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From the counties of Knox and Harlan Silas Woodson.
From the county of Larue - James P. Hamilton.
From the counties of Laurel and Rockcastle Jonathan New-


Froin the county of Lewis-Larkin J. Proctor.
From the county of Lincoln-John L. Ballinger.
From the county of Livingston-William Cowper.

From the county of Logan, William K. Bowling, James W. Irwin.

From the city of Louisville-James Rudd, Wm. Preston. From the county of Madison Squire Turner, Wm. Chenault. From the county of Marion-Green Forrest.

From the county of Mason-Peter Lashbrooke, John D. Taylor.

From the county of Meade-Thomas J. Gough.
From the county of Mercer-Thomas P. Moore.
From the county of Monroe-John S. Barlow.
From the county of Montgomery-Richard Apperson.
From the county of Muhlenburg-Alfred M. Jackson.

Froin the county of Nelson-Ben. Hardin, Chas. A. Wickliffe.

From the county of Nicholas-Benjamin F. Edwards.
From the county of Owen-Howard Todd.
From the counties of Ohio and Hancock-Jno. H. McHenry.
From the county of PendletonJohn Wheeler.
From the county of Pulaski-James D. Allcorn.
From the county of Russell-Nathan McClure.
From the county of Scott-William Johnson.
From the county of Simpson-Beverly L. Clarke.

From the county of Shelby-Andrew S. White, George W. Johnston.

From the county of Spencer-Mark E. Huston.
From the county of Taylor-William N. Marshall.
From the county of Todd-Francis M. Bristow.
From the county of Trigg—Alfred Boyd.
From the county of Trimble—Wesley J. Wright.
Froin the county of Union-Ignatius A. Spalding.
From the county of Warrin-Chasteen T. Dunavan.
From the county of Wayne-James S. Chrisman.
From the county of Whitley—Thomas Rockhold.
From the county of WoodfordJohn L. Waller.
From the county of Washington-Charles Cooper Kelly.




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ART. SEC. PAGE. Actions pending when Constitution was made, to continue (schedule)

I 123 Appeals, Court of, established .

4 I 102 to have appellate jurisdiction only

4 2 102 judges of, term of office

4 3 102 how they may be removed .

4 3 IO2 compensation to be fixed by law

4 3 102 composed of four judges.

4 4 102 judges of, to be chosen by districts.


102 in what event the number of judges may be reduced.

4 4 102 judges of, conservators of the peace.

5 103 if the number of judges is changed, the term of office shall be changed.

4 4
term of service of those first elected fixed

term of service of those first elected to be determined by lot .
who shall be styled Chief Justice .
how vacancy may be filled

7 103
who shall be eligible to the office .
sessions where held

9 103 first election held in May, 1851

103 judges to be commissioned by Governor.

4 103 clerk of, how elected, and term of office .

4 104 clerk of, when elected for first time .


104 if held in districts, a clerk to be chosen for each district


104 term of office reduced if number of judges reduced


104 clerk of, qualifications of .

4 104 vacancy in clerkship, how filled .

4 13 104 when a pro tem. clerk may be appointed

4 13 104 when and how special judges may be appointed

4 15 105 Apportionment of representation (schedule).

4 123 how regulated and ascertained .


91 when cities and towns may have a separate representation

5 91 Arbitrations, General Assembly shall pass laws to decide differences by.

8 113 Army, standing, none to be kept up in time of peace without the consent of the

Assembly, when to convene, and where to hold sessions.


94 a majority of each House to constitute a quorum to do business

19 94 a smaller number of, may adjourn and compel attendance of absent members

2 19 94 each House of, to judge of qualifications, elections, and returns of its members

94 contested elections determined by law. ..

94 each House of, to determine rules of its proceedings

94 may punish a member for disorderly conduct.

94 two thirds may expel a member, but not second time for same cause :

94 each House shall keep a journal of its proceedings, and publish the same weekly.

95 General, any two members of may require the yeas and nays

95 neither House of shall adjourn for more than three days, nor to any other place, without the consent of the other House .

23 95 members of, to receive three dollars per day during their attendance

on, and 1242 cents per mile for the necessary travel in going to and returning from the sessions of their respective Houses .

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Assembly, may be increased or diminished, no alteration shall take effect the session it is made

24 95 General, session of, not to continue longer than sixty days, except by a vote of two thirds of all the members elected to each House

24 95 General, members of, privileged from arrest, except for treason, felony, breach or surety of the peace .

