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ASHENDENE PRESS. 38 Boccaccio. Il Libro di Messer Giovanni Boccaccio.

Beautifully printed in blue, red, and black by Mr. St. John Hornby at his Private Press.

Folio, original half buckram, uncut.
Privately Printed, Ashendene Press, Shelley House, Chelsea, 1920.

£18 18s

39 Dante. Tutte le Opere.

Printed in red and black, and adorned with a series of large woodcut illustrations.

Folio, in the original binding of oak boards, leather back.
Privately Printed by St. John Hornby at the Ashendene Press, 1909.

£67 10s


Lo Purgatorio.
With woodcuts and initials in gold and colours.

Post 8vo, full levant morocco extra, gilt back, the sides containing
gilt tooled panels, with floral design of roses and leaves, inlaid with
cream morocco, 8. e.
A shendene Press, 1904.

£15 15s

41 Lucretius. Opera. T. Lucreti cari de rerum natura libri sex.

Beautifully printed in red and black.
Imperial 8vo, original half vellum, edges uncut.
A shendene Press, Chelsea, 1913.

£15 158

42 Saint Clare. Vita di Santa Chiara Vergine Davgolino Verino Florentino.

Square 8vo. Privately Printed at the Ashendene Press, Shelley House, Chelsea, 1921.

£4 4s

PRINTED ON VELLUM. 43 Saint Francis of Assisi. Un mazzetto scelto di certi fioretti del glorioso

poverello di Cristo San Francesco Di Assisi insieme col cantico al sole del medesimo.

Printed in red and black, with wood engravings designed by C. M. Gere, and engraved by IT. H. Hooper.

Folio, original vellum binding. A shendene Press, 1904. £26 ONE OF 25 COPIES PRINTED ENTIRELY UPOX PCRE VELLUM.

Ashendene Press-continued.

44 Saint Francis of Assisi. Another Copy.

Printed in red and black on paper by St. John and Cicely Hornby, and adorned with pictures designed by C. M. Gere, and cut on the wood by W. H. Hooper.

Small folio, original boards. Ashendene Press, 1904. £13 13s


I Fioretti del Glorioso Poverello di Cristo S. Francesco de Assisi.
Printed in red and black, and with a series of woodcut illustrations.
8vo, original vellum binding.
Privately Printed, Ashendene Press, 1922.

£4 4s * One of 240 copies printed on hand-made paper.

46 ASHTON (John). Men, Maidens and Manners a Hundred Years Ago.

With 34 contemporary illustrations.
FIRST EDITION. Oblong 12mo, onginal limp boards.
London, 1888.


47 ATKINSON (G. F.). “Curry and Rice," or, the Ingredients of Social

“ ,
Life at Our Station in India. 40 lithographic plates.

FIRST EDITION. Imp. 8vo, original cloth gilt, g. e.
London, circa 1840.

£3 38

48 ATKINSON (J. A.). Scenes taken from The Miseries of Human Life, By One of The Wretched.

Engraved title-page with coloured cut, and 16 full-page coloured plates, drawn and designed by J. A. Atkinson.

Oblong 8vo, contemporary half roan. London, 1807. £2 10s

49 AUSTEN (Jane). Mansfield Park: A Novel.

FIRST EDITION. 3 vols., post Svo, original half calf, s e. (no halftitles). London, 1814.

£4 48

50 AUSTIN (Alfred). Leszko the Bastard: A Tale of Polish Grief.

Small 8vo, original cloth, uncut. London, 1877

£1 5s



ALFRED Austin."


Whisperings from the Great. An Autograph Birthday Album.
Compiled by Constance A. Meredyth.
Imperial 8vo, limp calf, g. e. London, 1906.

128 6d *** Copy originally belonging to Alfred Austin, Poet Laureate, having his Ex Libris inside cover, and initials A. A." on front cover.

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52 (AYTOUN (W. E.).] The Book of Ballads. Edited by Bon Gaultier.

Illustrated by Alfred Crowquill.

FIRST EDITION. 12mo, half morocco, . e. London, 1845. 18s 53

The Book of Ballads by Bon Gaultier.
The three editions.

£3 38
1st edition; illustrated by Alfred Crowquill. London, Orr & Co., 1845.
2nd edition; with many additional Ballads, illustrated by Alfred Crowquill and Richard

Doyle. London, Orr & Co., 1849.
3rd edition; still further added to, and illustrated by Crowquill, Doyle, and John

Leech. London, Orr & Co., N.D.
Together 3 vols., cr. 8vo, and 12mo, original cloth.
These three volumes include the whole of the illustrations, those by John Leech only

appearing in the third edition.

54 BARBELLION (W. N. P.). A Last Diary.

A Last Diary. With a Preface by Arthur J.
FIRST EDITION. Post 8vo, original cloth. London, 1920 7s 6d

55 BARNUM (P. T.). Struggles and Triumphs; or, Sixty Years' Recollec-

tions of P. T. Barnum, including his golden rules for money-making.
Written by himself.

