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that yet remain to be made by the Jacobin Bill, the, a Song, 708.
Tory Party, 1015; excellent speech of Johnne Graimis' Eckspeditioun till

Sir George Murray at Perib, 1016. Hevin, be Mr Hougge, 641.
Ettrick Shepherd. See Shepherd. King Willie, 17.
Exeter, Note on the Bishop of, 157. Late Elections in England, in a Letter
Family Poetry, No. 1, 652.

from a Wbig-Hater, 1011.
Fate of the Duke de Biron, 627.

L'Envoy, 141.
Financial Measures of a Reformed Par- Letter from a Liberal Whig, see Whig.

liament, No. I. The Whig Budget, Letters on the British colonies, by James
968; proposed abolition of the tobacco Macqueen, 187, 454.
duty, ib. ; reduction of duty on Calico Log, Tom Cringle's, 977.
Pripts, 969 ; tax on transfers of stock, Lord Advocate on Reform, 980.
ib. ; duty on transfers of land, 971; Macqueen, James, Fourth Letter on the
duty on Canadian timber, ib. ; increase British Colonies, from, 187; Prelimi.
on Cape wine duty, 973; duty on raw nary Letter to Earl Grey, 186; Letter
cottons, ib. ; duty on steam-boats, 974; to Earl Grey on British Colonies and
these ruinous projects, rejected for the James Stephen, 454.
present, will be resumed when Minis- Maga, Christmas Carol in honour of, 11;
ters obtain a Democratic Parliament, the Five Champions of, a song by the

late Dr Scott, 271.
* Fine Arts, Ignoramus on the, No. I. 214. Marriages, List of, 573.
No. 11. 508.

Martyr-Philosopher, the, 485.
Freeholder, English, Letter from, on the Meard, Jourgniac St, Agony of Thirty-
Ministry's Plan of Reform, 783.

eight Hours, by, 935.
Giants' Causeway, Sonnets on the, by Metropolis, local government of the, and
Leodiensis, 343.

other populous places, 82.
Glasgow, the Gander of, a Song by Chris- Ministry's Plan of Reform, Letter from an

topher North, 568 - Ghost of the English Freeholder on, 783.
Gander of, a Song, 717.

Miser's Grave, the, by the Ettrick Shep-
Goodnight, 343.

herd, 915.
Government, Local, of the Metropolis, 82. Modern Pythagorean, Remembrance by,
· Grave Doings, 960.

Guard, National, 615.

National Guard, 615.
Gun, the Old Maid and the, 255.

Necromancer, the, by Mrs Hemans, 261.
Harris, Henry, Doctor in Divinity, sin- Noctes Ambrosianæ, No. LIII. 1; Dis-

gular passage in the life of the late, 603. cussion of Moore's opinion that men of
Head, the Turned, 105.

genius are unfit for the enjoyment of
Hemans, Mrs, Last Song of Sappho, by, domestic felicity, 6; Christmas Carol,

129- Peniteut's Return, by, 130— in honour of Maga, 11 ; the discussion
Communings with Thought, by, 260 continued, 13; King Willie, 17; the
-The Necromancer, by, 261— The Discussion continued, 18; the Tri-co-
Procession, by, 451-The Burial in lor, 25; the Discussion continued,
the Desert, by, 453–Stanzas, 667– 26; Deficiency in Sir Walter Scott's
Hymn of the Mountain Christian, by, Metaphysics, illustrated from some pas-

sages of his Demonology, 30.–No.
Here a foul hulk lies Glasgow's Gander, LIV. 263; Ducrow's Poetical Imper-
a Song, 719.

sonations, ib. ; the Five Champions of
Highlander's Return, by Delta, 924. Maga, a Song by the late Dr Scott, 271;
Hogg, James, see Shepherd.

North's masterpiece in painting—the
Homer, Sotheby's, 668,829.

defence of Socrates, 273; Demos, 277;
Hymn of the Mountain Christian, by O fill the wine-cup high, 278; Ameri-
Mrs Hemans, 913.

can Poetry, 280.–No. LV. 535; the
Ignoramus on the Fine Arts, No. 1, 214. Quarterly Review and the Ettrick
No. II, 508.

