A book of characters, selected from the writings of Overbury, Earle, and Butler

William Nimmo, 1865

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Página 54 - ... business. His father hath writ him as his own little story, wherein he reads those days of his life that he cannot remember ; and sighs to see what in'nocence he has out-lived. The elder he grows, he is a stair lower from God ; and like his first father much worse in his breeches.
Página 23 - ... knowledge. The lining of her apparel, which is herself, is far better than outsides of tissue; for though she be not arrayed in the spoil of the silkworm, she is decked in innocence, a far better wearing.
Página 53 - A CHILD Is a man in a small letter, yet the best copy of Adam before he tasted of Eve or the apple ; and he is happy, whose small practice in the world can only write his character.
Página 53 - ... mischief of being wise, nor endures evils to come by foreseeing them. He kisses and loves all, and, when the smart of the rod is past, smiles on his beater. Nature and his parents alike dandle him, and tice him on with a bait of sugar to a draught of wormwood.
Página 23 - ... defiance to the giddy wheel of fortune. She doth all things with so sweet a grace, it seems ignorance will not suffer her to do ill, being her mind is to do well. She bestows her year's wages at next fair; and in choosing her garments, counts no bravery in the world like decency.
Página 76 - A PRETENDER TO LEARNING Is one that would make all others more fools than himself; for though he know nothing, he would not have the world know so much. He conceits...
Página 24 - She dares go alone, and unfold sheep in the night, and fears no manner of ill, because she means none ; yet, to say truth, she is never alone, but is still accompanied with old songs, honest thoughts and prayers, but short ones ; yet they have their efficacy in that they are not palled with ensuing idle cogitations.
Página 77 - If he reads any thing in the morning, it comes up all at dinner; and as long as that lasts, the discourse is his. He is a great plagiary of tavern wit, and comes to sermons only that he may talk of Austin. His parcels are the mere scrapings from company, yet he complains at parting what time he has lost.
Página 116 - A TOBACCO-SELLER Is the only man that finds good in it which others brag of but do not; for it is meat, drink, and clothes to him. No man opens his ware with greater seriousness, or challenges your judgment more in the approbation. His shop is the rendezvous of spitting, where men dialogue with their noses, and their communication is smoke.1-1 It is the place only where Spain is commended and preferred before England itself.

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