Beauty and the beast, by Sarah Tytler, Volume 1


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Página 122 - rose up before him the interior of a soldier's hut, and the spectacle of Jen, worn out by her efforts to save him, pleading with her last gasp that he might redeem himself from destruction. His manners had not that repose which stamps the caste of Vere de Vere. He lost command over himself. His blue eyes sparkled like steel.
Página 299 - I'ma modest man, so that I'm at a loss to know what I've done to deserve it, unless you and I are going to be better friends in future. You may depend upon it I'm eternally obliged to you.' Swearing friendship with Major Pollock— was
Página 295 - and it would dawn upon him that she had never looked upon him in any other light than that of an acquaintance and
Página 302 - flattering symptom women betray at an early stage of a certain malady ? Were you never told that when a woman is willing, a man can but look like a fool ? Do you want to look like a fool ? Would you deprive us of our single, short season of power ? Don't we pay dearly for it to the best of you men in
Página 97 - was young myself, but my youth passed soon,' remarked Lady Thwaite with an echo of pensiveness in the reflection, pausing as if she expected to be contradicted, and then going on with a furtive smile, faintly acidulated, at the omission of any contradiction, ' Poor dear Sir John liked the society of his contemporaries, naturally,. and
Página 247 - would set their small scholars such astounding lessons as no youthful brain could compass, which drove the juvenile fry and their parents to the verge of despair. Or Nanny Hollis would undertake to enact the entire drama of ' Punch and Judy ' for the benefit of the assembly. Withal, the Hollises were kind-hearted in their heedlessness.
Página 304 - spoken to him. But when he saw I was pleased with his volunteering a subscription, in the handsomest, most modest manner, I assure you, darling, he wished to double it. I had actually to forbid it. There is a man with his heart in the right place ! That is of twice as much consequence as
Página 45 - selection. They behaved with the silent, attentive civility which was all that was wanted from them. If they could practise imperturbability in addition to the quiet discharge of their duties, it might be as well; though Mr. Miles began to hope more and more that Sir William would not from the beginning tax too severely
Página 90 - the conversation took a more cheerful turn, and Lady Thwaite's social gifts, as a lively woman of the world, came out to anybody capable of appreciating her. The interview had not proved very formidable, and from the date of the introduction the gentleman found himself, he could hardly tell how, in frequent communication with

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