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the former, for there are few examples of virtuosity among the latter rail discs.

For you lovers of railroad ballads (a field in folklore which probably deserves as much attention as the sea chantey) comes the news that TRAINS Magazine is the inspiration for a modern-day railroad song. Phil Ryan of 323 North 20th Street, Kansas City, Kans., a Rock Island conductor's son and an avowed diesel-deplorer, has composed and recorded "There's a Diesel Engine on the Cannon Ball." The ballad was prompted by a news item in the November 1951 TRAINS noting that Wabash diesel 1009 had taken over the famous train from the blue Hudsons. You'll enjoy the record if your tastes run thataway. Write Phil to find out where you can get a copy of his lament for the old Cannon Bawl.

[Unless otherwise noted, all recordings reviewed are 12", 33% rpm discs. [M] indicates monophonic, [S] indicates stereophonic.]

Rio Grande to Silverton ([M] LP1136, $4.95; [S] SD1136, $5.95. North Jersey Recordings, Box 2, Maplewood, N. J.) is a wellrecorded 3-foot-gauge program that shows careful attention to editing. The stereo edition is recommended. A Silverton trip behind double-headed Sport Models was taped with a microphone on each side of the baggage car. The wonderful stereo result lets you "see" the engines first from the left, then from the right as they follow the twisted tracks through Animas Canyon. You can sense the cars leaning as flanges protest sharp

curves on either side, and you almost
want to duck back into the car when the
exhausts reflect off rocks and foliage close
to the track. Two others of the 10 bands
bear special mention. One is a mood-set-
ter, with distant thunder rumbling in the
mountains as a lonely freight arrives to
tie up in Chama. The other is an east-
bound freight passing Coxo siding with
a pusher, circling the valley almost out of
earshot, then finally rounding Windy
Point high above - all one unbroken se-
quence. Notes and jacket illustrations are
profuse; the record slip cover is a large
reproduction of a 1907 D&RG system map.

Steam in the Snow ([M] XTV66927, $4.95
in U. S.; $5.95 in Canada. Allan Sherry
Recordings, 5445 Netherland Ave., Riv-
erdale, N. Y.) is the latest in Sherry's
fine series. The setting is Montreal dur-
ing the last of Canadian Pacific's steam-
powered operation late in February 1960.
The weather is bitter, the exhausts are
sharp. The record succeeds, through 18
scenes, in documenting the busy hours
when Mikes and Royal Hudsons alike
were called as needed to work out their
final days in a common pool. Over and
above the straight passing-train se-
quences, there is added interest. Several
of the episodes were taken inside the
tower at Montreal West, with all the as-
sociated sounds of interlocking levers
being moved. A "complete picture" tapes
the drama of winter railroading at St.
Martin Junction as trees and wires moan
with a harsh wind. A distant whistle is
heard, the station door squeaks open, and
the agent's footsteps crunch coldly across

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JUST 1 OF 12 great new illustrations in each of our 1962 calendars!

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Steam locomotives include Pacifics, Macados, Mallets, 10
Wheelers, Mountain, Texas and other types.

Diesel trains include diesels, diesel electrics, and straight

.. and distinctive Christmas Cards designed for people who love trains. These great locomotive prints are collectors items. Delight your friends with six charming subjects: the B&O Grasshopper "Atlantic," Camden & Atlantic's "John Lucas," and others. Only $1.00 for a box of 12 with envelopes.

1962 Railroad Calendars, P.O. Box 11, Station 0, Cincinnati 8, Ohio
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For your town, highway, pipeline, railroad, etc. Cast iron and steel 125 foot single track truss railroad bridge, includes sleepers. Ready for dismantling, Westchester County. Data and price,

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Box 596



Mahopac, N. Y.


