Political Change and the Crisis of Legitimacy in Hong Kong

Hurst, 1989 - 480 páginas
The Sino-British agreement and the resumption of Chinese sovereignty over Hong Kong in 1997 have posed fundamental questions about the future of that state and the political and individual liberties which Hong Kong citizens will or will not enjoy under the new order. A fundamental question is whether a capitalist economy (guaranteed by the agreement) can exist in Hong Kong after 1997 without the supervisory role of the capitalist state and the implied relationship with the population. To explore this question it is necessary to know how the state in Hong Kong emerged, the measures it uses to attain its goals, and how autonomous it has been from Britain and China and from popular political demands.

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An Overview of Political Change in PostAgreement
The Unreformed Colonial State 18421966
The 19661967 Riots and their Aftermath
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