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ARTICLE I. Of the General Statutes and their effect. § 1. Be it enacted by the General Assembly of the Commons Revised Statutes wealth of Kentucky, That this and the following chapters, General Statutes. from chapter i to chapter 113, inclusive, shall constitute and be known as the General Statutes of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, and shall be designated and cited by the words "The General Statutes,” adding the number of the chapter and section when necessary; and as such are adopted, and shall become the law of the land, to take effect on the first day of December, 1873, except such parts thereof as to which a different provision is expressly made therein.

§ 2. That all statutes of a general nature in force when the General Statutes take effect, and which are repugnant thereto, are hereby repealed, except as follows, viz:

1. All statutes of Virginia or of this Commonwealth in relation to former appropriation of the vacant lands of this Commonwealth.

2. All statutes of a merely local relation to any county, city, or town, or relating to the powers, privileges, and franchises of any corporation; all statutes in relation to the Institution for the Education of the Blind at Louisville, the American Printing House for the Blind, Banks, the Internal Improvement System, Insurance, and the Insurance Bureau.

3. All statutes in relation to any court, and the proceedings therein, in the city of Louisville and county of Jefferson, or of any city, town, or police court, and the officers thereof, and all statutes regulating the terms thereof.

4. The provisions of the Codes of Practice in civil and criminal cases, so far as the same are consistent with the General Statutes.

$ 3. The adoption of the General Statutes, and the repeal

General Statutes.

Not to affect any of existing laws therein provided for, shall not affect any General Statutes offense or act committed or done, or any penalty or forfeitproceedings to ure incurred, or any right established, accrued, or accruing, practicable to the before the General Statutes take effect, or any proceeding or

act confirmed, or any suit or proceeding in any civil action, before the repeal takes effect; but the proceedings therein shall thereafter conform, as far as practicable, to the provisions of the General Statutes; but when a punishment, penalty, or forfeiture is mitigated by the provisions of the General Statutes, such provisions may be extended and applied to any sentence or judgment pronounced after said repeal; nor shall such repeal affect any suit or prosecution, pending at the time it takes effect, for an offense committed, or for the recovery of a penalty or forfeiture incurred, under any of the provisions of a law repealed, except that the proceedings therein shall, when necessary, conform to the provisions of the General Statutes.

$ 4. When a limitation, or period of time, prescribed in A limitation to any of the acts repealed for acquiring a right or barring a as die begin Gend remedy, or for any other purpose, has begun to run, and the

same, or a similar limitation, is prescribed in the General Statutes, the time of limitation shall continue to run, and shall have the like effect as if the whole period had begun and ended under the operations of the General Statutes.

$ 5. The provisions of the General Statutes, so far as they are the same as those of existing laws, shall be construed as a continuation of such laws, and not as new enactments.

$ 6. The enrolled chapters of the General Statutes shall be deposited, and forever kept, in the office of the Secretary of State, which shall be an authentic record of such laws,

eral Statutes.



Editing and Publication, $1. Edward I. Bullock, of the county of Hickman, and Bullock - William Johnson, of the county of Nelson, are hereby apWilliam Johnson appointed to su pointed Commissioners, who shall edit and superintend the perintend public cation of General publication of the General Statutes of the Commonwealth Charta, &c. of Kentucky, as also an accurate copy of Magna Charta,

the Constitution of the United States, the acts of Congress upon the subject of removal of suits from the State courts to the courts of the United States, and upon the subject of naturalization; the act of Virginia concerning the erection


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of the district of Kentucky into a State, known as “The
Compact with Virginia ;” the first, the second, and the pres-
ent Constitution of Kentucky; and all the Public Acts of
the present session of the General Assembly. They shall
also prepare suitable head notes to the several chapters, and
marginal notes to the several sections, with marginal refer-
ences to previous legislation as revised and compiled in the
General Statutes, and a syllabus to the Decisions of the
Court of Appeals construing such statutes, and shall also
prepare a full and accurate index to the whole, pointing
to the several sections therein. The Commissioners shall Their compensa-
be allowed ten dollars per day for their services. The com-
pensation of the Commissioners shall be for the time only
in which they are actually employed; and upon their certifi-
cate, the Auditor shall draw his warrant upon the Treasurer.
If the Commissioners, or either of them, shall refuse to act,
or a vacancy shall occur, the Governor shall appoint another
or others in his or their place.

§ 2. Before any paper shall be used in the publication of The paper used the book, a sample thereof shall be submitted to the Secre- to be submitted

to Secretary of tary of State and the Commissioners, and by them approved. State. The work of binding shall, in point of execution and material, be at least equal to the binding of Stanton's Revised Statutes:

$ 3. As often as any form of the General Statutes shall be Proof-sheets to be put in type, a proof-sheet thereof shall be furnished to the commissioners, 4 Commissioners, who shall carefully examine and compare Secretary of State the same with the original rolls and acts, and make all nec- ers to certify true essary corrections therein; and when such comparison and thereof, a deposit corrections are fully made, and said statutes printed, the sy's office, which Secretary of State and the Commissioners shall certify that sive evidence of the same have been examined and compared with the original rolls and acts, and that the same are true and correct copies thereof, and shall deposit a copy of said General Statutes so printed and certified in the Secretary's Office, which shall be conclusive evidence of the verity thereof. Such certificate shall be printed in each copy of the General Statutes, which shall entitle the book to be read in evidence.

$ 4. The Public Printer is directed to print in one volume, printer, coa copies ready for distribution by September the ist, 1873, four thou- printing, now as sand copies of the General Statutes, at the rate of printing umes

examined by the

when printed, the

and commission.

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to be in one vol.

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now established by law, not, however, to exceed one dollar per volume of one thousand pages, which shall be received

by the Secretary of State, and by him held and distributed To whom boks as follows: To each person or officer entitled to one under

the provisions of the chapter on Laws; to the Asylum of Deaf and Dumb, to each Lunatic Asylum, Asylum for the Blind, the Feeble-minded Institute, the House of Reform, one copy each; the Secretary of the Department of State of the United States, the Executive of each State and Territory within the United States, three copies each; to the Public Library of Louisville, two copies; to the Law School at Louisville, two copies: Provided, That in the event the Public Printer or Binder does not agree to print and bind the General Statutes at the prices herein stated, then the Secretary of State is hereby directed to have either the printing

or binding, or both, done by the lowest bidder. The Public his compensation Binder shall bind in good law sheep each volume of the

General Statutes as it comes from the Printer; and he shall receive as compensation therefor at the rates now fixed by law, not exceeding, however, the sum of sixty cents per vol

Public Binder to bind volume, and


$ 5. Those copies remaining shall be retained by the Secretary of State to supply such deficiency as may occur, or be distributed as hereafter directed by law: Provided, however, That the Secretary of State is authorized to sell copies of the General Statutes, at not less than cost price, to such persons as may wish to purchase. The money arising from such sale shall be paid quarterly into the public Treasury.

§ 6. The acts of the present General Assembly, so far as they may be inconsistent with, or repugnant to, any provision of the General Statutes, shall be considered the law of the land.

$ 7. The Librarian shall, if not provided for in the contract, procure and furnish all paper and stationery required for the editing and publishing the General Statutes.

$ 8. No person shall copyright the General Statutes adopted by this chapter unless by consent of the General Assembly.

S 9. The General Statutes hereby adopted shall not be published in the Session Acts of the present session of the General Assembly.

Approved April 22, 1873.

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