Seven delightful chapters about seven departed short-lines in this new dollar booklet by William S. Young, editor of "Steam Locomotive & Railroad Tradition" and short-lines columnist in TRAINS. Missouri's Cassville & Exeter had a president who ran his own engine. "Col. Fred," a war-surplus gas dinky, was the latter-day motive power on Georgia's Lakeland Railway. Henry Villard, Northern l'acific, Great Northern and the Milwaukee all figured in the history of Washington's Pacific Coast Railroad. Suddenly left on its own by Boston & Maine, New Hampshire's beloved Suncook Valley bought a brand-new Mogul and ran as an independent for three decades. Waco, Beaumont, Trinity & Sabine once hoped to link all those Texas towns. Pennsylvania's New Haven & Dunbar outlasted the native iron industry it was built to serve. Flemingsburg & Northern, originally a narrow gauge, served the home town of Kentuckian James J. Andrews. They all live again in the pages of SEVEN SHORT-LINES. Illustrated; revised and updated from articles originally written by Mr. Young for "Short-Line Railroaders' magazine. A distinctive dollar booklet by Starrucca Valley Publications, Box 231, Susquehanna, Pa.

"Christmas Eve on the F. & C."

Fiddletown & Copperopolis

The Life & Times

of an Uncommon Carrier
By Carl Fallberg

- a valuable addition to any rail
enthusiast's library

The complete collection of Artist Fallberg's famed cartoons of 19th century narrow gauge which appeared in Railroad Magazine for six years. All the originals, plus new map, additional episodes and drawings, 2page humorous timetable and Lucius Beebe's Foreword. Heavy ivory vellum sewn into maroon fabrikoid cover gold stamped.

Only a Limited Number Left... $7.95 postpaid (California residents add 32c tax; $1 postage outside U. S. and Canada)

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Our little railroad classics still available: "Narrow Gauge to Silverton, 1961 printing of Colorado's souvenir branch, $1; "The Slim Princess," SP Narrow Gauge story, $1; "Cab-in-Front," 50-yr. account of SP backup locomotives, $1.50.


6949 Reseda Blvd.

Here's what they said about

Reseda, Calif.

the ice-covered platform as he prepares to hand up orders. Royal Hudson 2841 slows a string of piggyback flats past as orders are accepted, then the train moves out into the night trailing a flat-wheeled caboose. The agent returns to his warm office and a last, faint whistle marks the 4-6-4 up the line. Jacket notes add running commentary and seven of the locomotives heard are illustrated.

Soo Line Telegraph (10" [M] 17, $4.50. Railroad Record Club, Hawkins, Wis.) positively overflows with nostalgia. The Soo Line station at Hawkins, Wis., is of the old order. From the intermittent chatter of the telegraph sounders and the measured ticking of the big railroad clock to the scrape of spindle-legged chairs on the wood floor, this is old-time railroading. And it is a fine background record for any railfan gathering. The second side puts you on the last Soo steam run. A tight wye proves to be the undoing of a hogger who stops to let the brakeman line the switch. Much slipping results. Part of this trip is recorded from the cab. There is considerable distortion at speed.

Chicago North Shore & Milwaukee (10" [M] 18, $4.50. Railroad Record Club, Hawkins, Wis.) takes a ride in the motorman's cab of a single-car train on the Mundelein branch. Without any effort you can imagine this to be any country interurban

many stops, numerous road crossings, lightly ballasted track. You hear the clicking of the controller, hissing of the brakes, the motors, the whistle, the conductor's signal bell, the motorman lowering his window to look back along the car. At one point there is a spirited whistle-bell conversation after the bounding trolley pole momentarily leaves the wire. It is well recorded. The second side includes a series of 11 station and lineside tapings of cars stopping or passing at speed. Jacket notes are brief (e.g., "716 at Rondout").

Pacific Electric (10" [M] 14, $4.50. Railroad Record Club, Hawkins, Wis.) is an afternoon of watching the red cars at Los Angeles' Slauson Avenue, on the fourtrack main. A street crossing and a grade crossing with the Santa Fe made this a busy spot on PE, but on this record the activity becomes monotonous. PE's air whistles all tended to sound the same, and only the brief jacket notes lend a clue as to whether you're listening to a work


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car or a Long Beach Limited. The second side paces several trains with an automobile, affording good close-ups of motor and gear noises at speed. Generally there is too much distortion in the recording, especially as the cars slam across the AT&SF tracks.

