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[Although every possible precaution is taken to insure accuracy, TRAINS assumes no responsibility for errors in listing fan trip schedules which are subject to change without notice. Send copy for the February issue to reach us by December 15; for the March issue by January 15. No charge is made for these insertions. Limit two insertions, restricted to the month of the trip and the month preceding it except when circumstances of the trip demand longer notice.]

November 27-December 17: Rail tour to Mexico & Service Rail-Fans by Civil will be operated Special train leaves Los Finlay Fun-Time Tours. Angeles on Santa Fe Railway to El Paso, Tex. From here National Railways of Mexico takes train via All of Mexico is to Central route to Mexico City. be covered by private automobile. Highlights of tour are probable ride behind steam from San Felipe Pescador to Mexico City; ride on open-sided streetcars of Veracruz, and ex-Pacific Electric cars; ride on narrow-gauge with steam between Cuautla and Puebla on Mexicano Railroad. Return to U. S. is via National Railways of Mexico to Guadalajara, then via Pacific Railroad of Mexico on West Coast of Mexico route to Nogales.

Railfans. Santa Fe special train leaves Los Angeles
Thursday afternoon, proceeds via Phoenix, Ariz. From
there Southern Pacific takes train to Tucson, then
over freight-only branch to international border at
Nogales. Train will operate 300 miles down west
coast of Mexico on lines of Ferrocarril del Pacifico
as far as
(formerly Southern Pacific of Mexico)
Guaymas, resort center on Gulf of California.
will be spent at Playa de Cortes Hotel, with sight-
On return
seeing, cruising on bay, and swimming.
trip stop will be made in Hermosillo, capital of
Sonora state, for several hours of sight-seeing.
Year's Eve will feature celebration on board train
Return to Los
traveling northward toward Phoenix.
Angeles is scheduled for late Monday afternoon. Con-
sist will comprise heavyweight Pullmans, open-door
baggage car, full-length lounges, and Santa Fe's open-
Fare, $169 (lower
platform observation-lounge car.
berth), including 12 meals, all side tours. For further
details and complete brochure, write Golden West
Railfans, 215 W. 5th St., Rm. 323, Los Angeles 13,

December 29-January 1: Tour sponsored by Civil
Service Rail-Fans & Finlay Fun-Time Tours will
depart Los Angeles 6:30 p.m. Friday and will journey
via Southern Pacific to San Francisco, with arrival
Saturday morning. Group will attend East-West foot-
ball game among other activities Saturday. On Sun-
New Year's Eve
day, rides will be taken on cable cars and visit will
be made to carbarns of cable cars.
will be spent in Garden Court Room of Palace Hotel.
Group will return on Sunday over San Joaquin Val-
ley Line of Southern Pacific, traveling over Tehachapi
Loop. Arrival in Los Angeles will be about 7:55
All-inclusive rate starts at $139. Equipment
will be all streamlined lightweight Pullmans, dome
For in-
car on return trip to Los Angeles, private railroad
car La Marguerita de Oro on entire trip.
From Nogales, Southern
formation and reservations, contact Civil Service Rail-
Fans & Finlay Fun-Time Tours, 11308 Burbank
Blvd., North Hollywood, Calif. Telephone: TRiangle

Pacific takes group to Los Angeles via Phoenix, Ariz. Equipment will be all streamlined lightweight Pullmans, lounges, and diner, plus privately owned openplatform car La Marguerita de Oro. All expense rates from Los Angeles start at $536. For information and reservations, contact Civil Service Rail-Fans & Finlay Fun-Time Rail Tours, 11308 Burbank Blvd., North Hollywood, Calif.

New Year's holiday exDecember 28-January 1: cursion to Mexico will be sponsored by Golden West



New Year's week end: Chartered Pullman trip from
Mexicali, Baja California, Mexico, to Hermosillo,
Sonora, or Guaymas, Sonora, via Ferrocarril Sonora-
Baja California and Ferrocarril del Pacifico train, the
Mexicali, will be sponsored by Railway Historical
Possibly business car of
Society of San Diego Inc.

a former railroad president will be used in addition
For further information,
to standard Pullman car.
contact Wally Duthie, excursion director, Railway
Historical Society of San Diego Inc., 3380 Granada
Ave., San Diego 4, Calif.