Shepherd, 538; O weel befa'the Maiden
* Ireland, state of, 467 ; catholic emanci. Gay, a Song by the Ettrick Shepherd,
Lost, 694 ; a parallel might be drawn 666_ Dangerous tendency of this mea-
between it and Cowper's Task, 695; sure, 666.- No. V. First Reading of
Oysters, 697; books on Natural His- the Reform Bill, 732—Timber Duties,
tory, 698; William and Mary Howitt, 733—The Times newspaper, 735—
699; a battle of cats described by Tick- Debate on the second reading of the
ler, 701 ; Physical Philosophy, 703; the Reform Bill, 736— Discussion on Re.
Jacobin Bill, a Song, 708; the Ghost of form in the House of Lords, 740, 741
the Gander of Glasgow, 711; the Ghost - Alteration in the Ministerial plan of
of the Gander, a Song, 717 ; Here a Reform, 743.
foul hulk lies Glasgow's Gander, a Parr, Dr, and bis Contemporaries, No.
Song, 719.

pation, instead of allaying the ferment 546; " the Best Society,” “the Highest
in Ireland, has made it worse, 468; the Circles,"548;Oysters, 552; Education,
causes of Irish penury to be found in 554 ; the Great Glasgow GANDER,
the misconduct of the Irish people, 562 ; the Gander of Glasgow, a Song
ib. ; the truth of this illustrated by the by Christopher North, 568.- No. LVI.
state of agriculture, 471 ; of manufac- 688; criticism on a passage of Milton,
tures, 473; vehement party feelings of in regard to the imagination it displays,
the Irish, 475; the real means of im- ib. ; Wordsworth's Excursion some-
provement pointed out, 477.

times foolishly compared with Paradise

I. 61-No. II. 376_No. III. 763.-
North, Christopher, Winter Rhapsody, No. IV. 901.

by, Fytte Third, 287; Fytte Fourth, Parties, 346_Character of Earl Grey's
409— Mr Sadler and the Edinburgh cabinet, ib.- their measures, 350
Reviewer, a Prolusion, by, chap. J. the Tory party, 354-call on the great
392 ; chap. II. 405; chap. III. 417 landholders to form a new party, 359.

- The Gander of Glasgow, a Song, by, Passage, singular, in the Life of the late
568-A Word to the Wise from, 721. Henry Harris, Doctor in Divinity, 603.
Old Maid and the Gun, 255.

Passages from the Diary of a late Physi-
O weel befa' the Maiden Gay, a Song, by cian, see Physician.
the Ettrick Shepherd, 546.

- some, in the Life of Sir Frizzle
Parliamentary Sayings and Doings, 132 Pumpkin, Chap. III., 636.

-Bill for Amending the Practice of Penitent's Return, by Mrs Hemans, 130.
Pleading, ib.— Bill for Establishment Physician, Passages from the Diary of a
of Local Courts, 133—Complaint of late, Chap. VI. The Turned Head,
the Duke of Newcastle against the 105—The Wife, 112_Chap. VII.
King's Attorney-General, 135—Re- The Spectre-Smitten, 361 – Chap.
gency Bill, ib.- Abolition of the office VIII. The Martyr-Philosopher, 485.
of Postmaster in Ireland, 136- Pro- -Chap. IX. The Statesman, 802–
cession of the Trades to the King's Pa- Chap. X. A Slight Cold, 946; Rich
lace, 137— Motion on the General Dis- and Poor, 953; Grave Doings, 960.
tress, ib.-- Miscellaneous business, 139. Poetry-Cbristmas Carol in honour of
- No. II. 329- Borough of Evesham, Maga, 11-King Willie, 17—the Tri.
ib.—Stamford Petition, ib.-Duty on color, 25— Thomson's Birthplace, by
Sea-borne Coals, 330_ Truck System, Delta, 127-Last Song of Sappho, by
331- Notice of a Motion for removing Mrs Hemans, 129_Penitent's Return,
the Civil Disabilities of the Jews, 332 by Mrs Hemans, 130—Remembrance,
- Petitions, 333—Motion for a super- by a Modern Pythagorean, 131-Com.
sedeas of the Evesham Election Writ, munings with Thought, by Mrs He-
ib.-Administration of Justice in the mans, 260—– The Necromancer, by Mrs
Court of Chancery, 335–Scotch Re- Hemans, 261- The Five Champions
presentation, 336 — Printed Cottons, of Maga, a Song by the late Dr Scott,
337_Grants of Land to the Poor, ib. 271-Demos, 277_O Fill the Wine-
-Lunatics, ib.—Liverpool Election, Cup high, by Robert Folkestone Wil-
ib. — Foreigo Barilla, 338—Bill for liams, 278— Winter Wild, by Delta,
Enabling Creditors to avail themselves 327_Six Sonnets on the Giants' Cause-
of the Property of their Debtors, ib. way, by Leodiensis, 342--Goodnight,
Middlesex County Reform Meeting, 343— The Early Lost, by Delta, 345
339_Return of Pensions charged on - The Procession, by Mrs Hemans,
the Civil List, ib. — Adjournment till 451– The Burial in the Desert, by Mrs
3d February, 340.—No. III. 526- Hemans, 453— To my Child, 626-
Notice of the Reform Measure, ib.- Johnne Graimis Eckspeditioun till
The Civil List, 527 – Uncultivated Hevin, compilit be Mr Hougge, 641—
Lands, 529 - Barilla Duty, 530— Family Poetry, No. I. 652—To Mrs
Trials under the Special Commission, Hemans, 667– The Jacobin Bill, a
jb.- State of Ireland, and Conduct of Song, 798— The Ghost of the Gander
O'Connell, 531-Financial Plans of of Glasgow, a Song, 717--Here a foul
the Chancellor of the Exchequer, 532. hulk lies Glasgow's Gander, a Song,

