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was a pupil of the late Swartz ; his name, Veesoovasanaden; he was ordained by the Christian Knowledge Society's Missionaries, at Tanjore; had the charge of the Congregations of that Society in the Tinnevelly District; and laboured for some years under my own immediate inspection. He was generally my companion, on my visits to those Congregations. His piety, ability, and Christian meekness, commanded the love of the Native Converts, and the respect of the Heathen and Mahomedans. I have conversed with him on various subjects; and heard him preach and pray, in a manner that shewed how remarkably the Divine Blessing had followed the instructions which he had received.

In proof of his zeal, I will state the number of Converts made from Idolatry, chiefly through his instrumentality, during the four years that he was with me:

In 1817 . . . . . 25

1818 . . . . . 52
1819 . . . . . 34
1820 ..... 122


This statement is sufficient to warrant the most sanguine expectations from the labours of such Preachers, when their numbers shall be increased. :- In proof of the ability of this man, I will here transcribe the conclusion * of a Religious Tract, which he wrote for his Countrymen, when the Cholera Morbus prevailed in our district.

66. If you are desirous of renouncing sin, becoming the Children of God, and walking in the path of holiness, Jesus Christ will give you whatever strength you require for that purpose. He will remove all afflictive trials from his Children, who turn from evil, and do that which is right; and will preserve and bless them. Therefore, forsaking all False Gods, Devils, and Idols, which are unable to save you, love Jesus Christ, who hath saved you hitherto from suffering. And if you trust in Him, and assent to His Holy Word, in order to obtain the pardon of your sins, and the Divine Blessing, you will read and meditate therein every day, as the food of wisdom for your souls. Then will you be righteous, die happily, and be saved. ." The Lord has sent this dreadful affliction into the world, that you may forsake your sins and repent, in the present season of mercy. If you repent, this awful disease

1. The whole would be too long for insertion.


will prove a blessing to you: if not, it will be the sword of Heaven, to destroy you. Every one of you, therefore, that has witnessed this great calamity, if, through fear of the Lord's anger, you repent and amend your ways, you will obtain innumerable blessings-you will live happily in the enjoyment of the Lord's mercy, both on earth and in heaven. . “ Should there be any among you that have read or heard this Religious Book, whose soul is distressed-in whom there is a commencement of true wisdom, and who wish to learn and understand accurately the doctrine of Salvation-you need not go away in despair, saying, "What shall we do? Who will shew us the way to heaven? For if you go to the Minister (who lives &c.), he will receive you with pleasure; will instruct you in the doctrine of Jesus Christ, which is the true and even path that leads to salvation; and will give you such books of wisdom as you require for that purpose. Strengthened by the excellent knowledge that will hence dayn on your minds, you will grow and increase more and more in understanding, wisdom, godliness, and faith; the showèrs of Divine Mercy shall fall, on you, your wives, and children; and at last, God having called you to his Kingdom through the passage of a happy death, he will encircle your heads with the Crown of Salvation. Most earnestly and repeatedly do I entreat you, in the Name of the Lord, to become meet for this most glorious happiness! Oh may your souls live for ever in felicity with the Lord ! “Nazareth, in the Tinnevelly Mission, . “ Sept. 21, 1819."

I will only add to this, that the writer was unacquainted with any European Language or Science. We see, then, in him, to what an intelligent Native may be brought, even without all those advantages which the present Missionary Colleges and Seminaries in India furnish.

But while I thus explain the means which Protestant Missionaries employ for the Conversion of the Natives of Hindoostan; and maintain, in opposition to the Abbé Dubois' assertion to the contrary, that they are more likely to accomplish that end than any which the Jesuits have used; I nevertheless beg to state, that, without God's blessing, they do not depend upon any means for success. Fully do I concur in opinion with him, as he restates his position, “ that, under existing circumstances, there is no human possibility of converting the Hindoos:” (p. 2.) I know the difficulties; have grappled with

them as well as he; and again and again have been compelled to stand still. But, praised be God! this has not always been the case; and one instance of success has appeared to me an ample remuneration for the labour expended upon twenty failures. In reference to this mighty undertaking, I know not the Missionary who will not say, in the words of his Gracious Master, “ With men this is impossible; but with God all things are possible:” (Matt. xix. 26.) Tell me not, This is not reason. It is perfectly reasonable to believe that Omnipotence can effect the work! It is not carnal, but it is spiritual reason. It is the reasoning of faith, which God approves, and which He will honour; because He is honoured by faith in His Word and Power, and by the success which is thus ascribed solely to Him! Trusting then in Him who hath said, that the “ Word that goeth forth out of His mouth shall not return unto Him void, but that it shall accomplish that which He pleases, and prosper in the thing whereto He sends it,” (Isaiah, lv. 11.) the Missionary is animated to the contest with the Ignorance and Idolatry of the East. While he feels it to be his duty to publish that Word abroad, and instrumentally prepare the Native Mind for its

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