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Acts 1855, 15.


place of holding courts of the county or counties to be affected thereby, at least two months prior to the meeting of the Legislature.(a)

$ 7. No memorial or petition shall be received, or bill inAs to establish- troduced into either House, for the establishment of ferries ment of ferries,

or other matters affecting private right or property, unless the parties interested shall have one month's notice, in writing, of such intended application, if known to the petitioners; if not known, the purport of such memorial, petition, or bill shall be published as required in the preceding section, and also inserted three weeks in some authorized newspaper within this State, at least one month prior to the meeting of the General Assembly.

$ 8. All charters and grants of or to corporations, or

amendments thereof, enacted or granted since the 14th of Acts in respect to corporations sub- February, 1856, and all other statutes, shall be subject to ject to repeal or

amendment or repeal at the will of the Legislature, unless a contrary intent be therein plainly expressed: Provided, That whilst privileges and franchises so granted may be changed or repealed, no amendment or repeal shall impair other rights previously vested.

$ 9. That when any corporation shall expire or be disCorporations dis- solved, or its corporate rights and privileges shall cease, by ed, effect of, and reason of a repeal of its charter or otherwise, and no differbution of assets. ent provision is made by law, all its works and property,

and all debts payable to it, shall be subject to the payment of debts owing by it, and then to distribution among the members according to their respective interests; and such corporation may sue and be sued as before, for the purpose of settlement and distribution as aforesaid.

§ 10. The stated biennial meeting of the General Assem

bly shall commence on the first Monday in December. (a) One Legislature cannot control the conduct or limit the power of its successor, except by an act operating as a binding contract. (Swift & Co. vs. City of Newport, 7 Bush, 37.)

2. The foregoing statute is merely advisory and prudential; and being disregarded in this case, was quoad hoc constructively repealed. (Ibid.)

herein of distri

Session of, when to commence.



Art. I. Library Rooms, Funds, &c.

2. Election of Librarian and his duties.
3. What books constitute the Library.





Library Rooms, Funds, &c. § 1. The rooms in the basement story in the Capitol, at 2 R. S., 390. the left and right hand of the entrance, are hereby set apart Capitol assigned

for Library. for the use of the Library of the Commonwealth. § 2. Five hundred dollars per annum is forever set apart Sum

annually for purfor the gradual increase of the Library, to be laid out and chase of books. expended under the advice and direction of the judges of the Court of Appeals for the time being.

1. The Librarian shall annually make and lay before a Duty of Librarian majority of the judges of the Court of Appeals an affidavit chases to judges showing the amount he has, during the previous year, ex- peals. pended in the purchase of books, maps, charts, or maps under the advice and direction aforesaid, and give a schedule, together with the prices thereof; such judges may draw an order on the Auditor therefor, but the amount shall not exceed $500 in any one year.

2. Such order may be drawn each year, on the production of the proper affidavit and schedule, and shall authorize the Auditor to issue his warrant on the Treasury for the amount.

in .

ARTICLE II. Election of Librarian, and his duties. $ 1. A Librarian shall be elected biennially, by the Gen- Aclibrarian to be eral Assembly, who, before he enters upon the duties of his eral Assembly bioffice, shall enter into bond, payable to the Commonwealth, Must execute a in the penal sum of five thousand dollars, with two or more securities, to be approved by the Secretary of State, conditioned for the faithful discharge of all the duties imposed, or which shall be imposed upon him by law, which bond shall be filed with and preserved by the Secretary of State, and upon which suit may be prosecuted from time to time, in the name of the Commonwealth of Kentucky, for violation thereof; and it shall be his duty

ry open.

in order, and ar

serve the books.

books taken from

Trustees of Li

herein of their duties as such.

1. To attend to and keep the Library rooms open every Must keep Libra- day (Sunday excepted), from nine o'clock, A. M., until five

o'clock, P. M.

2. To keep the Library rooms in order, and to preserve Keep the rooms

and arrange all the books, charts, maps, and furniture belongrange and pre- ing to the Commonwealth, and to see that no books or other

things are taken from the Library rooms improperly.

3. To receipt for all books, maps, charts, and furniture Receipt for books placed in the Library, which receipt shall be given to the

Secretary of State, and preserved in his office.

4. The Librarian shall note, in a book to be kept for that Keep a record of purpose, every book taken from the Library, when, and by Library.

whom taken, and see that the same is returned.

5. He shall report to each session of the General AssemReport books in bly a catalogue of the books in the Library, particularly Library.

such books as have been purchased by or given to the Li

brary since his preceding report. brary, ar

$ 2. The Secretary of State, Attorney General, and Auditor of Public Accounts, shall be trustees of the Library.

