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§ 13. If any report, bill, or other document is ordered to qui copies of bills, be printed, and no number of copies is designated, there &c., only to be printed.

shall be but two hundred printed at public expense.

§ 14. The provisions of section 25, of article --, title Duties of Public “ Laws,” so far as they prescribe duties to the Public PrinPrinter to apply.

ter, shall apply to and embrace the contractor for public printing and binding.

$ 15. There shall be printed by the contractor for the pubNumber of copies lic printing and binding, each session of the General AssemAuditor's report, bly, five hundred (500) copies of the Journal of the House

of Representatives; five hundred (500) copies of the Journal of the Senate; one thousand (1,000) copies of the pamphlet edition of the public laws; three thousand (3,000) copies of the bound edition of the public and private laws; one thousand (1,000) copies of the State Treasurer's Report; two thousand five hundred (2,500) copies of the Auditor's Report; six thousand (6,000) copies of the Report of the Superintendent of Public Instruction; three hundred (300) copies of the Adjutant and Quarter-Master General's Report; five hundred (500) copies of the Report of the Superintendent of the Eastern Lunatic Asylum ; five hundred (500) copies of the Report of the Superintendent of the Western Lunatic Asylum; five hundred (500) copies of the Report of the Superintendent of the Institution for the Education of the Deaf and Dumb; five hundred (500) copies of the Report of the Superintendent of the Institution for the Education of the Blind; five hundred (500) copies of the Report of the Superintendent of the Institution for the Education and Training of Feeble-minded Children; five hundred (500) copies of the Report of the Superintendent of the State House of Reform for Juvenile Delinquents; five hundred (500) copies of the Report of the Keeper of the Penitentiary; five hundred (500) copies of the Report of the Agricultural College; five hundred (500) copies of the Report of the State Librarian. This section shall not be construed as preventing the General Assembly from extending or reducing the number of copies to be printed on any report or document named. Two hundred copies of each of the above reports shall be for the use of the members of the General Assembly, and the remainder shall be for the use of the several heads of the various institutions named, unless otherwise specially directed by the Legislature.


lic acts printed

and what stitched

$ 16. That all acts of local incorporations, and not of a Private acts depublic nature, are private acts in the contemplation of this chapter.

$ 17. That the private and public acts of the General As- Private and pubą sembly be printed separately, and when practicable, they separately: be both embraced in one volume.

§ 18. The reports of the Auditor, and one hundred copies What to be bound of the Governor's message, the public and private acts, and the journals of each House, shall be bound, and all others shall be only stitched, unless they be specially ordered to be bound,

§ 19. It shall be the duty of the contractor for the public By whom indices printing and binding to prepare a full and complete index to pensation for. the journals of the Senate and House of Representatives; and for his compensation shall receive a sum not exceeding in amount that heretofore paid for the same work, to be paid out of the Treasury upon the order of the Governor and warrant of the Auditor.


cute covenant.

REGISTER. $ 1. The Register of the Land Office shall, before enter- 2 R. S., 233.

Register to exeo ing upon his duties, execute to the Commonwealth a covenant, with two or more sureties, to be approved by the Governor, worth at least ten thousand dollars, which covenant shall be conditioned for the faithful discharge of all the duties of his office, and which shall be deposited in the office of the Auditor of Public Accounts. § 2. If at any time the surety in the covenant of the Governor may re

quire renewal of Register become insolvent, or in doubtful circumstances, covenant. the Governor shall require the execution of another covenant, with additional sureties. If such covenant be not given within thirty days after election or appointment, or such new covenant given within the time directed, the office shall be deemed vacant.

$ 3. The Land Office shall be under the care and control Land Office un. of the Register, who may, from time to time, appoint not Register. more than two deputies to aid him therein.

$ 4. All fees, including that for issuing the patent, shall Fees received by be paid on filing a survey to the Register, and he shall pay

der control of the

and paid to the Treasurer.

the same to the Treasurer. If the Register give credit to any one for fees, he shall account therefor as if they had

been paid.

plied with

be kept safe in his office.

ents or deeds.

S 5. The Register shall keep his office supplied with the Office to be sup- necessary presses, books, stationery, and implements; an

press. es, books, &c.

account of which, approved by the Governor, shall be paid by the Treasurer on the warrant of the Auditor.

$ 6. He shall deliver to the owner any land warrant in his Aarland, wappant office only partially appropriated, with an indorsement show

approlivered to owner. ing how much remains to be appropriated.

S 7. He shall not suffer any of the books or papers of Books, &c., to his office to pass into the hands of any unauthorized per

son, nor shall he permit any one but his deputies to have access thereto.

