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Lamb, J. P., Farmersville.
Land, Abel, Drummondville.
Lander, John C., Yorkville.
Layton, David L., Meaford.
Leach, Alfred, Millbrook.
Lee, J. R., Toronto.
Le Maitre, E., Toronto.
Livingstone, John, jr., Listowel.
Lloyd, W. A., Ottawa.
Love, Neil C., Toronto.
Lugsden, Charles, Port Colborne.
Lumsden, Robert, Seaforth.
Lyman, Benjamin, Toronto.
Lyttle, H. J., Cambray.
Macartney, W.J., Thorold.
Mack, John, Teeswater.
Manley, Henry, Meaford.
Manley, J. W., Meaford.
Martin, E. D., Ottawa.
Martin, Dr. H. O., Leamington.
Mason, Chas. S., Brantford.
Mathieson, Angus, Toronto.
Mathieson, John H., St. Marys.
Matthews, Ed., Waterford.
Meacham, J. B., Dundas.
Merrick, P. Y., Merrickville.
Miller, Ebenezer, Dresden.
Miller, Hugh, Toronto.
Miller, Kenneth, Toronto.
Miller, William, Markham.
Mills, D. B., St. Catharines.
Mills, James, jr., St. Catharines.
Mitchell, B. A., London.
Mitchell, C. A., Toronto.
Mitchell, G. A., Port Hope.
Mitchell, w. J., Toronto.
Monkman, George, Barrie.
Morgan, G. W., Collingwood.
Moore, H. P., Rodney.
Morrow, George E., Acton.
Mussen, Henry, Allanburg.
Mylne, John, Bothwell.
McCallum, C., London.
McCann, G. A.,

McCollam, J. H., Milton.
McCollom, W.A., Tilsonburg.
McDonell, D., Vankleekhill.
McGarvin, J. E., St. Marys.
McGeorge, C., Ayr.
McIntyre, G.H., Guelph.
McKinnon, L., St. Williams.
McLaren, W. P., Watford.
McLean, John, St. Marys.
McMahon, Isaiah, Alliston.

McMichael, C. A., Hanilton.
Nelles, R. A., Duart.
Niblett, W. C., Dundas.
Nispel, Conrad, Preston.
Nugent, John, Fenelon Falls.
Ockenden, J. K., Manilla.
Oliphant, D., Collingwood.
Ormond, Charles, Peterboro'.
Parker, Henry, Durham.
Parker, S.J., Owen Sound.
Parker, Mrs. I., Owen Sound.
Passmore, C. J., Gorrie.
Paterson, James, Wiarton.
Patterson, M., Almonte.
Pearce, C. W., Oakville.
Perry, R. H., Fergus.
Phillips, Edwin E., Selkirk.
Phillips, D. B., Brantford.
Phillips, Robert, Blyth.
Philips, Robert, Fergus.
Polson, Neil C., Kingston.
Poyntz, T. G., Orangeville.
Priest, F. H., Bath.
Puddicombe, R. W., London.
Reche, John, Hamilton.
Rcdpath, George, Effingham.
Revell, Robert, Woodstock.
Reynolds, Ed., Brockville.
Riggins, C. E., Beamsville.
Richardson, M.. Flesherton.
Roberts, C. H., Paris.
Roberts, John, Ottawa.
Roberts, John S., Seaforth.
Robinson, Robert, Toronto.
Robinson, W. M., Wroxeter.
Robinson, W. S., Yorkville.
Rock, Thomas, Hamilton.
Rolls, Dr. S. F., Brighton.
Rose, D. E., Tamworth.
Rosebrugh, M. M., Exeter.
Rowan, Richard, Stouffville.
Rowland, W. H., Toronto.
Rugg, Dr. Henry C., Perth.
Ruston, Thomas, Georgetown.
Rutherford, Andrew, Hamilton.
Salter, John, London.
Sanders, W. B., Stayner.
Sanderson, J. H., Richmond Hill.
Sanderson, H., Richmond Hill.
Sanderson, W. A., Richmond Hill.
Saunders, Williamn, London.
Schofield, H., Toronto.
Scoon, John, Park Hill.
Scott, Alfred M., Woodstock.

Scott, George L., Paris. Scott, homas, Woodstock. Seatter, John, Hawtrey. Serviss, Gordon, Iroquois. Shuff, J. G., London East. Simpson, C. H., Newmarket. Slaven, J. W., Orillia. Smith, G. B., Toronto. Smith, John F., Dunnville. Smith, S. H., Toronto. Smith, s. W. B., Whitby. Smith, Walter J., London East. Smith, William B., Drayton. Snell, Samuel J., Bolton. Snyder, S., Waterloo. Sowerby, John, Ashburn. Springer, M., Strathroy. Stephen, W. W., Meaford. Stevenson, E. F., Parkhill. Steward, W. R., Toronto. Stewart, John, Alliston. Stewart, Robert, Norwood. Stickney, L. P., Uxbridge. Stork, Edwin T., Brampton. Stork, James, Bolton. Stott, C., Bowman ville. Stott, D., Bowmanville. Stratford, J. E. H., Brantford. Strong, R. S., Galt. Tapscott, S., Brantford. Taylor, Dr. Chas. C., Clifton. Taylor, William, Harriston. Thuresson, F. D., Port Colborne. Thurtell, Rich'd N., Teeswater. Tibbetts, W. F., Woodstock. Tidey, John A., Norwich. Tremayne, F. G., Georgina. Trickey, A. T., Lynn.

