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PUBLIC BUILDINGS, STATE AND COUNTY. Superintendent of--Expenditure for repairs--County building-Duty of county

court and jailer-Preservation of and injuries to--Penal remedies for injuries to--Colleges and churches,

Superintendent of.



$ 1. The Librarian shall be superintendent of the public Librarian to be property of the Commonwealth at the seat of government. He shall have under his care the Capitol and all other public property not placed in the charge of others, and shall protect the same, as far as practicable, from depredation and injury. He shall attend to, air, clean, and keep from injury His duties. the various rooms, and the carpeting and furniture, in the Capitol. He shall keep the public square around the Capitol clean and in good order. He shall not permit, during the recess of the General Assembly, the Senate chamber or the chamber of the House of Representatives to be used.

Expenditures for Repairs, &c. $ 2. The Librarian shall purchase, under the orders of the Must purchase

furniture, keep Governor, from time to time, such furniture as may be re- pr perty in quired in the Capitol, State court-rooms, and public offices, and lights to pub and Governor's house. He shall, under like orders, cause any of the public buildings, and the fences around the same, to be repaired. He shall also contract for and have supplied all the fuel and lights required for the use of the General Assembly, Governor and Secretary's offices, the office of the Auditor, Treasurer, Register, Librarian, Adjutant General, Quarter-Master General, Superintendent of Public Instruction, court-rooms, and also for all fuel, lights, water, and ice for the Governor's house. But no expenditure Myers' Sup., 574. shall be approved by the Governor, or money paid from the Treasury for the same, unless in compliance with a contract, in writing, first made by the Librarian and approved by the Governor. Upon a statement of the expenditures containing the items, approved and countersigned by the Governor, the Auditor of Public Accounts shall issue his warrant on the Treasury for the amount thereof.

lic offices ; must make contracts for.

ernor retires.

$ 3. When the term of office of the Governor expires, or Inventory of the he vacates his office, the Librarian shall take an inventory taken when Gov- of all the public property and furniture in the Governor's

house and out-houses, and deliver the same to the Auditor of Public Accounts, to be preserved in his office. He shall sell such old furniture in the Capitol and Governor's house and out-houses, and in any of the public offices, as may no longer be fit for use, first obtaining from the Governor an order approving of the sale. The proceeds of such sale shall be paid into the Treasury, and an inventory of the articles sold returned to the Auditor of Public Accounts, to be kept in his office.

$ 4. A statement of expenditures for repairs, fuel, water, Statement of ex- ice, light, and furniture, containing the items, shall be reGovernor for the turned to the Governor, and laid before each session of the Legislature.

General Assembly, and entered on the journals of both

S 5. The Librarian shall institute the proper civil proInjuries and in- cedure in the name of the Commonwealth against any pered for by Libra- son for any injury or intrusion which may be committed

on the public property embraced in this chapter. The net proceeds recovered shall be paid into the Treasury. The Treasurer shall report to the next General Assembly the sums thus paid, and all sums paid to him for articles sold.

penses made to

trusion prosecut.


levy for


Public County Buildings, duty of County Court and Failir.

$ 6. For the purpose of rebuilding, finishing, or repairing Myers' Sup., 376. the court-house, jail, or clerk's office of any county, it shall County court to

be lawful for the county court of such county to levy on buildings.

the property listed for taxation for revenue purposes, an ad valorem tax of not exceeding fifteen cents on each one hundred dollars, and to provide for the collection of the same; and the proceeds of such levy, when collected, shall be applied exclusively to the purposes aforesaid, and to no other purpose whatever.

whatever. But no such tax shall be levied unless a majority of the justices of the peace of said county shall be present and concur therein.

$ 7. That the sheriff of such counties as may levy such Sheriff to collect tax shall collect the same, and shall be liable for the same county levy bond on his bond for the collection of the county levy. The

sheriff shall receive for collecting said tax the same compen: sation as allowed by law for collecting the revenue.

and liable for on

§ 8. The sheriff shall pay over said tax on or before the Tax to be paid 15th day of December, in each year, to such person or per- of December in

each year. sons as the county court may order.

Preservation of and Injury to Public County Buildings.

$ 9. The jailer of each county shall be superintendent of Jailere superinthe public square, court-house, clerks' offices, jail, stray-pen, house, &c. and other public county buildings at the seat of justice. He shall have the power, and it shall be his duty, to institute Powers and duty. and carry on the appropriate civil procedure, in the name of the county, to recover possession of, and for any injury, or intrusion, or trespass which may be committed on, any of the county property named in this chapter. The net proceeds of any such recovery shall be paid to the county court in aid of the county levy.

