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5 Sober Appeal to the Christian Public ;'?

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BR 7234 S49 c22 .


IT is often urged as an objection to writings of this sori, that as the authors are unknown, they “shoot their arrows in the dark," and therefore have a good opportunity to conduct “unfairly" and " dishonestly;" but how cao this be made an objection? The press is free for all; and if opinions are misrepresented, and error supported, "the means of refutation will undoubtedly be abundant.” But, on the other hand, there are (in the view of the writer) some substantial reasons why the authors should not be known. Whenever a controversy exists, more or less personal invective is used, especially by those who have little else to use; and private character is often assailed with all the bitterness of which the writer is capable; but if the names are concealed, the writers must fairly meet the arguments, or give their blows on personal character at random ; in which, as to the right person, they will be quite as likely to miss as to hit. Or this fact, the Sober Appeal is a remarkable proof. It is well known to whom the author of that work points, as the writer of the “Serious Call;" and it is as well known to many persons, that he has greatly mistaked his man. Our business is not with the writers, but with their arguments. Who wrote it? or who did not write it ? are mere questions of curiosity. The only question to us, is, Does the writer es. tablish his point?

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