2 25 95 not to be questioned elsewhere for any speech or debate in the House, 25 95 shall not be appointed to offices created, or whose emoluments have

been increased during the terms for which they were elected, nor
for one year thereafter

26 95 who ineligible to .

27 95 no collector of public moneys eligible unless he shall have obtained a quietus for amounts collected six months previous . .

28 96 General, shall direct the mode of conducting and making returns of all

elections of the judges and clerk or clerks of the Court of Appeals,

and of determining contested elections of any of these officers 4 14 104 General, shall provide for an additional judge or judges, to constitute

a special court when a majority of the regular judges are disquali-
fied to sit.

4 15 105 General, may establish an additional judicial district every four years;

said districts not to exceed sixteen until the population of the State
shall exceed one million five hundred thousand.

4 24

106 General, shall divide each county of this Commonwealth into election

precincts, or delegate power so to do, to county authorities desig.
nated by law

5 91 shall regulate, by law, by whom and in what manner writs of election

shall be issued to fill vacancies which may occur in either branch

2 31 96 shall have no power to grant divorces, change the names of individ

uals, or direct the sales of estates belonging to infants, but shall con-
fer such powers on courts of justice . .

2 32
General, shall not pass laws to diminish the resources of the sinking

fund, until the debt of the State shall be paid
may contract debts not exceeding five hundred thousand dollars, to

meet casual deficits or failures in the revenue, and may contract debts
to repel invasions, &c.

2 35

97 General, under what circumstances may contract debts on behalf of the Commonwealth . .

2 36

97 General, shall not change venue in any criminal or penal prosecutions, 2 38 97 may pass laws authorizing writs of error in criminal or penal cases . .

97 shall have no power to appropriate any sum of money exceeding one

hundred dollars, except by a vote of a majority of all the members
of both Houses

2 40 97 General, shall divide the State into twelve judicial districts

4 19 105 shall direct elections for judges in each district .


105 to provide for vacancies in office .


shall prescribe the manner of electing or appointing officers for new
counties .

6 8
may provide for election or appointment of other county, district, min-
isterial, and executive officers


III General, who ineligible to .

8 18 114 shall pass laws making it a felony for any free negro or mulatto to immigrate to this State hereafter .

117 Assessor, county, to be elected-time of election and term of office—may appoint assistants.


INI subject to indictment and removal .

4 36 108 Attainder, bill of, prohibited .

shall not work corruption of blood or forfeiture, except during the life
of the person attainted

13 Attorney, General, elected for a term of four years

3 25 Commonwealth's, for each judicial district to be elected .


109 term of office same as that of circuit judge .


109 county, to be elected .


109 term of office same as that of presiding judge of county court

6 subject to indictment and removal

4 36 108 118 GEN. STAT.-9

2 34


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ART. SEC. PAGE. Attorney, ineligible to Legislature .

2 27 95 at law, eligible to the Legislature .

27 95 who may be a Commonwealth's or county.

6 2 IIO Auditor of Public Accounts, elected for four years, duties prescribed by law 3 25 IOI Bail, excessive, shall not be required .

13 17 121 prisoners to be admitted to, unless for capital offenses, when proof is evident,

or presumption great Bill, each, to be read on three several days before passage, in each House, unless four fifths dispense with the rule .

29 for raising revenue, shall originate in the House of Representatives.

30 Senate may propose amendments to .

30 no new matter to be introduced by the Senate by way of amendment

30 before it become a law, shall be passed by both Houses, and approved by the

Governor; or if disapproved, shall be passed by a majority of all the mem-
bers elected, of both Houses.

3 if not returned by Governor in ten days, unless an adjournment intervene,

shall be a law; and if adjournment intervene, it shall be a law unless re

turned within three days after the meeting of the next General Assembly . Bribing, or treating, disqualification for certain offices .


3 Chancellor of Louisville chancery court, how and by whom elected, qualifications of

4 40 108 Claims, of individuals and bodies corporate, nor affected by Constitution (schedule).

123 Clergyman, priest, or teacher of any religious persuasion, ineligible to General Assembly

27 Clerk, of Court of Appeals, to be elected .

4 104 term of office eight years (after 1858)

4 104 should the General Assembly district Court of Appeals, a clerk shall be elected for such district by the qualified voters of same


104 term of office, qualifications, and subject to removal same as the clerk of the Court of Appeals

4 104 of Court of Appeals to be elected by remaining districts, in case the Gen

eral Assembly directs Court of Appeals to hold sessions in more than
one district.