Chicago, Burlington & Quincy (10" [M] 15, $4.50. Railroad Record Club, Hawkins, Wis.) includes six sound sequences of Burlington steamers, three of which are excerpts from a fan trip behind good old 5632. Also running: 2-8-2 No. 5144 making up a train on creaking rails at Herrin in a nice close-up; Mike 4966 switching at Christopher; and 4983 at Breese, all in Illinois. There's some nice whistling on this record. Jacket notes are minimal.

DM&IR (10" [M] 19, $4.50. Railroad Record Club, Hawkins, Wis.) is technically below standard for this club's releases. True, the big steamboat whistles of DM&IR's 2-8-8-4 articulateds are unmistakable, but that's about all. The recording, made from a caboose coupled between one of these locomotives and 180 ore cars, is marred at the beginning by the constant throbbing of a gasolinedriven generator, furnishing power for either the recorder or the caboose lights. Then, when the train picks up speed, a great deal of wind noise blocks out the heavy exhausts. Side 1 is abruptly cut off and just as abruptly picked up on the second side. Some lineside recordings of the big engines in action are included. There are no notes on the jacket. I




Other-side-of-the-coin department:

A good many folk (including me) frequently find themselves looking back to the railroading of 20 to 30 years agoto when diesels were novelties and the Guide bulged with passenger train-miles. And those years were esthetic and exciting for train-watchers. Nevertheless. nostalgia should not be allowed to obscure the inventiveness we've experienced in the interim. How about 1940, since that's a year of gentle recall for many. In 1940 there was virtually no piggyback and not a single trilevel auto carrier on rails. You couldn't reserve a roomette on the Crescent, George Washington, or Sunset. Or ride in a dome. No machine automatically detected hotboxes or retarded humped cars or welded rail. The 6000 h.p. articulateds being assembled at Alco and Baldwin couldn't be sliced into independent 1500 h.p units or multipled with each other. Roller bearings were so rare as to be synonymous with streamlining and antonymous of freight equipment. In 1940 the conductor didn't pick up a phone to talk to the engineer, most dispatchers didn't


push a button to set up a meet, and yards didn't classify cars by punched tape. Few roads ran 150-car trains, and nobody ran them 60 mph. In other words: if railroads operated today as they did in 1940, there wouldn't be any.

Otherwise: Too many photos submitted to TRAINS these days lack what the Art Department terms "correct horizontal orientation." That is, too often in the print locomotives appear to be running downhill, a fault which must be corrected here by laborious cropping of the print. If hasty composition was necessary on the negative (and the 5632 or TT1 will appear when least expected!), please try to restore the horizontals when making the enlargement. Thanks. Photographer Phil Hastings, 163 Lovejoy, Waterloo, Ia., who accompanied me on steam searches a few seasons back and has innumerable credits to his account in the mag, lost the 32 x 6-inch green bound notebook which contains data on all the film he's exposed since 1955. He apparently mislaid it in the Duluth area, so if you have perhaps picked it up, please contact Phil. Again, thanks. Eye-catchers: New York Central's EMD passenger cab unit painted jade green, CB&Q's Chinese red hoppers, Santa Fe's prewar E6 passenger units with embossed EMC data plates and long noses intact, the solid bank of push-pulls that confronts one these days in C&NW's Chicago station. . . . It is with very real regret that we report the passing last June of photographer R. P. Morris. Bob and his postcard-size Graflex were regular contributors to TRAINS; many will recall his classic studies of Jersey Central locomotives, particularly Camelbacks. The two were inseparable.

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[Although every possible precaution is taken to insure accuracy, TRAINS assumes no responsibility for errors in listing fan trip schedules which are subject to change without notice. Send copy for the January issue to reach us by November 15; for the February issue by December 15. No charge is made for these insertions. Limit two insertions, restricted to the month of the trip and the month preceding it except when circumstances of the trip demand longer notice.]