Tully, J. D., Peterboro.
Tye, Dr. George A., Thamesville.
Urquhart, James F., Chesley.
Vandusen, James, Scotland.
Wade, James, Port Stanley.
Wade, Mrs. M. A., Port Stanley.
Wallace, N. C., Woodbridge.
Wallace, Thomas F., Woodbridge.
Walsh, William, Peterboro'.
Watson, Henry, Milton.
Watts, Wm. R., Clinton.
Waugh, G. J., Stratford.
Whitfield, A. 'M., Holbrook.
Whitfield, T. G., Whitby.
White, James, Woodstock.
Wideman, J. L., St. Jacobs.
Wightmani, Robert, Owen Sound.
Widern, Isaac, Vienna.
Wilson, A., Seaforth.
Wilson, H. W. A., Brockville.
Wilson, Charles G., Cobourg.
Wilson, James, Goderich.
Wilson, R., Cobourg.
Wilson, M. W., Madoc.
Windlow, John, Bethany.
Wood, Robert A., Toronto.
Wood, R. S., Oakville.
Woods, John, Barrie.
Wright, John P., Kincardine.
Wyatt, Alfred, Cannington.
Wyllie, William, Ayr.
Yeomans, Horace, Belleville.
Yeomans, L. W., Belleville.
York, J. E., Otterville.
Zielinski, Jacob, Kleinburg.
Zoellner, Charles, Tavistock.
Zoellner, H. A., Waterluo.

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Papers for Publication to be sent to the Editor. All business communications relating to Mailing, Advertising, or Subscriptions, to be addressed to the Business Editor,


Box 1133, TORONTO.


SUBSCRIPTION, $2.00 per Annum, in Advance.




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Sulphur Præcipitatum ; by H. H. Croft
The Sponges of Commerce

50 52


American Pharmaceutical Association....
A New Principle in Adulteration Legislation
The Examinations
Deaths from Poison..
A Model Drug Store
A New Element
Death of a Montreal Druggist

Adulteration of Sulphate of Morphia

Ontario College of Pharmacy, Council Meeting
British Pharmaceutical Conference

56 57 58 62 63 65 66 66

39 66

Canadian Pharmaceutical Journal,

One page

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35 00

20 00


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Edited by E. B, SHUTTLEWORTH. Terms.—The circulation of the JOURNAL, in Ontario, is confined, exclusively, to members of the College. In the other Provinces, and in other Countries the subscription is $2 per annum.

This JOURNAL presents the best, if not the only medium of reaching, by a single advertisement, EVERY DRUGGIST in ONTARIO. Dealers in Drugs, Patent Medicines, Glassware, Lamps, Paints and Oils, Soda Water Apparatus, Stationery, Medical and Scientific Books, Fancy Goods and Druggists' Sundries, will find the JOURNAL an invaluable aid to the extension of their business. RATES OF ADVERTISING - One page with right of changing every 3 months-1 year

$60 00 6 months. One

3 One 1

7 50 I year

35 00 6 months. 3 months-3 months.

12 50 I Quarter page

I year Quarter

6 months Quarter

3 Quarter

3 00 Advertisements of Business for Sale, or BUSINESS WANTED, occupying one half inch space will be charged $1.00 for each nsertion.

SITUATIONS, OR ASSISTANTS Wanted. In order to make the JOURNAL more useful as a medium for optaining Situations, or Assistants, advertisements of this kind will be inserted at the nomina: rate of twenty-five cents each.

Papers for publication to be sent to the Editor. All busi ess communinarions relating to Mailing, Advertising, or Subscriptions, to be addressed to the Busir.ess Editor.

G. HODGETTS, Box 1133, Toronto.

20 00

Half" Half " Half " Half"

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Universal Postal System,




GEORGE S. V. WILLS, M.P.S., &C., &C.

Principal of the Westminster College of Chemistry and Pharmacy,


By the special desire of a number of leading Pharmacists in AMERICA, CANADA and" JAMAICA, &c., the author has decided to introduce his postal sys. tem of Pharmaceutical Education into Canada and other parts of the world. 1,200 Students are now receiving Postal instruction

from the College in England.

THE COURSE COMMENCING SEPT. 1ST, 1877, Consists of 100 Lectures on PHARMACEUTICAL CHEMISTRY, PRACTICAL PHARMACY, BOTANY, MATERIA MEDICA, &c., &c., as delivered daily at the College, which have been revised, and alterations made, in order to meet the requirements of the different examinations.

The Lectures (copyright) are bound in Four Volumes and will be sent to any address in Canada Post Free.


RULES. 1. Volume one will be sent immediately on receipt of Fee, 2. Volume two will be posted on the ist of each consecutive month, the previous

volume being simultaneously returned to the College, and all Letters,

Papers of enquiry, must bear the name (not the initials) of the writer. 3. The Lectures should be copied and the original returned in the special

stamped addressed wrapper which accompanies each volume. 4. The Lecture must not be retained for a longer period than one month from

the date they are received. 5. It is expected these rules will be strictly adhered to.

P. O. Orders, &c. to be made payable to GEORGE WILLS, at the Chief Office, London, England. Westminster College of Chemistry, Lambeth Road, S.E. London, England.

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