4 104 term of office to be six years should number of judges be reduced.


104 of Court of Appeals to be elected by special election in case of vacancy, to serve until the end of the term . .

4 13 104 judges of Court of Appeals shall have power to appont a pro tem:

4 13 104 of Court of Appeals not to be elected by special election, unless the unexpired term exceed one year

4 13 104 of Court of Appeals, who are eligible to the office of


104 of Court of Appeals, circuit and county courts, subject to be removed by

the Court of Appeals .
of Louisville chancery court, qualifications of

4 40 108 to be elected

4 40 108 of circuit and county court to be elected


109 who eligible to the office of .

6 county, when and how elected.


3 to give bond ...


9 Commonwealth, credit of, to whom shall never be loaned or given

33 96 Commissioners shall be appointed by the General Assembly to revise and arrange the Statute Laws of this Commonwealth.


115 shall be appointed to prepare a Code of Practice for the courts of this Commonwealth


115 shall report the result of their labors to the General Assembly 8

115 Constable shall be elected in every justices' district, jurisdiction of

6 5 to give bond . .

6 9 subject to indictuent and removal

4 36 108 Constitution, when in force

124 mode of revising all laws contrary thereto void

13 30 123 Contracts, law impairing not to be made . Convention, majority of all members elected within first twenty days of their reg

ular session, may pass a law to take the sense of the people on the
expediency of

118 how and when to be called.


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4 29 106

4 30 106 4 33 106

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ART. SEC. PAGE. Convention, how many members to consist of .

12 1 118 when to meet .

I 2 I 118 to be authorized only by a majority of all the qualified voters of the State

I 118 General Assembly shall provide for ascertaining number of persons in the State entitled to vote for the calling of

118 to judge of election of its members, and decide contested elections. 12 119 Coroner for each county to be elected, and term of office fixed .

6 109 qualification of ..

6 when and how elected


3 67 subject to indictment and removal .

4 36 108 to give bond and security.


9 Courts, circuit, in each county established

4 jurisdiction of, as now established.

4 17 105 right of appeal from decisions of .

4 18 105 holding of shall be provided for by law when the judge is absent or incompetent to preside .

4 28 106
county, to be established, whom composed of .
county, judges of elected, term of office four years, compensation fixed

by law
county, jurisdiction of regulated by law
Louisville chancery, subject to repeal, and its jurisdiction to enlarge-

ment-qualification of its officers .
city court of Louisville, of Lexington, and other police courts, to remain
with present powers and jurisdictions

4 41.109 officers of elected, term of office, and qualification fixed

4 41 109 Education, common school fund defined

117 to be held inviolate for the purpose of sustaining a system of common schools

117 common school fund, interest and dividends of, and certain other sums, to be appropriated only in aid of common schools.

117 what shall be done with balance of interest of the year 1848, and other sums raised for school purposes

117 interest of school fund to be paid

117 each county entitled to a proportion of income

117 Elections, for Representatives for the several counties, shall be held at the places of holding their respective courts, and in the election precincts

5 91 for county not to be held in any city or town entitled to separate representation

5 91
contested, for Governor and Lieutenant Governor, to be determined by
the General Assembly. •

3 24
first under the Constitution, for Governor, Lieutenant Governor, &c.,
to be held on first Monday in August, 1851.

3 26
for circuit judges, when held .

4 105 what returns of to be made to the Secretary


14 114 by viva voce, except dumb persons

8 15 114 between what hours to be held .

8 16 114 certain contested, General Assembly shall regulate trial of

8 24 115 returns of by proper officers to be regulated by General Assembly 8 25 115 Electors, qualifications of, and where shall vote .

8 93 when privileged from arrest, except for treason, felony, breach or surety

9 93 qualified to vote for judges

4 105 Ex post facto law not to be made

13 Government, seat of, shall continue in Frankfort until removed by law


116 two thirds of all the members elected to both Houses required to remove

9 Governor, term of office, when and where elected, in case of a tie, to be determined by lot, as the General Assembly may direct.

3 ineligible for four years after the expiration of his term of office. 3 3 qualifications of

3 4 when to commence and terminate the duties of his office .

3 5 who shall not be .

3 6 compensation of

3 military powers and privileges of

3 8


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