-- No. IV. The Reform Bill, 654- 719_Hymn of the Mountain Chris-
Speech of Lord John Russell, 656- tian, by Mrs Hemans, 913– The High-
Second evening's Debate, 661-Third lander's Return, by Delta, 914- The
night, 663_Speech of Sir Robert Peel, Miser's Grave, by the Ettrick Shepherd,
ib. — Fourth night, 664— Fifth night, 915.
665—Sixth night, ib. — Seventh night, Procession, the, by Mrs Heman, 45l.

rean, 131.

Pumpkin, Sir Frizzle, Passages in the reformers, ib.--the proposed Reform
Life of, Chap. III., 636.

five times more democratic than that
Pythagorean, Modern, Remembrance, by, of Republican France, 746—Lord

Brougham's picture of the dangers of
Reform, 235—necessity of Reform ac- the system of representation which he

knowledged by all parties, ib. preva- now advocates, 751- Mr O'Connell
lence of bribery in open boroughs, ib. will nominate 60 members after the
-mistaken opinion that the close bo- change, 754-the newspapers will also
roughs benefit the aristocracy, 238— become boroughmongers, 756 - the
the aristocracy would gain by their L.5 householders will soon force con-
abolition, 239—which would destroy cessions from their L.10 brethren,
the Opposition, ib.-it ought not 757-delusive nature of publie opi-
therefore to take place, 240—county nion, ib.-danger of concession to po-
elections, 244-improvements which pular clamour, 760_No. VI, 919;
ought to be made in them, ib.-abuses Edinburgh Illumination Riot, ib. ;
at the elections for large boroughs, Election Riot, 920—the Reform Bill
247—general observations, 247.

will throw the county elections into
Letter from an English Free- the hands of feuars and householders,
holder on the Ministry's plan of, 783. 924-the profligate and venal class of

Parliamentary, on the French voters that will be created in the towns,
Revolution, and, 429.

925-disastrous consequences which
the Lord Advocate on, 980. the change will produce to the farmers,
Reformers and Anti-Reformers, a word 927_result of the elections in England

to the Wise from Old Christopher, 721. and Scotland, 933—Strong Censure by
Remembrance, by a Modern Pythago- Lord Advocate Jeffrey, while Editor

of the Edinburgh Review, of those
Reviewer, Edinburgh, Mr Sadler and the, desperate measures he is now urging

a prolusion, by Christopher North, 392. forward, 934.
Revolution, on the late French, No. I., Revolution, Military Events of the late

36—similarity between it and the Re- French, by a Staff Officer, review of,
volution of 1792, 37-Inflammatory 48.
Pamphlets and Journals, 40_ Trial of

French, of 1830, the Events
the Ministers, 41-Passion for Power which produced it, review of, 48.
among the Democracy, 42-danger of Rhapsody, Winter, by Christopher North,
popular insurrections, 43-the National Fytte Third, 287–Fytte Fourth, 309.
Guard no protection against these, 44 Rich and Poor, 953.
-changes begin with the well-inten- Sadler, Mr, and the Edinburgh Reviewer,
tioned, but are taken up and driven to a prolusion, in three chapters, by Chris-
excess by the ignorant and unprinci- topher North, chap. I. 392; chap. II.
pled, 44_No. II., 175-comparison 405; chap. III. 415.
of the present state of public feeling in Sappho, Last Song of, by Mrs Hemans,
Great Britain with that which pre-