$ 8. The Register shall supply upon the record the omisRegulation as to sion of the name of a Governor to a patent, when the oriincomplete pat

ginal patent, with the Governor's signature thereto, is produced to him, showing the omission; and the omitted name of the Governor may also be supplied when it appears from official indorsements on the papers in the office, or by official marginal notes, that the patent regularly issued and was delivered to the proper person. Where any former Register has omitted to affix the seal of office to any official deed, the Register may supply the omission on the original deed, and it shall have the same effect as if it had been originally affixed thereto.

$ 9. He shall take the advice, in writing, of the Attorney Advice of Attor- General in all cases new or difficult which may arise in his ney General.

office, which shall be his indemnity for all proceedings in conformity thereto.

§ 10. “A copy attest,” shall be sufficient authentication of any record or paper in the Land Office, when signed by the Register or his deputy.

§ 11. That said Register shall report to the Governor, on Fees for copies, or before the ioth day of October of each year, the numported and paid ber of patents issued and copies supplied, and the amount

of the fees received therefor and paid over to the Treasurer, and take his receipt therefor, and publish the same, with his report, to the Governor.


to Treasurer.



Art. 1. Rate of taxation-Property exempt_Property taxed.

2. Specific taxation.
3. Revenue specifically devoted to Sinking Fund.
4. Form of tax-book.
5. The Assessor and his duties.
6. Board of Supervisors.
7. Duty of circuit and county court clerks in relation to the revenue.
8. Collection of revenue.
9. Collection of taxes-Attachment.

10. Payment of revenue by banks and other corporations into the Treasury. " II. Proceedings against Sheriffs and others to compel the payment of rev

enue into the Treasury. 12. Railroads, turnpike roads, and other corporations, tax on. 13. Billiard tables and tax in aid of School Fund. 14. Turnpike, toll bridge, and plank road companies in which the State

holds stock, to declare dividends. 15. Jury Trustee-Duty of circuit courts—Rules, &c. • 16. Land to be listed in county where it lies--Assessor to swear witnesses

and report proof in writing. "" 17. Non-resident of the State--Persons under disability-Penalty-Sher


common schools.


Rate of Taxation. $1. An annual tax of forty-five cents upon each one 2 R. S., 238. hundred dollars of value of the real and personal estate assessed for ordidirected to be assessed for taxation, due and payable the Sinking Fund, * year assessed, shall be paid by the owner or persons assessed-twenty cents thereof for the ordinary expenses of government, five cents for the use of the Sinking Fund, and twenty cents for the support of common schools.

§ 2. The Commonwealth shall have a lien for the revenue, Lien railroad, turnpike, or other tax, and the counties for the counties. county levy and other taxes due the county, on the property assessed, and on all the other property of each person, which shall not be defeated by gift, devise, sale, alienation, or any means whatever.

of Commonwealth and

Property Exempt. $ 3. The property mentioned in this section shall be ex- Property exempt empt from all taxation, viz: cattle of the value of fifty dollars, the growing crop on land listed for taxation, articles

section 10.

manufactured in the family for family use, all poultry raised for family use, and the provisions on hand for family use;

and the real estate and investments devoted to public schools, Acts 1863, 103, seminaries, universities, colleges, court-houses, clerk's offices,

jails, public graveyards, lunatic, orphan, and deaf and dumb asylums, hospitals, infirmaries, widows' and orphans' asylums, foundling asylums, and real estate not exceeding five acres, from which no rent, profit, dividend, or income is received or promised, belonging to incorporated lodges of Free Ma

sons, or incorporated lodges of Odd Fellows, or incorpoActs 1869–70,2 rated lodges of Knights of Pythias. Property belonging

to any city or town, which is necessary to carrying on the government of such city or town, viz: police court-house, mayor's offices, including offices for the various city or town officers in said buildings, fire-engine houses, engine and horses belonging thereto, work - houses, alms - houses, hospitals, pest-houses, together with the grounds belonging thereto, the real estate not exceeding five acres, and investments devoted to churches; also the property of the United States used for custom-houses, post offices, docks, ship-yards, forts, arsenals, or barracks, and United States bonds, except the interest arising on said bonds, which shall be liable under the residuary clause of this act; also, all the property of negroes, mulattoes, and Indians is exempt from the tax for the support of common schools.

Date to which list shall apply, and property embraced.

8 Bush, 541.

Property Taxed. $ 4. Property shall be listed for taxation, as of the tenth of January of each year, by the assessor, as follows:

1. Land and town lots, or any interest therein, including life estates and leases, for a term having two years or more to run, all to be listed in the county where situated.

2. Horses, mares, mules, jacks, and jennets.
3. Cattle.

4. Gold, silver, and other metallic watches, clocks composed in whole or part of metal or wood, gold and silver plate, pianos, riding or pleasure carriages, buggies, gigs, sulkies, stage coaches, omnibuses, and all descriptions of vehicles for the transportation of persons or passengers, by whatever name known or called, including the harness thereof, whether in use or not; but such of the above named property as is kept for sale in the shop or store of a manufacturer thereof,

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