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Facsimile of one page of one of the AUTOGRAPH MANUSCRIPT POEMS

See Item No. 204.

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I A'BECKETT (Gilbert Abbott). The Almanack of the Month. A Review of Everything and Everybody.

With hundreds of humorous woodcuts by Richard Doyle.

FIRST EDITION. 2 vols., 12mo, COMPLETE IN THE 12 ORIGINAL PARTS, with all the pictorial wrappers and advertisements, uncut. London, Punch Office, 1846.

£5 58


Comic Blackstone.
With illustrations in colour, and others by Harry Furniss.
In the Original 9 Monthly Parts.
8vo, pictorial wrappers. London, 1886-7.

£3 10s

3 ADAM (Victor). Un an de la Vie d'un Jeune Homme Histoire Veritable en 17 Chapitres Ecrits par lui-même et Lithographies par VICTOR ADAM.

The set of 17 caricature lithographic plates.
Folio, original printed wrappers. Paris, 1824.

£3 10s

W. H. AINSWORTH. 4 Cardinal Pole; or, The Days of Philip and Mary. An Historical Romance.

FIRST EDITION. 3 vols., post 8vo, original cloth, uncut
London, 1863

£3 3s

5 The Combat of the Thirty, from a Breton lay of the Fourteenth Century, with an introduction, comprising a new chapter of Froissart.

8vo, 32 pp., a very fine copy in the original printed green stiff paper

covers, uncut. London, Chapman and Hall, 1859. £12 105 * * * One of the scarcest of Ainsworth's writings.


Ainsworth (W. H.)--continued.

PRINTED FOR PRIVATE CIRCULATION. 6 The Lancashire Witches. A Novel.

A Novel. By William Harrison Ainsworth. THE ACTUAL FIRST EDITION IN BOOK FORM. 4to size, contemporary half calf.

London, Printed for Private Circulation only, 1849. £10 10s *** “ About the time 'The Lancashire Witches' completed its serial appearance in The Sunday Times,' Ainsworth had a few copies of the story printed off from the newspaper type, and these, bound in a volume with pages of two columns, he presented to his own friends; this was the first edition, and it is now exceedingly scarce.” (S. M. Ellis).

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7 The Leaguer of Lathom. The Original Autograph Manuscript of this
Novel (originally entitled Siege of Manchester").

Comprising some 40 pp., 4to, dated 13th September, 1876.
Bound in limp leather and lettered on side.

£68 The complete manuscript (with the exception of a few leaves) of one of his famous

historical novels, period of the Civil War, and descriptive of the siege of Manchester; also the storming of Bolton, Lancaster, etc., but mainly dealing with the gallant defence of Lathom House, by Charlotte de la Tremouille, Countess of Derhy-hence the title of the story, “ The Leaguer of Lathom.”


8 The Leaguer of Lathom. A Tale of the Civil War in Lancashire.

FIRST EDITION. 3 vols., post Svo, original cloth.
London, 1876.

£1 5s 9 Merrie England; or, Nobles and Serfs.

FIRST EDITION. 3 vols., post 8vo, original cloth, uncut.
London, 1874.

£1 15s 10 The Miser's Daughter, a Tale.

With portrait of the Author, and 20 full-page etched plates by
George Cruikshank.

The Third Edition (but the First Edition in Svo size), Svo, a re-
markably fine copy in the original cloth gilt, uncut.
London, 1848.

£7 10s 11 Old Saint Pauls: A Tale of the Plague and the Fire.

With illustrations by John Franklin.
FIRST EDITION. 3 vols., post Svo, original cloth, uncut.
London, 1841.

£6 8s

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