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icate shall not be

common school law; said affidavit shall be filed in the office of the clerk of the county court.

$ 3. The board may charge each applicant a fee of one Fee for examinadollar for each examination made, the proceeds of which shall be divided between the two members of the board appointed by and acting with the commissioner, in proportion to the services rendered by them. They shall give no cer- To whom certiftificate to any teacher unless they are satisfied that such given. teacher is possessed of a good moral character, knowledge of the branches of study examined on, and a fair ability to teach and govern a school, sufficient to warrant the grade or class of certificate given; and if, at any time, the recipient be found incompetent or inefficient, or otherwise unworthy of the indorsement given him, the commissioners may revoke the same; and any teacher dismissed from a school on such grounds, shall be entitled to receive payment for services only up to the time of such dismissal.

$ 4. It shall be the duty of each teacher of a common Duty of teachers school to keep such a register of the school as the commis- ing å register

making report. sioner may require of him; and within ten days after the close of the session he shall make a report of the highest, lowest, and average number of pupils in attendance during the session; the books used, the branches taught, the number of pay pupils, if any, in attendance, and such other information as may be deemed of importance and interest; and he shall furnish a copy of such report to the commissioner; and if he shall neglect or fail to do this, the commis- Penalty. sioner shall withhold twenty dollars of his salary due for the benefit of the district.

$ 5. Teachers shall faithfully enforce in school the course Course of study of study and the regulations prescribed in pursuance of law; Authority in reand if any teacher shall willfully refuse or neglect to comply ment– discipline with such requisitions, the commissioner, on petition or complaint of the trustees, may remove or dismiss him, and withhold any part of the School Fund money due for teaching the school. Every teacher shall have the power and authority to hold every pupil to a strict accountability in school for any disorderly conduct on the way to or from the school, or on the play-ground of the school, or during intermission or recess, and to suspend from school any pupil for good cause: Provided, That such suspension shall be reported as soon as practicable to the trustee by the teacher; and if


aminery-who to

notice thereof.

such action is not sustained by him, he may appeal to the commissioner, whose decision of the case shall be final.

$ 6. The Superintendent of Public Instruction shall apState board of ex- point two professional educators, who, together with himself, constitute-to ex- shall constitute a State board of examiners, who shall examamine applicants as State teachers. ine all the teachers applying for State certificates. The said to convene, and board of examiners shall hold their sessions at the State

Capitol on the first Wednesday of July, and such days succeeding as may be necessary to examine those who may apply for certificates, and at such other times and places as they may appoint, giving notice thereof to each commissioner of a county, for the examination of teachers for the common schools. The Superintendent, and at least one member of the board, shall be present and conduct all such examinations, and shall sign all certificates of qualification given, and affix the Superintendent's official seal thereto.

$ 7. The board shall charge each applicant a fee of three dollars, the proceeds of which shall be divided between the two members of the board appointed by and acting with the

Superintendent, in proportion to the services rendered by Their duty in re- them. They shall give no certificate to any teacher unless spect of giving certificates. they are satisfied that such teacher is possessed of a good

moral character, knowledge of the braches of study required in the common school course, together with physiology and hygiene, and a fair ability to teach and govern a school, sufficient to warrant the giving of a certificate of the first-class; and this certificate shall entitle a teacher to teach in any of the common schools, first grade, of the Commonwealth, for five years, without examination by the county board.

§ 8. The board of examiners may select, from the list of Uniform series of text-books prescribed by the State Board of Education, a school books to be selected. uniform series of school books, which shall not be changed

for the term of two years.

Fee to board.


Teachers' Institute. $ 1. It shall be the duty of the school commissioner of Teachers’ Insti- each county, with the advice, direction, and co-operation of whom organized. the Superintendent of Public Instruction, as far as the same When and where may be necessary, to organize and cause to be held, for the

normal instruction, improvement, and better qualification of the teachers of the common schools of his county, a teach


the session of.

mon schools.

ers' institute annually, in July or August, at some point accessible and convenient for the attendance of the same.

§ 2. Every teacher of a common school, and every one who shall attend who has obtained a certificate of qualification to teach a common school, shall attend the session of such institute, and shall continue from year to year to do so as long as the institute shall be kept up, upon a penalty for non-attendance, if satisfactory excuse has not been rendered the commissioner, of forfeiting his certificate. The session shall not be Duration of the

session. longer than one week of six days, during which there shall be vacation of the common schools of the county to give opportunity to the teachers to attend; and no reduction of Vacation of comthe teacher's wages shall be made during said week of vacation, provided he was in attendance the full time of the session of the institute.