Change of plans: Final regular round trip run of Burlington motor car trains 15-41 and 16-42 from Lincoln, Nebr., to St. Joseph, Mo., originally scheduled for October week end will be made at later date pending action of Nebraska State Railway Commission. Trip, under the sponsorship of Lincoln Railfan Club, will leave Lincoln about 10 a.m., will return midnight. Special photo stops are arranged. Threehour daylight stopover will be made in St. Joseph for dinner and photos. Fare, around $5 (round trip). Seats are limited. For reservations and information, write General Passenger Agent, Burlington Railroad, 11th and P St., Lincoln, Nebr.

October 22: Steam-powered special originally scheduled to be run over Erie-Lackawanna using ex-Grand Trunk Western 4-6-2 No. 5629 on October 15 under sponsorship of Palos Hills Civic Association has been changed to Baltimore & Ohio Chicago Terminal. Further details and information on schedules can be obtained from Palos Hills Civic Association, 811 W. 102nd St., Palos Hills, Ill. Telephone: GA 2-3552.

November 3-5: Week end visit will be made to Pittsburgh's Golden Triangle and Altoona's Horseshoe Curve. Fan trip will be operated on Saturday over principal lines of Pittsburgh Railways Company (including No. 56 McKeesport, scheduled for removal in near future). On Sunday group will visit Pennsy's Horseshoe Curve to photograph K4s No. 1361 on display. On return trip stop will be made for Pennsylvania Dutch dinner at Shartlesville, Pa. Reclining seat buses will leave Friday from Port Authority Terminal, New York (Gate 14, Lower Level) 9:30 p.m. Buses will stop at Public Service Terminal, Newark (Pine Street side) 10 p.m. Return to New York will be about 9 p.m. Sunday evening. Round-trip bus fare, $17; Pittsburgh trolley trip, about $4. For tickets and information, write John R. Cody, 447 Orange St., Newark 7, N. J.

November 4: Excursion on "Hook & Eye" Division of Louisville & Nashville will be sponsored by Atlanta Chapter of National Railway Historical Society. Special train leaves Atlanta, Ga., 8 a.m.; Marietta 8:35 a.m.; returns to Atlanta 7 p.m. Special will make speed run on main line to Etowah, Tenn., and will return over freight-only line including Hiwassee Loop (third longest loop in the world). Fare, including tax, $7 round trip from Atlanta; $6 from Marietta. Half fares, $4 and $3.50 respectively. Tickets are available from Atlanta Chapter, NRHS, P. O. Box 13132, Atlanta 24, Ga.

November 5: Washington Division of Electric Railroaders' Association will tour all remaining rail lines of Baltimore Transit Company. Special streetcar leaves Irvington carhouse 10 a.m., returns about 5 p.m. One-hour stop will be made for lunch. Several work cars will be available for photographing at Irvington prior to trip. Fare, $5. Write Paul W. Overholt, P. O. Box 504, West Hyattsville, Md.

November 5: Baltimore Transit trolley excursion using Pullman-Standard PCC No. 7407 will cover all usable trackage on BTC. Refreshments will be served

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Steam Locomotives of the
Burlington Route

by Bernard G. Corbin & William F. Kerka A complete story of CB&Q steam motive power in photos, engine drawings, text and rosters - it's all here in one big 304page volume with hardback binding. Two colored prints and maps of the System are included. Letterpress printed on 81⁄2 x 11 glossy paper. C&S and FW&D included. This publication is a must for the rail historian, photo collector and model builder. Supply limited.

$15.00 per copy postpaid

Order your copy direct

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1952: Full year except Jan., June 1953: Jan., Feb., Apr., May, June, Aug. 1954: Full year except Jan., May, June, Nov. 1955: Jan., July, Aug., Sept., Oct., Nov., Dec. 1956: Full year except Feb., March, May 1957: Full year except Jan., Feb., June, July 1958: Full year except May, June 1959: Full year 1960: Full year

Please indicate 2nd and 3rd choice

in case we run out of stock


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free of charge on car. Car will leave Govanstown Loop of BTC at 10 a.m. [EST]. Fare, $3.50 in advance; $3.85 on car. Trip will last approximately 8 hours, including lunch stop. For further information and tickets, contact John V. Engleman, 1531 Argonne Dr., Baltimore 18, Md.

