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Página 257 - Whom call we gay ? That honour has been long The boast of mere pretenders to the name. The innocent are gay — the lark is gay, That dries his feathers, saturate with dew, Beneath the rosy cloud, while yet the beams Of dayspring overshoot his humble nest. The peasant too, a witness of his song, Himself a songster, is as gay as he.
Página 292 - But pluck'd and strain'd through ruder hands, Her sweets no longer with her dwells: But scent and beauty both are gone, And leaves fall from her, one by one. Such fate ere long will thee betide When thou hast handled been awhile, With sere flowers to be thrown aside; And I shall sigh, while some will smile, To see thy love to every one Hath brought thee to be loved by none.
Página 89 - ... and the supernal vision of ELIJAH. THE FORM OF THE LODGE ought to be a double cube, as an expressive emblem of the united powers of darkness and light in the creation. This figure was esteemed sacred throughout the world ; and the Ark of the Covenant and the Altar of Incense were both double cubes. ONE of the most painful feelings the heart can know is to learn the un worthiness of a person who has hitherto shared our good opinion and protection ; we are at once mortified at our mistaken judgment,...
Página 130 - Fragments in prose and verse," almost ready for publication. You may have a talented washerwoman quite clever at composition, and even your barber's apprentice may be a rising genius, destined for far higher deeds than to Eat mutton cold, and cut blocks with a razor.
Página 155 - HAPPY the man, who spends his life, 'mid his paternal fields : The roof which saw him cradled, to his age its shelter yields ; And, where he crawled in infancy, he now, with staffin...
Página 1 - C'est un grand pas, c'est un pas irreparable, lorsqu'on devoile tout a coup aux yeux d'un tiers les replis caches d'une relation intime; le jour qui penetre dans ce sanctuaire constate et acheve les destructions que la nuit enveloppait de ses ombres: ainsi les corps renfermes dans les tombeaux conservent souvent leur premiere forme, jusqu'a ce que 1'air exterieur vienne les frapper et les reduire en poudre.
Página 33 - ... been broken long, And other hands than thine have strung my lyre, Since thou didst leave me. — Listen to my lay ! We meet ! — but not as, once, we met ! Our better days are o'er, And, dearly as I prize thee, yet, I cannot love thee more : — My young and precious hopes were wept, With many tears, away, And, since thy faith so long has slept, It wakes too late, to-day ! Oh...
Página 105 - Montgomery sighed, and for a few moments there was a dead silence, broken only by the heavy breathing of...
Página 150 - ... connection with the setting — in most cases, England. It was also apparent in the emphasis given the nation as a community. England is a great nation, superior to other nations in arms, in wealth and in moral excellence. As Lord Mowbray said in Flirtation; "There is no country like our country," and "There is nothing in any country under the sun better than what is to be found in England.
Página 281 - ... and, after squandering most of their money, retired to their old middle class way of life. In Granby, middle class couples were introduced at balls and banquets as rather ridiculous characters out of their element. A comparison of the new rich with the old aristocracy was made in Flirtation, "It is charming to see the real old nobility shining out splendid in its tranquility amid the tinsel glare of the ton."11 It was generally thought that the lower classes should not aspire to equality with...

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