

eating Flesh lasts from Midnighţ r ying such as die of the Smallro Midnighr, doc. p. 357 Pox,

p. 379 Dec. XVII. Water to be blessed Dec. XXXIV. No Church to

by chrowing baly Salt inco it ; change the Name by which it

how to be used, p.358 . was consecrared, P. 379 Dec. XVIII. Boys and Girls to be Dec. XXXV. Gentle Methods re

instructed in the Doctrines of commended for the reducing

the Church of Rome, p. 360 of Infidels to the Church, p.381 Dec. XIX. Dire&ions for saying Dec. XXXVI. Orders all Poor Peo

the Ave mary, p. 362 ple that desire to turn ChristiDec. XX. Commands Bowing acans to be received to Baptism, at the Name of Jesus, p. 362

382 Dec. XXI. Mattins and Procesions Dec. XXXVII. Commands that order'd on Christmas Eve, p. all be caught to Cross themselves

363 from the Left to the Right, Dec. XXII. Surplice and Stole op

P. 383 dered co be used in the Admi. Dec. XXXVIIJ. Execution of Wills

niftration of Sacraments, p. 365 declared to belong to the BiDec. XXIII. Candles to be bler shops,

p. 384 sed, when,

p. 366 Dec. XXXIX. The Office of BuriDec. XXIV. Commanding an u al to be performed for all, ex

diversal Ceffation from Work cepe such as die under Excom.

on the Sabbath Day, p. 367 munication or uster Impenitence, Dec. XXV. Churches formerly

p. 385 dedicated to Marzobro and Mar. Dec. XL. Grants Licence to the phrod to be dedicated to All Jesuits of the College of Vai. Saints, doc.

p. 368 picotta, and why, P: 385 Dec. XXVI. The Poors Box to be Dec. XLI. The Christians of St.

kept in the Overseers House and Thomas to be obliged by the

why, and how, P: 372 Constitutions of the Bishoprick Dec. XXVII. Capiars appointed, of Goa,

ACTION IX. : of the Reformation of Manners,

ordered co be kept in the Ve . Stries, and why,

, p. 388


P. 374

• ftoms,

Dec. I. Orders the Excirpation of make use of Ordeals for tryal Superftitious and Heathenisha Cu- of their Innocence, p. 403

P: 3,88 Dec. XVI. Christians commanded Dec. II. Declares what is Super to distinguish themselves from

Stition, and what not, : p. 389 the Heathens, -how,' p. 405 Dec. III. Forbids Heathenish Puri- Dec. XVIII. Prohibits Christians fications,

P. 391 to drink or sell Orraca, p. 406 Dec. IV. Forbids Christians to fre. Dec. XIX. A certain Weight for

quent Heathen Festivities,p.391 Merchandize commanded, p. Dec. v. Concains some farther di

406 rections for Christians, p. 392 Dec. XX. Females to inherit in Dec. VI. Prohibits the consulting defaulc of Issue Male, p. 407 of Witches and Fortune-Tellers, Dec. XXI. Adoption of Sons not

... P. 393 lawful, except, &C. p. 409 Dec. VII. No Christians to pra. Dec. XXII. Forbids the Prelace aise Witchcraft or Conjuring, to certifie the Adoption of Chil

p. 395 dren, where the Adopier has aDec. VIII. Against Diabolicaln y of his own, P.410 charms,

P: 396 Dec. XXIII. Christians desired to Dec. IX. Declares what Interest cohabit in Villages, and why, is lawful, P. 397

P. 411 Dec. X. More against Extortion, Dec. XXIV: Desires the King of

p. 398 Portugal to cake all the ChriDec. XI. Forbids Concubinage, p. ftians of Malabar under his


p. 411 Dec. XII. Contains an Admoniti. Dec. XXV. Orders all Vicars co

on to Masters and Fathers of have a copy of the Decrees Families,

. p. 400 of the Synod, and why. The Dec. XIII. Prohibits Christians C oncluhon, being a Recapitulati

the Buying and Selling Children on as it were of the whole Syor Kindred,

p. 400 nod, made by the Metropolitan Dec. XIV. Approves of giving the to the Clergy and People; with

Tenth part of their Wives Portion some other Remarkables, p.413

to the Church, doc. p. 402 Dom Andre Bishop of Cochim's Dec. XV. Commands differences Letter to the Synod, p. 432

among Christians to be decided The Synod's Answer, P. 440

by the Prelate; .. . p. 402 A Preface to a Missal, Dec. XVI. Christians forbid to

A .
Short History

OF THE Church of MALABAR: From the time of its being first Difcovered by the Portuguezes, in the Year 1501. until the Celebration of the following Synod in the

Year 1599.

T HE Country of Malabar begins at Cana.

nor, a Town in the Northern Latitude of 10 degrees and 20 minutes, and

ends at Cape Comorim, in the Northern Latitude of 7 degrees and ids.

It contains divers Kingdoms, as Cochim, Travancor, Gundaca, Pimenta, Margate, &c. and abounds with Ports, as Calecut, Cale, Cochin, Cou. lam, &c. Most of its Princes and Nations are Heathens, and extreamly superstitious in the Wor.

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