November 5: Lehigh Valley Chapter of National Railway Historical Society will operate Budd RDC trip from Jamaica to Greenport and return, including Bay Ridge Branch. Group leaves Jamaica Station, Long Island, 9 a.m. [EST] and returns about 6 p.m. Lunch stop will be made at Greenport. Photo stops will be made at Yaphank, Cutchogue, and Mill Creek Trestle, and on Bay Ridge Branch at Livonia and Pennsylvania Railroad tunnel. Trip is limited to two RDC cars. Fare, $6; children, $3. For information, contact Gerhard Salomon, 606 Hamilton St., Allentown, Pa.; or Ernest Kovacs, 416 Second Ave., Bethlehem, Pa.

November 5: Union Pacific excursion will be sponsored by Golden West Railfans from Los Angeles to Yermo and Calico, Calif., desert ghost town. Special train, with open-door baggage, lounge, and dining cars, leaves UP's East Los Angeles station 8:30 a.m., via Pomona, Riverside, San Bernardino, and Santa Fe's Cajon Pass. Stops for action photos will be made in pass, plus stop at Summit, location of trolley car Descanso. Train will return to East Los Angeles about 8:30 p.m. Fare, $11.75 (all seats reserved). For further information, including intermediate and half fares, write Golden West Railfans, 215 W. 5th St., Rm. 323, Los Angeles 13, Calif.

November 11: Union Pacific steam excursion from Cheyenne, Wyo., to Ogden, Utah, will depart Cheyenne 7 a.m., arrive Ogden 6:45 p.m. Engine No. 844 (4-8-4) will be used to power special which will run under sponsorship of Pacific Coast Chapter of Railway & Locomotive Historical Society. All-in


35MM MOUNTED. 15 CENTS EACH. Beautiful, sharp color slides of Steam Locomotives, all live and plenty of ACTION. No dead or stored engines. Also Display Locomotives and colorful Diesels, both CAB and HOOD types of many roads. TROLLEYS of many cities. Write for FREE List. Send no money. STANLEY COLOR SLIDES

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35mm Color Slides. Hundreds of steam locomotives, diesels and trolley street car hi-quality color slides. United States, Canada and many foreign countries. Sold as singles, no sets. 32 page illustrated Catalog free. Universal Slide Co., Box 779H, Beverly Hills, Calif.

Superb Enlargements of steam on AT&SF, SP, UP, other Far West and Mexican roads. Action and still, highest quality. Slides and movies too. Catalog and samples 25c (refunded with first order). Stan Kistler, Box 4068, Pasadena, Calif.

Pullman spoons, $1.00 each postpaid. Other dishes and tableware also available. Elsie Williams, Box 247, R. D. 2, Elizabeth, Pa.

A valuable railway collection from Britain! Railroad Enthusiasts! For the very first time, an unique representative collection of 35 mm. colour slides of British locomotives and rolling stock from the original "Rocket" 1812 to todays Diesel. Over 67 fine subjects to choose from; more in preparation: Single slide 50c, minimum order 4 slides in special wallet $2 -incl. airmail postage. Attractive Collector's Album taking 15 wallets $3 incl. airmail postage. Commence your British Railway Collection today by sending $2 for first 4 slides and subject list. Industrial Photo Equipment Limited, 68 Paul Street, London, E.C.2., England.

Genuine Kodachrome RR Slides, Kodak processed 3 for $1.00. Illustrated twenty-two page catalog of steam, diesel and electrics, 25c postpaid. Sherman Dance, Haworth, N. J.

clusive round-trip fares from Chicago, Portland-Seattle, San Francisco, and Los Angeles will be quoted. Fare for Cheyenne-Ogden portion only, $22.50. Tickets and information are available from Arthur Lloyd, tour director, Pacific Coast Chapter, Railway & Locomotive Historical Society, 974 Pleasant Hill Rd., Redwood City, Calif.