$ 3. The school commissioner of the county shall be pres- School commisent during the entire session of the institute, and shall keep and herein of his a register of all teachers or others in attendance as pupils, of conducting. of the daily exercises and proceedings, and of the progress and results of the same. An hour each morning, before the exercises of the institute begin, shall be set apart for the examination of teachers who may wish to apply for certificates of qualification to teach the common schools by the county board of examiners; and those teachers having such certificates shall have precedence, in all cases where it is admissible, in selecting a teacher for a common school. The commissioner may collect from each teacher, or other person in attendance on the institute at the time of matriculation as pupil of same, two dollars. These fees shall form a county institute fund. Out of this fund the commissioner shall pay, first, the county board of examiners; and after paying all necessary expenditures in support of the institute taught and the association held, he shall divide the balance of said fund, if any, equally among those districts in his county which have established library funds, to be appropriated solely for the benefit of the libraries of same. $ 4. In selecting a proper place for holding the teachers' Provisions as to

selecting place of institute, the commissioner shall decide with reference to the holding the-noconvenience and accommodation of the place, and shall endeavor to make such arrangements as he best can for the free accommodation, or for economizing and reducing the expenses of teachers while in attendance. He shall, twenty


Of whom c'im

days before the institute begins, notify by mail the trustees of his county of the time and place of holding it; and it shall be the duty of said trustees to notify each teacher in their respective school district. The commissioner shall likewise cause the trustee of each district to post notices thereof.

S 5. During the session of the institute there may be held County teachers' a county teachers' association, and an evening or night term

of two hours may be daily set apart for this purpose. The Peedsand its association may be composed of all the officers and teachers

of common schools present, and shall be called together by the commissioner; after which, the organization and proceedings of the body shall be under its own control and management. The objects of such association shall be, primarily, to discuss and devise the best ways and means of promoting the interests of common schools, and the improvement of teachers, and the methods of teaching.

$ 6. The commissioner shall, at the time of making his Commissioner to annual report to the Superintendent, also report the time report in respect and place of holding the teachers' institute; the name of the

person conducting the same; the number of persons registered as in attendance; the sum collected by a fee of two dollars paid by each person in attendance; the number of teachers of common schools in the county who did not attend the institute (and such other information of the proceedings and results of the institute) and teachers' association as may deem of value and interest.

$ 7. Where it can be done with more economy, and will Several counties as well accommodate all teachers and persons whose duty it

may be to attend, the commissioners of two or three counties may, by proper agreement and arrangement, unite together and have conducted one teachers' institute and association for the counties they officially represent: Provided, The several counties thus united shall not contain a total of more than one hundred and fifty districts; and the same rules, regulations, and provisions shall apply in the management of such a union institute or association as in the case of a single county. The expenses and benefits of such union institute and association shall be divided between the several counties represented as equitably as possible by the commissioners of the same.


may unite.


District Library. § 1. When, by contribution, purchase, or otherwise, forty District library,

how organized. volumes can be collected for such purpose, the district trustee may organize a library in connection with the school of the district, which shall be for the use of the district in which the same is located. He may make such suitable arrange- How books to be

kept. ments for keeping the books and periodicals of the said library as may be necessary, and may appoint a suitable person to take charge of the same, and to manage it according to such rules and regulations as they may prescribe: Provided, That none of the school revenues collected by general taxation for the purpose of common school education, shall ever hereafter be used to purchase books, maps, or charts for the same.

§ 2. The trustee shall have the same control over the Trustee to have library as over the other school property; and when it is accountability. practicable and safe, the same shall be kept in the schoolhouse of the district; and when convenient, the teacher of the school shall be appointed to act as librarian. The trustee shall be accountable for the proper care and preservation of the library, and shall have power to assess and collect all fines, penalties, and fees of membership; and he shall report annually to the commissioner all library statistics which may be required of him, or which he may deem of importance.

$ 3. The trustee may receive donations of books, maps, Trustee authorcharts, and other works of interest: Provided, No books of nations of books, a sectarian or infidel character shall be placed in the library; and any such books found therein shall be removed by the Books of sectariorder of the trustee or the commissioner. The library shall acter to be ex

cluded. be free to all pupils of suitable age belonging to the schools Library to be free

to pupils. of the district; but any resident of the district may become entitled to its privileges upon the payment of such a sum obtain privilege of money for membership, or such as the trustee may prescribe.

§ 4. It shall be the duty of the State Board of Education Board of educato prepare a list of books suitable for school libraries, which list of suitable may, from time to time, be amended, revised, and enlarged, scribe rules for and to prepare uniform rules and regulations for the government of the same, and to prescribe penalties, fines, and conditions of membership.


Residents of the district-how to


government of.

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