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copy of the session acts of the General Assembly, hereafter To whom acts to published, by virtue of their respective offices, to-wit: Members of the General Assembly which passed such act, the Auditor, Register, and Treasurer, the Attorney General, circuit and county attorneys, and justices of the peace, the sheriff of each county, the clerk of each court, Secretary of State, and each judge of a court; the Librarian shall be entitled to ten copies for the use of the Senate, and to thirty copies for the use of the House. Each member of the Gen- copies of General eral Assembly of 1871-'2, and each of the Commissioners Statutes. to revise the statutes, shall be entitled to one copy of this revision; and the chief and assistant clerks of the two Houses shall be entitled to one copy each of this revision.

§ 8. The Secretary of State shall annually transmit to the To be sent to exexecutive of each of the other States, and also the Secretary State. of State for the United States, two copies of the session acts.

$ 9. Each officer of this State (except the members of Books to be held the General Assembly), who shall receive any book under public property, this or any act of assembly, shall hold the same as public property, and as an appendage to his office, and when he shall vacate the same, the books shall be delivered over to his successor.

§ 10. It shall be the duty of the respective officers to Good care to be take good care of the books delivered to them. The clerk of each court shall keep the books intrusted to him in his office for the use of the public.

$11. The members of the General Assembly shall each Journals. be entitled to one copy of the journal of each House the session such member may serve, and each clerk of a county and circuit court shall be entitled to one copy, the Secretary of State to two copies for the use of his office, the Librarian to five copies for the use of the Senate, and the Librarian to ten copies for the use of the House.

§ 12. The following persons shall each be entitled to one Reports of decopy of the reports of the decisions of the Court of Ap- of Appeals. peals which may be hereafter published: the judges of the Court of Appeals, of the circuit and county courts, and of the Federal Court for Kentucky, and the clerk of each of said courts.

§ 13. All the public books of the State hereafter printed Public and bound, including the reports of the decisions of the identification.

taken of. =

books how stamped for

Court of Appeals, shall be designated by placing the following words in the title page: “Property of the State of Kentucky;” and the binder shall press on the cover the same words; and each and every officer who may receive books under this chapter shall write in the same the name of the office to which it belongs.

$ 14. The members of the General Assembly, the judges Acts of Congress. and clerks of each of the State courts, the Attorney General,

the circuit and county attorneys, and Secretary of State, shall each be entitled to one copy of the acts of Congress which may be sent to the State for distribution.

§ 15. The clerk of each court in this State shall, on or List of books to before the first day of July in the year 1874, and every nished court by second year thereafter, make out and present to the presidliability for loss ing judge of his court a list of all the law books which he

has received on the public account, and another list of those remaining in his office; which list, being duly certified by the clerk and examined by the judge, shall be recorded in the office of said court, and a copy shall be transmitted by the clerk to the Secretary of State, to be filed in his office. The clerk shall be responsible on his official bond for the safe-keeping and custody of said books.

$ 16. The acts of assembly, journals of each house, and Ac:s, jou mals, & books of reports, shall, when bound, be deposited in the withseceperited office of the Secretary of State, and it shall be his duty Sihteand thinking to pack up the same in a suitable manner for each county, tributing same.

with a list of the names of those who are entitled to the same. He shall give three weeks' notice, in three newspapers printed in this State, when and where he will let the delivery and distribution thereof to the clerks of the county courts. He shall divide the State into eight districts, of as nearly equal size as may be, and shall, on the day and at the place stated in the publication, let the duty to be performed in each district to the lowest bidder, and shall take from each contractor bond and good surety, payable to the Commonwealth, conditioned for the faithful discharge of his duties within forty days. But the whole amount to be paid for such distribution shall not in any year exceed one thousand dollars.

$ 17. Upon the contractor's producing to the Secretary Cor.tractors' pay of State the receipt of the clerk of each county, containing

a list of all the books delivered to such contractor, he shall




certify the same to the Auditor of Public Accounts, with the amount due thereon; whereupon the Auditor shall issue his warrant on the Treasury for the same.

§ 18. It shall be the duty of each clerk of the General Duty of clerks of Assembly, for the time being, at the close of each session, bly in respect of to collect all the books belonging to their respective houses, and to make out a complete list of the same, and have the books carefully boxed up. The same shall then be delivered to the State Librarian, whose duty it shall be carefully to preserve the same, so as to have them forthcoming at the commencement of each succeeding session of the General Assembly.

§ 19. When the statutes furnished any court shall be lost, Copies of books mutilated, or torn, it shall be lawful for the court to procure plied. an additional copy, and certify the cost thereof to the Auditor of Public Accounts, who shall issue his warrant on the Treasury for the same.

§ 20. There shall be no books or reports distributed at All books to be the public expense at any other time except when the same time. session acts of the General Assembly and journals are distributed.