November 12: Ferrocarril Sonora-Baja California special train from Mexicali, Baja California, Mexico, will cross Colorado River into state of Sonora, Mexico. Trip, under sponsorship of Railway Historical Society of San Diego Inc., will not require Mexican Tourist Permits. For further information, contact Wally Duthie, excursion director, Railway Historical Society of San Diego Inc., 3380 Granada Ave., San Diego 4, Calif.

November 27-December 17: Rail tour to Mexico will be operated by Civil Service Rail-Fans & Finlay Fun-Time Tours. Special train leaves Los Angeles on Santa Fe Railway to El Paso, Tex. From here National Railways of Mexico takes train via Central route to Mexico City. All of Mexico is to be covered by private automobile. Highlights of tour are probable ride behind steam from San Felipe Pescador to Mexico City; ride on open-sided streetcars of Veracruz, and ex-Pacific Electric cars; ride on narrow-gauge with steam between Cuautla and Puebla on Mexicano Railroad. Return to C. S. is via National Railways of Mexico to Guadalajara, then via Pacific Railroad of Mexico on West Coast of Mexico route to Nogales. From Nogales, Southern Pacific takes group to Los Angeles via Phoenix, Ariz. Equipment will be all streamlined lightweight Pullmans, lounges, and diner, plus privately owned openplatform car La Marguerita de Oro. All expense rates from Los Angeles start at $536. For information and reservations, contact Civil Service Rail-Fans & Finlay Fun-Time Rail Tours, 11308 Burbank Blvd., North Hollywood, Calif.

December 28-January 1: New Year's holiday excursion to Mexico will be sponsored by Golden West Railfans. Santa Fe special train leaves Los Angeles Thursday afternoon, proceeds via Phoenix, Ariz. From there Southern Pacific takes train to Tucson, then over freight-only branch to international border at Nogales. Train will operate 300 miles down west coast of Mexico on lines of Ferrocarril del Pacifico (formerly Southern Pacific of Mexico) as far as Guaymas, resort center on Gulf of California. Day will be spent at Playa de Cortes Hotel, with sightseeing, cruising on bay, and swimming. On return trip stop will be made in Hermosillo, capital of Sonora state, for several hours of sight-seeing. New

Old American, British rail mags., books, miscellany. List. Walt Harris, 1668 Brandon Ave. S. W., Roanoke, Va.

Midwest Railroader. Locomotive Roster Journal. Our New York Central Lines series can't be beat. Pennsy also. A wonderful record never previously available. Our ads in Trains every month since 1957. Six issues $2.00. P. O. Box 2665D, Ft. Wayne, Ind. Railroadiana Marker, switchstand, brakeman and loco classification lanterns. Send stamp for complete lists including station clocks, telephones, etc. J. A. Bidwell, 90 River Dr., Titusville, N. J.

Steam locomotive headlights. Bells, whistles, marker lights, much other railroadiana. Circular 25c. John J. Scott, 3716 Rosebrook Court, Concord, Calif. Stan F. Styles, 19 W. 18th Ave., Vancouver 10, B.C., sells 35 mm. color slides of steam, juice, diesel of CP, CN, NP, GN, Milw., BAP, SI, BCE, DRW, PGE, Yakima Valley, industrial and logging roads, others; equipment, stations and right-of-way scenes; CP Princess boats, deep sea ships, standard and n.g. display engines and coaches. Also in black and white: pictures and negatives, size 616 or larger from the above listing. List and sample, 25c.

Steam locomotive and diesel slides, Kodachrome originals. Over 500 steam locomotives, 80 diesels, 110 railroad. 0-4-0's to 4-8-8-4's, Shays, gas-turbines. Wide selection. List and sample, 30c. Joe Smith, 304 Picker Ave., Wood River, Illinois.

Private line steam negatives. Loggers & private_carriers of New England Mid-Atlantic, Great Lake states including the Dakotas. Bell & Zeller Coal Chicago Gravel Consumers Ford-Motors - Rock of Ages Stratton Trap Rock Indian Hill, others. Send 25c ask for list W-60 (log-3). Railway Negative Exchange, P. O. Box 92, Oakland 4, Calif. Photos, Slides & Recordings. Steam only. New giant size list 25c. Roy F. Wake Railroad Productions, 1429 Congress, Chicago 7, Ill.

