Proceedings of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia, Volume 5

Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia, 1852
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"Publications of the Academy of Natural Sciences of Philadelphia": v. 53, 1901, p. 788-794.

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Página 146 - Society ; and after some appropriate observations upon the life and character of this distinguished zoologist, moved the following Resolutions, which were unanimously adopted : — Resolved, That this Society has heard with profound regret of the death of their...
Página 295 - Notices of two Models and Sections of about eleven square miles, forming a part of the Mineral Basin of South Wales, in the vicinity of Pontypool," (1830.) " On the Crag Strata at Bramerton, near Norwich,
Página 82 - Again, what I call a species may be regarded by some naturalists as a primitive variety ; but, as the difference is only in name, and in no way influences the zoological question, it is unnecessary to notice it further. These views appear to correspond with those of Mr. Linnaeus Martin, who expresses himself in the following terms: " We are among those who believe that, as there are degrees in the relationship of species to species...
Página 295 - In this country he was a member of this Academy, as before mentioned ; of the American Philosophical Society ; of the Geological Society of Pennsylvania; of the American Association of Geologists and Naturalists, of the Frauklin Institute, &c.
Página 8 - P. cornutus, which were often presented in great quantity, frequently some thousands, and which from their number, polymorphous appearance of several species, and attachment to various appendages of the mucous membrane, resembled very strikingly a miniature Brazilian forest, which was heightened in some degree by the existence of a nematoid worm, which recalled to mind the idea of one of the serpents of such a forest. A somewhat similar drawing he exhibited, taken from the small intestine of Julits...
Página 82 - It will be justly lemarked that a difficulty presents itself, at the outset, in determining what forms are primordial; but independently of various other sources of evidence we may be greatly assisted in the inquiry, by those monumental records, both of Egypt and Assyria, of which we are now happily possessed of the proximate dates. My view may be briefly explained by saying, that if certain existing organic types can be traced back into the 'night of time...
Página 62 - Annual Report of the Regents of the University of New York, on the Condition of the State Cabinet of Natural History, and the Historical and Antiquarian Collection annexed thereto.
Página 296 - Notice of Fossil Arborescent Ferns of the family Sigillaria and other Coal Plants, exhibited in the Roof and Floor of a Coal seam in Dauphin county, Penn." " Notice of a Vein of Bituminous Coal (Chapapote) recently explored in the vicinity of the Havana, in the Island of Cuba.
Página 118 - ... the inter-tropics of Asia and Africa. It is frequently brought in the body of negro slaves from Africa to America, where no entozoon of the kind has ever been noticed to be parasitic in man as an indigenous production. From some late observations on the course...
Página 8 - Dr. Leidy presented to the examination of the Society a colored and several other drawings of what he terms an entophytic forest, taken from a portion of the mucaus membrane of the ventriculus of Passalus cornutus. He remarked that at least six species of Entophyta were found growing upon the mucous membrane of the ventriculus of P. cornutus, which were often presented in great quantity, frequently some thousands, and which from their number, polymorphous appearance of several species, and attachment...

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