§ 10. Each county judge, during the period a court-house County judge is being built or repaired, or cannot be used, may rent for court-house, another house, not further than a quarter of a mile from the public square, in which the courts for that county may be held until the court-house is built, repaired, or can be used. He may also rent a house within the same distance of the public square for a clerk's office or jail, during the period of erecting a new one, or the repair of an old one. The rent shall be paid out of the county levy.

may rent house



Penal Remedies for Injuries to Public Property. $11. Any person for trespass on, or injury to any of the Trespass or in

jury to public public property of the Commonwealth, or of a county, shall pruperiy. be liable to be indicted and fined, at the discretion of a jury, in addition to his civil liability. The net proceeds of the fine for trespass on, or injury to the public property of the State, shall be paid into the Treasury, and reported by the Treasurer to the next General Assembly. The net proceeds of the fine for a trespass on the public property of a county shall be paid to the county court in aid of the county levy.

Colleges and Churches. $ 12. Like remedy, civil and penal, shall be given to the Trustees of rol trustees of any college, seminary, school, church, public &e, have like charity, or house of public worship, against any person for ry to property as any injury to or intrusion on the buildings or grounds or to public builds property attached thereto, as is given for a similar injury

remedies for inju

ings of county

or intrusion on the public property of a county. The net proceeds of the recovery in any such procedure, civil or penal, shall be paid over to the trustees entitled thereto. A civil action for such injuries shall not be impeded by the death, resignation, or removal of one or more trustees, but the same shall progress as if he or they were still acting.



Printer & Binder abolished.



how advertised.

Public Printing and Binding, how done.

§ 1. The offices of Public Printer and Public Binder are Office of Public abolished from and after the expiration of the terms of the

present incumbents.

$ 2. It shall be the duty of the Secretary of State to conPublic printing & tract for the public printing and binding with any person, done by contract. company, or corporation, who will agree to execute the

same for the lowest and least rate of compensation, upon the terms and in the manner hereinafter prescribed.

$ 3. Advertisement for sealed proposals shall be inserted Proposals for- in one newspaper, having the largest circulation, published

in each of the cities of Louisville, Lexington, Covington, Maysville, Bowling Green, Frankfort, and Paducah, for at least one month, specifying the character of public printing and binding to be done, the place at which it must be done, the duration of the contract, and the requirements for the fulfillment of the stipulations thereof.

$ 4. The contract shall embrace the printing and binding What contract for of the Journals of both Houses of the General Assembly,

the Acts, the Legislative Reports, Bills and Resolutions ordered to be printed, the Reports of State officers, all public documents ordered to be printed, and all other printing ordered to be done by either House of the General Assembly.

$ 5. The printing of blanks of all descriptions required in Blanks printed the different offices of the State at the seat of government, the difierent offi- which by law are required to be paid for out of the Treasury,

may be contracted for by the several officers respectively, with the approval of the Governor.

to embrace.

by contract with


tend fortwo years

seat of govern.

ter into covenant

§ 6. The contract shall stipulate for a fixed rate of com- Rate of compen

sation for printpensation and price per thousand ems, to be paid for the ing. printing of

1. The acts, journals, public documents, and other books and pamphlets, not rule or figure work, in small pica type, or type of less size.

2. For plain rule work, or figure work, in similar type.
3. For rule and figure work, in similar type.
4. For press work, per token, or 240 impressions.
5. For transferring any matter once set in type.

$ 7. Each contract made under the provisions of this Contract to exchapter shall be for two years.

$ 8. All the printing and binding required by the contract To be done at the shall be done and performed at the seat of government, in ment. a neat, skillful, and workmanlike manner, and without unnecessary delay.

$ 9. Before the contract can be regarded as consummated, Contractor to enthe contractor for the public printing and binding shall enter into covenant with the Commonwealth of Kentucky, with two or more sureties, citizens of the Commonwealth, worth in all in property subject to execution at least fifty thousand dollars, conditioned for the faithful performance of the undertaking in all respects, and a full and complete compliance with the stipulations, terms, and conditions of the contract.

§ 10. The bond provided for in the preceding section shall Bond to be apbe approved by the Governor, and preserved in the office ernor & preserved of the Secretary of State. For any breach of the conditions thereof suit may be instituted in the Franklin circuit court.

$ 11. All paper required for public printing shall be fur- Paper-how furnished at public expense; to be purchased by the Librarian; but the quality and character thereof must be approved by the contractor for the public printing and binding.

$ 12. No money shall be paid from the public Treasury Statement of the for public printing or binding until there has been filed with filed before any the Auditor of Public Accounts an itemized statement of from Treasury, the work done, verified by the oath of the contractor or the to. person who actually superintended the doing of the work, and approved by the Governor; and the Auditor may advance to the contractor, from time to time, as the work progresses, any sum not exceeding eighty per cent. of the amount of such work actually done.


money is drawn

itemized, d sworn


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