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Supposed Consumption
Debility, and wasting, &c.
Impuissance with gout

4 Rheumatism

5 Brown leprosy

5 Tic, and stomach asthma Threatening apoplexy

6 Congestion of the heart

7 Princess Sapieha's children

8 Indigestion with threatening inflammation of the brain

10 Fever with sweating crisis

10 Dancing with scarlet fever

ll Symptomatic fever

12 Case of Small pox

12 Appetite and sleep restored

13 Hypochondriasis and sciatica

13 Hair restored, curious effects of mercury 14 Cure of deafness, and restoration of smell 14 Syphilis

14 Gout in aged patients

15 Rheumatism treated at the age of seventy

15 Inflammation of the brain

15 Tic Douleureux

16 Asthma with stomach and liver disease 16 Liver and stomach disease with sciatica 17 Fibrous tumour of the shoulder joint 18 Disease of the joints, &c.


Tubercular consumption

18 Nervous indigestion and skin disease 20 Suicidal propensity

20 Rheumatism, contracted joints

21 Stomach complaint and eruption on the face

22 Physician with rheumatic gout

22 Effects of the wet sheet applied to children

23 Scrofula

24 Liver and stomach complaint, with emaciation

24 Slight paralysis treated at 75 years

25 Mercurial leprosy

26 Miscarriage

26 Barrenness Convulsions in children Indigestion and liver disease with asth

matic breathing, and accumulation of fat

28 Case of madness

28 An attack of madness

29 Hypochondriasis, with organic disease of stomach and liver

30 Recovery from rheumatic gout at an advanced age

31 Sudden recovery of the use of the limbs 32 Sudden return of hearing

32 Crippled case of chronic gout and rheumatism, dancing, &c.

33 The author's case


26 27

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Sept. 1843. To DR. HASTINGS. Sir,-Your recently published attack on the Water Cure and on myself is a sufficient inducement to address you as a medium of conveying to the reader the evidence in defence of both, contained in these pages.

Your position as physician to a public hospital, where you are entrusted with the lives and physical well-being of a number of your poorer fellow creatures, makes me also anxious that you should be induced to investigate and adopt a system of treatment by which you might effect incalculable good, - a system that can easily be proved to be the safest, and the most successful that has yet been discovered for the cure and relief of an endless variety of diseases.

I have another important purpose in publishing this defence. You know that the prevailing prejudices of the community have been stimulated and encouraged by great exertions on the part of many ill-informed and unscrupulous opponents of the Water Cure; that they have been taught to look upon it as a passing innovation," "a quackery," and a “ dangerous delusion," and that its advocates are, to all intents and purposes, to be regarded as Hydromaniacs.You will allow that in this state of feeling it is but natural that there should be but little curiosity in the many to inquire into its merits by reading a learned or lengthened dissertation. I think you will therefore agree with me that a pamphlet like the present one is more likely to attract a little attention, Should such prove to be the case, and should any impressed by the evidence and important facts it contains, acquire a disposition to inquire further, they have you to thank for it. It was your persevering opposition that gave me the idea, and pointed out the probable utility of such a production.

For the accomplishment of the desired object in view, I shall lay before you many interesting cases cured by the Water treatment, and in a separate division the recently published opinions of several English medical practitioners, who have witnessed the results of the Water Cure on some hundreds of patients.

I have placed the attack I have mentioned and my reply at the end of the pamphlet, that the reader may judge between

You may remember that about twelve months ago, I addressed you in two long letters, which I published with a purpose similar to the present one. Since that period to the present time, there have been nearly eight hundred patients who have gone through the water cure treatment here, and I may mention, as this is also a fact in favour of "the Cure,” that the representations of these patients have induced as many more to visit Malvern, as my colleague Dr. Gully and myself can find time to attend to, Out of this number there has been only one death amongst our patients at Malvern —that of Lady Hartopp, an account of which you will find in the Appendix.

Now, I have only further to add, and I trust you will credit me, that I have no personal feeling whatever towards yourself. I feel only as an advocate of Water Cure, which it must be confessed has not had “fair playat your hands, and those of your party ; personal feelings and grievances, however, are a bagatelle barely worth alluding to when so vitally important a subject as the Water Cure claims our atten

I shall not detain you longer, but at once lay before you the cases, opinions, &c., which I trust you will read with patience, candour, and a christian spirit. I remain,

Your obedient servant,




tion ;






I have now sufficient materials by me to fill a moderately-sized volume with cases like tl.e present ones. Similar results may be found recorded by many other physicians of great reputation. There are here, however, a sufficient number to show that the patients write like very rational persons, and that the subject is worthy of grave reflection and investigation.

lic duties, and seek refuge in a warmer climate. Since I left Malvern, I have been in perfect health, and have not had an hour's illness, a thing I had not known for several years previously.

I feel it due to the system and to yourself, to state that your treatment has fully realized all you promised ; for the last twelve months I have been more equal to my public duties than at any other former period of my life. During the winter I went out in all weathers, and at all hours, and never once took cold. I have not taken medicine of any sort or kind since I saw you. I never can be too thankful for the benefit I have derived from the treatment. With best wishes, I remain,

My dear Sir,
Very truly yours,

W. K. MARSHALL. James Wilson, Esq., M.D.

Great Malvern.


'This letter is a voluntary offering of the gallant Admiral, and it is the anxious wish of the writer to have the results of liis treatment publicly known.


The writer of the following letter, the Rev. Mr. Marshall, had suffered for a long time many of the symptoms preceding rapid decline, and it was expected that he would have been obliged to retire from the duties of the Church.

Cases of this kind are frequently met with on the Continent, where the subjects of them go in search of health. At Rome and in other parts of Italy, I saw many such, and amongst them a number of clergymen going on from bad to worse, the appetite decreasing, the strength lapsing, the tone of the skin becoming less and less. These cases often commencing in mental work and irri. tation, lead on to derangement of the stomach and bowels, are accompanied with stomach cough and extreme readiness to take cold, and not unfrequently terminate in substantial disease of the lungs :-a conclusion which is seldom prevented by the system of remedying they too often go through, which, on the contrary, leads to hotter rooms, warmer clothing, more stimulating drinks, and additional chilliness and debility. It is really quite melancholy to see many of them in Italy--far from their friends and their occupation-shivering at the bare thought of the bracing and healthy winter of their native isle, and feeling actually more cold than their countrymen on the banks of the Thames.


July 18th, 1843. GENTLEMEN, As I am firmly convinced that I owe my present state of health, and even my existence,

to your instrumentality, it becomes a pleasing duty to me to record by letter, as my friend Mr. Marsh has done, the benefit I have experienced from the system of treatment you adopted in my late illness. This duty is further pressed upon me by the knowledge I have, that many are deterred from trying the Water treatment in consequence of fears regarding its dangers,

fears which ny case amply shows to be totally without foundation, when it is scientifically applied. Previous to coming to Malvern, I was considered by some of the most eminent of the faculty to be in a hopeless state. I mention this in evidence that it was not my fears for myself which exaggerated the gravity of my sufferings; what these were I need not detail. Suffice it to say, that when I came under your care I was nearly reduced to a skeleton,- that the spasms of the stomach, and the spasms about the heart, seemed to threaten me with sudden death, and that only a few nights after I reached Malvern, and before I commenced the Water Cure, I was for several hours in a state of insensibility. In short, I did not consider my life safe from hour to hour. At this time, after nearly three months of treatment, my body is well


August 14th, 1843. MY DEAR Doctor, It is now just a year since I consulted you at Malvern. I had been out of health for many months, and tried various remedies in vain; there was then every appearance that I should be obliged to give up my pub

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