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“A new edition of Boswell's Johnson' requires justification. For Boswell's idolatry has been equalled by a long line of illustrious and zealous editors and commentators, and Dr. Birkbeck Hill's edition seemed the ne plus ultra. But even the first instalment of this edition of Boswell's ' Johnson' convinces us that something still remains to be done in the embellishment of this great masterpiece and glory of English biography. There is no book in our literature that so insistently calls for illustration, and it has been left to Mr. Ingpen to detect this now obvious gap, and to fill it in a manner that calls for nothing but welcome and praise. ... The feature of the edition is its splendid wealth of illustrations to which Mr. Ingpen, by a happy thought, has added explanatory notes, which form a new and valuable commentary to the best-loved English classic. The book is beautifully produced, and has only to be seen to be bought.”Bookman.

“ The most fully and handsomely illustrated issue of the famous biography that has appeared."-Tribune.

“ The format is exceedingly attractive."--Guardian.

“ It is a work which ought to be found on every book-lover's shelves.”— Daily Telegraph.

" This is a very handsome edition, in some respects superior to its predecessors, and generally worthy of its subject. The special feature is to be found in the illustrations."-Spectator.

A singularly complete and attractive edition. The greatest judgment has been shown in selecting pictures which should illustrate Johnson's period, and bring before the reader's eye the actual features of the men and women among whom he moved. Altogether, the new Boswell is one which will be certain to secure a fresh band of admirers for a work which will ever remain one of the treasures of our literature."-Westminster Gazette.

“There is no doubt that, with the aids here provided, this delightful biography can be enjoyed as it never was before enjoyed."-Scottish Review.

" The appearance of a new edition of the greatest biography in the English language' is a literary event of some consequence. The idea of the present editor, Mr. Ingpen, has been to annotate the work with illustrations, each picture being supplied with a full descriptive note. The portraits are those of practically all the men and women of note in literature in Johnson's day, and many of those who were famous in art, drama, and social life, and of whom portraits by Reynolds, Gainsborough, Romney, and other great masters exist. Some of these, it should be said, are now reproduced for the first time. The wealth of illustrations alone will suffice to commend this edition to many.”— Literary World.

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