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Pulo Gee. 14, 1852,



Governor of the State of Florida,



Transmitted to the General Assembly, November 220, 1852.


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Transmitted to the General Assembly, November 22d, 1852.



1852 Dec 14 ideale Gincent, Assembly ellenda GOVERNOR'S MESSAGE.



Tallahassee, November 22, 1852. Gentlemen of the Senate

and House of Representatives : It is a source of no less pleasure than gratitude to a benificent Providence to greet you again, assembled for the discharge of your high constitutional duties under circumstances so prosperous. Peace and plenty pervade our land, and though we have not altogether escaped the chastening rod of the Almighty, our condition as a People affords abundant evidence of His liberal and forbearing hand. I beg leave to unite with you in fervent supplications that His wisdom may guide us in all our efforts to advance the interests and happiness of the People of this Commonwealth.

Under the existing system of biennial legislative sessions a largely increased responsibility is devolved upon you, and your meetings concern much more deeply than before, the prosperity of our beloved State. In this age of progress two years of inaction or of error upon the vital subject of Internal Improvement may well involve a loss which cannot be recalled. The Constitution of this State declares that “A liberal system of Internal Improvements, being es“ sential to the development of the resources of the country, “shall be encouraged by the Government of this State, " and it shall be the duty of the General Assembly, as soon

as practicable, to ascertain by law proper objects of improvement, in relation to roads, canals, and navigable “streams, and to provide for a suitable application of such “ funds as may be appropriated for such improvements.”

How little this provision of the Constitution has been practically regarded, your recent journeys from your respective homes in every part of the State, must have painfully reminded you. It is a melancholy reflection that,,

Transmitted by direction of the General Assembly of Florida.

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