Approaches to Cognition Through Text and Discourse

Tuija Virtanen
Walter de Gruyter, 2004 - 214 páginas

The purpose of this book is to explore the overlapping area of study that discourse linguists and cognitive linguists are interested in. In doing so, the volume contributes to bridging the gap between these two large groups of linguists who share an interest in discourse processing but approach the area from very different perspectives and frames of reference.

The starting point of this volume is text and discourse. The book includes an overview section and a number of carefully selected contributions which highlight central issues in the study of text and discourse attempting to give them cognitive explanations. In responding to the current interest in the area of discourse and cognition, the volume has adopted a wide scope which allows its individual chapters to focus on textual and situational contexts as well as the context of culture and society at large. The volume also provides its readership with a useful selection of methods used in the studies which form the basis of its chapters. The contributions, all by established linguists with highest qualifications, present new findings which have important theoretical implications. They offer unique and fresh analyses of central discourse phenomena in cognitive light and revealing discussions of the avenues opened to us at this stage of the development of the study of discourse and cognition.

This accessible research volume will be essential reading for scholars and advanced students of linguistics and languages.



Anna Siewierska
Chapter 4
Chapter 5
What is foregrounded in narratives? Hypotheses for the cognitive
Chapter 7
Chapter 8
A contested conceptual model
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Tuija Virtanen is Professor at Abo Akademi University, Finnland.

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