1. They shall see that the Librarian properly discharges the duties of his office; and

2. That he makes out and reports to the General Assembly a correct catalogue of the books, maps, charts, and furniture on hand, and the condition thereof, at each session.

3. The report shall be signed by the Librarian, and countersigned by the trustees.

$ 3. The Librarian may, in his own name, for the use of Librarian to sue the Library, sue any person for a book or other thing drawn

from the Library, which he fails to return, or for any damage done to any book or other thing belonging to the Library.

$ 4. The Librarian shall, from time to time, with the conMay sell or ex

sent of the Governor, sell or exchange such portion of the change books.

Decisions of the Court of Appeals, Acts of Assembly, and other books belonging to the State, as may be deemed expedient, and out of the proceeds thereof, and of the sums recovered under the next preceding section, he may, with such assent, purchase other books, maps, or charts.

$ 5. The Librarian shall keep a correct account of all

expenditures for the library, and lay the same before the penditures to be kept cy. General Assembly at each stated session thereof. bonks to be num- 1. He shall number each book by writing the number in

for books not returned.

Amor:rt of ex


be numbered to

figures on the back thereof, and on the inside of the front lid, beginning with number one, and going up.

2. In numbering the volumes, the full sets of any work Sets of books to must be numbered in succession, and then the broken sets gether. in like manner, except that the missing numbers may be skipped, and they must be numbered when restored.

$ 6. The Librarian shall provide and furnish, for the use Stationery. of the Commonwealth, all the paper necessary for the public printing; also all the writing paper, ink, and all other stationery necessary for the use of the public offices at the Seat of Government.

$ 7. He shall advertise for sealed proposals to furnish and His duty in re. supply the above articles, or any portion thereof, which pro- ing staticnery. posals shall be opened in the presence of the Governor and Secretary of State. They and the Librarian shall award the contract to the lowest bidder. The cost of advertising shall be approved by the Governor, and paid out of the Treasury. Samples of the quality of each article proposed to be furnished shall accompany the bid, which shall be preserved by the Secretary of State.

§ 8. The Auditor shall draw his warrant on the Treasury Sum appropriain favor of the Librarian for one hundred dollars; and that purchase literary the amount thereof is hereby appropriated, to be laid out and expended by said Librarian, under the direction of the Superintendent of Public Instruction, for the purchase of lit- Superintendent erary and miscellaneous works, to be added to the Library selection of books of the Commonwealth; and that from and after the passage of this chapter an additional sum of one hundred dollars per annum is hereby set apart and appropriated, to be drawn from the Treasury and expended in the manner and for the purposes aforesaid. But in all the purchases to be made, as provided in this section, special reference shall be had to the purchase of such books as relates to the history and literature of this Commonwealth.

$ 9. The Auditor of Public Accounts shall draw his war- Pay of porter. rant on the Treasurer, on the last day of each month, in favor of the Librarian, for the sum of twenty-five dollars, for a porter to be employed by the Librarian to assist him in taking care of the public buildings and property under the charge of said Librarian.


of Public Instruc


What Book's constitute the Library.

$ 1. The following books shall constitute a part of the State Library Library of the Commonwealth, to-wit: all the books now composed. on hand, of which there are not exceeding four sets, except

the following, of which there shall be the number of sets named: Morehead & Brown's edition of the Statutes, fifty sets; the Revised Statutes, fifty sets; the Code of Practice, fifty sets; Pirtle's Digest, ten sets; five sets of the Journals of each of the two Houses of Congress; of the Journals of each House of the General Assembly of the State, twentyfive sets; of the Acts of each session of Congress, twelve sets; of the Acts of each session of the General Assembly of Kentucky, fifty sets; of the Reports of the Decisions of the Court of Appeals, ten sets; and such other books as may be purchased by or given to the Library.

$ 2. The following persons may use the books of the State Officers who may Library: members and officers of the General Assembly, the Library. State officers whose offices have, by law, to be kept at the

Seat of Government, the Judges of the Court of Appeals

and circuit court of Franklin county. Responsibility of

$ 3. The use of the books shall be under the responsibilthose using books

ities stated in this chapter.




Who entitled to-Extent of-How enforced.


&c. -- how

tent thereof.

$1. A person who performs labor, or furnishes materials Liens of mechan. in the erection, altering, or repairing a house, building, or created, and ex- other structure, or for any fixture or machinery therein, or

for the excavation of cellars, cisterns, vaults, wells, or for the improvement, in any manner, of real estate by contract with, or by the written consent of the owner, shall have a lien thereon and upon the land upon which such improvements may have been made, or on any interest such owner has in the same, to secure the amount thereof, with costs.

$ 2. If the owner claims by executory contract, and if, for Lien to follow the any cause, such contract shall be rescinded or set aside, the

lien aforesaid shall follow the property into the hands of the


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