ceded in France the first Revolution, Sayings and Doings, Parliamentary. See
177_No. III., 429_first measures of Parliamentary.
the Revolutionists of 1792, ib.-pro- Scene on the “ Coste Firme,” 45.
gress of events, ending in the Reign of Shepherd, Ettrick, 0 weel befa' the mai-
Terror, 430—symptoms of a similar den gay, a song by, 546; a story of
course of events in this country, 431– good Queen Bess, by, 579; Johnne
Parliamentary Reform, 432_its de- Graimis Eckspeditioun till Hevin, com-
structive consequences, 438_No. IV., pilit by, 641 ; the Miser's Grave, by,
The National Guard, 615--danger of 915.
changes effected by a revolt of soldiers, Singular passage in the life of the late
ib.-instances of this in the revolt of Henry Harris, doctor in divinity, 603.
the French Guards in 1789, 616-in Slight Cold, 946.
that of the Spanish troops in the Isle Sopnets on the Giants' Causeway, hy
of Leon, 617—in the military revolu- Leodiensis, 342.
tions of Portugal, Naples, and Pied- Sotheby's Homer, Critique of, 668. Cri-
mont, ib.--the South American revo- tique II. 829.
lations, 618-the new French revolu- South Stack, the, 159.
tion, ib.—the Belgian revolution, 619 Spectre-smitten, the, 361.
-insufficiency of a National Guard to Stack, the South, 159.
preserve the peace of a country, 622— Staff Officer, Military Events of the late
what would be the character of an French Revolution, by a, review of, 48.
English National Guard, 625_No. State of Ireland, 467.
V., 745-Adam Smith's picture of Statesman, the, 802.

Stephen, James, his misrepresentations must be the establishment of a republic,

regarding the British Colonies, exposed, 596; the great risks that must be run
in a letter from James Macqueen to in order to the attainment of that ob-
Earl Grey, 454.

ject, ib.; the little advantage to be
Story of Azimantium, 224, 446.

reaped from it, 597 ; England not pre-
Story of Good Queen Bess, by the Et- pared to follow the example of France
trick Shepherd, 579.

and Belgium, 600; abuses that really
Thomson's Birthplace, by Delta, 127. require correction, ib. ; advice to those
Thought, communings with, by Mrs He-

who support

the Conservative Sys-
mans, 260.

tem," 602.
Tom Criogle's Log, 977.

Whig-Hater, letter from the, on the late
Tri-color, the, 25.

Elections in England, 1011.
Turnbull, D. French Revolution of 1830, Wife, the, 112.
by, review of, 48.

Williams, Robert Folkestone, O fill the
Whig Budget, 968.

wine-cup high, by, 278.
Whig, letter from a liberal, 593; proper Winter Rhapsody, by Christopher North,

meaning of the word “reform,” ib. ; Fytte Third, 287; Fytte Fourth, 309.
the only object of a revolutionary party Winter Wild, by Delta, 327.


Schultze, 572
Shaw, 572
Shiells, 572
Sprot, 572
Stuart, 572
Sydserff, 572
Symers, 572
Warren, 572
Waugh, 572
Welsh, 572
Wemyss, 572
Wigham, 572
Wilson, 572
Wolff, 572


Grant, 572
Aiken, 572

Gray, 572
Alexander, 572 Haig, 572
Allan, 572

Hawkins, 572
Aytoun, 572 Hewat, 572
Baird, 572

Hope, 572
Barton, 572 Horne, 572
Bayly, 572

Hunter, 572
Bell, 572

Ivory, 572
Beveridge, 572 Jardine, 572
Binny, 572

Johnstone, 572
Bogue, 572

Lawson, 572
Brewster, 572 Learmonth, 572
Bushe, 572

Lennox, 573
Campbell, 572 Liddle, 572
Clapperton, 573 Line, 572
Clarke, 573

Lindsay, 572
Clarkson, 572 Lochore, 572
Clerk, Lord Jus. M'Donald, 572, ib.
tice, 572

Macfarlane, 572
Cockburn, 572 M'Kean, 572
Cowan, 572 Mackenzie, 572, ib.
Crawfurd, 572 M'Killop, 572
Cruikshank, 572 Mackintosh, 572
Davidson, 572 Maughan, 572
Drysdale, 572

Miller, 572
Dunbar, 572

Munro, 572
Dundas, 572, ib. Napier, 572
Dunlop, 572 Nairne, 572
Forbes, 572 Neilson, 572
Fraser, 572

Nivison, 572
Fullarton, 572 Peel, 572
Gairdner, 572 Prentice, 572
Gillespie, 572, ib. Pringle, 572
Gillies, 572

Radcliffe, 572
Glassford, 572 Rattray, 572
Gordon, 572

Rennie, 572
Graham, 572 Robertson, 572

Anderson, 574
Arnott, 574
Beatson, 573
Bell, 573
Barclay, 573
Blair, 574
Blakemore, 573
Borthwick, 573
Brown, 573
Browne, 574
Bruce, 574
Campbell, 574
Chichester, 574
Cole, 573
Cruickshank, 573
Dalrymple, 573
Dawson, 573
Deans, 573
Dick, 573
Dickson, 573
Douglas, 573

