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erally liable to a fine of five dollars for each day, to be recovered by warrant, in behalf of the trustees of the town.

vote when interested.


Duties of Trustees. § 1. The trustees of each town shall keep a journal of To keep journal

of proceedings. their proceedings, and at the request of a member, the ayes and noes on any question shall be recorded. 1. At the next meeting the proceedings shall be read and Must be read at

each meeting and signed by the member who presided at the last preceding signed. meeting. If he is not present, by the person presiding when they are read.

2. No member shall have a vote on a subject in which he no member to has a private interest.

3. A meeting of the board may be called by the chairman, Meeting of board or by two members.

4. They shall keep an account of all moneys levied, col- Accounts of relected, and disbursed, and state on their journal for what ments to be kepi. objects each sum is disbursed. 5. Their journal shall, at all times, be open to the inspec- Journal

open for inspection of the citizens of the town.

8 2. They shall, once in each year, give a full and fair Must post statestatement in writing, signed by the chairman, of all sums collected, and of all sums disbursed the preceding year, and what for, and of all debts due them, or owing by them; which shall be posted up for inspection at three of the most public places in the town.

-how called.




& disbursements.

town --- how extended or established, and effect

ARTICLE V. How Additions to Towns may be Made. § 1. The boundaries of a town may be extended or estab- Boundaries of a lished in the following manner:

1. The proprietors of the land, or the trustees of the thereof. town, must advertise as is required to establish a town.

2. Such advertisement having been made, the party making it may apply to the county court of the county, which court may, if they deem it necessary and proper, add a specified parcel of land to such town.

3. The order of the court shall vest the title of the land so added in the trustees of the town.

4. The powers and duties of the court and trustees shall be the same in every respect, where such an addition is applied for and made, as when a town is originally established.


Streets and Alleys may be Extended.

§ 1. The trustees of any town near a river, where there is Streets, &c., may land intervening between the town and the river, may, by river-when and petition to the county court, procure the streets and alleys

of the town leading towards the river to be extended to the low-water mark thereof.

1. The court, on the filing of such petition, shall cause the proprietors of the land through which the extension is proposed, to be summoned or notified to show cause, if any, against such extension.

2. If the proprietor or his agent or attorney so desire, the court shall cause a writ of ad quod damnum to issue, and a jury to be empanneled, none of whom shall be residents of the town or owners of property therein.

3. The jury shall meet on the ground, and be sworn as in case of a road, and the parties notified of the time of such meeting. After viewing the ground, they shall say what damage the proposed extension will be to the respective proprietors of the land.

4. The inquest, in writing, must be signed by the foreman of the jury, and returned to the county court by the sheriff or other officer.

5. On the return of the inquest the court may, upon the payment by the town of all damages and costs, order the streets and alleys to be extended and opened.


Miscellaneous Provisions. § 1. No person, except a gunsmith on his own premises, Shooting in town shall shoot off a gun or pistol in a town. Any person

offending herein shall be fined five dollars and costs, to be collected by the trustees, and applied to keeping the streets of the town in repair.

§ 2. No person shall show a stallion or jackass on the Exhibiting stal streets, or the public square of a town; nor shall any perlions and jacks

son let such horse or jackass to a mare or jennet within the bounds of a town, except in an inclosed out-lot thereof. Any person offending herein shall be fined five dollars and costs, and imprisoned until the fine and costs be paid; the fine to be collected and applied as is directed in the next preceding section.

forbidden in.

sible for condition


§ 3. Trustees of towns shall be responsible for not keep- Trustees responing the streets and alleys thereof in proper repair and unob- of streets, structed, in the same manner and to the same extent that surveyors of roads are responsible, and shall be liable to a fine of ten dollars if they fail to enforce the two preceding sections.

$ 4. The inhabitants of towns shall not be compelled to work on the public roads more than half a mile beyond the town limits.


Art. 1. Qualifications, Oath, Bond, &c.

2. Duties in keeping Accounts and making Reports.

to commence.


Qualifications, Oath, Bond, &c. § 1. No person shall be elected or appointed Treasurer Qualification. unless he be a citizen of the United States, at least twentyfour years

of age, nor unless he has resided within the State of Kentucky two years next preceding his election or appointment.

