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The Mass that is henceforth to be used by the

ancient Christians of St. Thomas of the

Bishoprick of Angamale in the Serra of Malabar, in the East-Indies, purged of the Nestorian Errors and Blasphemies it abounded with, by the most Illustrious and Reverend Dom Frey Aleixo De Menezes, Arch-Bi. shop of Goa, and Primate of the Indies, at the time when he reduced them to the Obedience of the Holy Roman Church. Translated word for word out of Syriack or Syrian, into Latin. A Mong the other things which the most A Reverend Arch-Bishop of Goa, and Primate of the Indies, Dom Frey Aleixo

Synod, assembled by him in the Bishoprick of Angamale of the Serra of Malabar, of the Christians of St. Thomas, in which he purged the. Church of the Nestorian Heresies, and reduced it to the Obedience of "the Holy Roman Church; one of the chief was the reforming the Syrian Mass, which was said in the Chaldee Tongue in this Bishoprick, which having been 'com. posed or inlarged by Nestorian Hereticks, was full of Errors and Blasphemies both in the Prayers and Commemorations of Nestorius, Theodorus, and Diodorus, and se. veral other Neftorian Hereticks, to whom as to Saints, they prayed, for to intercede for them : And whereas this People was in a profound Ignorance, nay che very Bishops, who came from Babylon, not knowing the true Form of Consecration, all of them adding to it and taking from it at their pleasure ; chere being no certain particular Form of Consecration among them, until a certain Arch-Bishop came who had more knowledge than the rest in Eccle. fiaftical Matters, and the Holy Scriptures ; who perceiving that the Form wherewith they Consecrated , contained in it' some

Errors, Errors, contrary to the Truth of the Di vine Sacrament, did establish the true. Form, adding some words to it, both in the Consecration of the Body and Blood, in contradiction to the Error and Herelie of those who say that the Sacrament is only the Figure of the Body of Christ our Lord. From whence it is more than probable, the Hereticks of our Times, the revivers of the Errors of all the ancient condem ned Sects, took this Opinion : The Form established by the forementioned Arch-Bishop was, This is in truth my Body; this, is in truth the Cup of my Blood, which was thed for you and for many, for the propitiation, and remission of your Sins ; and this fall be a. Pledge to you for ever and ever ;' in which Form they have now Consecrared for several Years. But the most Reverend Arch-Bishop Primate, having removed the words that are not necessary, e. stablished the proper Form used in the Catholick Church, as it is in the Roman Missal, laying aside divers and Sacrilegious and ignorant Ceremonies also, which fig:

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nified some Heresies and Errors that were amongst them: And having thus reformed their Mass, he continued it however in its ancient Form, until such time as he had consulced the Apostolical See about it, to know what our Lord the Pope would determine in that Matter; many of the emendations are noted in the Synod, Dec. 10. A&t. 5. of the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass, and in the Action of Matters of Faith, where they are to be seen; I shall here present the Curious only with the Mass reformed, and as its said among them at this time.

| Have Published this Preface for the sake of I the Testimony that is therein, of this Church's not having believed Transubstantiation, but have forbore to Print the Millal it belongs to, because it is the Missal that was imposed upon this Church by Arch-Bishop Menezes, or their Old Missal, Jo altered and mangled by him, as to be truly what Father Simon calls it, A confused indigested Office, and withal very tedious.


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