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Ste. Out o' the moon, I do assure thee: I was the man in the moon, when time was.1

Cal. I have seen thee in her, and I do adore thee : My mistress show'd me thee, and thy dog, and thy

bush. Ste. Come, swear to that; kiss the book : I will furnish it anon with new contents : swear.

Trin. By this good light, this is a very shallow monster :-I afeard of him ?- -a very weak monster. The man i' the moon ?

-a most poor, credulous monster. Well drawn, monster, in good sooth. Cal. I'll show thee every fertile inch o' the

island; And I will kiss thy foot: I pr’ythee, be my god.

Trin. By this light, a most perfidious and drunken monster: when his god's asleep, he Öll rob his bottle. Cal. I'll kiss thy foot: I'll swear myself thy

Ste. Come on then; down, and swear.

Trin. I shall laugh myself to death at this puppyheaded monster. A most scurvy monster! I could find in my heart to beat him,

Ste. Come, kiss.

Trin. —but that the poor monster 's in drink : An abominable monster! Cal. I'll show thee the best springs ; I'll pluck

thee berries;

1 Formerly.

? It was a popular legend, that in the moon's circle could be seen a man, bearing a hundle of sticks, or bush, and leading a dog.

I'll fish for thee, and get thee wood enough.
A plague upon the tyrant that I serve!
I'll bear him no more sticks, but follow thee,
Thou wondrous man.

Trin. A most ridiculous monster, to make a won. der of a poor drunkard. Cal. I pr’ythee, let me bring thee where crabs

grow; And I with my long nails will dig thee pig-nuts;! Show thee a jay's nest, and instruct thee how To snare the nimble marmozet;? I'll bring thee To clustering filberds; and sometimes I'll get thee Young sea-mells 3 from the rock. Wilt thou

with me? Ste. I pr’ythee now, lead the way, without any more talking. Trinculo, the king and all our com. pany else being drowned, we will inherit here. Here; bear my bottle. Fellow Trinculo, we'll fill him by and by again. Cal. Farewell, master; farewell, farewell.'

[sings drunkenly Trin. A howling monster; a drunken monster.

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Cal. No more dams I 'll make for fish;

Nor fetch in firing

At requiring,
Nor scrape trenchering, nor wash dish;

Ban Ban, Ca-Caliban,
Has a new master-Get a new man.

[blocks in formation]

Freedom, hey-day! hey-day, freedom! freedun,

hey-day, freedom! Ste. O brave monster! lead the way. [Exeunt.



Before Prospero's cell.

Enter FERDINAND, bearing a log. Fer. There be some sports are painful; anii their

labor Delight in them sets off: some kinds of baseness Are nobly undergone; and most poor matters Point to rich ends. This my mean task Would be as heavy to me, as odious; but The mistress, which I serve, quickens what's dead, And makes my labors pleasures. O, she is Ten times more gentle than her father's crabbed ; And he's composed of harshness. I must remove Some thousands of these logs, and pile them up, Upon a sore injunction. My sweet mistress Weeps when she sees me work; and says, such

baseness Had ne'er like executor. I forget : But these sweet thoughts do even refresh my la.


Most busy-less, when I do it.

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