Catalogue of the Circulating Department: And a Portion of the Books Belonging to the Intermediate Department. Worcester, 1884

C. Hamilton, 1884 - 1392 páginas

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Página 178 - Croumbie), LL.D. Reboisement in France; or, Records of the Replanting of the Alps, the Cevennes, and the Pyrenees with Trees, Herbage, and Bush. Demy 8vo.
Página 73 - Machinery and Processes of the Industrial Arts and Apparatus of the Exact Sciences...
Página 477 - Calvinism; A Bishop of the Twelfth Century; Father Newman on the " Grammar of Assent ; " Condition and Prospects of Protestantism ; England and Her Colonies ; A Fortnight in Kerry ; Reciprocal Duties of State and Subject...
Página 101 - BARBA, J. The Use of Steel for Constructive Purposes. Method of Working, Applying and Testing Plates and Bars.
Página 537 - CONTENTS :— Rocks Ahead and Harbours of Refuge. Foreign Policy of Great Britain. The Echo of the Antipodes. A Grave Perplexity before us. Obligations of the Soil. The Right Use of a Surplus. The Great Twin Brothers : Louis Napoleon and Benjamin Disraeli. Is the Popular Judgment in Politics more Just than that of the Higher Orders ? Harriet Martineau. Verify your Compass. The Prophetic Element in the Gospels. Mr. Frederick Harrison on the Future Life. Can Truths be Apprehended which could...
Página 650 - The Foray of Queen Meave, and other Legends of Ireland's Heroic Age.
Página 767 - Contents: — My Garden Acquaintance; A Good Word for Winter ; On a Certain Condescension in Foreigners ; A Great Public Character (Hon.
Página 840 - The right and wrong of state interference with corporation and church property.
Página 499 - ... chapters are so lively in themselves, so mingled with shrewd views of human nature, so full of illustrative anecdotes, that the reader cannot fail to be amused.
Página 852 - ... Method of Settling Disputes between Employers and Employed in regard to Time and Wages, by a simple Process of Mercantile Barter, without recourse to Strikes or Locks-out. Reprinted from "The Economy of Consumption," with a Preface and Appendix containing Observations on some Reviews of that book, and a Recriticism of the Theories of Ricardo and JS Mill on Rent, Value, and Cost of Production. Demy 8vo.

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