Selected Essays by Frank H. Knight, Volume 2: Laissez Faire: Pro and Con

University of Chicago Press, 1999 - 465 páginas
Frank H. Knight (1885-1972) was a central figure—many say the dominant influence—in the development of the "Chicago School of Economics" at the University of Chicago in the 1930s and 1940s, where he taught future Nobel laureates Milton Friedman, James Buchanan, George Stigler, and many other notable scholars. It was Knight's embedded skepticism about the reach of economic knowledge that set the stage for the laissez-faire economics that matured at the University in the 1950s and 1960s. But as important as Knight's technical economic contributions were, he never strayed far from his broad philosophical interests and concern for the state of modern liberal democracy.

Ross B. Emmett's selection of Knight's essays is the first to offer a comprehensive picture of the work of this notable social scientist over the span of his career. Included are not only Knight's most influential writings, but also a number of uncollected papers which have not previously been widely accessible. These essays illustrate Knight's views on the central debates regarding economics, social science, ethics, education, and modern liberalism. Volume 1: "What is Truth" in Economics? contains fifteen of Knight's papers up through 1940. Volume 2: Laissez Faire: Pro and Con includes fourteen of Knight's papers from 1940 through 1967, including "Socialism: The Nature of the Problem" and "The Sickness of Liberal Society."

These twenty-nine essays together stand not only as a monument to one of economics' most significant and original thinkers, but will also serve as an invaluable resource for economists, philosophers, and political scientists interested in the development of the western liberal tradition.

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Ethics and Economic Reform
The Nature of the Problem
Anthropology and Economics
A Methodological Approach
Some Notes on the Economic Interpretation of History
Conditions for Its Realization
The Rights of Man and Natural Law
Realism and Relevance in the Theory of Demand
The Sickness of Liberal Society
The View of Professor Polanyi
Economics and Ethics of the Wage Problem
The Role of Principles in Economics and Politics
Science Society and the Modes of Law
Philosophy and Social Institutions in the West
Pro and Con
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