Southern Pacific timetables, travel folders. Stamp for list. Morris Lloyd, 226 Hendricks Blvd., Buffalo 26, N. Y.

Steam, gas trains: 32" to 24" gauge. Photos, details $1.00. Trains, 33T Winthrop, Rehoboth, Mass. Wonder What a Shay sounds like at full speed? Have you heard a chime whistle echo through damp forests? It's all on "Whistles in the Wood" with lots more exciting sounds of backwoods railroading. Longplay record sells for $4.98 postpaid. Free color slides included! Stan Kistler, Box 4068, Pasadena 1, Calif.

C. & L. E. Interurban 1931 timetables, $2.00, also railroad lanterns, caps, books, records, pictures, and guides. Send 10c for list. Souvenirs, Ohio Railway Museum, Box 206, Worthington, Ohio.

8 mm. film "Trolley Cavalcade." At last a film for the trolley enthusiast. Scenes of Pacific Electric North Shore, Philadelphia, Johnstown, Milwaukee. 20 systems altogether. All action. Interurbans, highspeed MU's, PCC's, Peter Witts, Full 200' B&W $9.50; color $19.50. Listing. Crestline Studios, Box 441, White Plains, N. Y.

Year's Eve will feature celebration on board train traveling northward toward Phoenix. Return to Los Angeles is scheduled for late Monday afternoon. Consist will comprise heavyweight Pullmans, open-door baggage car, full-length lounges, and Santa Fe's openplatform observation-lounge car. Fare, $169 (lower berth), including 12 meals, all side tours. For further details and complete brochure, write Golden West Railfans, 215 W. 5th St., Rm. 323, Los Angeles 13, Calif.

December 29-January 1: Tour sponsored by Civil Service Rail-Fans & Finlay Fun-Time Tours will depart Los Angeles 6:30 p.m. Friday and will journey via Southern Pacific to San Francisco, with arrival Saturday morning. Group will attend East-West football game among other activities Saturday. On Sunday, rides will be taken on cable cars and visit will be made to carbarns of cable cars. New Year's Eve will be spent in Garden Court Room of Palace Hotel. Group will return on Sunday over San Joaquin Valley Line of Southern Pacific, traveling over Tehachapi Loop. Arrival in Los Angeles will be about 7:55 p.m. All-inclusive rate starts at $139. Equipment will be all streamlined lightweight Pullmans, dome car on return trip to Los Angeles, private railroad car La Marguerita de Oro on entire trip. For information and reservations, contact Civil Service RailFans & Finlay Fun-Time Tours, 11308 Burbank Blvd., North Hollywood, Calif. Telephone: TRiangle 7-7759.

New Year's week end: Chartered Pullman trip from Mexicali, Baja California, Mexico, to Hermosillo, Sonora, or Guaymas, Sonora, via Ferrocarril SonoraBaja California and Ferrocarril del Pacifico train, the Mexicali, will be sponsored by Railway Historical Society of San Diego Inc. Possibly business car of a former railroad president will be used in addition to standard Pullman car. For further information, contact Wally Duthie, excursion director, Railway Historical Society of San Diego Inc., 3380 Granada Ave., San Diego 4, Calif.

Early in 1962: South American railroads will be visited on four-week trip. Group will ride rack railway, Serra Inclines, Transandine Railroad, boat on Lake Titicaca, Central Railroad of Peru, and other lines. Time for local sight-seeing planned. Fare, including air and rail transportation, hotels, and transfers, about $1400 from New York City. For further information, send stamped, self-addressed envelope to Frank B. Fairbanks, 512 Glen Arden Dr., Pittsburgh 8, Pa.

Excellent photographs and hand drawings of Eastern and New England steam power. 25c for lists. Donald T. Hayward, Sr., 38 Monastery Ave., West Springfield, Mass.

Kodachrome originals: C&S 641, perfectly lit and spotted, $1.00 each. Ex-PE interurbans in action 50c each. Gordon Glattenberg, 1143 E. Garvey, West Covina, Calif.