Dumbreck, 573
Egerton, 573
Falkland, Viscount,

Galloway, 574
Gordon, 573
Grierson, 573
Harvey, 573
Hay, 574
Henderson, 573
Howard, 573
Innes, 574
James, 574
Jermyn, Earl of,574
Johnson, 573
Kennedy, 573
King, 573
Livingston, 573
M'Gilchrist, 574
MacGregor, 573
Machray, 574
Mackay, 573
Maclaurin, 573
Malcolm, 573
Miller, 573
Mitford, 573
Neild, 574
Paton, 573
Paul, 573
Petrie, 573
Paget, 573
Riddell, 573
Robertson, 573
Scott, 573
Shanks, 573
Simpson, 573
Spottiswood, 573
Stewart, 573

Stuart, 573
Clumes, 575 Kelso, 575

Peacocke, 575
Tasker, 574

Conally, 575 Kerr, 574, ib. Pitcairn, 576
Thomson, 574 Coventry, 575 King, 575

Plenderleath, 575
Trotter, 573

Crothers, 575 Kinmonth, 575 Proudfoot, 576
Twopeny, 573 Crowder, 575 Laird, 576

Ranken, 576
Waldie, 573
Cupples, 576 Lang, 575

Rankine, 575
Wathen, 574 Davidson, 575 Legh, 576

Reid, 575, 576
Wildman, 573 Denholm, 576 Leith, 574

Renny, 575
Wilson, 573 Donaldson, 574 Lennox, Lady Ritchie, 576
Douglas, 574

Mary, 575

Rivers, Lord, 576

Dunbar, 576, ib. ib. Lewins, 576 Robertson, 575
Ailesbury, Mar- Duncan, 574, 575, Lillie, 574

Ross, 575
chioness of, 576 576

Lindsay, 574 Russell, 575
Allan, 575
Dunn, 575

Littlejohn, 574 Rutherford, 574
Allardice, 575 Eastwood, 575 Lothian, 576 Sandeman, 576
Anderson, 574,575 Elliot, 575

M'Croskie, 576 Scott, 576, ib. ib. ib.
Archibald, 574 Farquharson, 575 Macdonald, 574, Shaw, 576
Baillie, 574, 575 Ferguson, 575


Silver, 575
Baird, 576

Fielding, 575 M'Dowall, 574, ib. Smollet, 576
Balcomb, 576 Forbes, 574, 575 MacGibbon, 576 Smith,574,575,576
Ballantyne, 574 Fraser, 576

Mack, 574

Souter, 576
Bandon, Earl of, Fullerton, 574 Mackenzie, 755, Spence, 574
Gibson, 575


Spense, 574
Bell, 574, 575, 576 Gilchrist, 575 M‘Killop, 576 Steel, 575
Belson, 576 Goodsir, 575 Macleod, 576 Steele, 576
Bennet, 576 Gordon, 575, ib, ib. Macritchie, 574 Stewart, 574
Birrel, 573


Mathieson, 574 Stiles, 575
Boyd, 575
Gow, 576

Meldrum, 574 Swinton, 574
Bramwell, 575 Graham, 576 Milne, 575, ib.

Sydney, Viscount,
Break, 575
Gray, 574, 576 ib. Milton, Viscount.

Brereton, 574 Greig, 575, ib.

Tailour, 575
Bright, 576
Grig, 574

Moncreiffe, 575 Thomson, 574, ib.
Brook, 575

Haldane, 576 Montague, 575 576, 577
Brown, 575, ib, 576 Hall, 576

Monteith, 474 Uniacke, 574
Bruce, 575, ib. 576 Henley, Lord, 576 Montgomerie, 574, Warner, 574
Brunton, 574 Hereford, Dean of, 576

Watson, 575, 576
Buchan, 575


Montgomery, 574, Watt, 575
Buchanan, 574 Heron, 575

Wauchope, 574
Buller, 571
Hill, 575, ib. More, 576

Wight, 575
Bury, 575

Honey, 576 Murray, 576 Wightman, 576
Callender, 575 Horsburgh, 576 Neill, 575

Wigram, 576
Campbell, 574 Houtson, 576 Ogilvie, 576

Williams, 575
Chalmer, 575 Hutton, 575 Orr, 575

Wood, 575
Clapperton, 574 Inglis, 576

Paul, 575

Young, 576
Clark, 575

Jolinstone, 574

ess, 574

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