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fhip. Abimelech the son of Gideon's concubine, flew his seventy brethren the sons of the wives.

2. The reason hereof is, that one fin kept in the allowed practice thereof, evidenceth that any good done by such a one, is not done out of love to God, and regard to his holy law, but from some self end. For if the authority of God upon any command were fufficient to recommend the obedience of it to a man, it would recommend all the commands to him, because all bear the same impress of divine authority, James.ii. 10, II. ,

FOURTHLY, The whole unregenerate world. lies under the guilt of fin, the guilt of revenging wrath, Rom. iii. 19. Now we know that what things foever. the law faith, it saith to them who are under the law, that every mouth may be stopped, and all the world · may become guilty before God. By the fandtion of the law, guilt follows fin; the creature fioning bea comes liable to wrath; there is a bond of guilt wreathed about their neck, by which they may be drawn to suffer. : Hence fin is called a debt, because as it is the taking away of obedience due, it binds to suffer punilhment accordingly. That we may have a view of their state under the guilt of fin, consider, in

1. It is the guilt of eternal wrath they lie under, being bound over thereto by the curse, Gal. iii. io. The regenerate may be under guilt too; but it is only the guilt of fatherly anger; there is no curse, no revenging wrath in their cafe, Rom. viii. 1. But the unregenerate are under a bond of guilt binding them to suffer in hell to the complete satisfaction of justice. ;

2. The guilt of their original fin they were born with, is still lying on them, Eph. ii. 3.-=And were by nature the children of wrath, even as others.'

They came into the world condemned men; and not being in Christ, the sentence is never reyersed, though the execution is delayed. They have not the king's


. pardon, though they are yet fpared, and easy as if there were no quarrel.

3. Every actual transgression, in heart, lip, or life, by omiffion, or commission, brings on new guilt of that kind on them, Gal. iü. 10. Cursed is every one that continueth not in all things which are written in the book of the law to do them.” So the guilt of their fins is added to the guilt of their original fin; and as many actual fins as they are chargeable with, so many pliars there are of that cord of death on them. As they repeat their fins, the law repeats its curse.

4. An unregenerate man can do nothing but what is fin, Matth. vi. 18. Accordingly God teftifies of them that there is none that doeth good, no not one, Rom. ii. 12. His nature being wholly corrupt, all his actions are corrupt too; his natural actions, Zech. vii. 6. his civil actions, Prov. xxi. 4. and his religious actions, Prov. xv. 8. So that in all they do, they contract new guilt, Hag. i. 14.

5. Man is a busy creature, still doing. And none are more busy than the unregenerate that can do no good, Ifa. lvii. 20. The wicked are like the troubled fea, when it cannot rest, whose waters cast up mire and dirt. The heart of man is like the watch, that may go as fast going wrong, as when going right; it is still employed about vanity or vileness; and every imagination is evil, Gen. vi. 5.

6. Lastly, All their guilt sticks with them, nothing of it goes off, being out of Christ, Eph. ii. 1. Believers are daily contracting guilt, it is true; but then they are daily getting it removed too, through, daily application of the blood of Christ by faith, as the living man is putting off nastiness from him ; whereas all abides with the unregenerate world, as. the vermin on the dead corpse that can put of none.

Now put all these together, and what a dreadful lair has the unregenerate world in the guilt of fin! Floods of guilt are still rolling in on them, as the


waters are running continually into the sea ; but whereas the sea lets out of its waters that it receives in, they keep all the floods of guilt thật roll in on them. So the longer they live, they are the more miserable, because the more guilty.

LASTLY, The whole unregenerate world lies in the filth and pollution of fin, Tit. i. 15. Unto them that are defiled and unbelieving, is nothing pure; but even their mind and conscience is defiled. Sin is a defiling evil, it pollutes the finner in the fight of God, defacing his image in the soul, and rendering him unlike God. God is glorious in holiness, this holiness he has expressed in his law, and fin is the quite contrary of that holiness. So that God can no more cease to abominate it, than to delight in his own image, Hab. i. 13. Jer. xliv. 4. . 1. Their natural defilement and pollution which they were born in, still remains, Pfal. li. 5. for they are not born again of the water and the Spirit.' An emblem of their case ye have in Ezek. xvi. The whole soul of their frame is unclean, polluted, and unlike God, Tit. i. 15.

