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Will, Conrad-Saline Spring influences selection of land for home in Illinois Territory... 354
salt enterprise a financial failure..

salt manufactured by, foot note.

selects land ou banks of Big Muddy river and builds log cabin

senator in Illinois legislature, representing Jackson, Franklin and Perry

studied medicine in a Philadelphia medical college and received doctor's

supported Andrew Jackson for president in 1824

supported Elias Kent Kane for U.S. Senator, Fourth General Assembly,
State of Illinois.

supported John McLean for Congress, 1818.

supported John McLean for U S. Senator to fill vacancy

supported Michael Jones for U. S. Senator. 1820..

supported Senator Joseph Duncan's school bill, Fourth General Assembly
of Illinois.

visits Illinois with view of locating there..

votes cast by Mr. Will in first constitutional convention of Illinois, 1818. 360
votes cast by Mr. Will on various legislative measures in General Assembly
of Illinois..

votes in his legislative district all cast for Mr. Will when a candidate for

votes on first (slavery) section of article VI constitution for State of Illinois,
not recorded.

wife of (Susanah Kimmel).

witnesses collapse of the Illinois State Bank which he had favored

youth and early education of.

Will County, Ill. --named for Conrad Will..

Will, Daniel-father of Coprad Will.

Will, Elizabeth-daughter of Conrad Will and wife of Bennington Boon.

Will, Julia-daughter of Conrad Will and wife of John Bowers

Will, Mary--daughter of Conrad Will, wife of Win. Worthen

Will, Maria Magdalena Lora-mother of Conrad Will...

Will of St. Ange de Bellerive-extracts from

See St. Ange.
Will, Susannah Kimmel, wife of Conrad Will

death of in 857; buried on the Dan Worthen
farm, in Jackson county, Illinois..

Williams, Archibald-attends the Anti-Nebraska Convention, Bloomington, 111., May, 1856 105

temporary chairman of the Anti-Nebraska Convention, Blooming-
ton, May, 1856.

Williams College--Williamstown, Mass

Williams, John-commissary general of subsistence of Illinois, War of the Rebellion. 231
Williams, John S.-(Capt.) Sixth Kentucky Infantry, in War with Mexico..

William the Conquerer..

Willis, Fred E.-clerk for Sargent & Ilsley. druggists, Chicago

Wilmer, (Bishop) Joseph Pére Bell-(Episcopalian Bishop of Louisiana), graduate of
Kenyon College.

Wilson, Helen M.--secretary Peoria County Historical Society.

Wilson, Henry-- "History of the Rise and Fall of the Slave Power in America,” refer-
ence to.....

Wilson, ()

Wilson, W.-recorder of Brownsville, 111.

Wilson, William (Judge).

Wilson, William-justice of the Illinois Supreme Court, member of the council of revision. 117
Winchester, Scott County, Illinois-educational convention at, September, 1845

Winnebago County, Illinois......

Winnebago War (The).

**Winning of the West" - by Theodore Roosevelt; quotation from, vol. 2

31, 32
Winter of the deep snow at Kaskaskia 1784

in Illinois, 1831-reference to


..59, 115.257, 324, 334, 337, 342
attempt to establish a reformed Mormon church in, by James J. Strang. 328

128, 129, 130, 132
Witchcraft in the Illinois county,

Father Gibault charged with the responsibility for execu-
tions for witchcraft, mention.

Withers, H. C.--president Greene County Historical Society.

Wittstein, C.G. (Prof.)-celebrated author and chemist of Munich, Bavaria-mention 253
Wittstein, --drug clerk, Chicago......

"W.K."-letter in Edwardsville Spectator Nov. 29, 1823, in reply to "W. K.' -mention. 173
Woeld, E. A. (Dr.), archaeological research of, in the mounds of Illinois

Wolfe, Major General James, death of, on the Plains of Abraham. near Quebec

Wolves, Act to encourage the destruction of, introduced in the Third General Assembly
of Illinois.




Page. Women

36-38, 132, 142 Bishop Chase approves of higher education for women, but would not consent to confer degrees upon them..

92 description cf dress and occupation of women in the early days of Central Illinois. 37 seminaries for young ladies in Illinois.

.336, 337 tribute to pioneer women of illinois

37 Wood, Ephriam B. (Sergeant), in Quincy, 11., Ritles,in Mexican War

195 Wood, John (Hon.), of Quincy, Ill...

232, 233 quartermaster general of Illinois, War of Rebellion

231 Woodford County Historical Society, Eureka. Ill., officers and work of Woodside Coal Co., Woodside, Di...

387 Woods, John--author of "Two Years Residence in the settlement on the English Prairie in the Illinois Country."-mention.

177 Woodworth, J. S.-sheriff of Crawford county, Ill., 1818

123 Woodworth, Samuel-stanza from poem “The Old Oaken Bucket"

51 Wool

.36, 37 Wool, John A. (General), (error, should read John E.-General John Ellis Wool).

