Archaeologica: The World's Most Significant Sites and Cultural Treasures

Frances Lincoln Limited, 2007 - 400 páginas
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Archaeology helps us to comprehend the vast history of humankind by sifting through the remains of earlier cultures and civilizations. Written by an international team of archaeologists, historians, and cultural anthropologists, Archaeologica delves into this thrilling realm, taking readers on a unique journey into antiquity. The first part of the book introduces the history and science of archaeology, from the first chroniclers of earlier peoples to the use of techniques such as satellite imagery, DNA analysis and three-dimensional computer simulations. The second section details the compelling history of over 150 sites from more than 50 countries. Archaeologica is illustrated with more than 550 images – including historical photos, scenic site shots, and pictures of key artefacts – as well as over 20 detailed regional maps and 150 locator maps. These images and maps bring the past to life, ensuring that the book will become a favourite guide for history buffs and amateur archaeologists alike.

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