2. Every actual transgression, of omission, or commisfion, leaves a new stroke of pollution on them, rendering them more unlike God, Rom. iii. 13. So that their spiritual uncleanness is ever increasing, and the longer they live, they do but contract the more defilement.

3. Lastly, All sticks on them, nothing of their old or new defilement is removed; because they were ne ver washed in the laver of regeneration, Ezek. xxii 24. And what a wretched case must that be, where new filth is still coming on the soul, but none going off?

II. I shall now shew how the unregenerate world lies in wickedness. They lie in it in the most hope. less case; which we may take up in three things. They lie,

1. Bound 1. Bound in it, Acts viïi, bound in it like prisoners in the pit, Ifa. lxi. 1. They are in chains of guilt, which they cannot break off; there are fetters of strong lusts upon them, which hold them faft. Sa. tan has overcome them, and brought them into bondage; and though they see their case is wrong, though a natural conscience witnesseth their hazard; yet they cannot leave it, but go on like an ox to the slaughter, and a fool to the correction of the stocks...

2. Alleep in it, Eph. V..14. They have drunk of the intoxicating cup, and are fast asleep, though within the sea mark of vengeance. Though fometimes they are made to start in their sleep, by passing con. : victions like a ftitch in the fide; yet there is no awakening of them, by all the alarms they get from the word, from providence, and their own conscience. If they are at any time moved by these, yet they quickly fall over asleep again. ...

3. Lastly, Dead in it, Eph. ii. 1. A natural life, through the union of a soul with their body, they have; but their spiritual life is gone, the union of their fouls with God being quite broken, Eph. iv. 18. . The image of God on the soul, the principle of vital holy actions, is away from them ; fo they lie in their wickedness, breathless and moveless, ready to be buried out of God's sight. . * The Doctrine of the Unregenerate World lying in

Wickedness, applied. Use I. Of information. See here,

First, The spring and fountain of the abounding fin in our day: The whole world lies in wickedness; and wickedness proceedeth from the wicked, I Sam. xxiv. 13. What but wickedness can be expected in a wicked world? The unregenerate bear the far greater bulk in the land, as in the world; and they are lying in wickedness. Here then is the opened fountain of the great deep, that has brought on a deluge of wick. edness. Hence,

1. The

1. The apostasy in principles, men departing from the faith, and bringing in damnable heresies. The infidelity of this generation has gone to a monstrous height; contempt of revealed religion has fearfully spread. The doctrine of the grace of Christ is defpil... ed; and the doctrine of the person of Christ is rudely attacked; the foundations that were left in safety in the time of Prelacy, yea under Popery, are now overturned *. So has the wickedness of the world lying in wickedness broke out in our day.

2. Apostasy in practice. There is a deluge of profanity gone over the land ; men have loosed the bridle to their lusts, opened the fluice to their wickedness, that there is no stopping of it by men's endeavours, Psal. cxix. 126. “ It is time for thee, Lord, to work ; for they have made void thy law.” All ranks have corrupted their ways in church and state ; that they are like to wear out serious godliness, and the saints of the Most High. And the generation is remarkably worse than their father's, more loofe, and regardlets of all that is good.

Secondly, The spring of all the miseries that are lying on us, and we are threatened with. The world is lying in wickedness, and therefore lies in misery ; for God is a fin-hating and fin-revenging God. It is the fin and wickedness of the generation, that has brought on the decay of trade, and is impoverifhing the country, for a witness against the misimprovement of a thriving condition. To that is owing the present Kraitness, and diminishing of our ordinary food; for the abuse of fulness in luxury, sensuality, and lafcivi. oufness; the desolating of the flocks, for men's oppressing one another; the great sickness and death in families wherewith the Lord is afflicting us. And these look but like the beginning of sorrows, for there is no turning to the hand that imiteth.

Let * The author refers to the revival of Arianism in England by Dr Clar ke, and in Scotland by Professor Simpson.

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