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Thou friend of an ill fashion !

Valentine !
Val. Thou common friend, that 's without faith or

love ;

(For such is a friend now) treacherous man ! Thou hast beguiled my hopes; naught but mine

eye Could have persuaded me. Now I dare not say I have one friend alive ; thou wouldst disprove me. Who should be trusted when one's own right

hand Is perjured to the bosom? Proteus, I am sorry I must never trust thee more, But count the world a stranger for thy sake. The private wound is deepest. O time most ac

cursed ! 'Mongst all foes, that a friend should be the worst !

Pro. My shame and guilt confounds me.-
Forgive me, Valentine : if hearty sorrow
Be a sufficient ransom for offence,
I tender it here : I do as truly suffer,
As e'er I did commit.

Then I am paid ;
And once again I do receive thee honest :-
Who by repentance is not satisfied,
Is nor of heaven nor earth; for these are pleased;
By penitence the Eternal's wrath 's appeased :--
And, that


may appear plain and free,
All that was mine in Silvia, I give thee.
Jul. O me unhappy!

[ faints. Pro. Look to the boy.

Val. Why, boy! why, wag ! how now? what's the matter ? look up; speak.

Jul. O good sir, my master charged me to deliver a ring to madam Silvia; which, out of my neglect, was never done.

Pro. Where is that ring, boy?

Here 'tis : this is it. [gives a ring. Pro. How ! let me see : why this is the ring I gave to Julia!

Jul. O, cry your mercy, sir, I have mistook; this is the ring you sent to Silvia. [shows another ring.

Pro. But how camest thou by this ring ? at my depart, I gave this unto Julia.

Jul. And Julia herself did give it me; And Julia herself hath brought it hither.

Pro. How! Julia !

Jul. Behold her that gave aim 1 to all thy oaths, And entertain’d them deeply in her heart : How oft hast thou with perjury cleft the root !% O Proteus, let this habit make thee blush! Be thou ashamed, that I have took upon me Such an immodest raiment; if shame live In a disguise of love : 3 It is the lesser blot, modesty finds, Women to change their shapes, than men their



1 Direction.

2 Cleft the root of her heart. Here an allusion is made to cleaving the pin in archery.

3 If it be any shame to wear a disguise for the purposes of lore,



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