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Governor shall have power to grant commissions to fill vacancies

powers of, to grant remissions, reprieves, and pardons .
may require information in writing from any officer of the Executive

shall give information to the General Assembly, and recommend meas-

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when and where may convene the General Assembly, and when

adjourn the two Houses thereof
shall take care that the laws be faithfully executed
orders, resolutions, and votes to be approved by
may pardon any one who shall have participated in a duel
shall commission Auditor, Register, Treasurer, President of the Board

of Internal Improvement, Superintendent of Public Instruction, and

other officers
when shall have power to fill vacancies in certain offices .
Lieutenant, term of office, qualifications of, how elected
Lieutenant, to be Speaker of the Senate .
Lieutenant, when he shall exercise the power and authority of Gov-
when a special election for shall take place

Lieutenant, compensation of .
Habeas corpus, not to be suspended unless in cases of rebellion or invasion.
Impeachment, House of Representatives to have sole power of .

in case of, Senate to try
shall be on oath .
two thirds of, must concur to convict .
who liable to .

judgment in case of, limited .
Internal improvement, president of the board of, to be elected, term of office, time

and manner of election of.
board of, may be abolished, or the office of president

thereof. Jailer, for each county, to be elected

qualifications of
when and how elected .
to give bond and security.

subject to indictment and removal Judges, circuit, qualifications of .

circuit, term of office fixed .
circuit, commissioned by Governor-how removed .
circuit, compensation of, fixed by law .
how a vacancy in the office of circuit judge shall be filled
county court, when elected, first term of office fixed.
county court, qualifications of .

subject to indictment and removal Judicial, districts, when changed . .

power, may be vested in mayors of cities, police judges, and trustees of Justices of the peace, to be elected, term of office, jurisdiction, and qualifications

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of .

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commissioned by the Governor .
subject to indictment for malfeasance or misfeasance, and,

upon conviction, to be removed
may sit at the court of claims, and assist in laying the coun-

ty levy:
Laws, no one passed by General Assembly shall relate to more than one subject,

to be expressed in the title
shall not be suspended unless by General Assembly, or its authority.
in force, not inconsistent with this Constitution, not to be affected thereby

(schedule). .
relative to certain officers, to remain in force, though contrary to this Con-

stitution (schedule)
Legislative power vested in General Assembly

[See Representatives, Senate, and General Assembly.] Militia, of whom to consist

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ART. SEC. PAGE. Militia, certain officers of, by whom appointed .

7 2 III officers of, elected .

7 3 112 Nobility, title of, shall not to be granted

13 28 122 Oath, prescribed

I II2 to be taken by all officers and members of the bar

8 1 II2 manner of, to suit conscience of deponent.


7 113 may be administered by a judge or justice of the peace (schedule) Officers, civil and military, where to reside


113 salaries of, deductions for neglect of duty made by General Assembly 8 13 114 when to enter upon the discharge of their duties determined by the General Assembly :

8 17 114 security for public, how may be relieved, determined by General Assembly

8 19 114 for towns and cities to be elected in such manner and for such time as prescribed by law .

6 6 111 Office, right to hold any, of honor or profit forfeited by giving, accepting, or carrying a challenge .

8 114 none to be hereditary or for a longer time than a term of years none to be superseded by the adoption of this Constitution (schedule)

3 123 People, all free governments founded on authority of .

13 4 119 right of to alter, abolish, or reform their government.

4 119 Powers, of government divided into three departments .

90 no person or persons of one department to exercise any power belonging to another

90 Power, absolute arbitrary exists not

13 119 all inherent in “THE PEOPLE

13 4 119 Process, style of, shall be « The Commonwealth of Kentucky"

4 5 103 Prosecutions shall be carried on in name of the Commonwealth of Kentucky. 4 5 103 how to conclude .

4 5 103 Punishments, cruel, shall not be inflicted .

13 17 Representatives, House of, a branch of legislative power

90 House of, term of service of members of, two years from day of general election

90 to be chosen on the first Monday in August every second year . 3 90 qualifications of

4 91 number of shall be apportioned among the ten several districts, according to the number of qualified voters in each ...


91 to be apportioned as near as may be among the counties, towns, and cities of each district


91 rules to govern such apportionment

6 91 House of, to choose its Speaker and other officers .

7 93 to be elected under first apportionment after the adoption of this Constitution in 1851

93 House of, number of members shall be one hundred .

13 93 Representation, separate, any city or town to be invested with privilege of, when

such city or town hath a number of qualified voters equal to the
ratio then fixed .

5 91 no city or town to be entitled to separate, unless the county in

which it is situated shall, after separation, be entitled to one or
more Representatives .

5 91 any city or town invested with privilege of separate, when its

numbers shall entitle it to more than one Representative, shall
be divided into Representative districts

5 91
said city or town in like manner to be divided into Senatorial dis-

5 91 no ward or municipal division to be divided into such Senatorial

or Representative districts, unless it be necessary to equalize the
elective, Senatorial, or Representative districts .