$ 21. The acts of the General Assembly passed at any General or public regular or adjourned session, which may be of a general how printed and nature, and not local or private, shall, immediately after the end of each session, be printed in pamphlet form, under the superintendence of the Attorney General, whose duty it shall be to prepare a full and accurate index to the same, as also necessary side-notes; and if any portion of this revision, or either Code of Practice, may be altered, modified, or repealed by any act, he shall refer to chapter and page of the work affected thereby; and for his services shall receive such compensation as the Governor may deem reasonable, not to exceed one hundred dollars.

$ 22. The following officers shall be entitled to receive one Acts 1864, 125, copy each of said pamphlet, viz: Circuit judge, common- sent. wealth's attorney, county clerk, circuit clerk, county judges, county attorneys, and members of the Legislature, to each of whom a copy shall be sent by the Public Printer as soon as the same shall be published.

§ 23. The acts of the General Assembly, whether of a Acts--how printgeneral or local or private character, shall be printed under indexed. the supervision of the Attorney General. And it shall be


To whom to be

the duty of the Public Printer to carefully compare the printed acts, whether of a general, local, or private character, with the acts on file in the office of Secretary of State, so that they may, in every respect, conform in language. It shall also be the duty of the Public Printer to prepare a full and complete index to the same, to be printed with the acts, keeping those acts which are of a general separated from those which are of a local or private nature; and for his compensation shall receive a sum not exceeding in amount that heretofore paid for the same work, to be paid out of the Treasury upon the order of the Governor and warrant of the Auditor.

$ 24. If the clerk of any court having the custody of any Penalty on clerk book of the laws of this Commonwealth, or the reports of for suffering the books to be lost. the Court of Appeals, shall knowingly suffer and permit the

same to be taken from his office, and such book is thereby lost so that he cannot produce the same when called upon to do so, he shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and may, upon proper indictment, be fined in a sum not exceeding fifty dollars.

$ 25. If any attorney or other person shall or may here Penalty on an at- after have in his possession any of the public books belongtorncy for failing

ing to this Commonwealth, and upon request of the clerk having the custody of such book fail, neglect, or refuse to restore the same to the proper officer, he shall be deemed guilty of a misdemeanor, and may, upon proper indictment, be fined in any sum not exceeding fifty dollars.

to restore.


Immunity of Members—Proceedings of either House, how conducted.

the transaction of business.

§ 1. The members of the General Assembly shall in no a R, S., 19.

wise be disturbed or embarrassed in the great and important be disturbed in business of legislation. They shall not, directly or indirect

ly, by any ways or means, be arrested, menaced, or otherwise disturbed during the existence of their constitutional

privilege, except on legal process for treason, felony, breach Freedom from ar- of the peace, or misdemeanor. A member of either branch

of the Legislature guilty of a breach of privilege may be


how inquired into


expelled, censured, or fined by the concurrence of two thirds of the members present. § 2. Either House of the Legislature shall have power to Power of either

House to punish. punish any one by fine not exceeding five hundred dollars, and by imprisonment not exceeding six months, or either or both, for a contempt or breach of privilege. Contempts and Contempts, &c., breach of privilege shall be inquired into first by a special committee appointed for that purpose, before which the accused shall have the right to be heard by himself and counsel, and have compulsory process to procure the attendance of his witnesses; which committee shall report all matters of fact specially, with their opinion thereon, for the final action of the House.

$ 3. The orders of either House shall be executed by the The Sergeant-atrespective sergeants-at-arms, or by any sheriff to whom the orders. same may be directed. Witnesses attending the Legisla- Privilege of witture, or a committee thereof, shall be entitled to all the privileges and immunities, and the same compensation, to be paid, when summoned by the Commonwealth, out of the Public Treasury, as are allowed witnesses in other cases.

$ 4. All fines imposed by virtue of this chapter shall be fines imposed by collected by the sheriff of the county where the delinquent or his estate may be found, under the mandate of the House, signed by the Speaker, and paid into the Public Treasury by the officer, and accounted for as other public moneys collected by him.

$ 5. The clerks of the two Houses of the General Assem- Duty of clerks as bly, at the close of each session, shall make an inventory books, &c. of all the books, stationery, and furniture belonging to the respective Houses, and take the receipt of the Librarian for the same, who shall be answerable therefor. If the Librarian refuse to sign such receipts, they shall report him to the Governor, whose duty it shall be to appoint another Librarian. The receipts of the Librarian shall be filed with the Secretary of State for safe-keeping.

$ 6. No memorial or petition to the Legislature, pray- tation of Pretinoing for the division of a county, the establishment of a

rial relating to new county, change of a county line, the change of the necessary, & how

. place for holding any court, or relating to any other local matter, shall be received or acted upon, unless the purport or object of such petition or memorial shall have been published, in writing, at the door of the court-house or other

-how collected.



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