South American railroads will
Early in 1962:
Group will ride rack
be visited on four-week trip.
railway, Serra Inclines, Transandine Railroad, boat on
Lake Titicaca, Central Railroad of Peru, and other
lines. Time for local sight-seeing planned. Fare, in-
cluding air and rail transportation, hotels, and trans-
fers, about $1400 from New York City. For further
information, send stamped, self-addressed envelope to
Frank B. Fairbanks, 512 Glen Arden Dr., Pittsburgh
8, Pa.

February 1962: Special-car party from Washington, D. C., to New Orleans, La., for Mardi Gras will make stops en route (for choice of side trips, tours, visiting). Information and reservations are available from Rail Travel, P. O. Box 62, Alexandria, Va.


Railfan tour to Colombia will March 26-April 7: depart Miami International Airport 2:20 p.m. Braniff jet flight 977, will arrive Bogota 6:50 p.m. Monday. Inspection will be made of Bogota Yards of Colombian National Railways; steam-powered 3-footwill be gauge train (standard gauge of Colombia) taken through Andes on 8000-foot descent on grades as high as 5.5 per cent, then up to Ibague; diesel rail car will accommodate tour group from Armenia to Cali, where shops of Pacific Division of National Railways will be toured; from Cali steam-powered train will be used to traverse valley to Pereira; again diesel rail car will take group to Cartago and over mountains to La Pintada; special steam train will be provided on Antioquia State Railway to make 7000-foot climb in 50 miles through many tunnels to Caldas, then descent to Medellin. Group will leave Medellin Thursday, April 4, 10 a.m. aboard Avianca for Panama. Five-foot-gauge Panama Railroad will be ridden from Braniff flight 986 will take group Balboa to Colon. from Panama to Miami for 5 p.m. arrival. Plenty of sight-seeing, many side tours, and innumerable opCost of portunities for picture-taking are arranged. For further information, tour, $575 from Miami. write Sanders World Travel Inc., 939 Shoreham Bldg., Washington 5, D. C.

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[This department is for the convenience of readers
wishing to acquire or dispose of photographic and
other collections relating to railroads. TRAINS reserves
the right to edit undesirable copy or refuse listings.

Please note change in rate
effective immediately

Rate: 15 cents a word, in advance. Count all numbers
and initials, including your name and address (but
not including postal zone number). Closing date, 15th
of second preceding month.]


Superb Enlargements of steam on AT&SF, SP, UP,
other Far West and Mexican roads. Action and still,
Catalog and
highest quality. Slides and movies too.
samples 25c (refunded with first order). Stan Kistler,
Box 4068, Pasadena, Calif.

Back issues: Trains, Model Railroader, RMC, Railroad,
Ben Smith, 265 Tompkins, Brooklyn
many others.
16, N. Y.

Rochester, Syracuse & Eastern, nine trolley lines
340 photos, 81⁄2 x 11 book, $3.40; William Gordon,
811 Garson Ave., Rochester 9, N. Y.

Photos and slides, steam only. Large list with U.P. 3987 printed on cover, only 25c. Roy F. Wake Railroad Productions, 1429 Congress, Chicago 7, Ill. Our Little Railroad Classics still available: "Narrow 1961 printing, $1; "The Slim Gauge to Silverton,' Princess," $1.50. SP Narrow Gauge Story, $1; "Cab-inFront," 50-yr. account of SP's backups. Kodachrome Hungerford Press, Reseda 2, Calif. Electric Railway 8 mm. North Shore Original Negatives: Narrow Gauge RR's trunk roads -interurbans. All areas loggers Each 50 ft., features. Wisconsin and Illinois operation, including, Short lines Canada. Send stamped, self-addressed enveU.S. NEW: North Chicago, and Racine. Railway Negative Ex$9.65. Robert Kairis, 1418 Wisconsin, Racine, Wis. lope for schedule of listings. change, P. O. Box 92, Oakland 4, Calif. For Sale: PRR yellow markers, single, lens $15.00 a pair, $10.00 each. 3-lens type, $12.50 each. Brakeman lanterns from RDG, PRR, CRR of NJ, NYC and NH, $5.00 each; many others. Send stamp for complete list of railroadiana. J. A. Bidwell, River Drive, Titusville, N. J.