§ 2. The Treasurer shall enter upon the duties of his When duties of office the first Monday in January next succeeding his election. He shall, on or before that day, take the oaths of Oath and bond. office, and execute bond, with surety worth at the time, jointly or severally, three hundred thousand dollars, to be approved by the Governor, and filed in the office of the Secretary of State, stipulating for the faithful discharge of the duties of his office; upon which, for any breach thereof, action may be instituted from time to time, and recovery had to the extent of the damages sustained by the Commonwealth or by others. If the Treasurer is appointed by the Governor under the twenty-sixth section of the eighth article of the Constitution, he shall, upon taking the oaths of office and giving bond, forthwith enter upon the discharge of his official duties.

§ 3. The Governor shall, within ten days, communicate to Bond to be com. the Legislature, if in session, a copy of the Treasurer's bond, Legislature. and the fact of his having approved the surety, and taken



terin accounts to be examined.

mend a substitute-when.

the oaths of office; otherwise, within ten days after the commencement of the session succeeding the date of said bond.

$ 4. The Treasurer shall reside and keep his office at the To reside at seat seat of government. Upon the expiration of his term, or Expiration

of resignation of his office, or death, the Secretary of State

and Auditor of Public Accounts shall examine his accounts, state the same, count the money in the Treasury, take an inventory of the books and stationery, and implements of the office; which shall all be passed to his successor, who shall receipt for the same, which receipt shall be filed in the office of Secretary of State.

$ 5. If the Treasurer is sick and unable to discharge the Duty to recom

duties of his office, or if he absents himself from the seat of government, it shall be his duty to recommend, in writing, to the Governor, some person to discharge the duties for him during such sickness or absence; and if the Governor approves the recommendation, he shall cause the same to be entered upon the executive journal; after which, the person so recommended may perform the duties of the Treasurer until he is restored to health, or returns to the seat of government. The Treasurer and his sureties shall be responsible on their official bond for the acts of the person thus appointed by the Governor.

$ 6. When, in the opinion of the Governor, Auditor, and May be suspend- Attorney General, or a majority of them, the public funds ed-by whom &

are in danger, by being under the control of the Treasurer, they shall have power to suspend him from official duties until the meeting of the General Assembly, to whom the facts shall be reported; and the Governor shall, in that case, designate some one to perform the duties of Treasurer, who shall take the oaths of office, give bond, with surety worth $100,000, to the Commonwealth, for the faithful discharge of the duties of Treasurer, and who shall continue in office until the Treasurer is restored to his official duties, or a successor be elected or appointed and qualified.

S 7. The Treasurer shall not receive into nor pay out any pay out money money from the Treasury, except upon the certificate or rant of Auditor. warrant of the Auditor.

$ 8. He shall pay out no money from the Treasury, even

though the Auditor issues a warrant therefor, unless the law thority of law.

under which the same may be claimed expressly directs and


to except on


Must have


orders that the money shall be paid out of the Public Treasury.

§ 9. The Treasurer shall receive and safely keep in the Duty to receive Treasury all money due or payable to the Commonwealth lic money. from collectors of revenue, public officers, and others, when tendered, accompanied by the permit of the Auditor of Public Accounts, stating the amount to be received, on what account, and from whom to be received. He shall immediately Checks on him

by receipts of the make out a receipt for the amount received, and for what, Auditor. and of whom received, and deliver it to the Auditor, who shall, in like manner, give a receipt to the officer or person paying the same. The receipt, besides stating the amount paid, shall also, if it be all that is due from the officer or other person, so state.

§ 10. If the Treasurer, or any person acting as Treasurer, Penalty for willwillfully misapplies any of the public money, or shall loan tion of the public or use the same for his own purposes, or for the uses or purposes of another, he shall be guilty of felony; and upon indictment and conviction thereof, confined in the penitentiary for a period not exceeding ten years, at the discretion of the jury,


His Duties in Keeping Accounts and Making Reports.

§ 1. The Treasurer shall keep in appropriate well-bound To keep true acom books, to be provided by him, at the public expense, true money, Sinking accounts of all money paid into the Treasury, by whom, school fund. when, and on what account paid. He shall keep the accounts of the Sinking Fund, Internal Improvement Fund, and the Common School Fund, distinct from each other, and from the ordinary revenue of the government; and in like manner he shall keep a true account of all sums paid out, when, to whom, and for what paid. The accounts shall be so kept as to exhibit the amount received and disbursed on account of every department of the public service. $ 2. He shall make a clear, distinct, and intelligible report to make distinct

report annually. of all money received and disbursed during each fiscal year ending the tenth day of October, for the two years preceding the regular meeting of the General Assembly, which shall exhibit the receipts and expenditures of each year on account of every department of the public service, which

What the report must show,

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