Steam Negatives. Tidewater State Trunk Lines: FEC
CofGa. Send 25c ask for
list T-5. Railway Negative Exchange, P. O. Box 92,
Oakland 4, Calif.

Original Kodachromes (Nikkor lenses used, Kodak processed): PTC, stainless el cars, PCC's; Red Arrow trolleys, interurbans; Reading Steam Rambles; Strasburg; Pennsy electrics. 35c each, 3/$1. Morrison, 725 S. 50th St., Philadelphia 43, Pa.

Railroadiana latest listing steam or electric items. 8c stamps for listing. D. F. Nestle, 81 Hill St., Greenwich, N. Y.

Steam Negatives: Eastern Trunk Lines: LV-NYS&W NYO&W L&NE DLW L&HR CofNJ WestMd B&O D&H Reading ERIE. Send 50c ask for list T-6. Railway Negative Exchange, P. O. Box 92, Oakland 4, Calif.

Back issues Trains, Model Railroader, RMC, Railroad, others. A. D. Wellborn, Box 2487, Fort Worth 1. Texas.

John A. Krave, 429 Ford Building, Detroit 26, Mich., sells quality original steam negatives of the following roads: CNR, CPR, NYC, PŘR, B&O, GTW, UP. SOU, SAL, NKP, MILW, C&NW, D&RGW, AT&SF. WP. Please QC, N&W, CB&Q, C&S, and L&N. remit 10c in coin for list of each road desired. Sizes of negatives are given on each list. Postcard and 4 x 5 inch negatives are $2.50 each. All other smaller sizes are $1.50 each. All of the above negatives are sold on approval.

Shortline Steam Negatives:

Mid-Eastern States: NY Penna- Maryland Delaware NJ Ohio. Lines such as DT&I DTSL- Monongahela PC&Y- Union - Unadella B&LE AC&Y FJ&G others. Send 25c ask for list SL-8. Railway Negative Exchange, P. O. Box 92, Oakland 4, Calif.


Alco, Baldwin, Lima, steam locomotive, photocards, trade. buy. C. Church, 216 Rideau Terrace, Ottawa. Canada.

Erie time tables, photographs, literature, etc. wanted,
Greycourt to Newburgh Branch between 1900-1925.
Gerow, 309 W. 38th St., Wilmington 2, Del.
Any timetables, photos, negatives, annual reports,
including entire collections. All replies answered.
Ronald P. Murphy, 9601 Oak Park Ave., Oak Lawn,

Lanterns. Switchmen's, kerosene burning, indicate railroad initials, general condition and cash price. G. V. Wilson. 707 Taft Rd., Hinsdale, Ill.

Will buy steam locomotive headlights, whistles, bells, and number and builders plates. W. Grimm, 204 Gregory Ave., West Orange, N. J.


You'll Agree...

... that no other route... no other means of travel provides such spectacular scenery-at see-level-as does Rio Grande's see-way through the Rocky Mountain Wonderlands of Colorado and Utah.

Experienced travelers testify that Rio Grande is the best way to see the best of the west-at any time of year.

Travel Rio Grande next trip and you'll agree.

FOUR FINE "SEE-LINERS" FOR SUPERSCENIC SEE-WAY TRAVEL: The Vista-Dome CALIFORNIA ZEPHYR (CB & Q-D & RGW-WP) Daily Chicago-Omaha-Denver-Salt Lake-Oakland-San Francisco. The PROSPECTOR (Vista-Dome between Grand Junction and Salt Lake City) Overnight, every night between Denver and Salt Lake City.

The Vista-Dome COLORADO EAGLE (MP-D & RGW) Daily Denver-Colorado Springs-Pueblo-Wichita-Kansas City-St. Louis. The Vista-Dome ROYAL GORGE-DENVER ZEPHYR (CB&QD&RGW) Daily between Denver and Salt Lake City via Royal Gorge route. Through-car Denver Zephyr service between Colorado Springs and Chicago. • Family Fare Plan

Rail Travel Credit Plan

Rail-Auto Plan
Stopover privileges at all points



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