B&W send 20c for lists and
Train postcards
samples. Lester Fremming, 1650 N. Pacific, Kelso,
Colorado Railroadiana, special items galore in our new
Colorado Rail-
merchandise list. Send for free copy.
road Museum, Box 641, Golden, Colo.
A unique collection of
Cripple Creek lines' tickets.
these abandoned Colorado road's coupon tickets is
Includes coupon forms for thru
being broken up.
trips on many roads throughout the U. S. Send us
your inquiries for your favorite roads. Colorado Rail-
road Museum, Box 641, Golden, Colo.

Locomotive lists, duplicated in card covers.
Danish In-
Private Railways parts 1-1V, listing 200 different
railways, 20-24 pages: 50c each part.
dustrial Locomotives, 14 pages with 12 photo litho
From D. Cole, 30 Scarsdale
illustrations, $1.00.
Villas, London W8, England.
Set of
Special 35 mm. color slides Reading 2124.
Plus BEDT 0-6-0T's, Pennsylvania
List free.
eight $2.00.
Other dishes
steam, trolleys, and mainline electrics.
Crestline Studios, Box 441-B, White Plains, N. Y.
Pacific Electric Railway Maps; revised 1925. Excel-
lent detail. 15 x 25. $1.00 cash, postpaid. G. Wenz-
laff, 19849 Acre St., Northridge, Calif.

Pullman spoons, $1.00 each postpaid.
and tableware also available. Elsie Williams, Box 247,
R. D. 2, Elizabeth, Pa.


S. W.,

Old American, British rail mags., books, miscellany.
Steam locomotive and diesel slides, Kodachrome or-
Over 500 steam locomotives, 80 diesels, 110
0-4-0's to 4-8-8-4's, Shays, gas-turbines.
Joe Smith,
List and sample, 30c.
Wide selection.
304 Picker Ave., Wood River, Illinois.

Wonder What a Shay sounds like at full speed? Have
you heard a chime whistle echo through damp forests?
"Whistles in the Wood" with lots more
It's all on
of backwoods railroading.
exciting sounds
Free color slides
Pasadena 1,
Kistler, Box 4068,

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John A. Krave, 429 Ford Building, Detroit 26, Mich.,
sells quality original steam negatives of the following
roads: CNR
N&W, CB&Q, C&S, and L&N.
remit 10c in coin for list of each road desired. Sizes
of negatives are given on each list. Postcard and 4 x 5
inch negatives are
are $1.50 each.

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Steam recordings of Nickel Plate and B&O combine
with narration to bring "Your Sound of Steam Souve-
nir." A Hi-Fi extended play 45 rpm. record, $1.49
postpaid. 5 Chime Recordings, Box 163, Brook-
field, Ill.

48-page pamphlet; 32
Elmira, New York Trolleys.
$1.25 postpaid. Shelden S. King,
photos, 2 maps.
308 W. Clinton St., Elmira, N. Y.

Steam, gas trains: 311⁄2" to 24" gauge. Photos, details
$1.00. Trains, 33-T Winthrop, Rehoboth, Mass.
"Pennsylvania Railroad" by Walter Dredge (1879)
historical plans, dwgs., text. $40. Bill Schopp, 445
Logan, Trenton, N. J.

European railroad color slides and photo prints. Free
listing. Antar, Box 34, Lafayette, Ind.
Locomotive headlights, bells, whistles, classification
Send stamped en-
lamps, marker lamps, much more.
velope for three-page list. John J. Scott, 3716 Rose-
brook Ct., Concord, Calif.