.196, 199, 202, 203, 206, 207, 208, 210, 213, 226, 229 Worcester county, Mass

390 Worthen, Dan, farm of-mention of the burial of Mrs. Conrad Will on the Dan Worthen farm"

376 Worthen, Edward of Murphysboro-reference to, see foot note

373 Worthen, Richard-grandson of Conrad Will, owns the entire site of the deserted Brownsville

373 Worthen, William, learned the tanning trade in the Will tannery

376 Worthington, Miriam Morrison (Mrs. Thomas).

11, 14 Worthington, Ohio Philander Chase locates on a farm near.

81 Worthington (Mrs.) Thomas (Miriam Morrison)-member of the committe op membei

ship, Illinois State Historical Soc...,11.14 Wright & French--retail druggists, Chicago.

219-250 Frances-English writer, author of Views of Society and Manners in America, mentioned...

177 John S.-editor “Prairie Farmer".

334 editor ''Union Agriculture and Western Prairie Farmer".

333 proposes the educational convention of 1844

334 William P.-member of the firm of Wright & French, Chicago.

249-250 Wyatt (Capt) William-captain Morgan county, III., company in Mexican War.

196 Wyman, J. B.-adjutant-general of Illinois, war of Rebellion'.



"X"-mark of one of the signers of the Camp Creek, Hancock county, Ill., petition to Major Warren...


"Yale Band"

..287, 289, 312, 332,333, 337 biographical sketches of men who composed it..

281, 282, 283 compact agreed to by, in their effort to establish an institution of learning in the State of Illinois

279-280 list of seven men who formed the original association, with those who joined later.

281-283 Yale College (University).,

271,278-283, 335 divinity school.

281 "Illinois Association" (The)--founded at, in the early part of 1829.

279 "Yale College Compact" (The)-in the interest of a seminary of learning in the State of Illinois by the Yale Band..

279-280 Yale College-Illinois Association of Yale College-agreement entered into with original stockholders of Illinois College....

280 Jeremiah Day, president of, approves the plan to aid Illinois College. 280 obituary record of Yale College, quoted-see foot notes.

281, 282, 283 obituary record of graduates of Yale College No.11, quoted-see foot note. 281 subscribes funds to Illinois College, Jacksonville, 111...

280 Theron Baldwin's “Essay before the Society of Inquiry at Yale," its effect, etc.-reference to...

279 Timothy Dwigh!, president of, 1795-1817.

268 Yale Band, original members of.

280 Yale Period (The), of 1826-33- entering Central Illinois opening of Illinois College: the outpost at Galena. Chapter V of paper by C. P. Kofoid.

.263, 278-286 New England missionary activity in Illinois.

278-286 Yale l'niversity-seventh general catalogue of the Divinity school of Yale University, quoted-see foot note.

283 "Yankee" Characteristics.

303 Yankees

307,311 Illinois and Michigan canal bill opposed because it was thought that it would give easy entrance into Illinois for Yankees

307 10


Page. Yates, H. H.-grocery store, Chicago....

242 Richard, war Governor of Illinois, during war of rebellion

.109, 235,344 opposed to the policy of Senator Douglas on Kansas-Nebraska legislation 102 war Governor of Illinois, l'. S. Senator...

. 109, 344 Richard (the younger, former Governor of Illinois), elected honorary mem

ber Illinois State Historical Society. Yazou Indians..

17 “Years (A) Residence in the l'nited States of America," by Wm. Cobbett-reference to .. 174 Yell, (Colonel) Archibald-First Arkansas Volunteer Cavalry, Mexican War, killed at battle of Buena Vista

208 "Yorkshire, Extract from a letter to a friend in Yorkshire"-by Morris Birkbeck.

172 Yorkville, IL

8 Young, Brigham-deception practised in arrest of a man at Nauvoo who represented himself as Brigham Young.

188 warrant for the arrest of, at Nauvoo.

188 Young, Richard M...

.67,374 appointed judge of the fifth judicial district, State of Illinois.

368 defends Judge Theophilus W. Smith in impeachment trial,

371 opponent of General Semple for L'. S. Senator...

65 l'nion county, JII., member Second General Assembly of Illinois, championed Illinois State bank bill..




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Prepared by Edmund J James, Ph. D., Professor in the University of Chicago, assisted by Milo J. Loveless, graduate student in the University of

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8 vo., Springfield, 1900. *No. 5. Alphabetic catalog of the books, manuscripts, pictures, and curios of

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8 vo., Springfield, 1906. *Illinois Historical Collections. Volume I, edited by H. W. Beckwith, Presi

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An outline for the study of Illinois State History. Compiled under the direction of the Board of Trustees of the Illinois State Historical Library. By Mrs. Jessie Palmer Weber, Librarian Illinois State Historical Library, and Secretary of the Illinois State Historical Society; assisted by Georgia L. Osborne, Assistant Librarian. 94 pages, 8 vo., Springfield, 1905. *Out of pript.

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