5 91
shall be equal and uniform in this Commonwealth, and regulated
by the number of qualified voters therein.

6 91 in 1850, again in 1857, and every eighth year thereafter, an enumeration of qualified voters to be taken .


91 to secure unisormity and equality of, the State shall be laid off into ten districts .










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Representation, at every apportionment of, the State shall be laid off into thirtyeight Senatorial districts.

14 94 one Senator to be elected by each district

15 94 when any city or town shall have a right to, may also have separate municipal courts .

4 38 108 Recognizances, heretofore taken, to remain valid (schedule).


124 Register of the Land Office, elected for four years, duties prescribed by law 3 25 Rights, equality of declared.

13 119 of property, before and higher than constitutional sanction

13 3 119 of owner of slave to it, and the increase thereof.

13 3 119 of people to alter their government

13 4 119 of all men to liberty of conscience in matters of religion

13 5 of conscience not to be interfered with .

13 5 civil, not to be diminished or enlarged on account of religion

13 of the citizen to equality and freedom of elections

13 7 to trial by jury .


freedom of the press and speech

13 9
in prosecutions for libels, to give in evidence truth of matter published,
jury in such case to determine the law and the facts

to be secure from unreasonable searches and seizures.

when accused in criminal prosecutions, to be heard by himself and coun-

sel ..
to demand the nature of accusation.
to meet witnesses face to face
to have compulsory process for witnesses

to have a speedy public trial by an impartial jury of the vicinage. 13
to refuse to give evidence against himself .

13 not to be deprived of life, liberty, or property, without due course of law, 13 for any indictable offense, not to be proceeded against criminally by in

formation, except in the land or naval forces, or militia, when in actual

service, or by leave of court, for oppression or misdemeanor in office. 13 13
not to be twice jeopardized for the same offense

13 14
property not to be taken for public use without consent of representatives,
and just compensation made .

13 14
all courts shall be open, and redress given for any injury, and justice ad-
ministered without sale, denial, or delay

13 15
as debtor, to be free from prison after delivering up his estate as pre-
scribed by law, unless strong presumption of fraud .

13 19
estate of such as destroy their own lives, shall descend or vest as in case
of natural death

13 23
if any person be killed by casualty, no forfeiture shall accrue

13 23 I 22 to assemble and petition

13 24 to bear arms in defense of himself and State

13 25 to forbid a soldier to be quartered in his house in time of peace

13 27 nor in time of war, but as prescribed by law.

13 27 to emigrate, not to be prohibited

13 29 Secretary of State, when to convene the Senate .

3 duties, term of office, how appointed

3 Senate, members of, to be chosen for four years

93 shall have power to choose its officers biennially.

93 to be elected under first apportionment after the adoption of this Constitution in 1851 ..

93 members of, to be divided into two classes by lot, al the session of the General Assembly after first apportionment under this Constitution .

93 seats of first class to be vacated at the end of two years from the day of

the election, and those of the second class at the end of four. number of members of, shall be thirty-eight

13 93 qualification of members of

94 when members of, shall be elected

17 94 when Speaker of, shall be elected, and when he shall administer the gov


18 Sheriffs, to be elected, term of office, re-eligible for second term, ineligible for succeeding term .


4 time of electing fixed .


4 qualifications of


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ART. SEC. PAGE. Sheriff's to give bond and security


9 III subject to indictment and removal .

4 36 108 Slaves, General Assembly shall not emancipate, without owner's consent or compensation made

10 116 before emancipated, provision to be made for removal from the State. emigrants may bring with them

116 laws to be passed permitting owners to emancipate .

116 General Assembly shall have power to prevent being brought into this State as merchandise .

116 imported into the United States, after 1789-General Assembly may prevent being brought into this State .

10 116 owners of, to treat them with humanity

116 may be sold for the benefit of certain owners emancipated hereafter refusing to leave the State, or having left, who shall return and settle in this State, to be deemed guilty of felony.

117 in prosecutions of, for felony, no inquest by grand jury necessary

3 117 in prosecutions of, for felony, to have an impartial trial by jury

3 117 Suffrage, who shall be excluded from .


4 free, to be supported by laws

8 4 right of, not forfeited by absence on business of this State or United States


113 Suits against the Commonwealth, General Assembly to direct where and how brought

8 Superintendent of Public Instruction, to be elected .

118 term of office and salary to be fixed by law, II 118 Surveyor, county, to be elected, and term of office fixed .


109 qualitications of .

6 when and how ele ed.


3 to give bond and security


9 110 subject to indictment and removal

4 36 108 Treason, defined .

who shall not be convicted of Treasurer, to be elected, term of office two years, duties of, prescribed by law

3 25 Treasury, money drawn from, only by appropriation



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5 113 Virginia, what laws of in force here compact with, part of Constitution. ,

9 113

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