The Skunk, 4 colorslides of the California Western
RR. for $1.00. Plus the historic track laying contest
4 slides $1.00.
in Virginia City, Nevada with steam.
Datin, 5457 Virginia, Hollywood 29, Calif.
Trolleys and Christmas crowds on Market Street once
action a last
again. NSTC&T interurbans in snow
time. These and 25 other systems come to life with
Full 200',
amazing 8 mm. film, "Trolley Cavalcade."
B&W $9.50; color $19.50.
Box 441-A, White Plains, N. Y.

New York Central Lines complete rosters; all Pacifics,
builders, dates, class, line and number changes; all
Atlantics data; NYC&HR-LS&MS locomotive trade;
Prairies of LS&MS and T&OC; the Consolidations
rebuilt to Mikes; 1936 system renumbering; plus
other material in current issues Midwest Railroader,
P. O. Box 2665D, Ft. Wayne, Ind. Six issues, $2.00.
616 B&W negatives, original Kodachrome slides, east-
ern trolleys, RDG diesels, MU's for sale. Trade: steam,
electric locomotives. Set of 12 different RDG steam
Richard Short, 303
postcard size photographs, $2.
S. 4th St., Philadelphia 6, Pa.

8 mm. film, "Steam in 1960."
2124, CPR triple-header,

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Lanterns. Switchmen's, kerosene burning, indicate
railroad initials, general condition and cash price.
G. V. Wilson, 707 Taft Rd., Hinsdale, Ill.
Paul Creasy, 105 E.
Negatives, "Prosperity Special," Pennsy experimental
and limited production steam.
Mahanoy Ave., Mahanoy City, Pa.

Attention Michiganders! Will buy transparencies and
era AA,
Edw. Harper, Jr., P. O.
(GR&I), M&NE, TCL&M.
1307, Nashville 2, Tenn.

NYC, PRR railroad calendars, Locomotive Cyclopedias, railroad books. Ben Smith, 265 Tompkins, Brooklyn 16. N. Y.

New York, Ontario & Western fans.

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Steam's Finest Hour depicts in builder broadside and action photography 128 of the finest U. S., Canadian, and Mexican steam engines built from 1925 to dieselization. Top seller. $15.00

Trains Binders are a practical yet inexpensive way to keep your favorite magazines neat, orderly, and readily available. Rod-type binders hold 12 issues per binder in a cover that opens flat, yet is loose-leaf in operation; features include name stamped on cover and spine, vinyl saddle covering for longer life, heavy-duty binder's board. Manufactured to our own specifications, yet available postpaid each: $3.50

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You know what this isa shipment of new automobiles. For many years Great Northernand lots of other railways-hauled fewer and fewer automobiles. But there's been a change. You should see us now. We load up to 15 autos on tri-level carriers-sort of piggyback-and away we roll!

And GN's schedules get those new cars to their destinations in a hurry.

Which gets me into a favorite subject: Great Northern's Coordinated Shipping Services. That's "train talk" for the way we team up freight car, truck and piggyback.

For example: ship some goods into Minnesota or Montana by freight car. Then Great Northern trucks I will take over for delivery to outlying points. Or use a combination of piggyback and truck.

Whatever you ship (from perishables to pig iron) . . . wherever you ship (from the Great Lakes to the great Pacific Northwest) . . . however you ship (LCL, carload or trailerload) . . . Great Northern's

Coordinated Shipping Services put you on the right track. And-at mighty advantageous rates! Check with your local GN freight representative.

Want you to meet a good friend of mine-Al Haley.

Al's our chief on geological affairs an expert on things like lignite, oil and iron ore.

He's a regular genius at finding a gravel pit where no one thinks there's one around. And you should hear his talk on the Williston Basin chemical complex. ("Complex"? Nojust crystal clear!)

Ask Al Haley about sulfur, or natural gas, or olivine-anything that comes out of the ground. (Same address as mine. See below.)

How about your next business trip-or family vacation?

Be a great time to rediscover the joys of train travel aboard GN's incomparable Empire Builder. The sight-seeing's superb from high-up in Great Dome seats. And so is the comfort-in reclining, leg-rest coach seats or spacious Pullman quarters. Marvelous food and service, too. Runs daily each way between Chicago and Seattle-Portland via St. Paul-Minneapolis and Spokane. A great way to go!




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