Illustrated with portrait and numerous plates.
8vo, morocco gilt, g.e.
Buffalo, The Courier Company, 1889.

£1 1s
Presentation copy from the Author, inscribed on the fly-leaf :-

“ To my old Friend
Edmund Yates, Esq.,
with kind regards,

P. T. Barnum.
London, Dec. 5th, 1889."


56 BARRIE (Sir James). My Lady Nicotine.

FIRST ÉDITION. Post Svo, original cloth, uncut, 1. e. g.
London, 1890.

£2 10s 57

Shakespeare's Legacy. (A Play.)

FIRST EDITION. Small 4to, original wrappers, 1916. £12 12s *** One of 25 copies privately printed with the permission of the Author by Clement

Shorter for distribution among his friends.


“ Scots

Tommy and Grizel,
FIRST EDITION. Post 8vo, original buckram, uncut, t. e. g.
London, 1900.


“ Four Books a Year." A satirical attack on a Scotch Reading Guild.


Comprising 7 pp., 8vo, hinged in sunk mounts, and hand somely bound (with typed transcript) to 4to size in full morocco extra, lettered on side and back. 1889.

£56 A particularly interesting manuscript of an article written by Barrie for the

Observer.” It commences :“ Hardly has the world ceased to look on wondering, with its thumbs down, at the Free Church defying the Macaskills, when news comes of still more 'liberal' movements in Free Church homes. The members of certain advanced Free Churches, or rather the bolder spirits among them, have taken a solemn vow to read four books a year. The object, it need scarcely be said, is self-culture on a grand scale, and any four books will not do. Lest there be practical jokers in the house, however--and one never knows-even in Free Church Manses-competitors may be warned of the fate of Balbus, a schoolboy. Balbus, with a determination not less than theirs, swore to read a complete book in a month, and risked his catapult on the oath. He never got beyond chapter eight, however, for those with whom he had the bet always turned his marker back to the end of the preceding chapter, and kept him reading chapter eight till time was up." Etc., etc.


" The Freedom of Edinburgh to Follow."


Comprising 7 pp., 8vo. 1889. Preserved in sunk mounts, and handsomely bound in full levant morocco extra, iettered on side and back.

£58 A humorous Storyette concerning a casual acquaintance; written for and printed in the

“Scot's Observer," 13th July, 1889. It concludes :"'I know you perfectly now Daniel. You are a waiter at the Dash Dash Club.'

(Continued over)

Small 4to.

Barrie (Sir James) The Freedom of Edinburgh to Follow-continued.

«• You're wrong, Mr. Brown,' he answered. 'I used to be; and I remember your dining

there occasionally with Mr. Jones, but I left more than a year ago.' “' And what, may I ask, are you doing now?' “ There was a queer look on his face, but he replied blithely : "I am in Parliament now.' As we parted I felt for a sixpence in my waistcoat pocket, and Daniel, I think, watched my hand with only affected indifference. Then I remembered that he was in Parliament now, shook his hand warmly instead, and walked home reflecting.”

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* Mr. Barrie in the Chair." An Autobiographical Account of himself as Chairman at a “ Burns ” Dinner.


Comprising 5 pp., 8vo. 1894. Preserved in sunk mounts and handsomely bound (with artistic title-page inserted) in full levant morocco extra, lettered on side and back. Small 4to.

£60 Written for and printed in the National Observer,” 3rd February, 1894. It is a

biographical account of himself as presiding at a “Burns ” dinner, and is written in his characteristic style, although it is thinly supposed to be the product of the pen of

some journalist present at the meeting. A black night it was in Greenock on Thursday last, but we would only let ourselves

be blown in one direction for a' that; into the town hall, to wit, where the Burns

dinner was 'on,' Mr. J. M. Barrie in the chair. “I have not read Mr. Barrie's books, but I wanted to ask him about that tobacco. I

didn't. “We, or at least I had looked for a jovial Scot, full of merry quirk, rollicking gay. I

can't quite get the adjective that hits off Mr. Barrie, but I'll take my oath it is none of these. He fascinates me, and that is the faithful, though doubtless bold, record of my observations." Etc., etc.


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62 A Collection of 26 Proof Impressions on Japanese Vellum of his various

Works, all neatly mounted to a uniform size and enclosed in a folio
buckram portfolio. V.Y.

£8 108
The Plates include :-
Merlin, from Le Morte d’Arthur.”
Vignette, from Le Morte d'Arthur."
Madame Rejane, suppressed design for Savoy No. I. Cover.
Design for a Book Plate.
One of the Spirits, with portrait of Sir H. Irving.
Design for Becket.”
Orpheus. (Miss Clara Butt and Some Dresses in the Chorus.)
Lady in Sedan Chair.
Character Sketches of Mr. and Mrs. Bancroft.
Design for Balzac's Les Contes Drolatiques. Etc., etc.


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