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Página 139 - Three years she grew in sun and shower, Then Nature said, "A lovelier flower On earth was never sown; This child I to myself will take; She shall be mine, and I will make A lady of my own. "Myself will to my darling be Both law and impulse: and with me The girl, in rock and plain, In earth and heaven, in glade and bower, Shall feel an overseeing power To kindle or restrain.
Página 99 - Arranged to meet the requirements of the Syllabus of the Science and Art Department of the Committee of Council on Education, South Kensington.
Página 141 - Hypatia was torn from her chariot, stripped naked, dragged to the church, and inhumanly butchered by the hands of Peter the reader and a troop of savage and merciless fanatics : her flesh was scraped from her bones with sharp oyster-shells, and her quivering limbs were delivered to the flames.
Página 396 - There braved, and vanquish'd, many a hardy knight ; Such nerves I gave him, and such force in fight. Thou too no less hast been my constant care ; Thy hands I arm'd, and sent thee forth to war: But thee or fear deters, or sloth detains ; No drop of all thy father warms thy veins.
Página 157 - I beg you to accept my best -thanks for the uncommon degree of entertainment which I have received from the most excellently jocose history of New York. I am sensible, that as a stranger to American parties and politics, I must lose much of the concealed satire of the piece...
Página 154 - I sat for a long time on the rocks, summoning recollections of bygone days, and of the happy beings by whom I was then surrounded ; all had passed away — all were dead and gone ; of that young and joyous party I was the sole survivor ; they had all lived quietly at home out of the reach of mischance, yet had gone down to their graves ; while I, who had been wandering about the world, exposed to all hazards by sea and land, was yet alive.
Página 39 - Had he had one grain of merit at the bottom of his heart, one should have had compassion for him in the situation to which his miserable poor head soon reduced him ; for his...
Página 391 - Of men by laws less circumscribed and bound, They led their wild desires to woods and caves And thought that all but savages were slaves. They who, when Saul was dead, without a blow Made foolish Ishbosheth...
Página 397 - Cromwell desired him to take care, and sit light, for he had no less than the lives and fortunes of all the good people of England under him. The trunk was then opened, and the original addresses showed him, with great mirth and laughter.
Página 39 - ... myself, he stopped me, and then said, " I now promise you on the word and honour of a prince that, as soon as I come to the crown, I will give you a peerage and the seals of the southern province." Upon my endeavouring to thank him, he repeated the same words, and added (putting back his chair), " and I give you leave to kiss my hand upon it now, by way of acceptance;

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