Female Biography: Or, Memoirs of Illustrious and Celebrated Women, of All Ages and Countries, Volume 3

Richard Phillips, 1803

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Página 507 - Most of them are the product of the leisure hours of a young gentlewoman lately dead, who, in a remote country retirement, without any assistance but that of a good library, and without omitting the daily care due to a large family, not only perfectly acquired the several languages here made use of, but the good morals and principles contained in...
Página 252 - I came into the kingdom," said she, " an independent sovereign, to implore the queen's assistance, not to subject myself to her authority. Nor is my spirit so broken by its past misfortunes, or so intimidated by present dangers, as to stoop to any thing unbecoming the majesty of a crowned head, or that will disgrace the ancestors from whom I am descended, and the son to whom I shall leave my throne. If I must be tried, princes alone can be my peers.
Página 263 - the English should now thirst for the blood of a foreign prince ; they have often offered violence to their own monarchs. But after so many sufferings, death comes to me as a welcome deliverer. I am proud to think that my life is deemed of importance to the catholic religion, and as a martyr for it I am now willing to die."§ After the publication of the sentence, Mary was stripped of every remaining mark of royalty.
Página 272 - When the dean had finished his devotions, she, with an audible voice, and in the English tongue, recommended unto God the afflicted state of the church, and prayed for prosperity to her son, and for a long life and peaceable reign to Elizabeth. She declared that she hoped for mercy only through the death of Christ, at the foot of whose image she now willingly shed her blood; and lifting up and kissing the crucifix, she thus addressed it: "As thy arms, O Jesus...
Página 272 - Jesus, were extended on the cross; so with the outstretched arms of thy mercy receive me, and forgive my sins.
Página 270 - Sheriff and his officers entered her chamber, and found her still kneeling at the altar. She immediately started up, and with a majestic mien, and a countenance undismayed and even cheerful, advanced towards the place of execution, leaning on two of Paulet's attendants.
Página 499 - She possessed these advantages in, a great degree unusual to either, and tempered them with an exactness peculiar to herself. Her learning, judgment, sagacity, and penetration, together with her candour...
Página 160 - I expected that your manner of treating me would have added lustre to it. Suffer me either to implore the aid of other princes, whose delicacy on this head will be less, and...
Página 523 - Duke, Marquis, and Earl of Newcastle; Earl of Ogle ; Viscount Mansfield; and Baron of Bolsover, of Ogle, Bothal and Hepple : Gentleman of His...
Página 268 - is not worthy the joys of Heaven, which repines because the body must endure the stroke of the executioner ; and though I did not expect that the Queen of England would set the first example of violating the sacred person of a sovereign Prince, I willingly submit to that which Providence has decreed to be my lot...

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